2.3 / June 25, 2020
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Lovecraft Quest is a сomics style game inspired by the worksofHoward Phillips Lovecraft - a recognized master of thehorrorgenre. You have to avoid traps, solve puzzles and react veryfastfleeing from Lovecraftian horrors which fill the labyrinth oftheTemple of Nameless Cults. You’ll meet the lord of the Deep Ones-Dagon, the servant of the Ancients - Shoggoth and, perhaps,Cthulhuhimself! The plot twists, life and common sense of themaincharacter depend completely on your decisions. 🐙 A UNIQUECOMICSSTYLE Imagine that you are reading exciting colorful comics.Yet,unlike typical comics, there are a lot of interactive elementsinthe game - puzzles, alternative endings and inbuiltmini-games.Every scene is drawn by hand with great attention todetails andrespect to H.P. Lovecraft's works in order to convey theoriginalstyle of his stories in the best possible way.Minimalisticinterface, also in comics style, lets you dive intomysteriousatmosphere of ancient dungeons and fully enjoy the storytold inthe game. 🐙 EXCITING ADVENTURE After a shipwreck you findyourselfon an island, lost in the endless ocean. The only passagefrom thebay where you came to your senses, looks extremely ancientand fullof hidden threat. This is an entrance to the dungeons ofthe Templeof Nameless Cults. What terrible secrets and beasts arehidden inthe labyrinths of this Temple and where careless curiositycan lead- you are to find it all in a captivating comics story. 🐙AMAZINGMINI-GAMES In Lovecraft Quest there are both classic puzzlesinstyle of the good old 2D point-and-click quests andreactionmini-games. Real adrenaline rush is waiting for you in thedynamicscenes where you should decide quickly and choose theappropriatevariant of your actions. For example, when you meet oneof thebeasts dwelling in the dungeons of the Temple, you may trytoescape it, choosing the correct door in limited time. 🐙MULTIPLEENDINGS The game includes 6 different ending variants. InbestLovecraft's traditions almost all of them are this or thatvariantof the main character's death. Be careful with yourdecisions asthe Temple of Nameless Cults is full of deathly traps!Eachcareless step may become the last one. Still, you can try tofindout all the variants of your hero's doom - everything is inyourhands! 🐙 RANDOM ELEMENT To make your game experienceunique,Lovecraft Quest widely uses random events and proceduralgeneration- while creating labyrinths, for example. 🐙 COLLECTIONOBJECTS Insome rooms of the Temple you may find artifacts - thingsfrom theLovecraft's stories, such as Necronomicon, a legendary bookwrittenby a crazy alchemist and necromancer Abdul Alhazred. Thisbookdescribes the story of the Ancients - extremely powerfulcreatures,dwelling beyond the borders of our dimension - and themagicalrituals that can invoke them. The legend tells that theoriginalbook was irretrievably lost, and that the last of theremainingcopies is kept in the library of Miskatonic University,located inthe town of Arkham. You may try to find all artifacts andto learnthe story of the each. *** Don't forget to visit FB page ofthegame https://www.fb.me/lovecraftquest and myInstagramhttps://www.instagram.com/andreysklyaroff to keep up withnews,contests and other cool things!

App Information Lovecraft Quest: Cthulhu Rising

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    Lovecraft Quest: Cthulhu Rising
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    June 25, 2020
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Badaeva st. 8 St. Petersburg, 193318 Russia
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