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Try to reach the highest love score within the given time. Gainlove cash by touching the heart. Reinvest in powerful gifts andupgrade your skills to become more and more productive. Your highscore is your currency at the same time so think clever.

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    Love Cash Clicker
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    May 30, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Marco Kehler
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    Stargarder Str. 8, 10437 Berlin, Germany
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Battle Wizard Attack 1.12 APK
Marco Kehler
Battle Wizard Attack is a retro style hack-and-slash game, whereyou have to defeat endless respawning hordes of skeletons with yourmagic powers. Hack-and-slash game behavior: You control one singlebattle wizard and walk around quickly; having to kill every monsteryou come across. The game has a simplified attribute and skillsystem where you gain experience from killing monsters and whenyou've got enough experience you'll level up. When you level up youcan spend two points per level on the three categories LIFE, MANAor DAMAGE. LIFE increases your character's lifepoints. You loselifepoints if you get hit by an enemy. Note: When you lose all ofyour lifepoints the game is over and you need to revive yourcharacter. 8-Bit-Retro-Style: The graphics are old-school to looklike the popular old handheld games. I think a good game conceptdoesn't need high class 3D graphics and I really love pixel art.Touch/Tablet/Phone optimised: Use the controll cross to move yourcharacter. The auto-aim-function helps you to shoot always to theright direction. Less talking more action: This game looks like anRPG but it really is an ultimate ACTION RPG. You won't findcharacters (NPCs) to talk to. It is all about action. No pay-to-win(EVER): I really dislike pay-to-win. If players can "buy" anadvantage I think it is not a game anymore. For me a game is a setof rules where each player has a common goal and an equal chance towin. I will not let anything ruin this. Also I want to reach asmany players as possible. Therefore the game is free. In the futurewe might integrate design based in-app-purchases. So you may beable to buy more fancy dresses or more pets but those features willnever have an influence on the game rules or outcomes. User-basedgame development: I am listening to your feedback. Let me know ifyou have any nice ideas to improve the game. Good ratings pushes myspeed of development. Thank you for reading and enjoy the game :-)
Bombardment - Battleship Duell 2.5 APK
Marco Kehler
Bombardment - the action-packed real-time battleship game for 1-2players on the same device. Control mighty battle ship turrets andtry to defeat the other captian. You have to sink your opponent'sbattleship by bombing it with rockets and missiles. Both playersplay on the same device against each other. If there is just oneplayer, there is the option to play against a computer controlledenemy.Gameplay and controls:During the game the two players faceeach others' battleships. The aim is to bring the life bar of theenemy battleship to zero and the winner is the first to blow theiropponent up! Each battleship has four turrets. At the beginningthese are all normal canons but can be specialised and upgradedthroughout the game. The turrets swing through a 90 degrees angleautomatically. The player can fire a canon by touching it. A firedcanon needs to cool down for three seconds before you can fireagain (during this time it will be greyed out). To hit the enemy'sbattleship the player has to time their tapping well in order tolaunch their missiles in the right direction. Rockets can stopother rockets by colliding with them. If two rockets collide, thenit is the player on the same side as the collision who gets thegame-cash for the collision. Players can buy turret upgrades fromthis game-cash every 60seconds (end of playround) on a specialupgrade menu.Upgrades:Each normal canon can be upgraded to one offour special turret systems. Once chosen these upgrades can't beremoved or downgraded. Specialised canons can be upgraded twice toa higher level within their kind.HEAT: The heat canon is a puredefence weapon that can't damage the enemy's battleship. Instead ofrockets this turret sends out a special heat wave that can destroymultiple missiles.MINI: The mini-gun canon launches normal rocketsbut has a shorter cool down time. This makes it possible to cause arain-shower of bombs on the highest upgrade level.STUN: The stuncanon fires eletric bolts instead of missiles. These can't damagethe enemy's battleship but can instead disable enemy turrets for awhile.CLUSTER: The cluster canon launches special rockets thatsplit up on their way to the enemy ship, forming multiple normalmissiles and causing therefore a lot of damage.!NEW!: TORPEDO: Thetorpedo canon fires torpedos that go under water. They can't bestopped or bounced back. !NEW!: BOUNCE: The bounce canon fires ashockwave that bounces back all normal missiles.Developer-Commentv1.4: Hey, thank you for reading the description so far :-) If youlike this game then I am more than happy to receive positivecomments and good ratings on it. Good ratings encourage me todevelop more features and deliver faster.(Possible future features:Single player campaign, online mode, more computer enemies, moreturret types, etc.).Developer-Comment v2.0: Thank you all. Myinitial comment resulted in a lots of good ratings which encouragedme to put lot more effort into the new version. New graphics, newsounds, new game modes, new turrets (bounce + torpedo),leaderboards, achievements,... I hope you like it and keep ratingwell ^^. Next on the to-do list would be a single playercampaign.Thank you very much for reading and have fun playing thegameMarco :-)
Barff - Brain Training 1.8 APK
Marco Kehler
Train your Brain with Barff - Brain-Training.- Improve your memory skills- Solve over 40 levels- Play freeYou have to listen to and repeat the sounds of farm animals.Collect stars for solved waves. Earn multiple bonuses for eachflawless wave in a row.There are three diffrent game modes:1. Step mode: Solve 30 levels from easy to hard and improve yourmemory skills slowly step by step.2. Bag mode: Solve 10 levels with up to 13 sounds. Oneadditional sound is added every wave. This is like the kids-game:"I Packed My Suitcase".3. Free Play: No rules, no goals. Just touch an animal to hearits sound. This mode was made more or less for children, but it isdoing a great job on just driving someone nuts too. ;-)Feel free to comment and rate this game. I am going to improveit(additional game modes) if there are enough downloads/likes.
Lucky Charm Clicker 1.7 APK
Marco Kehler
Touch the shamrock to gain luck. You need toreinvest your Lucky-Cash in lucky gifts that produce luck bythemselves. Try to gain as much luck as possible within the giventime.At the beginning you can choose to play 20 minutes, 40 minutesor 60 minutes. Compared to other "Cookie Clicker" games this gamehas limited game time so it is better compareable. You need tothink and act strategic to reach the highest score within the giventime. The combination of what to buy when, the ability to click ortouch fast, the right choice of skills and knowledge about the gamerules will bring you to the really high highscores.E.g. Here are some additional game rules you can't findin-game:If you buy one lucky charm the next one of its kind will be 5%more expensive.Initial lucky charm prices:Rabbit Foot: 15 Lucky-Cash-CoinsFly Agaric: 500 Lucky-Cash-CoinsHorseshoe: 5,000 Lucky-Cash-CoinsLadybug: 50,000 Lucky-Cash-CoinsChimney Sweeper: 500,000 Lucky-Cash-CoinsLeprechaun: 2,000,000 Lucky-Cash-CoinsUnicorn: 25,000,000 Lucky-Cash-CoinsInitial productivity:Rabbit Foot: 1 Lucky-Cash-CoinsFly Agaric: 2 Lucky-Cash-CoinsHorseshoe: 10 Lucky-Cash-CoinsLadybug: 100 Lucky-Cash-CoinsChimney Sweeper: 1,000 Lucky-Cash-CoinsLeprechaun: 10,000 Lucky-Cash-CoinsUnicorn: 1,000,000 Lucky-Cash-CoinsGood luck ;-)
Drinkingjay 1.6 APK
Marco Kehler
A Drinking Jay is a German bird that has a drinking problem andneeds to fly home from the pub. Try to manoeuvre the Drinking Jaythrough the obstacles. The controls are kind of flappy and due tothe alcohol your view might be blurred.The original German name ofthis weird bird is "Schnapstölpel". Because they are very unluckybirds, all Drinking Jays have become depressed; resulting in hugedrinking problems. It is said that some Drinking Jays continuouslyfail to fly home so they become stuck in a never ending loop wherethey are forced to start over and over again.Some people wear aDrinking Jay brooch as symbol of failure, some people wear it assymbol of persistence and the rest wear it as a symbol for whateverthey want!Controls:Touch anywhere to fly upwards a little. TheDrinking Jay is always losing height and is about to crash so youneed to control the flapping.
Brain Star 1.0 APK
Marco Kehler
Train your Brain. Touch the stars inthecorrect order.
Unicorn Sky Ride 1.1 APK
Marco Kehler
You are fabulous unicorn running through the sky. Your goal is tocollect all the sugar cubes. The unicorn runs continuously and youjust need to jump (or double jump) by touching the screenanywhere.There are two types of high scores: Normal Highscore(white) and Flawless Highscore (golden). This score counts up fromthe beginning of level one and stops as soon as you miss one goldensugar cube. If you miss one, the golden sugar cubes will turn whiteand although you continue running, you will now only be playing inNormal Highscore mode. Flawless Highscore is the more challengingof the two.If you fall, you have two options: you can eitherrestart from level one and try for a new high score(s) or you couldrepeat the last level you have played in practise mode. All sugarcubes will be light brown. As soon as you want to try for a betterhigh score, just press retry and you will start from the beginningagain.If you connect to Google Play Service you can compete againstother people and see your Google Plus friends' and public highscores.Developer-comment:If you like the game please rate it well.If you have any ideas on how to improve it please feel free to sendme an email. Cheers, Marco :-)
Love Cash Clicker 1.10 APK
Marco Kehler
Try to reach the highest love score within the given time. Gainlove cash by touching the heart. Reinvest in powerful gifts andupgrade your skills to become more and more productive. Your highscore is your currency at the same time so think clever.