1.0 / November 9, 2012
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NOTE:You need Sony Ericsson LiveView device to use thissoftware(This app is not for Smartwatch / Smartwatch2)Shows nicedesigned watch with power, signal, mode status. Also change modeand sound level. Functions are same with LiveView Watch Plugin,with different watch face.Face shows battery of device (notliveview battery), signal strength, mode, and of course, time.Tapon right or left on liveview to change to mode change or soundlevel change screen.In mode change screen, tap on up/down onliveview to change between normal / silent / vibrate mode.In soundlevel change screen, tap on up/down for same as up/down key ondevice. Tap on right-top physical button to enter detailed soundcontrol mode. Use right/left/up/down on liveview screen to changeeach sound.When part of display is not showing correctly, holdright or left for few seconds, and it will refresh all contents ofdisplay.Extends:com.sonyericsson.extras.liveview.

App Information LiveView Watch Type3 Plugin

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    LiveView Watch Type3 Plugin
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    November 9, 2012
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    NeFa Studio
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    5410053 JP Osaka, Osaka-city chuoku honmachi 4-8-1
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Poweramp Remote 4 Android Wear 1.37 APK
NeFa Studio
You need Android Wear watch device to use this software.Tested andruns with LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Moto 360, SmartWatch3You alsoneed Poweramp app since this app is only a remote controller anddoes not include Poweramp itself.*If app is not getting installedon android wear, wait for while or try "resync app" on android wearmanagement app.**Put Poweramp, Android Wear, and this app toexclude from battery optimization (or battery saving or similar)app. Else, app will not run when Android device is in sleepmode.Control Poweramp from your wrist!Voice search to quick findfavorite music!In control page, swipe up/down from center to switchcontrol. swipe left/right to change tabs.-Play, Pause-Next/prevtrack-Next/prev album-Select track-Select album-Selectartist-Select Playlist-Select EQ-Change repeat mode-Change shufflemode-Adjust sound volume-Search with voiceTips - Use launcher, suchas Wear Mini Launch for quick access to app.Known bugs/limitations- Selecting track while playing playlist not working correctly(Poweramp side problem? investigating)About permissions: readexternal storage : used to get audio data from file wake lock :used to improve response during control record audio : used forspeech recognitionFeel free to report any bugs, comments,requests.Thanks for using!
WatchFace Widgets SmartWatch2 1.48 APK
NeFa Studio
NOTE:You need Sony SmartWatch2 device to use this software.DECUPDATE: Seems like latest firmware update messed up watchfacewidgets. Date and weekday and other stand-alone time displays arehandled by firmware (app only feed images to show), please waituntil Sony fix this bug. -> Fixed with Jan.14 firmwareupdate.Over 500+ WatchFace widget parts for you to design your ownSmartWatch2 WatchFace design!Up to any selectable 4 widgets can beused in free mode (unlocker available to free limitation. somelarge sized widgets are also available after unlock).AboutWatchFaceWidgets:http://developer.sonymobile.com/2014/04/25/customise-your-own-watch-faces-for-smartwatch-2/*Besure to update your SmartWatch2 app and firmware to latestversion.After installing app, open preference, select widgets youwant to use, then go to WatchFace editor. If SW2 shows blank andwidgets not showing up, try turn off/on SW2 and/or reboot Androiddevice. - Many types of widgets for infinite customizations -Launcher for launching SW2 app, phone app - Call task in Tasker -Control volume, poweramp, etc - Calendar with Google calendarevents - Phone statusNetwork and other permissions are set to beused in future release, to get / set phone status.Known bugs /limitations - To use launcher / function widget, press power buttonand then touch widget. However, touching widget seems to haveproblem... trying to figure out what the cause is (might be SW2firmware problem). It seems like touch response depends on locationof widget? - To use Tasker call, be sure to enable external call inTasker preference. - After marking check widgets, it may takelittle time before widget appear in list. - Some widgets may notappear well on monochrome screen. - SmartWatch2 battery meter won'tbe available unless Sony releases API to get those data.More andmore widget parts are under development.Special Thanks to :icons8.com for providing great icons.openweathermap.org/ forproviding weather info.Smart extension for SmartWatch 2LiveWareextension for SmartWatch 2Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2
Remote Widget for SmartWatch2 2.13 APK
NeFa Studio
NOTE:You need Sony SmartWatch2 device to use this software. SeeSmartwatch2 FAQ and Troubleshooting page for your info:http://programresource.net/en/2014/03/26/2452.html Assign yourfavorite home screen widget to page, then view and control fromSmartWatch2. -Swipe left/Right to switch widgets -Zoom in/out-Filter touch area to prevent from app launching on android -Yourfavorite background image Notes and Limitations: -For LG G2 withKitKat, select widget picker type to Custom. -There may be a widgetthat doesn't work properly (Trying to make it work...). -May drainboth SmartWatch2 and Android battery (consumes power) -Try settingpower management per widget if widget info does not get updatedwhen device power is off. -It might be my own device problem, butthere's a gap between actual touch point and detected touch point(especially at edge). For my device, touching bit off toward centerworks good. Try Dotter by DAC to check gap (check edge/corner)https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.noip.dac.dotterIt would be helpful if you write detailed description in comment(when assigning star) if app is not working or there's somethingyou don't like. For example, "app shows progress bar but doesn'tlaunch", "Icon not showing after install", "screen blacks out afterselecting item", etc. I am improving app to make them better, butsince app runs different on different android devices (especiallyfor those SmartWatch2 apps), I can't tell what is not working ifcomment simply says "doesn't work". I know it's an engineer'sexcuse, but it's working perfectly fine with my environment,Special Thanks: Providing wonderful icons, icons8.com. SmartConnect extension for SmartWatch 2
Alarm for Android Wear 1.29 APK
NeFa Studio
Alarm for Android Wear to easy set, turn on/off weekly alarm.Testedwith LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Moto 360, SmartWatch3.*If app is notgetting installed on android wear, wait for while or try "resyncapp" on android wear management app.*If Alarm is not syncingbetween wear and mobile after update, please try uninstall /reinstall app.**In battery optimization (or power saving or staminaor similar function), exclude Android Wear and this app. Else,Alarm may not go off on time.Features:- Add multiple alarms- Setweekly alarms- Simple switch on/off- 5 vibrate patterns-Configurable snooze mode- Link with Google Calendar event, toenable / disable alarm.- Alarm set to wear, wear and mobile, ormobile side.- Simple swipe to stop, Shake to stop alarm,Notification, or Vibration only mode.- One shot for one-time onlyalarm- Label (add / edit label on mobile side)e.g. Mon - Fri 12:50lunch time end alarm, turn off alarm if there's Google Calendarevent with keyword "holiday".Permissions are used to get GoogleCalendar data.Special Thanks to : Icons8.com for providing niceicons.
Animal Xing Designer 1.39 APK
NeFa Studio
Design helper tool for Animal Crossing, New Leaf, game for 3DS.Easily create and share your original design, and customize yourtown.This app is an unofficial software, created as a personalhobby. There may be a risk of damaging game data by using thissoftware (so far no report of game data corrupt at this time).Please use at your own risk, author makes no warranties whatsoever.Unlocker available for removing ad, and enabling save/load data.Hope you will enjoy your life with Animal Xing.I've created simpleusage guide :http://programresource.net/en/2013/06/11/2311.htmlDemo :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z5z2K62WvMTutorial :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jYTiXe_i3cIn v1.37, now supports 3DPreview for all types. Tap on preview image.In v1.24, direct uploadto design Gallery supported to easily share your design!In v1.25,you can even download design directory from Gallery todesigner.Design Gallery: http://nefastudio.net/axing/pb.phpMenuposition can be moved to each corner. Hold down tool icon button(at corner), and drag toward edge you want to move to.*If appaborts when importing image file or from camera, try usingdifferent type of file select / camera app. (e.g. ES FileExplorer)Features:- Support all designs including PRO- Importdesgin from QR code- Save / Load custom palette- Freely locatenormal panels up to 10- Support stylus (i.e. Galaxy Note)- Convertfrom image, camera, web image (color / dither optimization)- CreateQR code- Freely edit town / author / title (up to 30 unique IDs canbe saved)- Undo / Redo up to 10 times- Assign functions to volume /menu key- Pen / erasor / fill / color pick- Preview- Move menu tofavorite corner- Print QR code from Brother mobile printer(MW-140BT/MW-145BT, need to check option in config)* Internetaccess and location used for Ads. Bluetooth used for Mobile Printercommunication.* 3DS and Animal Crossing is registered trademark forNintendo.
Phone Status for SmartWatch2 1.24 APK
NeFa Studio
NOTE:You need Sony SmartWatch2 device to use this software.SeeSmartwatch2 FAQ and Troubleshooting page for yourinfo:http://programresource.net/en/2014/03/26/2452.htmlDisplays andchanges your phone status. Also works as alternativewatchface.Change to Silent mode / Normal mode without taking outyour phone, change music volume remotely, etc.-Check Time /Date-Check Battery life-Check Signal status-Check / Change WiFiStatus (include Tethering, with off-timer)-Check / Change ModeStatus (with switch back timer)-Check / Change Sound Status-Check /Change Mobile Network Status-White / Black color schemeTo turntethering on, turn off WiFi if it is on, then long hold WiFi onbutton.Timer may be disabled if you turn on tethering and quicklyopen WiFi state window. Time for auto off shows time which becomesoff, not remaining time.To change color scheme, change option fromsmartconnect app.Feel free to e-mail me for any requests.FAQ Q: Canyou show battery life for SmartWatch2? A: Need sony to provide APIto get SW2 battery info.Known Bug/Limitations: Signal Strengthmight not show in LTE. If tethering on doesn't work, try usingcustom ssid/key setting. Tethering seems not to work on recent OS,due to security.* If license error shows up, e-mail me with whatmessage is shown in display.Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch2
LiveView Remote Camera (Trial) 2.2 APK
NeFa Studio
NOTE:You need Sony Ericsson LiveView device to use thissoftware(This app is not for Smartwatch / Smartwatch2) ***Ifpreview delays too much or button response is too slow, trylowering refresh rate (700 - 800ms). This is a trial version withfollowing limitations: -"TRIAL" shown in camera preview. -Forgetsprevious resolution / silent mode config. -Ad shown in preferencescreen Remotely control camera of your android device. Whilepreviewing, tap up/left/right to change setting, hold down (downbutton) for few seconds to take picture. On your LiveView device,you can -check preview -take shot -change resolution -change focusmode -change flush mode -change self timer (none,5sec,10sec) -embedGPS info in photo -silent mode (no shutter sound) When takingpicture with GPS info, make sure it says "GPS ok" on lower-leftcorner. It may take a while before GPS becomes available (you canstill take picture before GPS becomes available, but info will notbe embedded). Restrictions: Taking photo with high resolution mightresult in error (out of memory). If this happens, please workaroundby lowering the resolution. Silent mode has limitation inresolution (lower resolution). Depending on device or system state,data transfer between device and LiveView might not go smoothresulting in slow or no response in LiveView, or even no preview.Following permissions are for showing ads:android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION,android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE,android.permission.INTERNETExtends:com.sonyericsson.extras.liveview.
Calendar for SmartWatch2 2.10 APK
NeFa Studio
NOTE:You need Sony SmartWatch2 device to use this software.SeeSmartwatch2 FAQ and Troubleshooting page for yourinfo:http://programresource.net/en/2014/03/26/2452.htmlGooglecalendar monthly / event viewer with quick delete / edit time /add.24 hour dial in monthly view makes easy to see when you haveupcoming events.ONLY APP (as of Feb.2014) for SmartWatch2 where youcan add / delete / modify events! (freely editable title for addingevent, quickly change date/time for moved events).Set your favoriteholiday calendar to easily view holiday.-2 designs, each with Whitebased / Black based theme-Monthly view with circle showingevents-Holiday calendar-Marker calendar with keyword-Quickly delete/ add events-Edit time for event (does not support event withrepeating)-Input panel to edit title when adding event.-Week numberwith starting month specify-Monday / Sunday start-12/24 hourformatNote:Date format follows android system setting.Knownbugs/limitations: -In events, it may show something like "166 of4". Seems like SW2 control app bug(?), trying to find workaround.Itwould be helpful if you write detailed description in comment (whenassigning star) if app is not working or there's something youdon't like. For example, "app shows progress bar but doesn'tlaunch", "Icon not showing after install", "screen blacks out afterselecting item", etc.I am improving app to make them better, butsince app runs different on different android devices (especiallyfor those SmartWatch2 apps), I can't tell what is not working ifcomment simply says "doesn't work". I know it's an engineer'sexcuse, but it's working perfectly fine with my environment,SpecialThanks to : icons8.com for providing great icons.Smart Connectextension for SmartWatch 2