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This app is designed to send a string of emails to a preselectedrecipient account, each of which details the current location ofthe person carrying the device. These emails have a link to openGoogle Maps with a green icon marking the location.The use is forsending your location to a friend in case you get lost or have anaccident. It will also signal the location of the phone in case youdrop it. If two users have the app installed in their phones, theapp can be used to keep track of each others location.Using the twoscrollbar menus, the user preselects the interval between emailsand the maximum time to run the tracking for.The default setting is10 minute intervals for a 12 hour duration. This would send up to73 emails, 1 to start and 4 an hour for 6 hours. You may wish toalter these settings depending on your intended use. If the signalis weak, a message will be skipped.You also must preset therecipient email, but this should only have to be done once, andafterward the app should remember that address.To set the email,tap the email setup button at the bottom of the landing page andthen type your chosen target email in the upper white Text Inputbox of the new page which appears. Leave no spaces (for [email protected] ). Then tap the middle button to save theaddress permanently (unless you change it later). Check that thecorrect email is saved by tapping the lower button.You may wish toadd a short comment in the white Text Box. This cannot be changedin the middle of a round of tracking.Now when you have it all setup, tap Start to begin tracking. When you are done with using it,remember to tap Stop.If the location is temporarily unavailable, noemail will be sent, so the number of emails received may be lessthan the maximum number expected.The app will continue running inthe background until it is stopped, and does not need to be visibleon the screen to work.

App Information Location Tracker

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    Location Tracker
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    March 2, 2012
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    Android 1.5 and up
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    Fundy Android
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    184 Wedgewood Ave, Halifax, NS
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Measure Height 2.6 APK
Fundy Android
This app is designed to estimate the height of hills, towers orbuildings.Begin by carefully aligning the red dot at the center ofthe phone's viewfinder phone with the highest point of the buildingor tree. You should be standing perhaps twice as far away from theobject as you estimate its height to be. Preferably you are onlevel ground at the same elevation as the base of the object.Allthe commands in the app are on the sliding menu bar in the centerof the screen, When the app opens, the orange button 1 is shown.Scroll the menu down for the other options.Tap the orange buttonmarked '1) record the angle'. The measured angle and the locationwhere you are standing should then appear written over the orangebutton. Your observer position is now marked on the lower map witha yellow dot.Now scroll down until the orange Button 2 ivisible.Youwill locate the object on the map by sliding the map until theobject is in the center. Then tap Button 2. The object lo0cationshould now be marked in yellow on the screen.To calculate theheight estimate, scroll down past the orange buttons. The height,distance away, and angle of measurement will appear written in thewhite box just below on the scrollable center menu.The heightestimate depends somewhat on the variability of the GPS positions,which only claim to be within 10 m of true location. Most often,they seem to be within 3 m of true position. Note: For the GPSlocation settings to function accurately, the Location setting mustbe set to Use Satellite Location on the Location settings of yourphone. It may take a couple of minutes till the satelliteconnection is established properly and you must wait. You can checkwhether it has a satisfactory signal by starting Google Maps first,and checking that your location appears on the screen as a bluetriangle.Because it hogs battery power, the Satellite Locationsetting should be turned off after you finish using the app, unlessyou choose to leave it on for other apps.
Bixi Land 1.7 APK
Fundy Android
The Bixi Land app offers several important features not offered inthe app offered by the Bixi service.This app shows a map of all theMontreal Bixi docking stations, The mapped locations arecolour-coded to indicate whether there are bikes and/or spacesavailable. The station status is updated in real-time.The extensiveMontreal Island bike path network is traced on the underlying map.A timer recenters to your true location and counts how long youhave remaining on your Bixi rental. It also keeps tab of any extraBixi fees you may accumulate by returning the bikes late.The appwill locate the closest docking station and then shows its currentstatus in a pop-up box.It is free of advertising and is designed asa tool for the rider..There is also a brief explanation of the Bixiprice calculations, which can be confusing to the new user (andcostly if you do not return the bike promptly)..
Mom's Taxi 2.0 APK
Fundy Android
This app acts like your own taxi meter to estimate what the taxifare would be for any given drive you take. You click the STARTbutton to begin the fare and the STOP button to end it and see thetariff.There are four dropdown menus at the top which can be resetbefore starting, should you wish to customize the billing rates. Asis, the rate charged is a base fee of $3.00, plus $2.50 per mile(same as about $1.50/km.), a time charge of $.35 per minute, and apossible extra charge (which by default is set to $0).There is alsoa button at the lower left which turns off the GPS location seekingif you just want to try out a route on the map. In this use, themileage rate is increased by 40% to compensate for the time chargeof an actual fare.The app is designed to work with the phone'slocation settings switched on for both Use Satellites and UseWireless. However establishing a satellite GPS connection requiresa view of the sky, and even then may sometimes take up to fiveminutes to stabilize enough for the app to work properly.You cancheck if a location has been found by opening the built-in Googlemaps application and checking of a blue triangle has yet appeared,which denotes a signal has been established.After you are finishedusing the app, you should turn off the Use Satellite locationsetting as it uses more battery power.
Decibel Meter 1.3 APK
Fundy Android
This app uses the phone microphone to estimate and display noiselevels in decibels. The rewsults are color-coded.It allows savingand naming of sound clips and also sends geo-tagged emails to yourpreset address, describing the event.The maximum decibel levelshown is limited by the phone hardware to about 81 decibels.
Fleet Tracker 5.8 APK
Fundy Android
Fleet Tracker monitors the real-time individual positions of afleet of vehicles without the purchase of any hardware except forthe Android phones.The current vehicle locations can be viewed atthe office on a desktop computer. This web-based display shows thevehicle locations on a Google Maps page.Access to the web map, andsome other functions are provided through the portal page:http://web.cs.dal.ca/~booth/findfleet.phpThe app will monitor afleet of up to 20 vehicles. You will need one copy of the app pervehicle. After a brief one-time set-up, operating the app requiresonly a single button tap to either start and stop the operation.Ifyou are interested in using this app for a larger fleet than 20vehicles, please contact me at [email protected] and toarrange some customization for your company.
Future Seer 1.3 APK
Fundy Android
Future Seer is a fortune-teller app. It accepts a question and,based on the category, provides a response.
GeoNote 1.1 APK
Fundy Android
This is a very handy app. GeoNote records geo-tagged walkingobservations. It automatically sends short or verbally-enterednotes with GPS coordinates to a preset home email. Received emailshave a link to Google Maps with an icon marking the preciselocation from which the note was sent. This forms a permanentrecord. Satellite location setting must be switched on AND aposition established.. (It will also work with WiFi Location, butnot very accurately) The email is only set once when the app isfirst installed. After that, it is automatic.
Touch Elevation 1.8 APK
Fundy Android
Using the Touch Elevation app, you are able to tap any point on themap and the elevation of that point will be displayed.To use itremotely, enter the name or coordinates of the destination into thewhite edit box at the top, and then tap the blue Enter a StartLocale button.To begin at your current location instead, either tapthe next button below, Zoom to True GPS, or else tap thepicture.Touch Elevation can also log a real or simulated journeyand calculate distance, average speed and elevation changes. Thiscan be used remotely based on a map, or else using the phone GPSsystem to track actual location.On the main Map Page, you have twoalternate ways to start. Map is used to remotely survey a route.You must then tag each corner by centering the map over that pointand then clicking the Tag button. By clicking the GPS Start buttoninstead of the previously described Map, the app will beginplotting your changing location. When you are ready to stop eithermethod, then click End and then Log. This opens a record of thattrek.The app includes several other useful tools. The Compass iconleads to a screen where you can query your current elevation, oralso see a true north compass and digital level. There also is aFlashlight option which displays a solid white screen.The Mountainicon leads to an elevation survey feature which draws an elevationgrid over a chosen area. This feature has its own instructions.Building this grid takes one or two minutes and you may have toslide the screen to make the readings appear.The Tower icon leadsto a tool to estimate the height of a building or tower. If the appis being used remotely to survey a map location, the Locationsetting on your phone can be set to Wireless, which is easier onbattery life. However before the real GPS tracking will function,the Location setting must be set to Use GPS Satellites. It may takea couple of minutes till the satellite connection is establishedproperly and you must wait. You can check whether it has asatisfactory signal by starting Google Maps first, and checkingthat your location appears on the screen as a blue triangle.)TheUse GPS Satellite Location setting is a battery hog and should beturned off after you are finished using the app, unless you chooseto leave it on for other apps. Turning your phone off and back onafter you finish using the app ensures that everything is clearedand the processes are stopped.