1.01 / February 15, 2013
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◆ ◆ ◆ PLEASE READ TO THE END! ◆ ◆ ◆We've developed several usefulfeatures for the application.All of them can be turned on in thesettings.The following describes the new features.▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄A puzzle game that allows to make a mosaicof many different fragments that come in various shapes.Accordingto psychologists, playing puzzles develops imaginative and logicalthinking, attention, perception, and in particular, the distinctionbetween the individual elements of color, form, size, etc. Itteaches us to perceive the relationship between part and whole,develops fine motor skills.A large collection of bright, colorfuland exciting free puzzle games!We always monitor the quality of ourpictures. We are creating a very diverse collection, so now thereis a variety of images for all tastes.For kids there is Childrenmode, with minimal puzzle parts that can be easily placed.▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄Main features:★ ✔ NEW! ✔ Childrenmode (now even the small kids can play. If the child still does notunderstand where every part of the picture belongs - enableChildren mode in the settings.In this mode, open the 2x3 puzzle,you will see the icon, show it to your child, and press.Puzzle willgather automatically, leaving only one detail, which your babyeasily puts to the right place!(Do not forget to change the levelafter that, we recommend 35)★ ✔ NEW! ✔ Background music★ ✔ NEW! ✔Level adjusted by slider (an opportunity to set an element of thepuzzle with less precise positioning and vice versa)★ Up to 100parts puzzles(2x3, 3x4, 4x5, 5x6, 7x6, 8x6, 9x6, 10x10)★ field withor without borders★ ability to make puzzles from your own pictures★ability to set image as wallpaper★ open images can be saved to SD★regular updates◆ ◆ ◆ Translation. ◆ ◆ ◆This application isavailable in languages:Russian, English, Arabic, German, Spanish,French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese.Ifthe game you find an error in translation or did not find yourlanguage, please write to us at besvipru@gmail.com mail with thesubject "translation"We appreciate your help for us andcommunity.Thank you!*End user license agreement:We don't, in anyway, shape or form, claim any ownership to the characters, images,or anything else related on the content of our app.All images usedin this software product are owned and are copyrights of theirrespective owners.All title and intellectual property rights in andto the content which may be accessed through use of the software isthe property of the respective content owner and may be protectedby applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws andtreaties.We are not affiliated with this company.This must beregarded as a fan app, we are loyal fans.This app made by fans forfans, and it's for entertainment purposes only.

App Information Luxury Cars Puzzle

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    Luxury Cars Puzzle
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    February 15, 2013
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    720060 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek
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Eager beaver gold-miner Fred explores the earth to mine sometreasures like diamond, ruby, emerald, and of course gold! Helphim! Upgrade his tools, help him get more minerals and become thetop gold miner as a result! Explore caves, mine the coal and youwill not notice that your time has passed! • Game is totally free;• A gift of 25 coins in honor of anniversary edition of the GoldMiner Fred! • No annoying advertising; • Excellent graphics; •Interesting quests; • Many different levels; • Regular updates,which guarantee bugs fixing and addition of new levels. It seems,that this game, like a Gold Miner Vegas is pretty easy and evenchildren can complete all the levels with comparative ease. But itjust seems to be so. It is not so easy to win. To collect coal andother minerals from the ground you need to concentrate as much asyou can and hurry up! Treasures do not wait! Help Fred to collectall gold items scattered between useless stones by using winch.Move your gold-miner along the railroad in order to find the bestposition, aim at the nugget and grab it! Your hook will digstraight into the ground and the mineral (copper, iron, silver, gemor something else) will be moved with the rope to you. Fill Fred’scart and keep on mining on the next levels. Although the gem isoptional to pick up, our dwarf Fred needs them a lot! Fred’s winch,as well as cart and hook are old and misfire sometimes. Rope isalso not tough enough. Use gems to upgrade them in the workshop.Moreover you can make gold and copper bullion, coins and evenpetroleum there! And as a surprise, you can find dynamite on somelevels. This game provides 2 playing modes: worlds and survivalmode. 3 worlds include 18 levels. Survival mode lets you playunlimited number of games until the first loss. And it is not all!We regularly update the arcade, add new modes and new quests.Besides that, the game has magnificent graphics. Even the smallestparts are very detailed. You will never see an unclear picture or afuzzy line. Also pleasant music relaxes you in the process ofmining iron ore with our little dwarf Fred. This game is completelyfree. No money for downloading, neither for minerals, dynamite orcoins. Moreover you don’t have to watch advertisement as acompensation. We created the continuation of Gold Miner Vegas onAndroid for your joy. We need your feedback. Share your ideas aboutthe game and help us improve the world of gold rush, suggestsomething new and, make a contribution to the game that will becomeyou favorite.
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The classic Bubble Breaker game can be played endlessly. We are noteasy to offer you just such a version of the game, because it is assimilar as possible to the original classic Bubble Breaker inWindows mobile. Nothing extra! Graphics - to a minimum. We play,enjoy and nostalgic! The game has a mode with black and white ballsfor people with visual impairments. Often, the first impression ofthe bubbles is the brightness of the colors and the feeling ofprevention of the motor skills of the fingers. And only after aperson goes through a couple of levels, he begins to evaluate thepuzzle differently. Classic Bubble Breaker - a game that has no ageor language restrictions, is understandable, conquers the world. Itwould seem that it could be more comfortable and more enjoyablethan popping bubbles? However, according to statistics, people whoat the beginning devote only free time to the game are so drawninto popping balls that they begin to allocate 10-15 minutes a dayfor the game accurately. Bubbles, in fact, are a fun puzzle game.The work of the fingers turns into mechanical action. Eyes thatrandomly move around the field with bubbles just collect andtransmit information to the brain. And, precisely, our brain putsthe greatest effort into this game, and it has the main load. And,even knowing these aspects, the choice is yours. Just relax andpleasure from the sound of bursting bubbles or improving yourskills. Everything ingenious is simple! Yes, you can burst ballsand at the same time arrange training for your mental abilities.Diesel Bubble Breaker is a free classic puzzle game that you justneed to download on Android and continue to use it without anInternet connection. The update is optional. The task of the gameis simple - to clear the entire screen of bubbles that are combinedinto groups of 2 or more. When you click on a "couple", alladjacent bubbles of a given color disappear. Bubbles from the topfall into the resulting voids, and ultimately, new clusters canform. The mental work is that it is necessary to anticipate theformation of color groups after breaking up the selected cluster,otherwise, you will get a huge bunch of single bubbles that willnot bring you points.
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Kyrgyz-Russian Dictionary 1.0.5 APK
The dictionary Kyrgyz-Russian Russian-Kyrgyz English-Kyrgyz-Russian
Hungry Worms 1.01 APK
Kind green worms are very hungry, they need your help!Let yourselfbe a part of an exciting adventure with the game "Hungry Worms!"The goal of the game is to feed the worms as much as possible. Kindgreen worms are very hungry, they need your help! Help them, feedthem with fruits and vegetables they like.The control is verysimple, even a child can handle it. Just touch the screen and thegun will fire worms-helpers who will knock down apples, bananas,cherries, eggplant, earn coins and other bonuses, and mostimportantly – the time! Play, earn points and compare your resultswith other players. - The game is absolutely for free! - Fits bothchildren and adults! - Nice music! - Colorful interface and greatgraphics!- Global Player Rating allows you to compare with otherplayers around the world A fun and addictive game is suitable forboth phone and tablet.
Funny Bubbles 1.06 APK
How many can you pop?Funny Bubbles is a fun and easy game forkidsPop! Pop! Pop!Funny Bubbles is a simple game where you try topop as many bubbles as you can before they float away.Please reachus besvipru@gmail.com for any feedback and support! We will behappy to hear back from you on any issues.Find us ontwitter:https://twitter.com/KirSon_AndroidKeywords: kids, children,taps, balloons, burst, explosion, education, bubble, bubbles
Bubble Breaker AdFree 1.01 APK
Bubble Breaker is a unique game where you select a color group ofbubbles on a grid and click to destroy them. Difference from thefree version: + No advertising + Minimum size + No permissionsrequired other than vibro The more bubbles you destroy with asingle click, the higher your score will be. Unlike the otherbubble games, Bubble Breaker involves more deep thinking andstrategy instead of fast paced action. The game tells you how mucheach click will worth to you so it helps you plan and since youaren't penalized for taking too much time, you can as well find thebest move possible on every turn. Normally, this will involveselecting the largest group of colored bubbles but sometimes italso means that you'll have to use your current move to setup yournext move for a higher score. For example, if you see two smallgroups of blue bubbles with a few green ones in between, you mightwant to eliminate the green first so you can hit all the blue onesin one shot. Tags: breaker games, bubble games, color games, mobilegames, pda games, puzzle games, windows games, bubblebreaker,bubblebreacker, bubble breaker, bubble breacker
Funny Bubbles Wallpaper 1.00 APK
It's our first wallpaper based on the children's game FunnyBubbles. Bubbles constantly fall and burst when they touch screenend. If you want launch another application, the bubbles burts ifthey cover the icons. During the test of the application we didn'tnotice, how much we were into the game bursting bubbles :)There isno advertising and superfluous permissions. Simple wall-paper.Wekindly ask you to add comments with desirable improvements andwe'll bring them to life.We plan to add background images + yourpersonal pictures.