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Little Baby Burger Cooking - Restaurant Free Game Let's openbabyburger shop with crispy fries and energetic drinks. Acceptthechallenge to make curry and dessert foods with fast delivery.Youwill enjoy this addictive cooking with little baby. Here youhaveoppertunity to become a chef with little baby. Cooking gamesarebest tutor for learning. Food smell compel all costumers totakeone bite. Let's become a cook and serve your food lovers.Runlittle baby restaurant Bake, cook and grill your love food andgetchef fame. Download the Little Baby Burger Cooking -RestaurantFree Game and get more votes for your baked dish and getfame. Bestfun game ever with fun kids. In burger shop you haveCreate you owntaste with all little buddies. You will build yourrestaurantempire with baby and team. Game FEATURES: -Start yourrestaurantwith burger deals -Deal with client -serve breakfast-Make tastyand yummmmy food -Get your goal by cookingaccomplishment -deliveryour burger with the help of baby team -Withthe time limitcomplete the client order -Unlock new restaurant withvariety offoods -Complete your mission and get coins

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Kids in the Kitchen - Cooking Recipes There are a lot of recipesthat you would make and expertise of them. Find many things to bakein your kitchen. Get complete gratifying experience for most famouscuisine of the world. Here you can make your desired dishes . Youcan choose whatever you want such as fries , burger, omlet which ismost easiest to make, pizza: with your most wanted taste, lovelycake, spaghetti, hotdogs, make a wonderful soup either vegetarianor fleshy. Make your little kids a skillful or experienced chefmaster and make their dreams come to reality. You have a goldenchance to be a chef that would you make a popular and tastefulchef. * ......FEATURES......* *Get a food menu *Select your desiredrecipe *Make burger, fries and cold drink and serve it well withdecoration *Make your own soup with some selected ingredients *Bakeand decorated your cake with sweet flavours *Bake your pizza inoven *Boil spaghetti and fried chicken ball *Make hotdogs withsalad What's new....*_* yahoo...a new version of kids kitchen isready to play....a lot if new items added to enjoy as many featureshas been updated...Bugs of the game has been removed..your kids aregoing to become a real chef master in our kitchen ...Play for freeand enjoy... Lets discuss what's new in the kitchen...Now you havemany options to play as: *Kitchen *Resturant *Chef's Outfit*Challenges *Kitchen..... In the Kitchen,your kids have many itemsto prepared as Chinese(Rice,Salad,Soup,Chowmen,Dumplings,Manchurian,Mooncake,Noodles,Spring Rolls,Puddings)and many special dishes such asCake ,Fish ,French Fries, Pizza, Sandwich(Based on real recepies)....But these Special Dishes have to Unlock after Earning....EarnAlot of coins in Resturant to cook Our special dishes and become areal Chef Master.... *Resturant.... In this feature,you have toearn coins in our Fast Food resturants as you have to cookdelicious meal for customers as they demand..You can use differentingredients to cook variety of meals to earn money for SpecialDishes..Make Yummy, Tasty and Delicious food to attract yourclients.... *Chef's Outfit.... Keep changing your Chef's outfitwith multiple Elegant dresses and accessories... Dressup your chefto become most attractive and charming Chef Master.....Huge Dressesare available to dressup your chef... *Challenges.... ...........Coming soon ............................................................ Make yourDelicious dishes (original recipes)to become a real and amazingChef Master..Yumm Yummmy Tasty food in the kids kitchen is ready toeat.... Enjoy these freely Recipe at Home.. play for free and makeyour kid a real chef master.. Search for "Kids GamesOn" for morefree Kids games for you to Play! Contact us: kidsgameon1@gmail.comVisit our Youtube Chanal: http://www.youtube.com/c/KidsGameOngames
My Newborns Kids - Baby Care Game 1,4 APK
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My Newborns Kids - Baby Care Game The Day is so much hectic!!!!Mommy is in critical condition and ready to go hospital. Do somepreparation for mommy operation! Doctor suggest mommy for a surgeryimmediately. Do some test of mommy. Help!!!! the doctor to preparethe surgery as well. -Check her Blood Pressure properly. -Give hermedicine -Moderate her temperature. -Check her heart beat -Injecther Now help the doctor to finish the surgery. Baby is finally bornand come in the doctor's hand. The babies are so much cute. Now beready for become a babysitter. Kids' moms and dads put into a babyday care for proper nourishment. Babies are interesting in playingand awaiting for your attention with love. Make the babies more andmore cute by using delightful dresses. Change their diaper in time,provide them tasty food, do them sleep well and give shower aswell. Do the work step by step to make them satisfy so that, theydon't cry at all. *Clean their room and decorate with sparkle toys.*Prepare them for indulgent bathing, but before it choose toy tomake them happy. *ohhhhhhhMG baby pooped!!!!! *Immediately changetheir diaper and wipe the snot with tissue' *Dress them wellaccording to theit likeness. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! *It'stime for a tasty food *zZZZZzzzzZZZZZ sleep time!!! now babies arefully tired . Give them some rest. It's a lovely operation, Nannyand kindergarten game for play. Have fun and take care babies.
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Baby Care - Crazy Newborn Kids Nursery There are four cuties namedSarah, Lorean, Joseph, and Titan. They are needed for a carefullbabysitter who feed them well.... Oh! all the parents are worriedabout their babies care . Help them out to find out the bestNursery. There is a well-known babies nursery........Come with usto join the nursery and meet Linna ********a best babysitter*******Become yourself a nanny or babysitter for help out the LINNA. Let'splay to make some strategies to handle out all the naughty kids....Make some plans for kids that provides to kids some learningprocess and entertain them as well. Their mommy and daddy handoverthem to make a best care for them, so take your responsibility withfuuly attentions. *At very first make clean kids' room. (put thethings on their places) *Make some decorations to make the roominterestring for kids. (set over there in the corner a bright lampand a picture set on the wall) *Provide them healthy and crunchycereals with creamy and thick milk. (there are alot of ingredientsto make fruity juices for kids) *ohhhhh baby popped.........theyare crying ,make them calm down! *Changed their diapers and usesome napkins to make them clean. *All babies having a desire forsome toys. (provide them their favourite toys) *Arrange a bath forkids...they become so dirty *Dressed them well **************Nowit's time to say good bye,all the parent have come to recieve theirkids back******************** A lovely baby care game full of fun!Make you train to clean smelly babies Hire any specialist doctorfor kids. We have arrange a nursery for kids to make happy kids.
Cooking Recipes - in The Kids Kitchen 1.5 APK
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Cooking Recipes - in the kids Kitchen There is a number of recipesin the Kids Kitchen. The kitchen is full of exotic food includingBurger, fried chicken, pizza, classy drinks, hot chicken wings,holidays cuisines, chilli sauce.....hmmmm....yuuummmmmyyyyyyy.,spaghetti, cupcake, seafood and a plenty of recipes. Enjoy all theAmerican fast food of your own choice. You will find here a mostaddictive cooking adventure with delicious foods and cuisines inmost famous restaurant. Serve the most exotic flavor food to yourcustomers. First, have a visit to a market to collect all suitableingredients. Purchase all customers demanding food ingredients andshow them your staff and make ready to serve it to hungry stomachs.Open your restaurant and expand your kitchen menu. And enter in thehappier place of the world. There are more than 20 recipes in kidskitchen, -Start cooking with your sweet collection of ingredientsfor cupcake. -Make the mixture with all given ingredients. -Bake itand decorate it with berries. -Serve the delicious food to yourcustomers. -Bake a delicious soup with multiple vegetables. -Chopedthe chiken and make a tasty Pizzzaaa. -Make a best mixture for cakeand baked in oven. -Decorate your cake and serve it. -Design yourbannana browni with tasty fruits.....Kids most favourite recipe-Make tasty sandwitch. Devolop your business with these tasty anddelicious dishes. Attract your customers with spelling smell. Playand learn how to make tasty foods .Be a master chef your ownKitchen.
Little Baby Fruit Slice Farm - Free game 1.0 APK
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Little Baby Fruit Slice Farm - Free game Let's join the little tutofruits farm. Little Baby Fruit Slice Farm - Free game play anytimewithout Wi-fi. After cultivating the lush green family farm, gethealthy fruits. Enjoy the farm life and become the skillful farmers. Enjoy popular free farm life games with tuto. Tuto needs yourhelp to be a baby Ninja and master of fruit slices. Let help tutoto be a baby ninja of top farm in little big city. Easy to play inthis happy farm with tuto. Just get fruits and ready to fightthem...........Yes it's time to fight with fruits by using knives.Cut all the fruits in slice and be aware of danger like bomb andfruits drop without cutting. Use all blades to cut the fruits andgot higher score on leaderboard. Have fun with classic baby ninjaversion. Experience the thrill of tuto to be a master in fruitcutting. Once you sharpened your skills, you will be the master offruits with little master tuto. how to play more easy game withtuto: -Enter in tuto fruits farm -Choose your path eiter easier orharder -Check your scores on leaderboard -Play the game -Cut fruitswith swords -Cut fruits in combo and get higher score -Avoid bombsand fruit dropping -Enjoy fruits in slice with tuto
Hungry Baby - Tuto Kitchen 1.4 APK
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Hungry Baby - Tuto Kitchen Let's meet hungry tuto who making foodin his own kitchen. Baby tuto is too much hungry and wants to eattasty fruits and deliciously making food. If you want to join yummyfruits, vegetable, fruit barn, baby fruit platter, chicken salad,so what you wait for , let's have fun in the tuto's Kitchen in gamedurian. Let come in Mama kitchen and make food to remove hunger atthe risk of Tuto. Tuto is too much hungry Baby, Bring your fantasylife in tuto's kitchen. Cook delicious dishes, Open fridge and tookout fruits, cakes, Cupcakes, eggs etc. Open stove side and cookwhatever you want on your own way. Pick any spice to make deliciousfood and wait for your friends response! Hungry Baby - Tuto Kitchenbring great fun. This is one of the best cooking games for kids.Now let's have some features of the game and learn HOW TO PLAY!very easy way introduce in this game. This game is just baby giftfor all kids, adults and toddlers ets: - There is three types ofgrids - 1st grid at left, 2nd at right and 3rd at bottom Now weintroduce u how to use thes three grids at diffrent or same time: -Click to open right grid where open a fridge full with fruits anddifferent categories of foods - Drag any fruit, food and serverTuto - Which food is not baked, first bake and then serve - Forbaking any food open left grid - Use kettle or fry pan o cook food- After making food serve it to Tuto - Use spice to make food moreyummy - For spice click at bottom grid Guyz there is too much funhidden in this kid cooking game. Trace out all object of Tutokitchen and enjoy yummy tasty food. Play game free and offline atanywhere, anytime!
Mommy Baby grown & Care Kids Game 1.12 APK
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Mommy's Baby grown & Care Kids Game Super cute pregnant gamesand also baby care games, enjoy dual fun within one a good sweetgame. Alice going to become a mother soon. She has going tohospital for examination and proper care. Doctor recommend Alicefor surgery squad. Alice is excited for her dual kids but alsoterrified. Please help doctor to operate her and take care Alice.Complete your first task of mommy care, then get a task of babycare. Alice before surgery needs to watch out her diet, workout,foot message, and also some entertaining elements. Give somemedicine and operate now: Alice gave birth dual child very cute andsweet. Mommy needs your help to care their kids. This is a greatchance to learn how to care babys (babies) for girls. Become anexperienced day care incharge by feed babies, baby shower, babyshopping. keep enjoying baby games. Get an idea how to care oneyear old baby or infant. -Baby become too messy, they need shower.Shower the dual naughty child with Alice. -Do some baby shopping byearning coins. -Provide them a complete diet and medicine and dailycheckup -Babies need more care as they are growing up. -Watch outtheir playing , activities, performance etc.... -Now babies areabout two year old, keep focus on their mental abilities and theirschooling. ............................New Feature Introduction ABCAlphabets for Kids - Spelling Learning Game Great educational, funtoddlers App help your kids to trace phonics and letters. ABCAlphabets for Kids - Spelling Learning Game is a free teaching appdesigned for children. Easy to play, learn alphabets fun fortoddlers to preschoolers. Free educational fun game perfectlysupport for kids at very initial level of learning. There ismultiple tasks for toddlers in a way, they can learn and traceletters and phonics. Now any toddler,kindergartner or preschoolercan learn alphabets and phonics in a form of game. Just need to trythis best educational app designed for kindergatens or preshoolers.Featuring of this educational Levels: -ABC Phonics: First introduceall alphabets sounds and make them recognizable for toddlers orkindergarten. -Abs Song: Make more interesting these phonics forkids in the form of song. More enjoyable,interesting and addictive.-Match same letters: Now let's check the performance of kids bymatching uppercase and lower case letters. -Move letters: Makewords with these letters and try to scratch kids ability. -Fillletters: Picture of letter showing and kids just fill in the shapewith different colors. ABC Alphabets for Kids - Spelling LearningGame can be use in school to teach children in a fun way. Downloadand play free educational game. Let's do some drawing Keep enjoyingpregnant games, ABC Phonics, baby games, girl games within onegame.
Little Baby Santa Chef - Christmas Kitchen Cooking 1.4 APK
kids GamesOn
Little Baby Santa Chef - Christmas Kitchen Cooking Hellooo! all thekids, todlers, and adults MARRY CHRISTMAS....! Little baby tutobring his crazy kitchen for you on this christmas. cCooking gameson this this big event has bring fever of cooking which makes girlscrazy for cooking. Let's join kids game and fun games for girls andmake your own restaurant and kitchen scramble. Kitchen may beunsafe place for kids especially in case of crazy cooking. But weshoudn't spoil kids cooking skills . Tuto has come to introduce newrecipies on the event of christmas and new year. So become acooking mama with little baby tuto and open your cooking diary.Let's start food game and chef game as well and at the end of thisgame become a good chef: Before starting cooking come to the Santavillage and follow little baby bird tuto cooking game. After makingchristmas food, we also listen snowy christmas story from santaclaus and say to everyone ...............HAPPYCHRISTMAS................... Game Feature for christmas! Let's goto market and buy all ingredients for cooking madness in snowyplace. AS new year has arrived, go to Santa claus frontier farm .\Bake, cook and grill choops as you desired. Little baby tutorestaurant waits for your cooking skills. - Let's make Hamburgerand collect all ingredients -Open fridge and collect ingredient forbaking cake. -Fry fish and enjoy yummmyyyyy taste at snowychristmas -explore all taste at santa farm snowy fun -Makesandwitch and eat with little tuto -bake cupcake for hunger remove-Make yummy pizza with baby Enjoy further 50+ recipies with littletuto Santa kitchen and you will definetely become a good chef afterthis cooking game end.....Have fun with Snowy Santa Christmas....HOHO HO