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In most if not in all the homes, the family room is the soul of thehome. The room, where you and your family members gather and enjoyeach others company either watching a football game, chatting orjust relaxing. It is the place where you may gather and watch TV,listen to music or at times even eat and have drinks. For this thedesign and decor of a family room should be focused on comfort andenjoyment. Most family rooms are designed around major sources ofentertainment such as the TV, Hi-fi and so on, and it may have manysofas and chairs in it. There are many ideas that one can up withfor a family room design. Since most rooms are casual areas wherepeople get to have fun and enjoy each other's company as opposed toformally entertaining guests, you would have to give it a morecasual approach when it comes to designing.Furniture -A sectionalsofa is one of the most popular choices in a family room. It allowsmany people to seat and with that giving them a casual relaxedfeeling. Since the living room is used for a lot of activities, youwill want to choose and select fabric material and furniture thatis durable and quite easy to clean. Microfibers are always the bestchoice when it comes to kids and pets being involved in the setup.Spills and stains can be wiped off easily, and above all is noteasily destructible.Themes -A theme is one great way in which youcan tie the family together. If your family is into sports ormovies, then decorate the area with sports and movie illustrations.This you can do by placing posters of your favorite sports teams aswell as favorite movies. You should create a neutral backgroundcolor and the room should have small amounts of accent colorsthroughout. You can add some jerseys or memorabilia in the shadowboxes and your theme will be established without even a secondguess. You can make this room as creative as you want it to be. Ifthe space allows, you can set up a craft table for the kids toenjoy, and you can also double the table to create space for boardgames for the whole family. You should consider the kind ofactivities that you and your family will be getting up to in thefamily room, and then you can choose furnishings accordingly. Thefun and possibilities in a family room are limitless. So make themost of your family room designs.

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Modern Gate Designs 1.0 APK
beautifully designed and aesthetically appealing gate can enhancethe beauty of the house. Hand-crafted and uniquely designed gatescan make the perfect style statement at the entrance, lending awarm and welcoming ambiance to exterior decor. However, gatedesigns must be chosen with care.Gates must blend flawlessly withthe architecture and landscape, and enhance the beauty of thebuilding. It could be an ornate gate, a gate with simple straightlines, or a traditional one. An ordinary gate would not go wellwith a traditional or historic style building. A gate must enhancethe beauty of outdoor decor and not overpower it. The shape andsize of gates vary depending on the architectural style of thebuilding. A gate with simple, straight lines will be a total misfitin a traditional setting. A garden gate would be quite differentfrom an entrance gate or a driveway gate. The design could varydepending on whether it's a walkway gate, an entrance gate, or acourtyard gate. The design would also vary depending on itsfunction. A ranch-style gate would be solid, have maximum strength,with a centre medallion and rock posts on either side. Acontemporary style gate would have a stylish look and uniquedesign. Automatic driveway gates would keep children and pets in asafe enclosed area and have remote control openers.Before choosinga gate, you need to ask a few questions. Do you need a gate thatlocks or one that automatically closes or opens? Do you need a gatethat can be seen through? Do you need a special design that matchesthe architectural style of the building? Do you have limited spacearound the gate area for it to open? Do you need a single gate or adouble gate? Should it be a gate that swings or a gate that slides?
Paper Quilling Ideas 1.0 APK
If you love making handmade cards and crafts, for sure, you wouldlove to find great paper quilling ideas you can use in yourcreations. You can use them in ornaments, to personalize yourgifts, in cards and scrapbooks, and many other things you can dowith it. In expressing your art, you can only have your imaginationas your limit.Of course in art, it is always good to have your ownunique style in creating your crafts so that you can practice andhone your skills and discover new things about it. Although this istrue, it could also help a lot, especially in quilling, if you canstart with some paper quilling ideas from others who have masteredthe craft. Then, from there, you can work on your own style as soonas you explore many other things you can do with quilling.Anyway,we all have to start from the basics. Here are some basic ideasthat you might find useful in your craft.You can select the size ofthe quilling paper depending on the design you have to make. Thestandard paper size you can use is the 1/8", which you can actuallycut on your own in a paper trimmer or paper shredder, although youmay not get this size in a shredder. Buying pre-cut strips is agood option though if you want them to curl perfectly. At least,you would get a uniformly sized paper. But if you are just startingout, you may also opt to practice on paper that you cut yourself toat least save you a few dollars while still trying your hand on thecraft.To guide you through the correct size of paper you need, ifyour quilling project involves fine details, you may need narrowerstrips of quilling paper such as 1/16" in size. For 3D sculptingand fringe designs, you may want to use wider strips - 1/2" or1/4". For basic designs or when practicing, 1/8" would do.You canalso choose from a variety of color to help enhance your design andpaper quilling ideas. If you are choosing your own paper, make sureyou choose something that has the same color at the front and backof the paper, or else, it will mess up your finish product. Alightweight card stock will work nicely.Choosing your glue is alsoessential in making your craft. Surely, you would not want yourquill design to be stained with visible white glue all over.Choosing a glue that dries clear is recommended to avoid messing upwith your art. One way to help you in gluing your creationsespecially involving those fine curls, is to spread the glue thinlyon a paper and with tweezers, you can lightly press your quilleddesigns on it just enough for the bottom to get enough glue andstick it to your scrapbook or card. You can also make use oftoothpicks to help you with the gluing.If you have mastered thebasics, you can then make your own design and squeeze your creativejuices to make designs that are not yet existing. This will trulyunleash your creativity and allow you to make your own style. Ifyou want to learn more paper quilling ideas and master the art ofquilling, you first need to learn how to make basic designs andshapes. You can find useful resources that will teach you step bystep on how to make teardrop designs to square designs and otherpatterns. It will also be useful to observe from quilling mastersand learn from them.
DIY Plastic Bottles 1.0 APK
Do you like plastic bottles? Personally I have never liked plasticbottles... since childhood. For some reason I never liked plasticas a matter of fact. I had to give in and I have had to buy plasticin many circumstances but I have always given myself a choice toselect other types of containers. The recycling of plastic bottlesis a very important aspect of new environment policies.Approximately hundred millions plastic bottles are thrown awayevery days in the world. the figures could even be higher I am notsure about the figures. What is known is that approximately onlyfifteen percent of this amount is actually recycled. Where are theother eighty-five percent going is up to you to imagine. It is nowalso known that the fact that plastic bottles are made from oil,the toxicity of petrol is actually transferred into the water. Thetoxicity of oil can modify the natural properties of water. Hencewhen you drink water from a plastic container made out from oil youbasically are not drinking the properties of water.It is nowpossible to create bottles out of recycled paper, and which can beused for as many household uses as yo can imagine. There is nowalso a new product which is a bottle made from a polymer of lacticacid, which is a type of plastic originating from non geneticallymodified corn, and which seems to have come on the market since2009. Have you seen it? the label of the bottle is made withcelluloid ink from vegetable glue and is completely recyclable. Ittakes approximately five hundred year to destroy a bottle made ofplastic. It takes only three months to do so for a bottle made oforganic material.Organic production is not only about food anddrinks it is possible to use organic material to convert most ofthe non recycle products common in household uses, This way we willgive way to a better lifestyle. e with eco-friendly attitude,preserving bio-diversity, preserving our health and that of animalsand plants. Every breath we take and every drop of water we drinkdepends on the status of the oceans. At this point in time, thestatus of the oceans depends on how we treat our allies, our friendthe fauna and flora of this beautiful planet. think about it nexttime you are about to buy a plastic bottle and think how you canuse recycle material.
Modern Sofa Designs 1.0 APK
The modern sofa designs beat their traditional counterparts interms of creativity. Because of their importance as an importantfurniture item for homes, offices, hotels and commercial lounges,manufacturers find no limit in designing contemporary sofa sets. Itis because of these experiments and their availability on theinternet that make modern sofas extremely popular.If you own afurniture store, there must be a huge section of customersdemanding for exclusive sofa designs. You must learn about themodern designs that can meet the tastes and preferences ofdifferent buyers visiting your store. Here are some of the amazingfeatures that define the modernity of sofa designs manufactured indifferent parts of the world.Convertible Sofa DesignsHomeowners arefalling in love with modern sofa designs that can be converted intodifferent shapes. These sofas are versatile in nature and can beused as different furniture items. For instance, many sofas can beconverted into beds with space for one or two to sleep. A popularcategory is that of sofas that can be converted into bunk beds withladder and safety guards. There are other designs that can befolded into chairs to utilize space according to the needs.Varietyof Geometrical ShapesShapes of it from the bygone eras don't appealthe homeowners anymore. This is because of a huge variety of shapesin which the modern sofa sets are available. A modern square lookwith clean cuts adds elegance to one's living space. There areother popular sofa designs that integrate rectangular, cubical andround units to their designs. Sofas with backrests in the shapeslike rounded square and triangle are indeed the enchantingdesigns.Creative Designs IdeasCreativity is the key to thepopularity that modern sofa designs experience these days. Carpetsofas, for example, are the fine furniture pieces if you wish toentail an antique look in the modern style. Sofas with animalthemes too are the good options for those who wish to think out ofthe box. Another wonderful category is that of sofa designs thatglow in the dark. Manufactured using materials like acrylic, thesesofas are amazing additions to the living rooms.Sectional SofaDesignsA discussion about modern sofa should not end without makinga mention about the very popular sectional sofa designs. These areextremely comfortable and provide a wonderful seating arrangement.Available in different sizes, these sofas can entertain the livingrooms with different amounts of space available for installation.Going further, many of these sofa designs have storage sectionsthat allow homeowners to store their beddings. Different colors,patterns and fabrics add to the delight of having these greatfurniture items.You can avail modern designs from various country.It is amazing to find how the skilled manufacturers in thesecountries keep on coming up with innovative and amazing designs.Internet has become a powerful medium to connect furniture storeslocated in different countries with the furniture manufacturersfrom regions around the world. Add variety to the category ofmodern sofa sets by availing them from different manufacturers.
Shelves TV Furniture 1.0 APK
You've bought that brand new high-def plasma TV, and you need aplace to put it. You could mount it on the wall, but that seemslike a lot of work, and you are not confident enough in yourinstallation abilities to hang it without seeing it crash to theground in a heap of shattered plastic and wire. You could go withan entertainment center, but that seems a bit much - you don't needto attach anything to it; you just need the TV itself. Enter the TVShelf.TV Shelves are a great alternative to a traditional TV stand.They offer significant space savings yet are stable and sturdy. TVShelves will accommodate most types of television sets - LCD, DLP,Plasma or even older CRT models. There are several different typesof TV Shelves you can choose from, and depending on your situationone may be more appropriate than another. Let's take a look at eachtype.Pull-Out ShelvesGreat for adding a TV to an existing cabinetor armoire, pull-out TV shelves are versatile and can be installedonto any sturdy piece of furniture that can accept the screw orbolt attachments. These stands move back and forth on railsallowing you flexibility in positioning your television. If youhave an entertainment center you use for your stereo equipment, buthave no room for a TV, you may consider adding a pull-out TV standto the unit so you can keep all of your media devices in onelocation.Hanging Shelves (or Ceiling Mount Brackets)Handing Shelvesare a great option for adding a TV to room without taking up anyfloor space. These units use brackets that are mounted to theceiling, usually to a joist or support beam. They consist of athick bar which is attached to a shelf or metal brace the size ofthe television. They take up only as much room as the TV itself andput it out of reach of children and visitors.Wall-MountShelvesWall-Mount Shelves are another option that conserves space,allowing you to view the television from anywhere in the room. Theyare generally bolted to wall studs, but can also be mounted tosolid wood furniture where appropriate. The traditional models usea shelf to support the television, but there are also LCD modelsthat mount directly to the back of the LCD TV set.SwivelShelvesSwivel Shelves are often used in conjunction with anotherpiece of furniture to add a means of easily repositioning thetelevision. Often people find that they need to turn or shift theirTV on the stand to accommodate visitors or to view it from adistant location. This can be difficult and cause damage to the TVstand without a swivel shelf in between. With the TV sitting on aswivel shelf, you can easily angle it for optimal viewing byapplying a minimal amount of force.Component ShelvesAnother varietyof TV Shelf is a Component Shelf. This unit is made of multiple TVshelves, usually stacked vertically and attached to one or morewall-mount brackets. This is perfect for displaying multiple TVs atdifferent angles or supporting a television along with other mediacomponents, such as a DVD player or DVR.Remember when purchasing aTV shelf, always check to make sure the shelf will support theweight of your television. It should be clearly listed on thepackaging, but ask for assistance if you cannot locate thatinformation on the label.
Home Interior Paint Designs 1.0 APK
Painting the house seemed to be a very exciting and fun-filledactivity for new home owners who are venturing into thebeautification and improvement of their homes. However, when youare starting to see trouble spots in different areas where youapplied your home interior paints, then it gives you the red signalto do something about it as soon as possible.Interior paintproblems are imminent especially if you are not quite careful withthe application of your home interior paints. Home painting hasbeen a do-it-yourself endeavor which is why it is most prone tohaving troubles and unlikely effects in the future. Hence, in orderto avoid this kind of problem, you must consult professionals orthose in your local home depot regarding the proper and accurateapplication of wall paints especially if you are doing ityourself.For home owners who are already bombarded with thisproblem, there is no other way but to look for ways and means totreat and remedy the dilemma. You may find that there areinnumerable touch up ideas and tips for different kinds of paintproblems in your home interiors. Find out what predicament are youdealing with and learn how to address the problemaccordingly.Cracking or flaking is one of the most common troublesyou may encounter when it comes to painting your home interiors.This refers to the splitting or tearing of dry paint film throughone or several coats resulting to the longevity or age of thepaint. Most paints are only designed to provide coverage andcoating to your walls in a specific duration and the longer andolder your house becomes, the more prone your wall paints willbecome against cracking. It may appear like hairline cracks on itsearly stage but later on results to flaking and the completefailure of the paint.To treat this problem, it is best to repaintand apply a much higher quality primer and topcoat in order toavoid further cracking and flaking. In some cases when the age ofthe house or paint is not the underlying problem, most cracking andflaking of paints is actually due to poor application. It may bebecause of overspreading or over-thinning the paint. It may alsoresult from inadequate surface preparation or if you do not applythe necessary primer on the wood before you paint the walls.Unevenroller marks is another trouble spot you may find on your wallswhich must be dealt with accordingly. These marks are quite obvioushence it gravely affects the aesthetic value of your home interiorsespecially when it comes to uniformity of your wall coatings. Themost fundamental thing you have to ensure is the usage of qualityrollers. Make sure that you have dampened the rollers properly andappropriately before using it.The most common way of painting thewalls and avoid roller marks is through working 3-feet squaresections then applying the wall paint in W shape. Fill in andcomplete painting the area with parallel and light strokes untilyou are completely done.
Long Hairstyle Tutorials 1.0 APK
Most women enjoy having long hair because they can do virtually anyhairstyle that is known to man. From simple waves to complicatedbuns, having long hair can do just that. However, if you aregetting tired of having the same boring hairstyle, here are someinteresting hairstyles that you can try out.EASY HAIRSTYLES FORLONG HAIR1. Long Side PonytailThis hairstyle is simple yetromantic. Start with soft and bouncy curls with the use of acurling iron. Set it slightly with hairspray. Gather the hair on tothe side and secure with an elastic or a decorative hair tie.2.Preppy UpdoThis chic and sophisticated hairstyle may seemcomplicated at first but it's actually really easy. Gather yourhair in a low ponytail and then start twisting it to form a bun.Secure it with an elastic. Top it off with an elegant headband andyou're all set.3. The FishtailBraids are a great hairstyle option.French braids are a classic example, however we will take a stepfurther with fishtail braids. Fishtail braids may seem a bitcomplicated at first, but with practice, it can be done. There aresome tutorials that can offer you easy ways to do this. Embellishyour braid with decorative clips and you are all set for abohemian, girly flair.4. The Sleek UpdoIf you prefer having a cleanupdo without sacrificing volume, all you have to do is to gatherthe front section of your hair. Push it towards the front so thatit will create a slight bump. Secure this section with a bobby pin.Next, gather the hair into a medium ponytail, twist it until itforms a bun. Secure with a hair tie and you're done.5. The Half-UpBunThe half up bun is really easy to do. First, grab the frontsection of your hair. Slightly push it forward to create a bump andthen secure with a hair tie. Next, gather up the middle part ofyour hair in order to create a half up ponytail. Twist it until youare able to create a bun. Secure with a simple elastic or adecorative hair tie. Check to see if everything is in place. Applyhairspray to place everything in place. You can either leave therest of your hair straight, or you can also use a curling iron tocreate soft curls.As you can see, you can do so many things withyour hair aside from the boring and usual ponytails. Try theseoptions and give them a go. With these hairstyles, you will neverstick with the same boring hairstyle again.
Modern Door Designs 1.0 APK
Doors are to our homes. They are one of the first things thatpeople will see when they first gaze upon your house. It shouldmake the right impression. From color to style, a door can reallymake a great statement about the kind of person inside and the sortof home that is behind it. There are a lot of door designs outthere to choose from. From Dutch doors to Tudor styles, many arealready associated with particular architectural styles. They tendto match homes that echo those styles. That doesn't mean you can'tuse them for your home, but there are also additional alternativesavailable to you when you know how to find them.Custom door designsare offered by prime door manufacturers. This is because they arewell aware that not everyone will want the same generic door fortheir home. You can go to any home repair retail store and pick outa door, but that doesn't mean you are going to be guaranteedquality - and you're certainly not going to be guaranteed a uniquedoor. Custom door designs allow you to choose each and every detailof your future door.This means you can start by picking out thewood. Remember, wood can be stained, finished, and even painted soyou should choose a wood that will work well with whatever plansyou have in mind. Not sure what to choose? Quality doormanufacturers will be able to offer you professional assistance,such as design consultants, in order to help put your designtogether. If you aren't going to be working on the door plansyourself, they can also work with any plans provided by yourarchitect or designer.You will also be the decision-maker of howmany panels you want the door to have, how many glass lites (ifany) you want the door to include, whether or not a transom orsidelite will be added in, what kind of glass you want in thelites, what sort of hardware you want for the hinges, and more.Every aspect can be discussed and decided upon before the door ismade. Once everything is ready, you should be able to receive anestimate from the manufacturer so you know whether or not you havegone over your budget, or if things are just right.You'll bethrilled to see the excellent work that can be crafted when youorder a custom door. It will look exactly as you hoped and become apermanent placement in your home.