1.03 / December 5, 2018
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Welcome to Mad Pixels New Moon, a dynamic 3d action from a thirdparty, racing on beautiful fast cars, a shooter that plungesheadlong into your storyline and a big open world. Features of MadPixels New Moon SIMULATOR IN THE BIG CITY A big open world, athird-person sandbox in which you can do absolutely anything! Tosteal cars, buy the best weapons and do everything available tobecome the most important gangster in the city. In the game thereis a change of day and night, at any time you can live peacefully,or create chaos. But, of course, one does not interfere with oneanother! Start a gang and survive the city that GAMEPLAY ANDOPTIMIZATION Interesting gameplay, which diversified the genre ofadventure. Where else will you see a shooter, a simulator, a race,and an RPG system? It's all in one! The game is optimized for alldevices! Game for the Chinese phone! SHOOTER FROM THE THIRD PARTYWITH THE ELEMENTS OF THE SHUTTER, POGONI AND RACES, WHICH YOU WILLNOT OPPOSE OF Shooting with absolute freedom of action. Today youare kind civil, and tomorrow you will capture all the streets ofthis city! In your inventory can fit more than twenty guns, whichare waiting, when you buy them all! The most unusual cars, 20brands that you have never seen before, but it's a pleasure toride! Speed, drive, never drive alone! A GREAT WORLD WITH BEAUTIFULHD GRAPHICS Colorful stylized pixel world with an unusual graphicconcept of low poly and voxel graphics. Also you can play itwithout the Internet and wi-fi The plot of the game: Connor is anexcellent Pixeland police officer, he loves his work, honors thelaw, and going on a job is always laid out in full. Connordistinguished himself in the service of his dedication, and, ofcourse, the successful conduct of numerous operations to detaincriminals. Once, after a successful round-up, the police finallydetain the dangerous gangster Marcus. Connor is instructed to guardthe main witness in the case of the gangster's secretary. However,on the day of the scheduled hearing, the girl mysteriouslydisappears. But this is not the worst thing, the police suspectConnor of being involved in the mafia and their dirty deeds. Torelieve himself of suspicion, the policeman must find the missinggirl and put Marcus behind bars. P.S .: Thank you, dear users, foryour comments and wishes. For us it is very important! We doeverything to make you enjoy and enjoy the game. Daily news searchon our website in https://www.facebook.com/zulugame and in ourgroup VK https://vk.com/zulueg and also follow the news on the sitehttps://www.instagram.com/zulu_extreme_games/

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    Mad Pixels New Moon
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    December 5, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Wild West Games
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Project Grand Auto Town Sandbox Beta This is beta version of gamePlease subscribe! https://www.facebook.com/zulugame/https://vk.com/zulueg The game brings us into 90’s. Main charactercame to his cousin Frankie, as he said: “Sunny city, filled withhappiness and loads of money with the huge posh house and a sportcar on the background”. As it turned out, your cousin embellishedthe situation in his letter, and you were forced to found a jobhere, so Frankie decided to help you with this and gave to you ataxi driver job with a mean boss. At work you’ll contact not onlywith clients, but also with newcomer gangsters, the most dangerousmobs and some conspiracies. But our character has done it before,even worst things happened earlier in his life, he feels sorry fordoing it. The main idea of coming to America was to change his lifeand forget about past. If you ever wanted to change your life forbetter and feel yourself gangster, try this masterpiece. Butremember, after every action you make the butterfly effect comes,and after all of this actions your life is at stake. So, get aholdof yourself, and stay alive in this battle. Game features: - We’vetried to recreate the atmosphere of the best open world game inhistory. Bring some nostalgia feels! Mobile game. - The game withan interesting storyline! Great missions with an entertainingquest. - Incredible and dynamic 3rd person 3D shooter - The bestgame with open world and full freedom, explore all city! -Photorealistic beauty HD graphics! - Incredible CGI scenes withaction camera elements, that dilutes the gameplay - Your own timekiller. Play wherever you want, at house, work and public transport- Buy your own real estate - Best cars simulator! Realcharacteristics and real cars behavior. Family car, bad boy musclecar or a sport car for a successful man, choose any car you want. -Compete with the best city drivers. You’re the driver, it’s up toyou what happen next - Enormous ammo choice: mercenaries AK-47,minigun and RPG or a contract killer sniper rifle. Choose yourstyle of the game - If you’re far away from cellular network orWi-Fi you can play offline - Amazing free game
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New MC Stories Snow enjoy a new, vicious, bandit, winter shooter in2018! The plot of the game attracts saturation missions, the localpolice trying not to notice dealers and gangsters everywhere! Yourgoal is to get out of the local cops-clueless, to destroy the smallgangs, to head the clandestine cartel and at the same time stayunnoticed before FBI.Features:· Exciting simulator of life;· Playwith the open world;· You do not have to follow missions, you canriot all over the city;· Improved graphical models of characters,cars, buildings;Get the full list of the privileges of this boss ofthe mafia passing the story line of missions, skate on stolen carsor buy new ones from the showroom (though when you have a virtualM16 rifle, car dealers give cars themselves, without money). Do notforget about the revenge of local gansters from whom You selectedthe flows of trafficking, can hire a couple and then only a sniperrifle is able to resolve such a difficult matter with the hunt forYou! We hope for your support, leave comments on Google Play. Youropinion is important to us for further improvement!
Old West (Sandboxed Western) 1.01 APK
The main hero, the former sheriff, received a letter from an oldfriend. The letter referred to a great reward for catchingdangerous criminals who committed many bad deeds, after which onlyone way - a gallows.You accepted the invitation, packed your thingsand boarded the train, which led you to the vast wild expanses fullof dangers. The local sheriff equip you with a horse, issued atask, weapons and a pleasant advance for the first time.You need toget rid of the local gangs, defeat the dangerous bandits of theWild West in a duel, make friends with the indigenous settlementsand put things in order in the city.Saddle your horse and forwardto the adventure!Features:- Photorealistic HD graphics conveyingthe atmosphere of a classic western- Excellent optimization fordevices of any level- RPG in a large open world! Absolute sandbox!-Large and exciting missions with unforgettable pesonazhami, as wellas interesting secondary missions with the delivery of cargo on thechariot on the vast expanses with the dangers of the mission withthe search for bandits, dangerous dueling and much more!- A livingworld that is full of different livestock, including unpredictablewild animals, some of which are gathered in a flock- User-friendlyinterface and management! Nothing extra!- The game includesstep-by-step training. You and him you definitely will not get lostin the mechanics of the game- Snuggling minigames in saloons thatwill allow you to distract and pass the time- The well-known minefor the whole district, in which you can enrich yourself, butremember that you are not the only ones who want to profit there-Dialogues and cut scenes from which it is impossible to come off-Advanced artificial intelligence- Your faithful horse that willcome to you, only whistle!- Great shooter! A variety of weapons:revolvers, wild west and ammunition for each of them, as well asdynamites and other useful items that will help you travel- Dressyour character in the store to your taste!- Dynamic jumps, shootingat targets, battles and skirmishes, atmospheric music! All thiswill swallow you into the atmosphere of the Wild West with yourhead!- If you are far from the Internet, you can play offline,without the Internet and wifi.- Excellent game, which you candownload for free
Mad Town Miami Sandboxed Style Open World 2018 1.03 APK
Mad Town Miami Sandboxed Style Open World 2018 - open the gamecluba real online city full without tower races, chases, scuffleswithcops and much more all in a free action without the internetinyour hands!Build your Miami gangster get all the money in theworldby simply performing story missions, chasing on high-speedcars,drag and drift - everything is possible on your city streets.Ifyou are interested in cars without brakes, the game isspeciallyfor your attention.Enjoy games with the open world withoutfees,our games without the internet on Android allow you to havefun farout of town (where poor communication coverage). Shootersfrom 3persons without the Internet will allow you to earn moneyquicklyin the game, to buy a ready business, purchase the fastestcars orstrong weapons of your hero and his people. Shooting andracing isthe best combination to leave a couple of hundredcartridges on theasphalt and constantly burn your car tires at highspeeds.Featureof the game:- 100% sandbox without borders;-Saturated with extremetrials in the story missions;- A combinationof legendary gamegenres FPS-action, shooters, racing;- A large citywith an openworld;- Drive motorcycles, cool cars, large trucks;-The city hasthe opportunity to skimp in weapons stores.Create yourown uniquestory of climbing and becoming a steep gangster in Miami.Think ofnew schemes for your dark deeds bypassing local cops, bepreparedfor constant chases and shoot-outs with them. You are onspecialcontrol before the feds, they know about your intentions tocrushthe whole city for yourself!
Mad Town Adventures 1.01 APK
Mad Town Adventures - build your career from a simple guy fromtheslums to the leader of the gangster mafia! All the best cargames,chases, road accidents, shootouts with cops, everything isincludedin your game club. You love good games, cool games, cars,shooterswith open world, open world RPG, cool shooters, lifeonline, thenyou here! Get unbridled pleasure from constant kneadingwith copsand small gangsters, the criminal case is trying to takeeverythingaround.In the game you can move around in a beautifulcity withoutany obstacles, carry out steep missions, organizeillegal races formoney on quiet streets.The police will constantlypursue andinterfere with the development of your case, after youhave severalcorrupt police officers and come to terms with them,your affairswill go up!For your superiority over all enemies in thegame is awide range of weapons, for the speed of movement, take thefastestcar in the city and forward to the cause. After performingexcitingtasks, you can spend loot on wheelbarrows, trunks orpurchase yourown business.Feature of the game:- complete freedom ofaction in ahuge metropolis;- find armor, parachutes, weapons invarious partsof the city;- excellent graphics settings withexcellent physics ofmachines with destruction;- You can arrangeinteresting car theftin the game;- The best games in the world, thegame of a tramp,elegant games;- shooters with the open world andcriminal businessonline.For You, there is everything you need tobecome a legendarygangster: dozens of steep wheelbarrows,motorcycles, yachts,tractors and even a police helicopter (willpacify your outrage oncity streets) open world. The game combinesvarious genres ofaction, shooter, business farm, strategy, evolvetogether with ourgame.Build, conquer the city, develop, build yourown gangsterempire and learn to be the first in everything!
MC Pixel 2018 1.01 APK
Features of MC Pixel 2018SIMULATOR IN THE BIG CITYOpen world!Thereis everything, tractors, cars, helicopters, planes and evenaparking simulator - all that you could only dreamabout.GAMEPLAYAND OPTIMIZATIONUnique high-quality gameplay, whichis full ofpersonality and this genre! Where else will you see ashooter, asimulator, a race, and an RPG system? It's all in one!Allthissaturation is emphasized by impeccable optimization fordevices,including budget Chinese solutions!SHOOTER FROM THE THIRDPARTYWITH CHASES ELEMENTS AND RACES FROM WHICH YOU WILL NOTTAKEOFFShooting with absolute freedom of action. Today, you arekindcivil, and tomorrow you will capture all the streets of thiscity!At your disposal are more than twenty guns, which are waitinguntilyou take them into inventory.And also the most unusual cars,20brands you've never seen before, but it's a pleasure toride!AGREAT WORLD WITH BEAUTIFUL HD GRAPHICSColorful stylized worldwithan unusual graphic concept of low poly and voxel modeling.Alsoyoucan play it without the Internet and wi-fiThe plot of thegame:Aformer military pixel, Murph is experiencing difficult timesin hislife. The wife and child live in another state, and Murphhimselfhas not been working for a year. He is ready to take on anywork,so he goes to the employment center for help, where he findsaguard job in a shopping center. Murph gladly agrees andstartsworking with night shift duty.Together with the younger guys,theguard Murph inspects the commercial premises, but thisdust-freework does not take much energy and energy until the mafiaknockedon the closed doors. Letting the unfamiliar guys inside theguardssigned a verdict, because they did not know that it was themostdangerous mafia, from which it can not be repaid.P.S .: Thankyou,dear users, for your comments and wishes. For us it isveryimportant! We do everything to make you enjoy and enjoythegame.Daily news search on our websiteinhttps://www.facebook.com/zulugameand in our groupVKhttps://vk.com/zuluegand also follow the news on thesitehttps://www.instagram.com/zulu_extreme_games/
Mad City Country boy 1.06 APK
Features: - Dynamic race from the third and first person! More thanthirty different cars, both for the city and the tracks, andoff-road! - Third-person shooter with dynamic gameplay anduser-friendly controls! - Nice HD graphics - A big open world, fullof adventure - A huge arsenal of guns to choose from! What wouldyou prefer: the most powerful pistol in the world or the biggesthand minigun and behind the shoulders of an RPG? - Storyline forthree hours - Buy at home! - Compete with the fastest drivers onthe island - If you are far from the Internet, you can playoffline, without the Internet and wifa. - Excellent game, which youcan download for free The plot of the game: There is not alwaysenough common sense, mutual respect and patience to achieve peace.The art of war requires not only an acute mind, but also a certaintactic, which helps well in the negotiations. The special agent ofthe secret unit, "Kozhorip", is accustomed in his work to usingthat very specific, unethical tactic - espionage and blackmail inorder to quickly resolve highly controversial issues. But, duringthe execution of the next assignment, Kim becomes a pawn in a biggame. He is accused of liquidating a foreign ambassador, whom hedid not commit. Realizing that he was framed, Kim is forced to fleefrom ZULU agents and the local mafia in order to find the realkiller and to absolve himself of all suspicions. P.S. Thank you,dear users, for your comments and propositions. That’s veryimportant for us! We’re doing our best to give you pleasure andenjoyment. Facebook - https://goo.gl/bKKGW2 VK -https://goo.gl/6C89N6 Instagram - https://goo.gl/T9XE8D
Los Angeles Stories Mad City Clash Crime 2018 1.01 APK
Los Angeles Stories Mad City Clash Crime 2018 - The gameisdeveloped in the best traditions of multi-million fighters intheopen world with a luxurious and incredibly beautiful LosAngeles.The game created all the conditions that would become areal legendof the gaming criminal world: a lot of cars, a hugechoice ofweapons and uncontrolled freedom of action in a realisticcity ...You and decide the future of the city!Shooters with theopen worldwill allow you not just to get involved in a series ofplotmissions, but to create your own criminal case under the guiseoflocal sales cops and make Los Angeles its center ... lovedbypossible forces! Delaying games, small gangs, corrupt copscompetefor criminal power in the areas of this vicious city.Diveinto theatmosphere of this realistic city, enjoy the graphics.Constantbattles for power on the streets of the city will not letthem getout of the game. Try to conquer new areas of the city ingames withthe open world without compromise to watch your people inthe oldstreets - there is information that among yours there arecorruptskins!Arrange a real action without the Internet is allpossiblethanks to: cool shooter survival games, shooters with theopenworld, its virtual criminal business, exciting uniquestory.Featureof the game:- Drive on steep wheelbarrows and demolishallobstacles in its path;- A large selection of guns in the storewillpave the way for achieving the goal;- Show yourself ineverymission, use different strategies and tactics to win everybattlefor leadership;- I'm exploring a huge open city forfreecannons;You are waiting for a lot of interesting story missionsinall parts of the city on land and on water, win the gangwar,shooter genre - the killer of the time, gangsters and freegames.