2020.2.16 / November 26, 2020
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BlueYonder Luminate Control Tower Mobile is a new mobile offeringintended to help Luminate Control Tower users be on top of anydisruptions in their Supply chain even when they are away fromtheir desktop. This includes: • Inbound shipments tracking •Purchase Orders status • Outbound shipments tracking • Sales Ordersstatus • Inventory tracking Note: Must hold a BlueYonder LuminateControl Tower license in order to use the application.

App Information Luminate Control Tower Mobile

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JDA TMU Classic 2019.1.0.4 APK
JDA TMU Classic can be utilized by carrier and employee basedtransportation personas. Carriers can review and respond to loadtender requests. In addition, the solution allows real time stopbased updates to be generated, including ETAs and stopconfirmations, providing enhanced visibility to the operationalprogression of the associated load. Internal transportation basedpersonas can retrieve loads and analyze associated events, stopsand shipment details within the mobile application. Note: Thisversion of app supports JDA TM 2019.1.0.0 and prior. Must hold aJDA enterprise license in order to use the application.
Mobile Connect APK
Note: Must hold a Vortex Connect enterprise license in order tologin to the application. Vortex Connect is a mobile applicationsprovider that specializes in business to employee communications.Our suite of applications enables your workforce to easilycommunicate with corporate on HR and payroll related tasks.Employee Mobile Connect (EMC) and Manager Mobile Connect (MMC)allows your staff to view and edit their schedules, review andsubmit time sheets, punches & job transfers, request andapprove time off requests and manage their project tasks right fromtheir mobile devices.
Infor10 Workbrain 8.2.27515 APK
Change the way your managers work with Infor10 WFM (Workbrain)Mobile Manager. Note: To enable this application your organizationmust be using Infor10 WFM(Workbrain) Time & Attendance. Keepyour managers in revenue generating positions and out of the backoffice. Solve real-time employee labor issues by giving managersthe ability to update timesheets and approve employee requests.Infor10 WFM (Workbrain) Specialized by Industry, Engineered forSpeed. Infor is a leading provider of business software andservices, helping more than 70,000 customers in 164 countriesimprove operations and drive growth. To learn more about Infor,please visit www.infor.com.
JDA Task Execution APK
JDA Task Execution is aimed at the Associate in any Retailorganization that is using JDA Task or Execution Management. Itallows the user to view and complete Tasks that have been assignedto them by the Corporate office or by their Store Manager on thefly instead of having to visit a PC. Along with the Completionaction the user may also respond to surveys, add media such asphotos or voice memos and view attachments such as .pdf files.Note: Must hold a JDA Task enterprise license in order to log in tothe application.
JDA Employee 2016.1.0.1 APK
JDA Employee provides real time access to Schedules, Timecardinformation and Time Off Requests. Associates now have the tools toachieve success without being tied to a PC. Note: Must hold a JDAenterprise license in order to use the application.
JDA District Manager APK
The user can now see updated views of the Sales and Labor workforcemetrics. A new tab has been added for JDA Task. District Managerscan now see complete task lists for their store as well as completetasks that have been assigned to them. Note: Must hold a JDAenterprise license in order to use the server component of theapplication.
JDA Site Manager 2016.1.0.2 APK
Site Manager assists managers with day-to-day store operations,decision making, and resource management while remaining accessibleto customers and employees. This unique application provides themanager a daily overview and detailed schedule data for their storeand a manager can also execute and manage tasks throughout thestore using JDA’s Tasks solution. Note: Must hold a JDA enterpriselicense in order to use the server component of the application.