1.2.0 / February 8, 2017
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Perfect your soccer header skills with Mad Head, available for freenow! Mad Head makes for an instantly addictive arcade gamingexperience, as you rack up points by heading as many soccer ballsas you can in succession without making a mistake.Score points bysuccessfully heading every ball that comes your way and keep itgoing as long as you can as more soccer balls are coming at you andat greater speeds! Tap the screen to jump into the air at the rightmoment to make contact - fail to time your jump correctly and it’sgame-over. Timing is key and it’s important to get in a rhythm ifyou want to put up big numbers...Mad Head’s arcade game style issure to keep you hooked for hours on end as you challenge friendsand climb the ranks on the leaderboard. Develop those headingskills and you might even see your name on top. Good luck outthere!NOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature

App Information Mad Head

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    Mad Head
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  • Updated
    February 8, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    The Mascoteers
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    Suite 910, 9 Yarra St South Yarra, VIC 3141, Australia
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The most addictive game EVER, 360 degree will mess with your headand have you clicking that replay button for hours on end. Once youtry this fantastic arcade style game you will be hooked forever! In360 Degree you guide your bouncing ball to a safe landing whileavoiding the spikes and collecting rewards. Harking back to some ofthe very first classic arcade games, you are required to swivelyour compass to the right and left while watching your score climbin this addictive, fast paced arcade style game. With downloadsclimbing to over 2 million, 360 Degree has been hailed as one ofthe best free android arcade games available today. So much morethan a free arcade game, 360 Degree tests your accuracy, reflexesand reaction time and challenges the player’s ability to multitask. Utilising the latest touch screen technology, the colourfulgraphics and clever gameplay make this game perfect for any agegroup - kids, teens and adults young and old. FEATURES: • Enjoy thetouchdown of smooth and sleek angular motion • Tap left or right torotate the compass 360 degrees • Collect Diamonds to gain points •Collect Diamonds, Shields and Rubies to complete achievements andunlock levels • Collect Rubies to change the look of your ball •Test your reaction time and reflexes • Simple, intuitivefunctionality • Colourful interactive design • Addictive and fastpaced • New bonus round -------------------------------------- Welove all our fans and with over 2 million downloads it’s nice toknow you love us too, thank you for all your amazing feedback andideas, you have helped make 360 Degree one of the best arcade gamesfor android even more addictive. NOTE: •This app may require readand write permissions to your storage for score share feature
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This best new addictive bouncing game of 2018 is for all thoselooking to beat physics. Players control the ball and watch itjump, bounce n’ hop on an endless stairway. The moving blocks ofsteps are no match for the ball. Prepare to move up and down thestaircase as well as other variations. Play in several modes,available both online and offline. Here’s the kicker: • Tap thescreen to begin the game • Watch out for the direction of themoving steps • Maintain rapid hand-eye co-ordination to place thebouncing ball. One mistake, you’re doomed • Repeat until the end oftimes! Or, lose and start again. While you are at it, see if youcan extend the 24-hour day period for you will never have enoughtime to play Dropple to your satisfaction. This game is alsoavailable online and offline. Did you have a chance to play thedifferent modes? Game doesn’t end, does it? Consider pre-signing upfor Dropple rehab because this laws-of-physics-defying game willleave you floored. Also, your phone might need an ambulance for allthe fun you have been having. Bouncing games have never been thisexciting since the apple bounced off the ground in front of IsaacNewton. Do not let the candy-colored minimalist look of the gamefool you. This seemingly harmless looking arcade game will ignitebattles between friends, family and foe to boast the superiorDropple scores. That’s enough chit-chat. Show us what you’ve gotfor The Mascoteers has plenty in store to amaze you with. NOTE: •This app may require read and write permissions to your storage forscore share feature
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Swiperoo is the latest addictive game from The Mascoteers.Utilisingthe smartphone’s touch screen technology, Swiperoo challenges yourobservation powers and reaction times. This compelling, colourfulgame will have you addicted in no time as you challenge yourselfand watch your points climb.Swipe left, right, up and down torotate your colourful cube as it flips through space. Thischallenge is a race against time as the seconds count down, makingit very easy to make a mistake which will send you right back tothe beginning.Swiperoo is fantastic for young and old to play in aspare moment and will motivate the competitive among us to comparescores and aim for more points every time.FEATURES:• Enjoy thecompelling 3D visuals• Swipe left, right up or down to swivel thecube• Choose your direction correctly to gain points• Challengeyour reflexes and accuracy• Fast paced and very addictive• Sharescores and screenshots with friends • Fantastic to play for youngand old• Simple to learn but challenging to masterNOTE:• This appmay require read and write permissions to your storage for scoreand game screenshot share feature
Planet Surfer - Space Flight Simulator Rocket Game 1.5.0 APK
Get amped up for a deep-space puzzle adventure experience like noother! Planet Surfer is the latest release from The Mascoteers andit’s all about quick wits, split-second decisions and rocket-ships- truly a match made in heaven!Interplanetary exploration is thename of the game - the further you travel through space, the higheryour score becomes. The goal is to successfully jump from planet toplanet before they are out of reach, avoiding obstacles in the wayand doing so before the planet shrinks down to an unworkable size.Timing is key here and navigating your way through space junk,other rocket ships and ‘dead’ planets quickly becomes a challengenot every space adventurer is cut out for. Collect star fragmentsfor analysis along the way and pick up extra points, but be carefulbecause going after them in the wrong situation can cost you yourlife. Also keep in mind that you never know what the far reaches ofthe galaxy hold, so always be on guard for strange phenomenon. Ifyou like a quick, intense fast-paced brand of smartphone apps,you’re going to love Planet Surfer! Download for free today and letthe deep space fun begin!NOTE:• This app may require read and writepermissions to your storage for score share feature
Circlify 2.1.0 APK
Experience the exhilarating, hypnotic new puzzle game Circlify,available for free in the Play Store now!From the creative mindsthat brought you Swiperoo and 360 Degree comes this completelyunique and somewhat perplexing game that challenges your speed,timing and focus!The aim of the game is to survive as long as youcan in a circular maze that is forever growing and spiraling aroundyou. As your searchlight searches the walls around it, you must tapas it shines over the exit before the maze swallows you upcompletely. This makes for a puzzling experience that istailor-made to throw you off and even confuse you, while remainingextremely addictive and playable.The tension only builds as youprogress further out of (or into) the everrotating maze, as youapproach a high score and challenge friends!Features:- Clean,colourful environment and smooth interface- Intense, hypnotic andsomehow relaxing all at once- Appropriate for all ages- Gets youhooked within 2-3 plays- Unique and original, no other game likeit!Can you keep your head under pressure and find a route throughthe maze? Download Circlify today and find out if you’re up for thechallenge!NOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature
Vanish 1.6.0 APK
Tap into Vanish, the original new game from The Mascoteers, theteam behind some of the most popular apps in 2016 includingCirclify and 360 Degree!Quick timing and instincts are the name ofthe game, as your job is to defend the ocean from fast-moving whiteballs falling from the sky and coming at you from all angles. Youneed quick wits and quicker reflexes in this tapping bonanza as youdefend your space and last as long as you can to get a highscore.Tap on each of the falling balls to shoot out black defensiveorbs. If you make a hit, you will zap the ball to oblivion, but ifyou miss, you’ve got another falling object to deal with as thepull of gravity will bring the ball back at you just as fast!Theaim of the game is to avoid having any ball or orb hit the waterand rack up points with every white ball you manage to ‘vanish’.You can also collect stars along the way to boost your pointtotal!Vanish makes for a great way to pass time without having todo too much thinking - perfect for when you’re traveling on publictransport or chilling at home!Give The Mascoteers’ hottest new appVanish a try today for free!NOTE:• This app may require read andwrite permissions to your storage for score share feature