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BEMÆRK! Denne app er fremstillet til brug med LolasLæringspakke.Lolas Læringspakke kan downloades fra Play Store LolaBundle AppiGode læsefærdigheder giver børn de bedste muligheder forat lærehele vejen op gennem skoleårene. Lære at læse med Lola erdentiende læringsapp med Lola Panda. De fleste førskolebørn synesdeter sjovt at lege med ord og rim. På den måde udvikler dederesfonologiske bevidsthed uden egentlig at vide det. Enveludvikletfonologisk bevidsthed gør børn i stand til at lave etord om til etandet ved at tilføje, fjerne eller bytte et bogstav udmed etandet, som for eksempel hat - kat - skat. Forskere mener, atdet ermeget vigtigt for de tidlige læsefærdigheder at børn harenfornemmelse for sprogets form, med andre ord, at de har evnentilat rime. * Pædagogisk indhold: Let niveau 1: Lette ord, somenderpå de samme bogstaver, en – ben Let niveau 2: Enkle ord, somenderpå de samme bogstaver, øm – søm Let niveau 3: Ikke helt enkleord,som ender på de samme bogstaver, em - hjem Middelniveau1:Hverdagsord, som ender på de samme bogstaver, ad -ostemadMiddelniveau 2: Mindre almindelige ord, som ender på desammebogstaver, ot - robot Middelniveau 3: Vanskeligere ord, somenderpå de samme bogstaver, ir - papir - gevir Svært niveau1:Udfordrende ord, der ender på de samme og forskelligebogstaver,jord - bor - meteor Svært niveau 2: Vanskeligere ord, derender påde samme og forskellige bogstaver, bageplade - kladde -facadeSvært niveau 3: Svære ord, der ender på de samme ogforskelligebogstaver, klods - candyfloss - los Lær at læse med Lolaegner sigtil de børn, der synes at Lolas alfabettog og LolasABC-fest er forlette, men som endnu ikke er helt fortrolige med atlæse. Lær atlæse med Lola passer glimrende til børn i 0. og 1.klasse og kanspilles i fællesskab eller individuelt. Børn kan brugeappen selvved at starte med det letteste niveau. Efterhånden sombarnet lærerog løser flere opgaver korrekt, fortsætter appenautomatisk tilsværere niveauer. Lærere eller forældre kan ogsåvælge det niveau,de mener vil give barnet de udfordringer det harbehov for. Findalle vores spil på den officielle LolaPanda-side:www.lolapanda.com. Synes godt om påFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/lolapanda. NOTE! This app is madefor usewith Lola's Learning Package. Lola's Learning Package canbedownloaded from the Play Store Lola Bundle App in Goodreadingskills give children the best opportunities to learn all thewaythrough the school years. Learning to read with Lola is thetenthapp of learning with Lola Panda. Most preschoolers find it funtoplay with words and rhymes. In this way, they developtheirphonological awareness without really knowing it. Awell-developedphonological consciousness enables children toconvert a word intoanother by adding, removing, or replacing aletter with another,such as hat - cat - tax. Scientists believe itis very importantfor early reading skills that children have asense of languageform, in other words, they have the ability torhyme. * Educationalcontent: Light level 1: Light words ending inthe same letters, one- leg Light level 2: Simple words ending inthe same letters,tender - stitch Easy Level 3: Not quite simplewords that end up inthe same letters, em - home Average level 1:Everyday words endingin the same letters, ad - oems Medium level 2:Less common wordsending in the same letters, ot - robot Mediumlevel 3: Difficultwords that end in the same letters, ir - paper -antlers High level1: Challenging words ending in the same anddifferent letters,earth - borer - meteor High level 2: Difficultwords that end up inthe same and different letters, baking sheet -draft - facade Highlevel 3: Heavy words that end up in the same anddifferent letters,block - candyfloss - loose Learn to read withLola is suitable forthe children who think that Lola's alphabet andLola's ABC partyare too light, but which are not yet fully familiarwith reading.Learn to read with Lola is great for children in grade0 and firstand can be played together or individually. Children canuse theapp themselves by starting with the easiest level. As thechildlearns and solves multiple tasks correctly, the appautomaticallycontinues to more difficult levels. Teachers orparents can alsochoose the level they think will give the child thechallenges theyneed. Find all our games on the official Lola Pandasite:www.lolapanda.com. Like onFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/lolapanda.

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    April 2, 2019
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Join the Party! Lola Panda™ invites you and all of her friends toparty! Lola’s ABC Party FREE is another engaging educational gamefrom the Lola Panda™ game series. It begins with simple wordrecognition, and graduates to more challenging tasks when the childis ready. Great and fun reading practice for preschoolers! Learningthe alphabet is fun on Lola’s ABC Party! This educational gameteaches the alphabet to children while they are celebrating!Throwing a party is something that every kid enjoys. Children canmake their own ice cream creations and in the end, party with Lolaand her friends! This game encourages the learning progress byrewarding children with fun surprises when they achieve success,which engages them in the learning process. Find Lola Panda fromFacebook, Twitter and www.lolapanda.com
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I Spy with Lola is a Word Puzzle game where the player's task is tofind objects on the screen, based on hints that vary between thelevels. This game also lets the player get familiar with the WorldMap and some details of local cultures around the World. Join LolaPanda as she travels around the world in her first I Spy adventureapp! Visit Lola’s friends in different countries to help her findhundreds of hidden objects along the way. I Spy With Lola, the 6thLola Panda app, will provide an educational challenge for kids ofall ages! ★★★★★ Editor’s Choice Award 2013 - Children's TechnologyReview ★★★★★ Best Apps award finalist 2013 - Best App Ever AwardsStart your journey in Hawaii, collecting souvenirs and coins fromeach completed task and use those to unlock additional exoticlocations. At the easy level young children can practice objectidentification and word association. As they advance, challengethem to find objects associated with letters helping to unlock newlocations. Find a fan in Japan, or a lantern in Yellowstone. Maybeeven a lizard in Egypt! Each locale is beautifully animated withample visual and spoken instruction and a unique catchy soundtrack.WHAT DO THE PROFESSIONALS SAY ABOUT THE GAME? ★ Famigo - "What agreat app! The interface and narration are engaging and easy touse. The feedback during the game and after completing eachlocation is very satisfying and entertaining." ★ Apps4Kids – 5/5stars. "The different scenarios provided us with lots ofopportunities for conversation and vocabulary-building. “ ★ TheiPhone Mom - "I highly recommend this app to parents of youngerchildren and will definitely be playing this app with my son!" ★Top Best Apps for Kids – “Gorgeous graphics and suitable audiomusic for each country. New & free places have been announced.No In-app purchases! Fantastic. Kids can learn while exploring theworld and it’s objects." KEY FEATURES ✓ Find dozens of hiddenobjects from around the world ✓ High-quality graphics and animation✓ Spoken and easy to understand instructions ✓ No in-app purchases- Unlock new locations as achievements are met! ✓ Available in sixlanguages Get the full version of I Spy and begin solving morechallenging tasks. The full version includes medium and hard levelsfor older children. It also has more places to travel, letters tolearn and riddles to solve. *** Check out also other populareducational kids Lola Panda games and apps from BeiZ: LOLA’S MATHTRAIN - Nine exciting mathematics games with Lola Panda (numbers,addition, subtraction) - High-quality graphics and fun animations -Easy-to-use game design - Available in languages: English, Danish,Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Korean, Norwegian, Russian,Swedish, Spanish LOLA’S ALPHABET TRAIN - Five exciting alphabetgames with Lola Panda - Alphabets available in five differentlanguages - Upper and lower case letters - High-quality graphicsand fun animations - Easy-to-use game design LOLA’S BEACH PUZZLE -Dozens of shape puzzles in 3 difficulty levels - Colorful andlively high-quality graphics and animations - Easy-to-use childfriendly design specifically for the youngest children - Voiceguidance throughout the game (available in 10 languages.) LOLA’SFRUIT SHOP SUDOKU - Simple Sudoku games with fruit and numbers -Friendly voice to guide kids through the game - Easy-to-usechild-friendly game design that even the youngest can use -Opportunity to learn new languages All the best Lola Panda gamesand apps: www.lolapanda.com. More information about BeiZ Ltd:www.beiz.com
Lola's Math World FREE 1.0.6 APK
Lola’s Learning World is a comprehensive math game with dozens oftasks for hundreds of hours of child-friendly educational fun withLola Panda. The tasks are developed with top educators to helpimprove school readiness for children ages 3-5. Correct answersearn more challenging tasks.Lola's World is a recipient of theprestigious Mom’s Choice Award.LEARN: - Measurement: Size, amountand number comparisons. - Patterns & Sorting: Match groups andamounts. Compare objects.- Counting & Numbers: Numberrecognition. Count objects and numbers. - Basic Operations:Addition with numbers and objects. Number sequencing. - Geometry& Colors: Recognize shapes and colors.Kids choose theirfavorite avatar and hop on the air ship to travel around the world!Educational math tasks teach fundamental skills, while other funcontent and in-game rewards provide even more entertainment for theyoung adventurer.There is no need to choose what level to play. Thegame automatically adjusts the difficulty level and rotates tasksin a logical way – starting from the easiest tasks and moving on todifferent or more challenging activities as the child gets theanswers correct.“I love the app for what it does and the skillsthat it enforces. Sweet B loves the app because it’s easy for herto use.” - www.justanothermom.net“The app has so much to offer kidsand is very entertaining for them. Best of all they are learningwhile having fun. Win-win!” - www.casamoncada.comFREE GAME:Get toknow the game with the first 10 math tasks (easiest content).GETTHE FULL VERSIONThis will open the full range of Lola’s Worldfeatures and learning activities. Includes the entire curriculumwith 102 engaging math tasks at all difficulty levels, to help getyour child school-ready and math-confident. Kids love the choice ofall seven avatars and all the fancy clothing items, fun accessoriesand toys, tasty in-game treats and 15 drawings to color. Thisone-time purchase gives you access to all the content for anunlimited time.Learning fun with Lola for the best math adventureever!
Lola's ABC Party 2.2.8 APK
“I especially loved the matching letter to its sound, or, what usspeech folk call "phonemic awareness." - www.smartappsforkids.comJoin Lola Panda and her friends for some more fun with learning!Lola’s ABC Party teaches letters, reading and writing skills, andword recognition for children ages 3-6. Lola Panda’s classiceasy-to-understand instructions and kind encouragement helps keepthe young player’s attention while they progress throughactivities. The player begins by learning vowels and consonants,and then building to more advanced reading and writing activities.Who doesn’t like a party? Kids are rewarded for their progress within-game achievements and fun party activities and surprises. Forparents, LOLA PANDA™ Progress Tracker gives you the convenience toeasily follow your child’s learning progress. It’s a great day foran educational party! **************** Key game features: •Engaging educational activities for children aged 3-6 •Child-friendly: No in-app purchases or third party advertising •Develops key skills: Letter recognition (upper and lowercase),alphabet practice, word construction, basic reading and writingskills • Includes clear and gentle, spoken instructions •Customized to the young player’s learning pace • Fun in-gameachievement awards and activities • Progress Tracker function letsyou follow child’s learning progress **************** What dopeople have to say about Lola’s ABC Party? "Lola’s ABC Party app isa great game for the preschool and kindergarten or 1st grade set -your child will have a great time learning while playing." - MyUnEntitled Life "Before I even got to show her the app she found itfor herself and Daddy reported that she was giggling away." - Kidsin the Capital "So my 5 year old and I agree that Lola’s ABC Partyis a great bet for keeping your kids learning." - The Mom Buzz**************** Find Lola Panda™ on Facebook, Twitter and atwww.lolapanda.com
Lola's Alphabet Train 2.5.0 APK
LOLA'S ABC TRAIN GAME FOR CHILDREN All aboard the learning trainfor a fun time! Specifically designed for 3-7 year olds, Lola’sAlphabet Train is a guaranteed way to keep your children comingback for more fun as they master their reading skills! SEVERALEXCITING GAMES IN ONE Play games like “dragging and dropping”individual letters, “form a word”, and even a matching memory gameto become more associated with the alphabet. As your children’sskills improve, the games gets more challenging, but still manageto be fun and engaging Key Features: ✔ Easy-to-play ✔ Suitable forkids at any age! Specifically designed for 3 to 7-year-olds ✔Excellent graphics and music ✔ Compatible with all Android versionsabove 2.2 ✔ Works with all Android phones and tablets ✔ Availablein many languages: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish,French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish TOPEDUCATIONAL APPLICATION in many countries around the world: UnitedStates, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Spain, Canadaand many more. Find Lola Panda from Facebook, Twitter andwww.lolapanda.com
Lola’s Math Train Learn Basics 2.5.2 APK
Join Lola on her journey as she makes her way through a fun filledenvironment of bright colors, interactive characters and creativeproblem solving to get all of her friends to a party! Specificallydesigned for children 3-7 years old, Lola’s Math Train encourageschildren to learn key skills like adding, subtracting and puzzlesolving all while having fun! Key Features: o Nineteen excitingmathematics games with Lola Panda™ o Various levels to choose fromo Advancing difficulty as children’s skills improve o Childfriendly usage experience: No in-app purchases or third partyadvertising o LOLA PANDA™ Progress Tracker keeps you updated onyour child's progress. Available in languages: English, Danish(dansk), Dutch (Nederlands), Finnish (suomi), French (français),German (Deutsch), Korean, Norwegian (norsk), Russian (русский),Swedish (svenska), Spanish (español) and Japanese. Lola’s MathTrain encourages children to learn mathematical key skills likeadding, subtracting and puzzle solving all while having fun! Whileplaying the games child becomes more associated with numbers andcounting. As the child’s skills improve, the games gets morechallenging, but still manages to be fun and engaging! This must beone of the best ways to teach children how to add and subtract.***************************************** FOLLOW Lola Panda onTwitter: https://twitter.com/Lola_Panda LIKE Lola Panda onFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/lolapanda All the best Lola Pandagames and apps you can find from www.lolapanda.com