1.0 / July 4, 2018
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Lucky Blocks Extreme Race is an exciting competitivemultiplayergame where the outcome depends rather on a randomizedeven than ona player’s skills. The main objective of this race isto be thefirst to reach a finish line while destroying all luckyblockswhich you encounter on your way. DISCLAIMER: we are not anddo notpretend to be a part of the Mojang, and the softwareapplicationsprovided by us are not official for Minecraft PocketEdition(MCPE). The Mojang is the sole possessor of Minecraft BrandNameand all Minecraft-related assets. All rights are reserved. Onthebasis of http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesLuckyBlocks in Minecraft are blocks which trigger a random eventwhenbroken. Such events can be both beneficial and disastrous fortheplayer. Good events include spawning of some useful itemslikearmor or food. But in most cases, lucky blocks willgeneratesomething horrible like a lightning hit or an explosionwhich will,surely, kill you, and you will have to start the racefrom thebeginning. Are you ready to take the risk and destroy allLuckyBlocks in MCPE? You can play alone on the new Lucky Block mapinMCPE or invite multiple friends and arrange a real competition!Tobegin the Lucky Block game, just enter upon a starting platformandstart a countdown. Players need to crash all lucky blocks onthetrack before moving further. You must not walk outside yourowntrack. Use blocks from your inventory to repair the track if itisdamaged by some random event generated by a lucky block. Whatcanbe worse than not knowing what to expect? This Minecraftdefinitelymap wins the title of the most unpredictable. Try yourluck and putyourself in hands of a random event. Remember, youcan’t controleverything in this game, just like in your real life…

App Information Lucky Blocks Extreme Race. Minecraft Map

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    Lucky Blocks Extreme Race. Minecraft Map
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    July 4, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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Burger Shop Mystery. MCPE Map 1.0 APK
It is an adventure Minecraft map taking place in a small city.Here,you will play a role of a detective who needs to solve amysteryhappening in one of the famous restaurants in the Minecraftgame.ABurger Shop in Minecraft is a chain of fast-food outlets,and manyfast-food shops envy its incredible popularity. Suchrestaurants arefamous for their tasty food and affordable prices.But what key liesbehind the success of this empire? DISCLAIMER: weare not and do notpretend to be a part of the Mojang, and thesoftware applicationsprovided by us are not official for MinecraftPocket Edition (MCPE).The Mojang is the sole possessor ofMinecraft Brand Name and allMinecraft-related assets. All rightsare reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesYou arethemain character on this MCPE map. There is also a Minecraftclown,who has already done a lot of awful things and has no planstostop. In front of the guests, he appears as a protagonist,alwayscoming at the same time – at the fifth night. When you appearonthe map, it is exactly the fifth night. That is why the clownseemsa bit strange to you. What does he come for? What drives him?Atthe first glance, the clown looks pretty innocent. But whathidesunder a bright clown musk? Take our tip: run like hell whenyou seehim!Storyline You find yourself on a dark street in front oftheburger shop. Your first task is to investigate the area andfindsuspicious objects and evidence if his crimes. While searching,youwill discover a secret passage under the burger shop. Makesurenobody sees you. What horrors are waiting for you? Try tosurviveand find an exit from a secret room. You have a chance tosolve allmysteries of the burger shop in MCPE. Collect all possibleitemsand search for a way out!
Hello Granny. Horror MCPE Map 1.0 APK
Hello Granny in Minecraft is an adventure map with horrorelementswhere your mission is to escape from a house while avoidingbeingcaught by an evil and cursed old woman. For this, you needtosearch for different items which are required to unlock adoor.Show all your mental speed to quickly find an exit and escapethewicked granny!So, you appear in an old house where a cruelgrannylives. Your task is to find a way out as quickly as possiblebeforeshe captures you. The granny moves very slowly but it's notallthat simple! All doors in the house are locked, and you havetodiscover certain items to unlock them. Do not forget that it isahorror MCPE map, and the granny here is not an ordinary old ladyasyou may think. The legend has it that she escaped from amentalhospital and has weapons!DISCLAIMER: we are not and do notpretendto be a part of the Mojang, and the software applicationsprovidedby us are not official for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE).TheMojang is the sole possessor of Minecraft Brand Name andallMinecraft-related assets. All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesOn thepretextof help, she entices random people into her house, locks alldoors,and starts chasing a victim. Only God knows what is going onin thehead of this strange woman but nobody ever managed to escapefromher house alive.Try to solve all puzzles to flee from thebuildingand not become yet another victim of a granny-killer inMinecraft.The map comes with custom textures, and there is alsocool gamemechanics used to make the gameplay experience moreenjoyable.Hello Granny is the horror Minecraft map, so download itat yourown risk.
Goodbye Neighbor MCPE Map 1.0 APK
Nowadays, kind neighbors are rare. Usually, everyone has suchanupstairs neighbor who never parts with an electric drill orwhocannot say a word to his ever-yelling children. Examples ofsuchneighbors are endless. There is, perhaps, no such a man whohasnever been angry with their neighbors. Now, you haveaonce-in-a-life opportunity to take revenge on all yourbastardneighbors in a Minecraft game! In this MCPE adventure, youare freeto do everything to irritate your neighbor, living in alarge houseacross from yours. DISCLAIMER: we are not and do notpretend to bea part of the Mojang, and the software applicationsprovided by usare not official for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE).The Mojang isthe sole possessor of Minecraft Brand Name andallMinecraft-related assets. All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesUnfortunately,notall disagreements can be solved diplomatically. The action oftheMinecraft game takes place in a house of your cursed neighbor,andyour ultimate objective is to make his blood boil. First ofall, youneed to find out where the neighbor lives. To do this, youshouldget yourself to his house. But you need to do that veryaccurately,without being noticed. Be extremely careful and try tonever catchthe eye of your insane neighbor!Make sure you exploreneighbor’shouse in Minecraft thoroughly because it is full ofdifferent rooms,twisted corridors, and secret places. There isalso a basement inthe house, which you need to investigate aswell. But do not forgetthat there could be gruesome monsters! Youcannot know for surewhether there is someone in the basement, andthe only way to knowthat is to go down here and see everythingwith your eyes! Think aplan of your actions over and do everythingpossible to give yourneighbor a hard time on our MCPE map. Hopeyou are smart andinventive enough to cope with this challenge!
Find The Button: Classic Edition. MCPE map 1.0 APK
Find the Button is one of the oldest puzzle games in Minecraft,butas practice shows, people find these games very entertainingowingto their intricate and enjoyable gameplay. Are you a fanofexciting mini-games, challenging puzzles, and Minecraftadventures?Test your wit in this cool MCPE map! The Find the ButtonMinecraftMap is comprised of 5 levels and will take you about 30minutes tocomplete. A player should search for a right button ineach leveland press it to finish the round. You can enjoy thismini-gameeither alone, or together with other players in amultiplayer mode.DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend to be apart of theMojang, and the software applications provided by us arenotofficial for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE). The Mojang isthesole possessor of Minecraft Brand Name and allMinecraft-relatedassets. All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesAs thenamesuggests, the ultimate objective of the game is to find thebuttonin an MCPE game. You will deal with some kind of quest whereyoucan use hints should any difficulties occur. There is no timerinthis MCPE map, meaning you are free to explore every corner ofthisfantastic location.Pay special attention to those items whichlookquite ordinary at the first glance. Examine every chest, box,andbookshelf. Sometimes, you will need an additional article tofindthe button, such as a key to unlock a room. Do not hurry up andtryto think abstractly. If you were a map author, where would youhidethe button? Believe there is a button in each level. InthisMinecraft map, your goal is to complete all five levels, eachofwhich has its own interior, different from others, which makesthismap even more interesting to play.
Fortified House. MCPE Map 1.0 APK
Today’s technologies have revolutionized the world, making ourlifebetter, brighter, and safer. This MCPE map boasts aninnovative,super secure house that will properly protect youagainst anyemergency situation. Now, this Minecraft mansion withall itsamenities and a stunning view is utterly at yourdisposal.DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend to be a part oftheMojang, and the software applications provided by us arenotofficial for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE). The Mojang isthesole possessor of Minecraft Brand Name and allMinecraft-relatedassets. All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesThe keyfeatureof the Minecraft house is that all technologies are unitedin onecomplex and work automatically. It is a very realisticmansionbecause it has everything it takes for a safe and worry-freelife,including different laptops, TV sets, tables, beds, and muchmore.An intelligent home control system ensures your maximum safetyandcomfort. Why not to have some rest here when the house has allthefacilities you need? This mansion will become your personalextremesafe castle in Minecraft. Explore this amazing two-storymansionand rest assured you will find many interesting things! Thelatesttechnologies allow securing the house from any externalthreat.There are many different rooms, so you can invite yourfriends andhave a night party. Test your fortified house for safety– arrangea PvP battle with your friends where an owner’s objectiveis toprotect the building, while the intruders will be trying tocapturethe house and its host. This modern mansion is made of morethan350 command blocks. The house also has three safety modes. Youcanplay alone on this Minecraft map or use it as a multiplayer. Ifyoudo not like hostile mobs ever-striving to break into yourhouse,then you definitely should give this MCPE map a go!
Find The Button: Underground Edition. MCPE Map 1.0 APK
Your task here is to find a button in Minecraft in 10differentlevels. An outstanding feature of this MCPE map is thatevery leveltakes place underground. Locations here include a cave,a cellarwith a maze, and so on. Find all the buttons in MCPE ineach levelto win the game!Each level of the MCPE map has its ownpuzzle and adifferent button position. You will have to cope withversatilemechanisms to find the proper lever before you will beallowed toproceed. Apart from challenging puzzles, this Minecraftmap isloaded with stunning views and constructions to play parkour,whichmakes the map utterly enjoyable. Though the premises, whereyouwill search for buttons, are not very large, they are stuffedwithlots of details and items, which you should pay your attentionto.DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend to be a part oftheMojang, and the software applications provided by us arenotofficial for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE). The Mojang isthesole possessor of Minecraft Brand Name and allMinecraft-relatedassets. All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesThe mapgivesyou a lot of fun and lets you feel like a real detective!Lookthrough the hint book if you have difficulties with findingthebutton in Minecraft in the current location. It is averyinteresting MCPE puzzle map, demanding much attention todetails.You should be very patient while searching for thebuttonsunderground. Good news is that the game offered by this mapisopen-ended – you are not time-restricted here! The map issuitablefor both a multiplayer and a single player mode. It isrecommendedto play it in the survival game mode and set thedifficulty to theminimum.
Everest Expedition. MCPE Map 1.0 APK
Everest Expedition is a new and thrilling adventure map forMCPE.This Minecraft map gives you a wonderful opportunity toclimbEverest, the highest mountain in the world! Just imagine theheightof Everest is insane 8848 meters! Like in real life, climbinginMinecraft will be hard and extremely dangerous. You will needtoapply all your skills and be very patient. We hope, youhavecompleted enough parkour maps in MCPE and are well-experiencedinjumping over obstacles because falling in this game will killyou,at once. Are you ready to take the risk for the sakeofunforgettable emotions?DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretendtobe a part of the Mojang, and the software applications providedbyus are not official for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE). TheMojangis the sole possessor of Minecraft Brand Name andallMinecraft-related assets. All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesThis gameismeant not only for alpinism enthusiasts. Everest makes averystrong impression. Many professional alpinists tried toconquerthis lofty mountain. Without a doubt, it is one of themostpicturesque adventure maps in Minecraft. What can be morebeautifulthan a mountain view? We warn you that this MCPE map isincrediblydifficult. A bad weather at a height can cause youseriousproblems. For example, you can have a problem with oxygen.As arule, oxygen deficiency starts when you climb at a height ofover2000 meters. The higher you get, the less strength you willhave,and you even can lose consciousness. You also need to beverycareful while climbing up the mountain because there is alwaysathreat of a sudden avalanche. You also should beware of cracksandslippery iced paths. Throughout the history, many peoplediedtrying to win the top of Everest. Are you sure you arestrongenough to get to its peak?
The Town School MCPE Map 1.0 APK
This map presents a small neighborhood with a school, a theater,apark, and some other objects of infrastructure. It is auniversalMCPE map suitable for a multiplayer game. If you want, youcanexpand the area by creating new buildings and turning asmallneighborhood into a large metropolis. What do you think ofthat?DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend to be a part oftheMojang, and the software applications provided by us arenotofficial for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE). The Mojang isthesole possessor of Minecraft Brand Name and allMinecraft-relatedassets. All rights are reserved. On the basisofhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelinesThoughtheschool is built in a flat world, it will not interfere withthegameplay but will only limit the visibility a bit. Amaximalresemblance to the real life makes this Minecraft mapabsolutelycharming and inspiring – you cannot resist the temptationto addsomething new to it! We bet there is no such a player who hasneverdreamed of creating a big city in Minecraft! The neighborhoodmakesyou feel at home, and lovely streets and small houses withneatlawns only contribute to this feeling! Apart from everything,thereare also a schoolhouse and a theater in this map. Take achance todrop into an absolutely empty school, explore everyclassroom, andwalk along a school corridor. What would you add tothis map toturn a small district into a big, beautiful city withawell-developed infrastructure? The map, at least, lacks ahospitaland a shopping center. But it is up to you to decide whatbuildingsto create! You are a master of the situation! The TownSchool mapis suitable for different game modes such as adventure,survival,and creation. We hope every Minecraft player will find agood usefor this map whatever you choose to do on it. The TownSchool is avery engaging Minecraft map for both you and yourfriends!