1.2 / June 15, 2018
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A simple, fun, and addicting new addition to the arcade category.Tap the screen when the pins are green to increase your time andscore. If you tap when the pins are red, you will lose time, so TAPWISELY!

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Piggy Bank 2.1 APK
Get the coin into the Piggy Bank safely. Don't let it be taken awayby the flying money, and don't let it be lost in the ground.WARNING!!! VERY ADDICTIVE!!! Make sure to take breaks."This game isridiculously challenging, but addicting" -Jake V."Bacon lickinggood. Mmmmmm bacon" -David B."Great arcade style game for all ages.COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE!!!" -SarahCurrent reported high score = 23 ...How much can you save?
Locksmith 1.2 APK
A simple, fun, and addicting new addition to the arcade category.Tap the screen when the pins are green to increase your time andscore. If you tap when the pins are red, you will lose time, so TAPWISELY!
Ricochet 1.5 APK
Ricochet is a fast paced arcade shooter that will leave you beggingfor more. Once you play, you will be instantly addicted. The enemycircles multiply at an increasing rate, so you'll need to maneuveryour shooter to defend yourself while gaining points as theymultiply on the screen. BUT...be careful, don't hit the walls, oryou're DONE! MOST IMPORTANTLY...You have to play until you get tothe top of the leaderboard.
Leap of Faith 1.1 APK
You’ve played “impossible” games before, but this game bringsIMPOSSIBLE to a whole new level. This game is not for the faint ofheart. Test your skills and see how far you can get in thisEXTREMELY DIFFICULT runner. This will be one of the HARDEST gamesyou will ever play. Please take breaks, and do not get frustratedor discouraged as you will lose…A LOT. There are many aspects ofthe game which you may not like. Everything in the game is that wayfor one reason…to make it REALLY DIFFICULT. This game is not foreveryone, and should only be played by people who like a CHALLENGE.Do you have what it takes to beat the hardest game ever? All levelshave been tested and beaten, so the game is POSSIBLE, but VERY VERYVERY DIFFICULT!!!
Bobby's Balloon 2.0 APK
Bobby has lost his balloon, and you have to save it. Survive aslong as you can to increase your score. Compete with people allaround the world for the top spot on the leaderboard.Enjoy thethree different control options touch, tilt, and joystick.
Fast Pass 1.3 APK
Get your friends!Get your neighbors!Get ANYBODY!!!Battle yourfriends in an epic game of Fast Pass, where you gamble your timeagainst your opponent, BUT BE CAREFUL not to let it be your turnwhen the time runs out. You will have a random time between 10 and30 seconds before the round ends, so pace yourself, and tap wisely.The longer you wait to tap, the more points you earn. Also, thelater in the round it is, the more points you can get. If it isyour turn when the time runs out, YOU LOSE. This means you willlose all the points you got that round, but the other player getsto keep all theirs. The first player whose total meter reaches theEnd Line WINS!You can also play by yourself in the suspenseful 1Player Mode. You will have between 5 and 20 seconds to tap thebutton, but unlike the 2 Player Mode, your objective is to wait aslong as possible to get the most amount of points. The meter goesup until you tap the button. If time runs out before you tap, youLOSE A LIFE. If you click the button the meter goes down, and if ithits 0, you also LOSE A LIFE. Therefore, tap as late as you can toget the most amount of points when the time stops and the meter isat its highest. You will have 3 lives to build up as many points aspossible. Good Luck!
Check It 1.1 APK
Imagine Whack-A-Mole, but with two different types of moles. Oh,they also pop up way more often and disappear quicker..."Check It"is a reflex game that tests your speed and coordination. Theobjective is simple. Tap the Checkmarks, DON'T tap the X's. Competeagainst your friends for the high score on the leaderboard ineither easy, normal, or HARD difficulty!