1.0 / April 25, 2018
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This Lock Screen is designed to give the look of Pixel 3 and Pixel2 and Pixel mobiles that can change your phone interface to looklike Pixel phone. The design of this lock screen is similar tdesktop lock screen. Computer lock screen will change you mobilelock screen to look like Pixel phone where you can customize itwith many wallpapers and lock it with pin code. The Computer lockscreen gives you all the control of your mobile, you can turn wifi, GPS, Torch and so many things just on your lock screen. So areyou ready to experience the Pixel phone Screen experience in yourmobile phone?Features:- PIN Code Lock- Wallpapers - Messages andmissed call counter- password hint- WIFI , Location , Air PlanMode, Mobile Data , Torch ,Bluetooth , Task killer

App Information Lock Screen Pixel 3 Style

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    Lock Screen Pixel 3 Style
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    April 25, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    84 Tipu Block New Garden Town
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