1.5.2 / September 8, 2016
(4.2/5) (2848)


"You will have to act as a double of Takechiyo, from now on."

That was Sengoku, the chaotic period.
In accordance with the will of your late father, you become adouble of Takechiyo (Later becomes Ieyasu Tokugawa), the sick andthe next president of Matsudaira family.

Even though you were born as a woman, you should follow the fateof living as a man.
Being a double of a shogun, the fateful encounter with the warriorswill be started!

[The great warriors]
Nobunaga Oda, the feudal lord of Owari, tries to possess himself ofyou.
Masamune Date, the feudal lord of Mutsu, is such a mysteriousdreamer.
Mitsuhide Akechi, a vassal of Nobunaga, watches you carefully andtake care of you gently.

This love story between you and those great warriorsbrings…
The fire of the war in the chaos? OR the fire that burn withlove?

Be a double and live as a man in the chaotic Sengoku!

★Game System★
[The Story]
Very simple! Use your daily story tickets to advance thestory.
Gaining the reputation points of your character will help you toenjoy the special ending.
You can also enjoy the gorgeous illustrated CGs with thestory!
Besides, you can decorate your own avatar with gorgeous Sengokudresses and hair accessories.
[Gacha (Drawing Lots)]
It’s fun! Gacha is also available every time. Go and play Gachawith its tickets then get random items.
※It is a free game basically. It costs only when you purchasespecial scenarios and items.

App Information Love Legend of Sengoku

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    Love Legend of Sengoku
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    September 8, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    100,000 - 500,000
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    Visit website Email arith.android@gmail.com
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  • Love Legend of Sengoku 1.5.2 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /4/30
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 3.6 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Sha1: 34fdc1dcb5811e9013205296b77ef27f209ace38
    APK Signature: bdc63c59ad3d27c1e7b7631bf524c41cd73ee329
  • Love Legend of Sengoku 1.3.7 APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /12/22
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 2.0 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Sha1: 8507084f00e7119cdcadc503d8c7a295d1f94619
    APK Signature: bdc63c59ad3d27c1e7b7631bf524c41cd73ee329

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Découvre tes nouveaux amants enimage avec des illustrations dignent de tes mangas shojo préférés !Tu as aimé les moments d'intimités passés avec ton Prince dansPromesse de mariage ? Alors pénétre dans le monde érotique de Mes 7maris et moi et laisse-toi guider par tes maris dans les plaisirscharnels. Passe un moment spécial avec un chéri idéal♪ 【Nouvellefonction : Parle avec ton mari !】 Teste la fonction spéciale du jeu"Journal de ton mari et de sa femme". Cette fonction est dindépendante de l'histoire originale et tu peux communiquer avecton mari par ce biais ! Selon ta progression de ton parcours, tupourras obtenir un message spécial de la part de ton mari et unehistoire inédite ! 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Promesse de mariage 1.5.8 APK
Épouse-moi maintenant et tu verras...Alors que tu étais en voyaged'affaires, tu dois tout d'un coup participer à une fête avec desprinces. Un des princes te fait tout d'un coup une promesse demariage pour te rendre service... Une promesse interdite entre unprince et une jeune femme ordinaire, un mariage « arrangé » , pleinde péripéties et de rebondissements sont au rendez-vous...!Promesse de mariage interdite avec un prince est un jeu desimulation amoureuse et de drague pour filles.Plonge dans desintrigues romantiques surprenantes et d'histoires de triangleamoureux aux côtés de jeunes princes beaux et extraordinaires.Rendston prince fou de toi, habille ton avatar avec de fabuleuses robeset vis une histoire d'amour royal fantastique ♪FlaneliaLe princeClaudeUn grand blond aux yeux bleus serait-il l'incarnation duprince charmant ?Si c'est le cas, pourquoi est-il aussi violent ?Ceserait le cas si ce prince n'était pas si arrogant et tyrannique.Forcée au mariage avec lui, quel est donc son but ?Le cardinalLugarIl te traite avec respect mais peut devenir sournois.Serait-il aussi machiavélique que le dit Claude ?RossiskayaLepremier prince YuriDerrière son doux sourire et son apparence assezfroide se cache un côté sombre. Il dit avoir eu un coup de foudrepour toi mais n'a-t-il pas une autre idée en tête ?Yelisei, lesecond princeIl est l'exact contraire de Yuri. Il te voue un amourinnocent mais ne semble pas apte à te protéger. Trop de douceur nete fait pas sentir à l'aise ?IngraysLe prince CyrilIl a une volontéde fer mais passe son temps à mal te parler. Cacherait-il satimidité de cette façon ? Et pourquoi passe-t-il son temps à tefuir du regard ?Le prince MaynardIl semble toujours enclin àt'aider et te témoigne de l'affection. Est-ce que tu peux vraimentlui faire confiance alors que Cyril semble lui vouer une haine sansnom ?Et si tu jouais à un des otome games japonais les pluscélèbres ? Ce jeu de drague et de simulation de séduction estgratuit. Choisis un parcours et suis une histoire d'amoursensationnelle. Trace ton propre chemin en faisant tes propreschoix, la fin changera selon ce que tu auras sélectionné !En plusdes scénarios, tu peux également habiller ton avatar le plusjoliment possible. Plein d'objets et de vêtements serontdisponibles pour faire de ton avatar une vraie fashionista etgagner ainsi l'affection de ton prince !Joue donc avec tes amies !Tu peux inviter tes amies à jouer avec toi et à participer auxdivers événements du jeu.Attention, contenu à caractère érotique.Tuas le droit à un ticket de scénario par jour qui te donnegratuitement accès à 5 histoires.Tu peux également habiller tonavatar et expérimenter la vie d'une princesse à travers desmissions et des événements.Tous les ingrédients du shojo sont aurendez-vous ! Si tu aimes les histoires d'amour et lesillustrations manga, cet otome game est fait pour toi.Avec tonavatar, augmente ton niveau d'affection pour ton prince et tu aurasaccès à plusieurs fins et à des scénarios spéciaux.※Le jeu de baseest gratuit. Cependant, dans le cas de l'avatar et desscénariosMarry me now and you will see ...While you were on abusiness trip, you have to suddenly attend a party with princes.One of the princes makes you suddenly a promise of marriage favorto you ... A promise prohibited between a prince and an ordinaryyoung woman, an "arranged" marriage, full of adventures andsurprises are waiting for you ...!Promise to marry a princeforbidden love is a simulation game and drag for girls.Immersed insurprising romantic intrigue and love triangle stories alongsideyoung princes beautiful and extraordinary.Make your mad prince ofyou, dress your avatar with fabulous dresses and saw a fantasticroyal love story ♪FlaneliaPrince ClaudeA tall blond with blue eyeswould it be the incarnation of Prince Charming?If this is the case,why is it too violent? This would be the case if the prince was notso arrogant and tyrannical. Forced into marriage with him, what isits purpose?Cardinal LugarHe treats you with respect but can becomesneaky. Would it also be said that the MachiavellianClaude?RossiskayaThe first Prince YuriBehind her sweet smile andher pretty cold exterior hides a dark side. He said he had a crushon you but he does not have another idea in mind?Yelisei, thesecond princeIt is the exact opposite of Yuri. He dedicates aninnocent love you but does not seem able to protect you. Too muchsweetness does not make you feel comfortable?IngraysThe princeCyrilHe has an iron will, but spends his time ill talk to you. Hewould hide his shyness that way? And why he spends his time runningaway from you look?The Maynard PrinceIt always seems willing tohelp you and shows you affection. Do what you can really trust himas Cyril seems dedicate him a nameless hatred?And if you wereplaying in a Japanese otome games the most famous? This game dragand seduction simulation is free. Choose a course and have asensational love story. Trace your own way by making your ownchoices, the end will change depending on what you have selected!Inaddition to the scenarios, you can also dress your avatar as nicelyas possible. Full of objects and clothing will be available foryour avatar a real fashionista and win the affection of yourprince!So play with your friends! You can invite your friends toplay with you and participate in the various events of thegame.Attention to erotic content.You have the right to a scenarioof a day ticket which gives you free access to 5 stories.You canalso dress your avatar and experience the life of a princessthrough missions and events.All ingredients of shojo await you! Ifyou like love stories and manga illustrations, otome this game isfor you.With your avatar, increases your level of affection foryour prince and get access many purposes and special scenarios.※The basic game is free. However, in the case of the avatar andscenarios
Love Legend of Sengoku 1.5.2 APK
[Story]"You will have to act as a double of Takechiyo, from now on."That was Sengoku, the chaotic period.In accordance with the will of your late father, you become adouble of Takechiyo (Later becomes Ieyasu Tokugawa), the sick andthe next president of Matsudaira family.Even though you were born as a woman, you should follow the fateof living as a man.Being a double of a shogun, the fateful encounter with the warriorswill be started![The great warriors]Nobunaga Oda, the feudal lord of Owari, tries to possess himself ofyou.Masamune Date, the feudal lord of Mutsu, is such a mysteriousdreamer.Mitsuhide Akechi, a vassal of Nobunaga, watches you carefully andtake care of you gently.This love story between you and those great warriorsbrings…The fire of the war in the chaos? OR the fire that burn withlove?Be a double and live as a man in the chaotic Sengoku!★Game System★[The Story]Very simple! Use your daily story tickets to advance thestory.Gaining the reputation points of your character will help you toenjoy the special ending.[CGs]You can also enjoy the gorgeous illustrated CGs with thestory![Avatars]Besides, you can decorate your own avatar with gorgeous Sengokudresses and hair accessories.[Gacha (Drawing Lots)]It’s fun! Gacha is also available every time. Go and play Gachawith its tickets then get random items.※It is a free game basically. It costs only when you purchasespecial scenarios and items.