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Generations is a cellular automaton close to The Game of Life.It'ssort of a virtual world where many cells are living.They reproduceand die under certain conditions.The difference with The Game OfLife is that cells can grow old.The three basic rules are : - 1cell comes to life if it has 2 neighboring active cells - 1 activecell grow old and becomes inactive - 1 old cell diesThis game doesnot need the player itself (kind of zero-player game), but we canmake it more interactive by modifing the birth and survival rulesand it's lifetime.The main features of my LiveWallpaper are: ¤Changing the speed ¤ Changing the size of the world ¤ The world isshaped like a torus or a square ¤ Changing the color gradient: ¤Changing the shape of cells ¤ Changing the rules (44 predefined): ¤Create life or destroy it, simply by touching the screen!

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    LiveWallpaper Generations
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    December 30, 2011
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    73 promenade du Verger 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, FRANCE
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Langton's Ant is actually a two-dimensional cell automaton thatevolves by following very simple rules.It was invented by scientistChristopher Langton in 1986 and helped to highlight an example ofemergent behavior.The two basic rules are: ¤ If the ant is on ablack square, it turns right, changes the color to white and movesforward ¤ If the ant is on a white square, it turns left, changesthe color to black and moves forward These simple rules lead to asurprising behavior of the ant:The ant builds a road that repeatindefinitelyHere are the main features of my implementation:¤Changing the speed¤ Changing the size of the world¤ Changing thebackground color¤ Changin the rules: - 35 predefined rules - createyour own rules¤ Creation of multiple states automatons¤ Add as manyant as you want, simply by touching the screen!There are manyextensions (several colors, states, etc.) but it's up to you todiscover them.