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- The king of beasts, that's what they call the lion. The lionisthe second largest among all cats, the mass of an adult maleis200-225 kg, and the length is 2-2.5 meters plus a tail, 1meterlong. Lions have very pronounced sexual characteristics: themalelion has a gorgeous mane, which no female can boast. Largejaws,muscular body and strong legs make the lion the main hunter intheAfrican savannah. - Lion Wallpapers are designed for those wholovewild cats especially lions, this is an excellent collectionofwallpapers with wild lions! You can use this lion wallpaper asahome screen for your phone or screen, lion wallpaper worksoffline,no internet needed! just swipe and enjoy, you can alsoshare yourfavorite lion pictures on social media with your familyandfriends! Features of lion wallpaper: • Fast access andgoodperformance • Set as home screen or lock screen • Simpleanduser-friendly interface • Compatible on most Android devices.Thankyou for this excellent selection of Lions wallpapers, downloadandenjoy your favorite pictures of Lions, and set them aswallpaperson your mobile device!

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