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Love Story in London - My Boyfriend is a love date couple crushgame for teen boys and girls. As boy and girl’s family was on aholiday trip to London when boy meets with a beautiful girl andthey get in love with each other. Boy impress the cute doll girl bysinging , piano playing and many other loving activities. This gameis about their true love journey. Boy decided to make a proposalfor girl and girl has accepted as she was also get in love withhim. Play this secret love story crush game, may be anyone on yournext trip to Europe or London will involve in true affection andcare and you will start liking her/him. This is a easy to playromantic kissing game for girls and boys. While sitting in thegarden in London, many boys and girls do not know each other butsometime any fun activities during trip will get the attention andyou will start falling in love.How to Play the Love Story in London- My Boyfriend?* Girl, her mommy and her brother arrive at airporton departure to London* Girl beauty makeup, spa and morningbreakfast to get ready for airport* Girl and boy meet in Londonstreet and they offer flowers to each other* Boy with hisgirlfriend sitting in London in a garden boy romantic date* Playwith your friends and your true lovers* Easy to play with goodquality of graphics* Share your creations easily by Save in yourimages galleryMost exciting and important aspects of falling inlove are usually in initial waves of a developing romance, anunexpected , comical or fortuitous meeting. For a true lover isimportant to take care of the loved one and give priority.Learnlessons from your previous relationships and apply them to futuresituations. Balance the negative with the positives.Accept thethings which happen to you, forgive yourself and move on in newrelationship with your new lover.Have a good attitude as most ofthe girls will be impress due to your good attitude. Engage inthings which make you and your lover happy.Communicate openly withyour girlfriend or partner and tell her your goals and relationshiprespect.Be intimate, Being emotionally intimate is big part of aloving relationship.Be Open to receiving the true love from yourgirl/boy partner.You will experience the all following terms inthis love story game for girls !!!Romance & Affair andRelationship & passionFantasy & fiction and involvement& mysteryFlirtation & Fascination or Attachment &amourMelodrama & tear jerker and Intimacy & tendernessSalutations & respect and Dearest & DarlingSweetheart &angel , Honey & belovedAddicted & relish with Compliments& regards and Warmth & endearmentDo not forget to play allof our other high school crush for girls, Prom queen date, babies,gymnastic queen, Vampire love story, heartbreaking story, Lovestory be crazy in Love, ballerina dance, fitness gym workout, icedancing, dancing school hip hop, skateboard skating girls, horsecare and riding and other dress up games for girls and allfamily.TinyBit games, tiny masterpieces !

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    April 5, 2018
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We just have opened a new Tailor Fashion dressmaker boutique intown to create the best outfits for your girls and boys. We havewide range of stylish designs and clothes for youngster and parentsas well. We introduced some new styles which are top trending inthe market now. How to Play the Tailor Fashion Dressmaker? * Firstof all, clean the floor near reception and open the shop forcustomers * Now wait for Customers demands and listen to theirideas for which they are looking for * Choose from 6 differentstyles from any customer in the shop * Choose the colour of clothand do measurement with required length * Now its a time forchalking and cutting the cloth * Choose the colour of thread foryour dress stitching * Stitch your dress with high speed tailormachine * Place the button on shirt,pent or trouser and stitch itwith needle * You have to do ironing of dress now * Choose someaccessories for designing of your dress to look more fashionable *Your dress is ready to put pack and take it to the counter forpayment Features: - High quality game for Kids,girls and FashionDesigners - Easy to touch and control - Fun for children of allages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens - Playwith your child or let them play alone - Different gorgeous dressesto choose from - Dozens of dress accessories - Lot of beautifulclothes colors - Fun accessories to complete the makeover are readyfor endless combinations - Share your creations easily by Save inyour images gallery This game will give you the realistic sewingand dressmaking process. You can show your fashion designer'sskills to your friends and family. You can taught your littledaughter that she can be a knit or sew boutique girl dress maker.It can be the best educational game. You can wait for our upcomingcooking, dress up,makeup and makeover games. Remember, It is theFREE Game to have some real Fun. TinyBit games, tiny masterpieces !
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Do you LOVE dancing? Are you getting nervous in your first dancingclass? If yes, then this dancing game is for you to show your hiphop dancing skills to world and to build your confidence fordancing. It will help you to improve your street style dancesmoves. You have usually seen the hip hop dancers who have fast andinteresting moves. You need to improve your timing, creativity andmovement of dancing to become like a professional and stylish hiphop dancer.When you are performing this tough job of dancing, youneed to take hygienic and healthy food. You need to dressUp in cooloutfits. You have to decorate the room, street or stage where youare going to perform in front of many audience. In this dancinggame, you will find different steps of dancing. You can get theconfidence that how to perform in audition. Express your uniquedancing styles with 3D dancing effects in this game.Feature….!!!-> Choreograph your moves and steps on stage->Impress the judges in audition to win competition-> Get yourdancing shoes, outfits and dance from heart-> Boost yourconfidence for first dancing class-> Easy to play and smoothgame with 3D effectsThese hip hop dancers have to learn all dancesteps in this dance school.The muscles need to dance like the bodyand the dance moves follow the music rhythm.Girls and boys, dressup now and go dancing with your energy and the creative style yougot.Perform the best ballet in this dance competition, ask help tothe choreographer and follow the choreography at stage.The lightsare on and the best music starts! It's time to keep pace!Do notforget to play all of our other makeup, makeover, cooking,tailoring, babies and dress up games for girls and kids.TinyBitgames, tiny masterpieces !