1.2 / July 21, 2017
(3.9/5) (30)


Get Ready to Experience Titans Tank Machinesloaded full of highly explosive WEAPONS that empower your ArmyClan. Jump into your SUPER POWER TANK and roll into the BATTLE toCRUSH enemies like a candy.

Drive SUPER IRON TANK 3D to overcome revolutionary warfare that isbegin in your CITY, Defend your city buildings & Base Camp andsurvived in HERO TANK FORCE 2017.

• HD quality visual and sounds effect.
• High quality 3D REAL GRAPHICS.
• Easy to learn and use Interface.
• Unlimited tank fuel
• Unlimited Modern Ammo.
• Pakistani, American, British, Soviets, German, Russiantanks.
• Different challenging missions.

App Information Machines War Tank Shooter Game

  • App Name
    Machines War Tank Shooter Game
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 21, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Kooker Gaming Studio
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
  • Price
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US Commando Training Adventure 1.0.1 APK
Get ready for exciting training practice inthe army environment and be a real army commando. An extraordinaryskills based soldier training session game play in which you haveto develop yourself for the challenging missions and activities.Your objective is to face the difficulties coming in the practicesession of military training climate. Interesting surrounding ofarmy base camp and different hurdles will check your determinationand will power. You have to prepare yourself mentally andphysically for this us commando training adventure. Exciting userinterface and 3d graphics will inspire your for giving yourinvolvement for this soldier train game.There are many interesting levels of this combat soldier trainanimated mode game. In the start exercise will be easy so that youcan understand the aim of this commando drill practice. You have tokeep focus on target achieving methods and possibilities tocomplete the tasks within time. Background stunning sound willattract your attention towards the game play. Missions will betough and challenge able in the upcoming levels and you have to doyour best in the given job and assignment. You have to follow theinstructions and commands of high authority officers and commandogenerals. Multiple camera angles mode and reliable third personcontrol will make this game compatible for all. So prove yourselfas a real army commando champion of this game. You have to prepareyourself for all dangers that come in the strike fight. You have tokeep in mind the goal of eliminating the opponent with yourtraining and capabilities. You have to survive your land fromterritory of enemy by hard work and struggle. Finally, last levelswill be obstacle in your determination but you will not losecourage in the field.Enjoy this creative drill exercise session of military trainingcontest. Compete with the others and show your expertise for alltough projects and levels. This combat commando simulated tasksgame is the best game of 2017.FEATURES:Latest and advanced challenging stagesActual combat climate and surroundingThrilling music and smooth controlTarget achieving practice gameInspirational and intellectual training
Army Bus Soldier Duty 1.3.1 APK
Army bus soldier duty is use for militarysoldiers pick from one army check post or base camp to another.Army ammo nation, weapons, missile and terrorists can be pick fromone base camp to other. This US Army bus is drive from hillymountain difficult and rough track, drive carefully and reach ondestination within time. Keep your eye on time and boost speed forachieve mission and target.Complete first level and enjoy next awesome environments andtracks.Join Army as Military Bus Driver Simulator on Rough Terrain, HillsClimbing and Mountains of Border Area. Pick and Drop Army Soldierfrom Army Barrack/Garrison to Commandos Base Camp and Military HeadQuarter of UK Army to Perform their Military Teams Duty.kills while floating and even some of the time smashing.Its season of armed force battling and war diversions. We aresearching for the most gifted armed force vehicle driver on theplanet. May be the best driver would we say we is looking that willbe you??? Do you think you got the guts to deal with the dangeroussituations and dispose of every one of these issues. Would you beable to drive the most amazing armed force vehicles on theoverwhelming war swarmed city. Do you have the guts to drop thearmed force men to the combat zone ??This amusement dislike the other stopping recreation diversions.its an aggregate new driving background of driving the armed forcevehicles in the fight ground.You need to lead the armed force camp and need to pick the armedforce men from the checkpoint advertisement drop them in the combatzone. You need to carry out this employment regardless of what itstake ??Armed force transport driver is one of the coolest transport driver2015 amusements. You land the position of driving armed forcetransport on the harsh territory, slopes, mountains and step ways.Is it accurate to say that you are an expert transport driver? Doyou have what it takes to driver a major transport on troublesomeways? A transport test system 2015 where you begin your obligationas an armed force proficient transport driver to get and drop armedforce men, commandos, uncommon powers to their coveted areas. Be anenraged driver and appreciate substantial vehicle driving onmountain and soak ways. Manual brakes, control directing, smoothcontrols and sharp turns. Encounter what armed force men experienceon their obligation at check focuses. Be the transporter to dropthem to new check focuses. Drive a city transport is simpler thandriving transport for armed force men on slopes and mountainways.We are searching for a specialist armed force transport driver. Isit accurate to say that you are certain about your drivingaptitudes?We should go along with us! Begin your obligation as an armed forceproficient transport driver to pick and drop armed force troopers,commandos, Special Forces to armed force camps. Armed force is onoutskirt for protection in uneven and precipitous territories. Be agifted driver and appreciate drive on mountain and soak ways.Sensible controls like manual brakes, control controlling,increasing speed cushion and horn catch. Encounter what militarymen experience on their obligation at checkpoints and fringes.Demonstrate you a transporter driver to drop them to theirobligation focuses and get them backs to their military quarters.Its not a basic transport stopping amusement; driving a citytransport is less demanding than driving transport for armed forcetroopers on uneven and precipitous, soak ways.
Real Tractor Farming 3D Simulator 1.0 APK
Heavy Duty Tractor FarmingTractor Farmer Simulator 2017 is the farm simulator where you canmanage your own farm and harvest your crops. Plow the crops, thenspraying the pesticides , watering the fields with water tank andall the rest of the work required for the Healthy Crops. You alsoneed to transport the animals to the village market to sell themand earn profit. Drive your machinery Thresher, Tractor Trolley,Sprayer, Water Tanker all available in Farming village Simulator2017.Heavy Duty Tractor FarmingIn Real Village Farmers 2017 you need to do the whole lot a farmerwishes to do for his harvest so use the cultivator, plant seeds,water the plant, harvest your plants and promote it. When you havegot sold your harvest you will unlock a few new floor what needsyour farming abilities.Every degree of farming is a undertaking onthis farm simulator, so that you can do quite a few degrees.Haveyou ever wanted to pressure a tractor and grow to be a real tractormotive force? Now you can. Choose on of the stunning tractorsfeatured on this game and get to work. Your challenge is to delivershipment internal tractor trailer. You have to be careful not tolose any of the wooden logs to be a a hit tractor driver. Drivetractors through slim and threatening mountain roads, throughbridges and offroad terrains.Heavy Duty Tractor FarmingJohn is living in the country side of North America with hisfamily. He is living with his Mother, Wife and three children namedRonaldo, Messi and Beckham and also his father. The whole Johnfamily is well known farmers from generations. Now, his fathergives his heritage to John and all his farms, his machinery and allhis animals like Horse, Cow, Goat, Duck, Buffalo, Donkey prayer tohim. They are farmers who produced pure natural food (Milk, Wheat)and contributed to all over the country. This realistic 3D graphicsgame is based on John’s Life. It is a great chance for you to stepinto John’s shoes and enjoy the real farming simulator experience.Farming is lot of amusing. People dwelling near countrysidegenerally associated with farming career. Farmers of India,Pakistan are the satisfactory farmers as they're very difficultoperating and captivated with their work. John loves farming so hecame to India to analyze farming. He came to a famous farmer toresearch the artwork of farming. This entire own family is nicelyreputed farmers. This farmer has lots of acres fertile land andanimals like cow buffalo chicken’s goats and so forth. He also hasequipment like farming vans, harvester, crop choppers, trolley andsprayer.Heavy Duty Tractor Farming Game Features▶ Real-time Farmer Experience▶ Enjoy all stages of having a farm▶ Real Experience of Driving Heavy Duty Tractor Farming and FarmingMachines▶ Smooth steering control with hydraulic break and accelerationpaddle▶ Lush environment with realistic farming cargo tractor.▶ Manage everything at your own farm
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Challenge? Brace yourself for World bestthrilling and action Deer Hunters Classic, and it always openseason!The most Realistic and Authentic FPS hunting simulator on android!Start journey an Epic to hunt the exotic animals From Savannah ofCentral Africa to America’s Pacific NorthwestHUNT LIKE PRO:Keep calm, set your hands steadily, watch your breath, line up yoursights, aim and shoot target head, spend more time with hunting tobecome a master in real safari deer hunting.COLLECT TROPHIES:Make perfection and devotion in your work to show distinguishachievements on leader boards!CUSTOMIZE YOU WEAPON: Collect and enjoy endless customization ofyour arsenal with sniper gun, scopes, magazines, barrels and muchmore! Keep hunting to the next level!HUNT OR BE HUNTED:Take safe palace to Hunt deer to survive in jungle before youbecome hunt by wild jungle animalsHUNT AROUND THE WORLD:Pursue Deer in Realistic Hilly jungle and beautiful environmentsfilled with lion, wolf, Beer, monkey, elephant, tiger, gorilla andmuch more animal speciesDeveloped for fans of Hunting Simulators, Deer hunter and HuntingSimulators,It's open exotic join the hunt now---------------------------------------------
Extreme Stunts Flying Car 1.2.1 APK
Wish to fly the top flying auto test system2016 and sense like an expert flying auto driving test systemdriver in a standout among the most imaginative outrageous flyflying auto recreations free? This flying auto test systemamusements is certainly the diversion for you on the off chancethat you cherish flying auto hustling recreations and extraordinaryfly flying auto recreations free with having best flying muscleauto test system in this awesome flying auto diversions free, andfeel you flying auto diversions later on. You can trial your pilotabilities and flying muscle auto test system driving aptitudes atonce in the best intermix of flying auto test system amusements andextraordinary fly flying auto diversions free. Encounter thisflying auto dashing diversions known as flying auto recreationslater on and direct our new flying auto driving test system. Thatis one of the best flying auto test system 2016. Thus, it's anideal opportunity to disregard other flying auto diversions freeand flying auto test system recreations and attempt our best flyingmuscle auto test system in this outrageous FLYING CAR RACINGSIMULATOR 3D amusement.This Flying Car test system accomplishes something that otherflying amusements just don't do. For this form of our flyingrecreations, we truly attempted to accomplish something else foryou. It's to experience your fantasy with flying auto test system.It's not just a plane that takes a high flight, now you can play astop speed auto driver. A total city condition is there to make themost of your street drive and when tired of driving on the streets,we should bring off and fly with your fast games auto. This is theideal cutting edge amusement for the significant others of flyingtest systems. Fly high into the skies and appreciate the excite ofcontrolling a flying vehicle.
Army Offroad Truck Drive 1.4 APK
Have you ever thought of rescuing your teammates whenever they’re in for a challenge or a problem? Well thenin these extra ordinary war games, you will have to complete themission impossible by using heavy machine transport truck 3D tohelp your team mates. Don’t worry too much, it will surelychallenge your skills and reflexes but to an extent which will befun and an amazing experience for you. The army truck drivingsimulator 3D game also tests your ability to drive in such war tornsituations. This masterpiece game will also encompass the idea ofrescue helicopter games and the controls will be really similar toit, so you’ll have an idea on how to win the game! Play this wargame and run into patients to whom you’ll have to save before thetime runs out. You will have to drive fast, yet safely but reachfor the safety of the patient on time. You will have to go on curvyroads and sharp turns to make this mission impossible, possible.Army rescue driving job is dangerous so be careful! So get in yourarmy truck driving simulator 3D game, fasten your seat belts andget ready for a bumpy ride.In these extremely challenging and hard army games of truckdriving, you will face warship battles like never before. It is 3Dsimulator rescue games in which you can train which alsoencompasses the idea of army training games. You can also go on aUS army commando mission in which your truck can become a monstertruck machine as well as a heavy machine transport truck 3D. It isan immensely challenging war rescue game with 3D real mission. Youwill have to save and venture the dead bodies in the war game andrescue them to the healing center. In this army game, there is anopportunity to be a hero amongst your other enemies and be like theUS army commando! This is an army game free 3D real mission gamewhich helps you build your techniques and maybe even just like theUS army training school. As this is a mission game 3D you will leadthe rescue game and complete the mission impossible. Your army willhave to push the enemy powers outside the war zone, until the enemypower suddenly attacks you and you face heavy losses.In this army training game you will have to go on many levels andmissions. Since it is a rescue game your ultimate motive is toprotect the lives of your army men and be the hero of it. As you goin different levels, the game will get harder, the roads will getbumpier and the turns, sharper. This mission game 3D will test yourability to drive in serious and tense situations safely. It is anideal for US army training game as it teaches critical thinking andfast skills to be the master of it. As it is a war game you willalso have to deal with bullets, mines, bombs, and a lot of violencealong the way! Be careful for mines on the track if you hit themwith your army truck your truck will blow away. This will be an offroad truck driving simulator 3D game so don’t expect smooth andstraight roads. In this soldier war game your soldiers need yourhelp to drive them to safety. It is a new soldier game free new andabsolutely amazing! You will be a military driver as this game ismilitary game free 3D real mission with army and soldiers. Be thehero of your nation and make them proud!Features:- HD Graphics with realistic control- Smooth Steering & Brakes- Amazing excessive first-class Off Road Environment- Two control options: buttons and steering alternative.- Challenging off road Army shipment delivery levels.- Transporting Relief, Armory Boxes, ammunition, missile launchersand plenty greater- Real off-avenue truck using life revel in.