1 / March 6, 2017
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Dive into the infinite traffic dodginggame.Score a point for completing a loop. TnTn Games bring youanotherfun arcade game!

• Simple gameplay controls
• Infinite Looped Track
• Cartoon Environment
• 3D Drive on blocky roads
• No in-app purchases

How to play?

Tap to change the lanes and avoid collision with Red Cars.
Pass the finish line to earn a point.

App Information Looping Toy Car

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Toy Car Loop: Blocky Roads 1.0 APK
An adventurous kids 3D toy car racing gamethatcan be easily installed in every Android handset devices toplaycomfortably. The most addicting crash race is here to killyourtime! Calling out all the best loop car drivers to drive thisToyCar in square loops and complete as much loops as possible.You(Blue Toy Car) are at war with Red Toy Cars in the game, theonlyway to survive is to avoid crashing into Red Cars or you willbeblasted! Looping Toy Car Mania XXX is a casual arcade racinggamewith a gameplay incredibly easy to get started butfrustratinglydifficult to master. Loop in squares and avoidcrashing into yourenemies (Red Toy Cars).**Features**• Simple gameplay controls• Infinite Square Loops• Drive on streets• Best Car Crash Game• Extreme 3D Loop Car Driving• Cartoon Environment• Easy to Play, Hard to Master• Baby Flat Toy Cars For Kids• Kid friendly interface• Fancy UI• Completely Free!• Square Run• Blast system• 3D Drive on blocky roads• Automatic RC Car Simulator• Auto Driving Feature• Blocky Roads Loop Drive• 3D Kids Toy Cars• No in-app purchases• Auto Sprint and Stunt Racing• 3D Square RunHow to play?Tap to change the lanes and avoid collision with RedToyCars.Pass the finish line to earn a point.Can you stay out of your enemy’s way? Do you have what ittakesto avoid car crash? Are you up for the challenge? Jump intothistoy car war and blast game now!More features coming soon!
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