1.1 / February 21, 2017
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Very Realistic Animation of a Walking Lizardonthe screen of your Smart phone.

Animation of lizard is displayed on transparent background andonthe top of all running programs in phone even over theLockScreen.

You can make a great fun of your friends. This will let youtrickyour friends easily.
They will think there is a real lizard moving on the screen oftheirphones.
User can use his mobile phone normally while a real lookinglizardmoves on his screen.

To Stop these Click on Notification you received from the Appinstatus bar and press back button without pressing home buttontoshow dialog to confirm for exit or simply Clear your RecentAppsHistory.
Animation of lizard is displayed on transparent background andonthe top of all running programs in phone. User can use hismobilephone normally while a real looking lizard moves on hisscreen. Nogame or application will cover the reptile, even thetopnotification bar.

Application gives you possibility to set the time after whichtherealistic animation will be displayed. Additionally, you cansettransparent notification icon displayed in Androidnotificationbar. Both settings will make it much easier to trickyourfriends.
- Many types of lizard support to joke and will beupdatedmore
- Customize for number of lizards, size and speed.
- Turn it off simply by click on notification.
- Timer to delay showing

App Information Lizard in phone funny joke

  • App Name
    Lizard in phone funny joke
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    February 21, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Best Prank App Lab
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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Ants on screen funny joke 1.1 APK
Ants in Phone prank display Ants on top ofthephone screen. High quality and fluency of animation of theantswill let you trick your friends in easy way. They will thinkthat areal ants moves on screen of their phones. You will have agreatfun of them.Application "Ants on screen funny joke" will display arealisticanimation of walking ants on the screen of your phone. Itwill lookas if the real ants were walking on your phone. Your phonewillchange into a virtual anthill. Insects will be running fromoneedge of the phone to the other one. Frightening ants will alwaysbedisplayed in the foreground. You can browse the Internet, playyourfavourite game, check your emails on the phone and littleintruderswill always be visible. Smooth and natural animation ofants willmake your friends be impressed. They can be pretty scaredor thinkthat virtual ants have settled down in your phone.On a phone screen ants will appear and walk from one side ofthescreen to the other one.Application "Ants on screen funny joke" will display arealisticanimation of walking ants on the screen of your phone. Itwill lookas if the real ants were walking on your phone. Your phonewillchange into a virtual anthill.Features:- Many types of ant support to joke and will be updated more- Customize for number of ants, size and speed.- Turn it off simply by click on notification.- Timer to delay showingWhy you should install this app on your phone?- realistic animation of ants- insects always visible on the screen- possibility of setting the time after which ants will appearonthe screen.
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