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With so much Internet marketing effortsgoingon, are you taking advantage of all the local marketingefforts youcan take advantage of?

It can often be overlooked in both Internet and localmarketing,the extent of local marketing techniques and strategiesthat can beapplied, which can boost your business to newheights.

This course is not so much of a course, but ratheracomprehensive list of 101 local marketing strategies, tipsandtactics that you most certainly should consider adding toyourmarketing arsenal.

Some of these ideas are more traditional, such as yellowpagesadvertising and classified ads. Of course that doesn’t meantheyshould be neglected.

Other ideas are traditional, but not used as much, or Ishouldsay not always used as effectively as they could. Directresponsemarketing and publicity are two that come to mind.

And then there are really creative ideas that areoftenoverlooked, such as valuable joint ventures andstrategicalliances. Some of these ideas have the potential toreally delivera lot of leads and sales with minimal traditional“work.”

You’ll find these ideas start out somewhat simplisticallyandgradually get more creative and complex. So dig in andstartthinking about how you could apply these ideas to yourbusinesstoday!

Here's what you'll get:
* 101 effective ways to promote your business
* Traditional local marketing strategy
* Creative local marketing tips and ideas
* Free advertising and exposure through publicity
* Networking and mutual partnering with other businesses
* Profiting off of existing and former customers

And much, much more ...

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