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Keep track of your time logs anywhere you go, with LogNWork! Out ofthe office? No problem! LogNWork makes it easy for teams to monitorand communicate their work status – check-in/check-out at specifiedlocations, post photos, request for documents, and input yourremarks. FEATURES • Log your time records anywhere you go • Trackwork activities daily, weekly, and monthly • Easily communicatebetween teams • Convenient leave application Platforms • Android •iOS • Web

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Cooee Messenger 2.0.6 APK
Cooee [koo-ee] … Messaging into the future! Cooee Messenger isprobably the fastest messaging app in the world! It is able to sendyour pictures for you, even under 2G conditions. Convinceyourselves of the speed of Cooee Messenger by sending pictures toyour friends and comparing the speed with other messaging apps.Cooee Messenger, through its compression algorithm, helps you saveon bandwidth (i.e. data usage) and memory usage, withoutcompromising the quality of the pictures on your mobile devices.Cooee Messenger is available in iOS and Android versions in the AppStores. You can also use Cooee Messenger on laptops and desktopsvia the web version. Share with your family members and friends!Start using Cooee Messenger today!
Fetch 1.0 APK
Fetch makes it simple and convenient fortwoparties (Fetcher and Fetchee) to arrange to fetch each other.Oncea fetch request has been sent and accepted by the other, thefetcharrangement is ready to be activated. On activation, Fetcheeiskept updated on the Fetcher’s estimated time to arrive. FortheFetcher a map and directions are provided for the Fetcher totravelto the arranged fetch location.The main features of Fetch are:Real-time trackingSingle or multiple fetchesAdvance fetch schedulingLocation sharingFetch is a useful tool that takes the stress out of makingandimplementing fetch arrangement!
Juzfood APK
JuzFood allows users to quickly access a largedatabase of eateries around the world, which have been contributedby the foodies of JuzFood.PERFECT FOR FOOD LOVERS: All contributions are from the JuzFoodusers, our Foodies. They will contribute to the JuzFood communityby adding in food pictures, shop ratings, location andrecommendations. Also, look out for promotions from participatingeateries.EASY TO USE: Ever been in a dilemma of not knowing what to eat? Nottoo sure if the shop is open? Worry no more! At a simple shuffle orclick, JuzFood will be able to suggest a meal and even check out ifthe shop is open!LOCATION-BASED: The country or current location is automaticallydetected by the app and can be changed by selecting a differentcountry. Therefore you will be able to be updated with the bestdeals and the recommended eateries around your area and also planahead of your trip to another country.
TickTalk 1.0.2 APK
TickTalk gives you a new way to waste time–anonymously.* A random app-generated question sparks/starts off theconversationbetween an anonymous user and yourself.* Be spontaneous! You only get 25 seconds to reply duringyourturn before the conversation disappears forever. Real-timechatexposes every auto-correct, typographical error and allyourunfiltered nonsense.* Want to remember an awesome conversation? Just saveascreenshot!* Want to see what others are talking about? Entertainyourselfwith a constant feed of hilarious screenshots where you canlikeand share your favourites.* Bursting with ideas? Create your own questions andcustomiseyour conversations!
ScoutAScout 1.0 APK
Scout is a mobile marketplace that allows users to outsourceeveryday tasks to Scouts in the vicinity. To buy themselves moretime, users simply post their errands, indicate the tip they’rewilling to pay, and wait for a nearby Scout to take up the task.Users can also sign up as Scouts themselves to earn quick cashduring their free time. How to buy yourself more time: HOME PAGEChoose between posting an errand request or browsing through errandlistings in your area. ERRAND POSTING Describe your errand withphotos, set a location, and schedule a delivery date and paymentmethod. BROWSING PAGE Post your errand on the browsing page fornearby Scouts to choose from. ERRAND DETAILS Receive pushnotifications when a Scout accepts your errand. Chat with yourScout directly and pay only upon completion of errand. You can alsobecome a Scout to cash in on your free time: EXTRA INCOME Earnmoney during your free time by completing simple errands forothers. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE Perfect for students, housewives, or theunemployed. YOU DECIDE Choose only errands you want to run. FIVESTARS Become a top-rated Scout to receive more work. PUSHNOTIFICATIONS Receive alerts when users are searching for Scouts inyour area. PAYMENT Receive payments instantly through cash orcredit card.
JuzFoodBiz 1.0 APK
JuzFoodBiz provides Restaurant Owners with aneasy and effective way to manage the Restaurant’s activities in theJuzFood mobile application and to get feedback from JuzFoodcustomers on their food and the Restaurant itself.Restaurant Owners can make their presence felt online as they postinformation on their Restaurants and their promotions in theJuzFood app.Restaurant Owners have the ability to post and manage information(e.g. location and operating hours) and picture of theirRestaurants and the food served.Restaurants can create Promotions which customers can redeem bypurchasing vouchers.Restaurants can also view and respond to table reservations made byJuzFood customers.JuzFood Biz also enables Restaurants to get feedback from theircustomers on the Restaurant’s food ambience and service.Restaurant Owners can view pictures of the Restaurant’s foods thathave been taken in the Juzfood app and shared on socialmedia.They can also view comments customers have made on theirRestaurants in the JuzFood app.
Solapur24x7 1.1.4 APK
Solapur24x7 is an army of real people,solvingreal problems in real time for Solapur City and Districtpeople. Weunderstand you're busy, so the idea is, you outsourceyour headacheto a Solapur24x7 Assistant and tend to the moreimportant things inlife. We get shit done for you in a matter ofminutes. It'sReliable. It's Private. It's Fast & It's Painless.We arechanging the way you would get work done - over chat.Solapur24x7 is a messaging application that can be used to chatwithbrands to get support. The company banks on two big trends-the riseof messaging and the asynchronous nature of messaging thatfavourssomething like support.Users simply send a message on the Solapur24x7 app and avirtualassistant responds within minutes. It could be anythingfromgetting the best online shopping deals, making a salonbooking,finding the cheapest flight for the next holiday, customersupportfrom a bank or simply waking up on time.What Can We Help You With?-see realtime timetable of Railway which travel throughSolapurDistrict-Find nearest hotel,shopping mall, shops, schools,colleges,busstopin Solapur District-Get known, hospitals, medicals realtime opening & closingtimeand services in Solapur District-Find the best mobile plan-File a complaint or service request-Make a restaurant reservation in solapur-Find the best shopping deals & coupons in Solapur-Check PNR or Train Status-Find Car or Bike Prices-Check Movie Timings in Solapur Theatres-Get solved Social problems..etcNow Sit Back & RelaxBecause you can get things done over messaging. Sounds Simple?
ZappCards 2.0.6 APK
Zappcards is the easiest way to share yourdigital business card with everyone around you. Simply shake toexchange your card instantly.Building your network has never been easier:CUSTOMIZE: Create personalized digital business cards directlyon your deviceSHARE: Shake to share cards with other Zappcards users aroundyouTEMPLATES: Use our ready-made templates or build your ownAUTO-UPDATE: Update your contact details and sync with yournetwork instantlyMULTIPLE WAYS TO SHARE: Share cards through email, SMS, andappHYPERLINKS: Email, message, and call contacts directly fromcardsORGANIZE: Separate cards into business and personal contactsNOTES: Write notes and attach files for your saved card