1.0 / January 23, 2016
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Lone Mutant Alien Shooter is fantasy shooting game, in which youneed to shoot giant alien insects. In Lone Mutant Alien Shooter,you are on mission at an alien planet. Your transportation wasdestroyed by the aliens. Now you are all alone at the alien planetwith machine gun. At this alien planet giant alien insects arepopped out. These Alien insects are approaching you with a blitz,stay away from them as they are trying to ambush you from allaround. Your machine Gun is safe and you have enough ammo tocounter attack them, this is the only advantage you have. So comeup with a plan and finish their onslaught. Kill these alien insectand bring specimen at research lab to do good for humanity, likeexpert astronaut. Everyone is waiting for you at home, so stay safeand bring enough research material to work in future on thesealiens.Fight like a hero with your only and only hope to survive,your machine gun. Aim perfectly to kill these giant insects. Usedigital radar to locate and kill these alien insects to survive aslong as possible.Game Features:- First Person Shooter (FPS)-Amazing Alien Planet Environment- Perfect sound effects- Userfriendly graphics and controls- Perfect Machine Gun ShootingControls- Insect Ambush AIHow to Play:1. Rotate 360 degree tolocate giant Insects2.Detect insects waves using Digital Radar3.Tap on screen at left to fire4. Swipe on screen at right to rotatethe guns left or rightFor more suggestion/feedback feel free tocontact us at [email protected]

App Information Lone Mutant Alien Shooter

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    Lone Mutant Alien Shooter
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    January 23, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Suite # 6, Second floor, Teletower Model Town Link Road, Lahore, Pakistan
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