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Simple and easy-to-use calculator, which instantly converts Litsinto Euros and vice versa, and also adds and subtracts. Thecalculator uses the exchange rate set by the Council of theEuropean Union 1 EUR = 3.4528 LTL.

App Information LTL / EUR Converter

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    LTL / EUR Converter
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    December 21, 2014
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    Infinite Software SIA
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    Madonas iela 23-20, Riga, Latvia
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Incoterms ® and Contracts 2.02 APK
At times parties entered in international sale contracts areunaware of the different trading practices in their respectivecountries. This can give risk to misunderstandings, disputes andlitigation, with all the waste of time and money that this entails.In order to remedy these problems, the International Chamber ofCommerce (ICC) - www.iccwbo.org - first published in 1936 a set ofinternational rules for the interpretation of trade terms. Theseare known as the INCOTERMS® rules. The word is an abbreviation ofInternational commercial terms and the chosen Incoterms® rule is aterm of the contract of sale (please note: not of the contract ofcarriage). Since then these rules several times have been amendedin order to bring them in line with international trade developmentand global market changes. In recent years, Incoterms® rules havebeen revised at 10-year intervals (Incoterms® 1980, 1990, 2000,2010). From first January 2011 new version of the rules“Incoterms®2010” (ICC Publication № 715 E) came into force, whichconsists of 11 following terms - EXW, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, DDP, FCA,FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF. Very often sellers and buyers do not payattention that each chosen term of the Incoterms® rules requiresthat contents of sales contract must match to the conditions of theterm. By mistake they feel that all aspects of the deal arestipulated by the Incoterms® rules and are included in the rules.Sometimes this is the reason of the problems they have in theirtrade transaction. Our recommendations will help to avoid suchmistake and in a correct way prepare trade contract. To avoidconfusion and difficulties in applying Incoterms® rules a referenceto the current version should always be made in the contract ofsale. Presently, when parties negotiate their contractindividually, they should take care not only to refer to Incoterms®rules but also to add the year 2010. If they use a standardcontract, they should check whether it has been updated to includereference to “Incoterms®2010”. If not, the previous year should bereplaced by the year 2010. It is very important to understand thatall details of sale/purchase transaction for each chosen term arenot included in Incoterms® rules. Therefore the needed details tobe listed in sale contracts. The recommendations of what should beincluded in the contracts of sale are included.---------------------------------------------------------------------------TrademarkNotice: “Incoterms” is a trademark of the International Chamber ofCommerce (ICC). ICC has authorized the use of the “Incoterms”trademark on this application. Such authorization does not implyany endorsement, or entail any responsibility, on the part of ICCfor this product, which remains the sole responsibility of theLicensee. The Trademark is being used in accordance with ICC’s“Incoterms” trademark rules as available on the ICC website.
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Following application's built-in calculator will suggest that yourpersonal number may bring fortune, luck and prosperity for any day,any month and any year of your life. After calculating the number,you will find detailed interpretation and guidance that will beusefull for you while helping you to achieve success. Furthermore,to bring success throughout particular period you will be suggestedwhat colour clothes you should wear and what jewel stone tocarry.The knowledge of the calculated numbers will help to planyour life during any important moment. It is important to keep inmind the existence of the feng shui approach, which will help toimprove your entire life.Both numerology and feng shui has beenworked out by ancient civilization of chinese several thousandyears ago. You will see the way to be chosen to bring to your lifeprosperity, luck and harmony.We guarantee successful results if youfollow the interpretations of your personal numbers.Please note:following app does not calculate GUA number. Methods implemented inthe application are concerned with personal year/month/day numberbased on approach of Feng Shui and Numerology.
LTL / EUR Converter 1.0 APK
Simple and easy-to-use calculator, which instantly converts Litsinto Euros and vice versa, and also adds and subtracts. Thecalculator uses the exchange rate set by the Council of theEuropean Union 1 EUR = 3.4528 LTL.
Hyper Pixel 0.53 APK
Hyper Pixel is an exciting runner arcade, where a PIXEL is havingan adventure through different worlds! First two levels are here.More coming soon!
Dance Radio LV 1.0 APK
Exciting and simple www.DanceRadio.lv app 24/7 giving EDM fansquality upfront electronic dance music and great radio shows fromworld renowned DJs. It has uber-fashionable design and it’seasy-to-use.
EUR / LVL Calculator 1.0 APK
Simple and easy-to-use calculator, which instantly converts Latsinto Euros and vice versa, and also adds and subtracts. Thecalculator uses the exchange rate set by the Council of theEuropean Union 1 EUR = 0,702804 LVL.
Радио Stream 1.03 APK
Молодёжное и современное русское online-радио, которое выходит вАнглии! В эфире звучат популярные русские и зарубежные хитыразличных жанров и направлений, проводятся дискуссии на любыеинтересующие Вас темы с нашими замечательными ведущими. Также, внаших эфирах вы услышите последние сводки мировых новостей, узнаетео состоянии транспорта в Лондоне, и, конечно же, сможете передаватьприветы и поздравления, которые будут звучать в прямом эфире дляВаших друзей, родных и близких. Но это лишь некоторые из программ,которые выходят на Радио Stream!Для того, чтобы Радио Stream дарилоВам как можно больше позитивного настроения и радости мы собралидля Вас команду профессионалов, которая знает своё дело и,безусловно, питает огромный интерес к музыкальной сфере самыхразличных направлений.Радио Stream, также, следит за концертнымипрограммами звёзд и на нашем сайте Вы можете узнать где и когдабудут проводиться различные концерты и фестивали, узнать болееподробную и детальную информацию о них, ну и, конечно же, мы сбольшим удовольствием предоставляем Вам возможность выиграть парубилетов на концерты своих любимых исполнителей!Youth andcontemporary Russian online-radio, which goes to England! On airsound popular Russian and foreign hits of different genres andstyles, held discussions on any topics that interest you with ourgreat lead. Also, in our air you will hear the latest reports ofworld news, find out about the state of transport in London, and,of course, be able to pass on greetings and congratulations, whichwill be played live for your friends, family and loved ones. Butthese are just some of the programs that go on Radio Stream!ToStream Radio has granted you with as much positive mood and joy wehave compiled a team of professionals who know their job and, ofcourse, feeds the huge interest in the music industry in differentfields.Radio Stream, too, follows the concert programs and stars onour site you can find out where and when will be various concertsand festivals, and learn more details about them, and, of course,we are glad to offer you the chance to win a pair of tickets toconcerts of your favorite artists!
Saskaņa 1.01 APK
Аr šо aplikāciju jūs varēsiet sekot līdzi notikumiem apsociāldemokrātisko partiju "Saskaņa", sekot tās vadītāja NilaUšakova aktivitātēm sociālajos tīklos, kā arī uzdot viņamjautājumu!При помощи этой аппликации вы сможете следить засобытиями, происходящими вокруг социал-демократической партии"Согласие", следить за активностями её руководителя Нила Ушакова всоциальных сетях, а также задать ему вопрос!