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SIMPLE GAMEPLAY ================ LEADERBOARD ================FORBOYS & GALS The Cowboy Game is your answer to hours offun.Download now and start you quest to be the baddest sharpshooterinthe Wild West. Perfect for all children but especially toddlersandboys, you are put in the midst of the strangest rain this sideofthe Mississippi. Complete with falling hats, bandanasandfireballs, this free android game for boys has everythingyou’relooking for in a one tap mobile app. Featuring a greattunestrummed on an acoustic guitar and simple graphics, thisfreecowboy game is sure to keep your children entertained for hoursonend. Taking place in the Wild West, you are a wanted man witha$1,000 price tag on your head. Whether that’s because you’reawanted criminal or because you’re talented with a gun is up toyou.Turns out, cowboy hats and bandanas have started falling fromthesky, and it’s up to you to clean up the town. Use one tap toshootthem before they hit the ground. Be sharp, though, asfireballs arealso raining down on this little Wild West city.Shooting thosefireballs will only count against you. Your freecowboy shootinggame will have you facing off against some of thetoughest names inthe West. Don’t be too yeller to share your highscore, though.Download this little boy’s cowboy game today! Simplein nature buthard in mastering, toddlers, children and, well,anyone who triesit will be hooked into upping their score, if onlyto beat outthose on the leaderboard. With one tap, you cantransform yourselfinto a cowboy gunslinger long during the days ofthe move westward.A children’s game at its heart, this cowboy gameis enjoyable foreveryone. Boys will especially love getting topretend they are onan open range or are showing up for a shootoutin a ghost town. Tryit today and put your trigger finger to thetest.

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    Little boys cowboy game
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    December 12, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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!! Currently Android 4.4 is not supported!!!Will be solved in the next update, thank you :)HOW TO PLAY:• Tap 'Start'• Locate the matching pairs but be sure they havedirectconnections!• Your game only has 100 seconds. See how much debris you candodgebefore your time is up!• If you get stuck, tap the hint button. You’ll automaticallyavoidgetting pegged with certain things three times eachround.• Refresh reveals even more ways to escape, scrambling thecrazylady’s arsenal.• Once you've successfully cleared the screen, tap 'next'tocontinue your journey through the kitchen.• Fun music and adorable images make it perfect for gamers ofallages wanting to test their speed and dexterity.DESCRIPTION:You never asked for this. You only just moved in a week ago.Thespace was large, and the food was great. Suddenly, they foundyou.The crazy woman and her cat screamed when they first saw youbutthen started viciously attacking. Initially, it was only thebroom,but now she is using everything in her kitchen and someoverlylarge shoes to put you to rest. Even with this danger loomingoveryour head, a mouse has to eat. As you head out to collectthedelicious cheese she brings home every week, you’ll need tododgeher array of missiles. Lucky for you, as soon as she tossestwo ofthe same at you, you have two less projectiles to worryabout.Unlucky for you, she simply picks everything back up andtriesagain when she’s out of ammo. Each time she comes back atyoufaster and harder than before. You’ve got to be quick to haveanyhope of getting back to your home alive.DOWNLOAD IT:Kitchen Invader is the best free matching game around.Providinghours of fun and entertainment, download the game now andsee justhow long you can go without being caught by theangryhomeowner!
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!! Currently Android 4.4 is not supported !!! Will be solved in thenext update, thank you :) THE OBJECTIVE: The objective of this freeandroid space match game is to find and match the same two objectsas fast as you can to free the outer space area from them and letour little alien friend return to his home. This free space gamefor kids is time pressured, so your eyes must be really quick toscan the moon to find and match everything! HOW TO PLAY: • Scan thewhole space as fast as you can for two the same matching pieces.But take note, they can only be eliminated if there are no spaceobjects along the path between them! • Click the HINT button forclues to help you which the same space objects can be matched forelimination. • Click the REFRESH button if you think that there areno more available elimination pathline for the objects, toreposition the entire moon for new possibilities. • The time linebar has a 100 seconds time limit. The game stops once they are usedout even you are not ready. So do your best to match the spaceobjects as fast as you can! • Click NEXT, once you successfullymatched all space objects before the time line bar is used out, youare ready for the next level. You can also start to play again thesame level that you are in. • Click REPLAY if you want to do againthe level you are in to. WELCOME ABOARD! Space Match free androidgame is friendly for both young kids and adults. So whatever agebracket you belong, you are in. You can get into space wherever youare, at the bus, trains, your office or just at home. Space Matchis a free android game which will take you to the outer space.Relax, it will give you the chance to play the moon, the sun, theclouds, constellations, spaceships, asteroids and other things thatare found in the skies and beyond it. This android space game willgive you a touch of the things beyond the skies. Besides, this freespace game has a space theme that will let you feel that you arereally in outer space. This a chance to be there, not only for theastronauts, now, even you can be there. Just with your androidspace match game, you can be out there. This Space match androidgame is a matching game. Yehey!!! That’s an easy game. This freematching space game will test your ability to locate and spot thesame space objects. Not only that, it will also test your speed!Last word This free Space Match android game is suitable forgeneral audience. Children and adults can play this free game athome or anywhere with your android gadgets. Come on, get yourandroid tablets, phones or other devices and try to help our littlealien fella to get back to his domestic planet. Play thisit withyour children or toddlers and enjoy the fun!
Cowboy Tap 1.1 APK
LEADERBOARD ============ SIMPLE ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY========================= TAP & PLAY ========== FOR KIDS &ADULTS Pew Pew ! Are you ready to tap in and steal all the valuablegoods before getting caught as a wanted? Hop right in to thiscowboy game for toddlers, kids and adults and start playing rightaway. The gameplay is very simple as you have to tap all icons thatfall down besides the campfire! Because it causes you burn andloose! If you want proove in front of the sheriff who is the realcowboy out there that makes the most profit and gains the most inthe whole wild wild west, then this is the perfect game for you!Cowboy Tap free android game for kids is a really quick andenjoyable journey. Cool cowboy graphics, nice looking items likegold sack, the sheriffs star, real cowboy hats and boots, wantedposters with a scarry face on it, everything rounded with amazinggun sounds and western - theme based music to make the gameplayeven better. What are you waiting for ? Hop in now into this simpleand fun addictive free android game about cowboys and wanted guys!
Space Games free XL 1.1 APK
!! Currently Android 4.4 is not supported!!!Will be solved in the next update, thank you :)THE GAME:Heavy Space Links is a free android game for adults and teensthathas a space theme and is fun to play. It consists of an 8*10gridwith in outer space objects that have to be matched. It is averysimple matching game that allows you to blast off into outerspacefrom the comfort of your home. If you look for free SpaceGames youare in the right place!HOW TO PLAY:• Look out for matching space objects and tap to remove them.Theycan only be removed if they have no intervening objects inbetweentheir path.• Press the HINT button if you find it difficult to findtwomatching objects. You get only 3 of these, so usethemwisely.• Press the REFRESH button if you want to jumble up the objectsifyou find it difficult to find two matching objects. You get only3of these, so use them wisely.• To make the game more fun, you get only 150 seconds and 20secondsless to complete each level. So be quick!• Once you successfully complete each level, press the NEXTbuttonto move ahead• Press REPLAY if you feel you wasn’t quickly enough!THE STORY:All the space objects got stuck on the planet Greenoid whiletheywere hovering around in outer space. There is also a littlespacealien that was playing around with his friend before he gotpulledin. The extremely strong gravitational forces of the sunsuckedthem in and are not letting them go. If they stay on thesurface ofthe sun for too long, they will burn up. It is your jobandresponsibility to save them and the little space alien. Theyonlylike objects that are like them and will not play well withtheother unlike objects. So to help them get off the surface ofthesun, you have to get them into contact with their friends thatarejust like them. You have 100 seconds to do this before theyburnup. So hurry up and save the day!JUMP RIGHT IN!So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time reading this!Ifyou’re ready for an adventure that takes place in outerspace,DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW!
Mouse Linking Game 1.1 APK
!! Currently Android 4.4 is not supported!!!Will be solved in the next update, thank you :)HOW TO PLAY:• Tap ‘start’ to being your challenging puzzle adventure.• As you battle the clock to match the like pairs, remember thatyouhave two helper buttons to keep you going. A hintautomaticallyfinds and makes three matches for you each round whilea swapresets the order of the remaining tiles, helping you findmatchesand clear the board faster.• Don’t forget to use these in the later rounds as your initial140seconds get shorter and shorter and shorter – by 20 secondseachround!STORYLINE:Yours has always been a lonely life. Ever since you bought yourownhouse, no one has come to visit. So you bought a cat to keepyoucompany. Then, seemingly overnight, you found evidence ofanotheraddition to your tiny family. The hole in the floorboardandmissing cheese only confirm your suspicion there is amouse.Instead of trying to kill it, however, you see it as a greatway toincrease the size of your little family. More and more oftenyoufind yourself sitting quietly in the kitchen instead of in frontofthe drone of the television, hoping to see your new littlefriend.But surprise! There are more than one. Furiously youscribble inyour notebook, denoting the differences between thevisitors. Soonyou notice there are sets of twins. This becomes agame for you. Asthey come out, you test yourself to see how quicklyyou can locateeach twin. It gets much more challenging as soon asthey see you,though, causing them to venture out in quickerintervals, reallytesting your visual acumen.DOWNLOAD IT!Mouse Linking Game is a fast, free and exciting androidgameguaranteed to put your skills to the test. Download it now andseejust how good you are at matching while under the pressureofwatching time slip away!
Space Game for toddlers 1.1 APK
!! Currently Android 4.4 is not supported!!!Will be solved in the next update, thank you :)HOW TO PLAY:• Click 'Start'• Tap the matching pairs but be sure they havedirectconnections!• Your game has only 100 seconds, so don't get cocky, kid. Seehowmany levels you can pass before time runs out!• If you get stuck, look to the HINT button which willautomaticallyperform 3 matches for you.• REFRESH sorts the planetary tiles in a new way, revealingevenmore matches.• Once you've successfully cleared the screen, hit 'next' to moveonto the next challenge.• Fun music and adorable images make it perfect for kids, teensandadults.DESCRIPTION:A fast-paced and fun matching game, Space Connect features you,alone space traveler, as you are thrust toward an alien sun onyourmission to gather readings of its solar rays. The solar systemyouhave entered is unlike any you've been to, filled withmultiplelevels of some 20 space forms, ranging from moons to aliensandnebulae. Your theme song is a jaunty space tune that helpsyoufocus as you blast away the matching structures to get closertothe sun. While it may seem easy in the beginning, the neareryouget, the faster gravity pulls you toward the bright object,meaningyou have to be even quicker at clearing the board. You arepittedagainst time itself as you must race your way throughtheminefield. Be wary, though! While you do have the fantasticpowersof rearranging matter and automatically knocking pairs out ofyourway, you energy is limited. You can only use those giftsthreetimes each round. How long can you last before time's up?JUMP IN!Space Connect is the perfect game for young kids and toddlers,sowhat are you waiting for, cadet? It's an absolutely freegameguaranteed to bring you hours of entertainment. Download thegamenow to join the ranks of your fellow pilots and see if youhavewhat it takes to reach the sun!