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Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-timedisplay editor. This manual describes how to edit with Emacs andsome of the ways to customize it; it corresponds to GNU Emacsversion 25.1. The Emacs Reference Manual provides beginners with asimple introduction to the basics, and experts will find advanceddetails they need.In this you will see the following thingsbelow.Table of Contents - GNU Emacs 25.1 Reference Manual -Important General Concepts - Fundamental Editing Commands -Important Text-Changing Commands - Major Structures of Emacs -Advanced Features - Recovery from Problems - Appendices - Indexes(each index contains a large menu)You will find all this sectionoffline without any internet connection and learn Emacs easilyanywhere and anytime.

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    December 25, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Linux Shell Script Developers Handbook (Manual) 1.15 APK
This handbook includes the guide of various tools required inmaking linux script. In this you will see the following thingsbelow. - bash - coreutils - diff - find - gawk - grep - sed - wget- coreutils contails these topics. arch, b2sum, base32 ,base64,basename ,cat ,chcon ,chgrp ,chmod ,chown ,chroot ,cksum ,comm ,cp,csplit ,cut ,date ,dd ,df ,dir ,dirname ,du ,echo ,env ,expand,expr ,factor ,false ,fmt ,fold ,groups ,head ,hostid ,hostname ,id,install ,join ,kill ,link ,ln ,logname ,ls ,md5sum ,mkdir ,mkfifo,mknod ,mktemp ,mv ,nice ,nl ,nohup ,nproc ,numfmt ,numfmt ,od,parse_datetime ,paste ,pathchk ,pr ,printenv ,printf ,ptx ,pwd,readlink ,realpath ,rm ,rmdir ,runcon ,seq ,sha1sum ,shred ,shuf,sleep ,sort ,split ,stat ,stdbuf , stty ,sum ,sync ,tac ,tail ,tee,test ,timeout ,touch ,tr ,true ,truncate ,tsort ,tty ,uname,unexpand ,uniq ,unlink ,uptime ,users ,vdir ,wc ,who ,whoami ,yesYou will find all this section offline without any internetconnection and learn compiler tools easily anywhere and anytime.
한국사 강좌 다시보기 모음 1.32 APK
한국사 강좌를 볼 수 있습니다. [강의 목록] 1. 최태성 한국사 능력 검정 시험 중급 총 70강 (350편) 2.최태성 한국사 능력 검정 시험 고급 총 87강 3. 설민석 영화로 보는 한국사 총 17강 4. 설민석 십장생 한국사 총13강 (외장 뷰어 사용) 5. 이야기 한국사 6. 김영준 하루만에 끝내는 한국사 7. 김영준 10분 한국사 기초 8.9급공무원 한국사 이론/문제 [오석우] 인강 9. 고졸검정고시 단기 국사 이론강의 You can see thecourse of Korean history. [Lesson List 1. choetaeseong KoreanHistory Proficiency Test Intermediate total of 70 steel (350pieces) 2. choetaeseong Korean History Proficiency Test total of 87luxury river 3. Description Korean history, a total of 17 rivers towatch movies Minseok 4. Description Minseok sipjangsaeng Koreanhistory, a total of 13 steel (using an external viewer) 5. Thestory of Korean history 6. Kim Youngjun, finishing in just one dayKorean History 7. Kim Youngjun 10 minutes based on Korean history8.9 grade civil servants Korean history, theory / problem [OhSeokwoo] ingang 9. Theory of History teaching junior high schoolGED
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 1.15 APK
Bash is a Unix shell and command language written by Brian Fox forthe GNU Project as a free software replacement for the Bourneshell.The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide provides beginners with asimple introduction to the basics, and experts will find advanceddetails they need.In this you will see the following thingsbelow.Table of ContentsPart 1. Introduction1. Shell Programming!2.Starting Off With a Sha-BangPart 2. Basics3. Special Characters4.Introduction to Variables and Parameters5. Quoting6. Exit and ExitStatus7. Tests8. Operations and Related TopicsPart 3. Beyond theBasics9. Another Look at Variables10. Manipulating Variables11.Loops and Branches12. Command Substitution13. ArithmeticExpansion14. Recess TimePart 4. Commands15. Internal Commands andBuiltins16. External Filters, Programs and Commands17. System andAdministrative CommandsPart 5. Advanced Topics18. RegularExpressions19. Here Documents20. I/O Redirection21. Subshells22.Restricted Shells23. Process Substitution24. Functions25.Aliases26. List Constructs27. Arrays28. Indirect References29. /devand /proc30. Network Programming31. Of Zeros and Nulls32.Debugging33. Options34. Gotchas35. Scripting With Style36.Miscellany37. Bash, versions 2, 3, and 438. Endnotes You will findall this section offline without any internet connection and leanDB easily anywhere and anytime.
Bash Beginner's Guide 1.13 APK
Bash is a Unix shell and command language written by Brian Fox forthe GNU Project as a free software replacement for the Bourneshell.The Bash Beginner's Guide provides beginners with a simpleintroduction to the basics, and experts will find advanced detailsthey need.In this you will see the following things below.Table ofContentsIntroduction1. Why this guide?2. Who should read thisbook?3. New versions, translations and availability4. RevisionHistory5. Contributions6. Feedback7. Copyright information8. Whatdo you need?9. Conventions used in this document10. Organization ofthis document1. Bash and Bash scripts1.1. Common shell programs1.2.Advantages of the Bourne Again SHell1.3. Executing commands1.4.Building blocks1.5. Developing good scripts1.6. Summary1.7.Exercises2. Writing and debugging scripts2.1. Creating and runninga script2.2. Script basics2.3. Debugging Bash scripts2.4.Summary2.5. Exercises3. The Bash environment3.1. Shellinitialization files3.2. Variables3.3. Quoting characters3.4. Shellexpansion3.5. Aliases3.6. More Bash options3.7. Summary3.8.Exercises4. Regular expressions4.1. Regular expressions4.2.Examples using grep4.3. Pattern matching using Bash features4.4.Summary4.5. Exercises5. The GNU sed stream editor5.1.Introduction5.2. Interactive editing5.3. Non-interactiveediting5.4. Summary5.5. Exercises6. The GNU awk programminglanguage6.1. Getting started with gawk6.2. The print program6.3.Gawk variables6.4. Summary6.5. Exercises7. Conditionalstatements7.1. Introduction to if7.2. More advanced if usage7.3.Using case statements7.4. Summary7.5. Exercises8. Writinginteractive scripts8.1. Displaying user messages8.2. Catching userinput8.3. Summary8.4. Exercises9. Repetitive tasks9.1. The forloop9.2. The while loop9.3. The until loop9.4. I/O redirection andloops9.5. Break and continue9.6. Making menus with the selectbuilt-in9.7. The shift built-in9.8. Summary9.9. Exercises10. Moreon variables10.1. Types of variables10.2. Array variables10.3.Operations on variables10.4. Summary10.5. Exercises11.Functions11.1. Introduction11.2. Examples of functions inscripts11.3. Summary11.4. Exercises12. Catching signals12.1.Signals12.2. Traps12.3. Summary12.4. ExercisesA. Shell FeaturesA.1.Common featuresA.2. Differing features You will find all thissection offline without any internet connection and lean DB easilyanywhere and anytime.
당구 강좌 (4구, 3구) 모음 1.36 APK
당구 강좌를 볼 수 있습니다. [강의 목록] - 양귀문 4구 강좌 총 38강 - 양귀문 3구 강좌 총 28강 - 김원상기초 강좌 총 10강 - 김원상 중급 강좌 총 14강 - 김원상 고급 강좌 총 8강 - 김원상 실정 당구 풀이 총 21강- 김원상 모이치기 기초 총 28강 - 빌리어즈 TV 3구 강좌 57편 - 닥스김의 당구 TV 강좌 140편 - 강상구의당구 강좌 50편 - 3C Laboratory 강좌 137편 - 난구풀이/예술구/세계대회 75편 You can seethe pool course. [Lesson List - yanggwimun four courses of 38rivers - yanggwimun three courses of 28 rivers - gimwonsang basiccourses of 10 rivers - Intermediate Course gimwonsang total of 14rivers - Advanced Course gimwonsang 8 River - gimwonsang situationbilliard pool of 21 rivers - gimwonsang Rana stroke based on atotal of 28 rivers Billy Shores TV 3 9 Course 57 pieces - Pool TVcourses Ducks Kim 140 pieces - Billiards courses gangsanggu 50pieces - 3C Laboratory Course 137 - Cumulus pool / Artistic / WorldCongress 75 pieces
요리 강좌, 레시피 다시보기 모음 1.22 APK
다음과 같은 다양한 요리 강좌를 보실 수 있습니다. 이름으로 검색하여 원하는 레시피를 바로 찾아 보실 수 있습니다. -램블 - 이제이 레시피 - 해피 쿠킹 - 키미 - 만개의 레시피 - 알쿡 - 쿠킹 트리 - 모카 키친 You cansee a variety of cooking classes. Search by name, you can seeimmediately find the desired recipe. - raembeul - Now this recipe -Happy Cooking - Kimi - ten thousand recipes - alkuk - Cooking tree- Mocha kitchen
골프 강좌 다시보기 모음 1.18 APK
다음 강좌를 보실 수 있습니다. - 초보자를 위한 강좌 - 명품 스윙 에이미조 - 장재식 골프 레슨 - 김현우 프로 레슨- 이병옥 골프 레슨 - 임진한 골프 레슨 - 박시현 골프 레슨 - 정지철 프로의 골프 메소드 - 김민호 스페셜 골프 -아론김 골프 레슨 - 최경주 선수 영상 You can view the following courses. - coursesfor beginners - Luxury swing Amy Jo - Jang Jaesik golf lessons -gimhyeonwoo professional lessons - Lee Byeongok golf lessons -imjinhan golf lessons - Park Sihyeon golf lessons - jeongjicheolPro Golf methods - Special Golf gimminho - Aaron Kim golf lessons -Video player Choi
위키 뷰어 (위키백과, 나무위키, 위키뉴스 등) 1.15 APK
여러 위키들을 간단하게 연결하여 사용하고, 필요시 현재 페이지를 PDF로 스크랩하여 저장하는 기능을 제공합니다. 또한,현재의 화면에 맞도록 폰트 크기를 조정하는 기능도 제공합니다.- 위키 백과- 나무 위키- 위키 낱말 사전- 위키 뉴스-위키 책- 위키 문헌- 위키 인용집- 위키 배움터Simply connect using multiple wikis, andoffers the ability to save to scrap the current page if needed toPDF. It also provides the ability to adjust the font size to fitthe current screen.- Wikipedia- Tree Wiki- Wiktionary- Wikinews-Wikibooks- Wikisource- Wikiquote- wikiversity