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This app has been designed to demonstrate thevariousfunctionalities of NXP's LPC8N04 Development Board, whichuses NFCfor its communication interface. You can use the app toread orwrite text displayed on the LED dot matrix of thedevelopmentboard, change the scrolling speed of the text and playdifferenttunes with the on-board buzzer. The demonstration alsosupportsextending the scrolling text seen on the development boardto theapp running on your NFC enabled smart phone. Keywords: NXP,LPC,LPC8N04, NFC, LED, Demo, android

App Information LPC8N04 NFC Demo

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The free NXP application allows engineers tosearch, buy and share more than 10,000 products parts from NXP‘sHigh Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Products portfolioanytime, anywhere on your Android phones. Now you can get our newproducts for your designs instantly.Features:• Search NXP products• Get product specifications (including datasheets and applicationdiagrams)• Share product specifications via email or social media likeTwitter and Facebook• Add products and documents to your favorites• Create shopping carts• Place your order• Get support• Find our sales offices and distributorsFor 7" and 10" tablets, you can download NXP Techbench App withadditional featureshttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nxp.techbench
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The NFC Chameleon App allows to control thelamp color and the smart-card content of the NFC Chameleondemonstrator and smart-cards provided by NXP Semiconductors.
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The NXP Quick-Jack app enables communicationfrom your smartphone to the NXP LPC800 Quick-Jack board. The NXPQuick-Jack solution repurposes the standard 3.5 mm stereo audiojack found on most smartphones into a self-powered data channelthat makes communication with these devices as easy as plugging aheadset jack into the audio port. This allows hardware tocommunicate with a smartphone in a simple way and atlow-cost.
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The RF Calculator app aims at making RF engineers’ life easier. Itallows designers to settle a lot of common RF related calculationsanywhere without keeping formula in mind. Now you can get our newRF Calculation App immediately with below features. Series/Parallel conversion Thermal resistance calculation Unit Conversion VSWR RF Manual v17 App - Email support- later to come Reflection/RL… conversion calculation Smith Chart More to come
NFC is everywhere and the future will even bemore interactive, contact less applications will accompany usthrough our lives.And MIFARE will be at the center of it.1.) Download the free MIFARE VR app2.) Start the app on your phone3.) Put your mobile into google cardboard glasses or some othervirtual reality glasses4.) Experience and enjoy the MIFARE future by looking at the MIFARElogos you find for 2 secondsRide the future public transport to another planet and enjoy thestars.Enter a hotel and change the room settings by looking at the MIFARElogo.Open doors with MIFARE.Take a walk around and find the NFC poster and order your camera byvirtually tapping your MIFARE card (looking at the MIFARElogo)Pay and collect loyalty points.Enter MIFARE future now and enjoy your ride to the moon!
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NFC controller, frontend, connected tagsolutions and contact reader IC product selection guideNobody gives you more options for building a NFC system orcontact reader system than NXP. Our portfolio reflects our deepcommitment to contact- and contactless technology and deliversbest-in-class performance for the NFC and contact smart cardinfrastructure.This application helps to select the product out of ourextensive portfolio of NFC frontends, controllers, connected tagsand contact reader ICs.
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Demo APP for NXP Smartlock Kit OM27462NBR Link:www.nxp.com/demoboard/OM27462NBR Smart lock kit: PN7462 AND QN9021BASED NFC-BLE SMART LOCK KIT - Ultimate contactless connectivitythrough NXP® NFC and BLE solutions - Superior contactlessexperience and security KEY FEATURES - PN7262: All-in-one full NFCcontroller solution - QN9021: Ultra-low-power BLE system-on-chip -PCF8883T: Capacitive proximity switch with auto-calibration andvery low power consumption KIT CONTENTS - Compact (ø40mm/1.57in)smart lock module - Sensor plate for capacitive wake-up - Twocables for firmware update and power - Five MIFARE® DESFire® cardsfor lock operation - Quick Start Guide For more information pleasevisit: www.nxp.com/demoboard/OM27462NBR
1. Download the free MIFARE AR app2. Activate your app and screen the picture with the AR+ logo intheMIFARE anniversary book3. Push the blinking button to start the animation4. Experience a ride to the futureWe don´t have a crystal ball that can predict what thefuturewill bring, but we´re certain that the next wave ofcontactlessapplications is on its way.NFC-enabled smartphones and wearable devices will playanincreasingly central role in these applications, deliveringhigherlevels of convenience, security,and flexibility. NXP is already a part of this future, andwillcontinue to set the agenda and pace of contactlessinnovation.Our Ride-to-the-Future app lets you experience the worldoftomorrow, where new interactions make daily life moreexciting,more engaging, and much more fund.Your journey is just a quick download away.