1.1 / July 24, 2015
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Enjoy this exciting, fast-paced running gamefeaturing an incredibly smart and brave Ninja. Make the Brave Ninjarun, jump, slide and glide to safety. It is a perfect Ninja dashfor all gamers eager to play crazy adventure game.
Download and Play this amazing, challenging and "addicting game"Touch the screen, hold and release to catch the next rope and tryhard to avoid the obstacles or otherwise you'll die!
The game may be easy to play but it is hard to master, however, soget down to practice in order to win all your friends and make thebest score!" and will give you an unforgettable joy ride! so let'splay now!
Run for your life!
How to play:
• Tilt your device to steer
• Swipe up on your screen to jump
• Swipe down on your screen to slide under obstacles
• Swipe left or right to turn. Timing is important!

App Information Mad Runner

  • App Name
    Mad Runner
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 24, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Potenza Global Solutions
  • Installs
    10 - 50
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email app.potenza@gmail.com
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Are you a basketball fanatic? Do you have aknack for dribbling and getting the ball to its basket? If thesediscussions make you over enthusiastic and you can’t hold on to theecstasy, then basketball is the game for you. But owing to themessy cobwebs of today’s life, we do not really get time to satiateour passions. Girding your loins, showing up on the ground andplaying until you do not score the perfect basket seems likeyesteryear now. We never get time from our busy lifestyles toactually step up on the ground.And thus, Potenza Global solution brings to you Slam Dunk RealBasketball game in 3D. It is a mobile game that is user friendly,with an interactive interface and features that gives you a reallife experience. Because when you don’t get time to show up on theplayground, we bring the playground to you. Here, with Slam DunkReal Basketball Game, Potenza Global Solutions has taken aninitiative to never make you miss the good old days.If you miss out on playing a good match of basketball because ofthe miseries of everyday life, you have this amazing basketballgame in your hands. You can download this basketball game for freeand start doing the dribble once again. Enjoy the ecstasy of a 3Dbasketball game which is especially developed to feed yourobsession for this sports game. Now, you don’t need to visit abasketball court, sweat out in the sun, win matches and be calledthe Basketball king! You can just download the basketball game forfree, enjoy switching to the various modes according to yourpreference and be the basketball star you are.We promise to give you an authentic NBA experience with realistic3D graphics and interface. With Slam Dunk Real Basketball Game,this could be your chance to relive the amazing dribble, basketballshooting and basketball court experience. So just pull up yoursocks, warm up for some amazing rounds of matches and get goingwith the basketball stars around. With the option of switching to anumber of modes, you can actually set the mode according to yourpreference and play the match as you like it. So what are youwaiting for? Download the game right now!
River Fun - 3D Jet Boat Racing 1.2 APK
Have you ever tried a boat rowing game in your mobile? Want toenjoy the real boat rowing simulator? Don’t be late then! Downloadthis riptide GP like game and be a driver speedboat paradisewinner!This game has spectacular views, graphics and 3D specialsound and visual effects. Race your powerboat racing 3d simulatorin the ultimate river. Enjoy exciting graphics and naturalsounds.Race around exotic locations, feel the high-speed racingthrill and become the best pilot on the waves! Play with Pixel BoatRush and ride a boat like Dhoom 3 Jet Speed. This turbo boat gameand rc speedboat simulator will give you the ultimate boat racingand surfing experience. Also enjoy drag racing boats.How to Play?River Fun is a unique game in which you will be assuming the roleof a person rowing a boat. As a rower, while you move ahead, youalso need to steer clear of the fish that bring down your bloodlevel. A clash with a shark is equivalent to the game coming to anend. By tilting your device you can steer away from these barriers.Another barrier would be in the form of a log or burning fire. Youneed to tilt down to pass the path without being hit by any ofthese.App Features:Awesome gaming ideaGet Engaged in ‘Real’funSuper rowing feature a boatStunning graphicsHD naturalbackground musicSuitable for kids and adults!This is AWESOME andEXCITING game for all ages kids and adults. Adults will also enjoythe boats for kids in this game!Don’t be late! Get this game rightnow!So get ready for some XXXXXXXXX action. Dash as much high asyou can!Stay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals, andmore at....YOUTUBE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rPXwMMbtEANote: All of our awesomegames are free to play. Let us know your suggestion or complain atapp.potenza@gmail.com
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The smart education technique- edutainmentthat’s coined for the preschool kids is buzzing in the educationindustry where excellent games are designed that helps toddlers ingaining fundamental skills and get trained in maths of first grade.Kids Learning Game | Fun Learn 2 is also crafted to serve the sameeducational purpose.The game includes 15 puzzles which parents can customize to allowthe kids play certain puzzles to sharpen the specific skills suchas English alphabets recognition, shapes identification, numbersfinding, sequence creation and pretty more. To solve the puzzle,the kids have to paint the alphabets, shapes, objects, numbers orfruits digitally.All the puzzles are unique in themselves with no repetition interms of concept, color, graphics, animation or design. The gameencourages kids to learn and tap the potential to fullest alongsidefull entertainment won’t pop-up any advertisement during thegameplay.What are the skills the education game is helping the kids tohone? Take a quick glance at them:- Identification of the English alphabets right from A to Z- Shape recognition from the set of shapes displayed- Singling out and painting the number among the numbersshown- Learn about the different objects by marking them according totheir functions- Ability to differentiate the fruits from the objects- Create a sequence by finding the next number, shape or alphabetin the series- Garner sides’ knowledge by digitally painting left and rightsides- Make them learn to count with shapes counting- Develop the talent to figure out facial expressions- Improve Color identification skill by asking the kids to paintvarious objects with colours- Motivates the kids to learn and play the game by offering digitalstickers as a reward at different levels of the gameHow do you find the game? Exciting enough to make your childrenlearn through gameplay? If so, don’t hang fire to download the KidsLearning Game | Fun Learn 2.
Monster Match | Kill'em All! 1.4 APK
Mutant Frogs, Bacteria and other kinds of space monsters escapedfrom the mad scientist lab!Clear the path & make your waythrough tons of exciting levels of classic monsters match 3 game inline games. Build chains of monsters of the same family to burstthem, build biggest chains of monster to create blasters. Blasterswork as boosters for those moments where you get stuck. Thismatching 3 in line classic puzzle game has the same rules: getthree monsters at least in a row to crush them. If you get 4 or 5,you can get a blaster booster. If you can create a chain of 6 ormore monsters, then you’ll get golden eggs or other secret rewardsand goodies. Collect all the stars in over 200 levels that includemini-game challenges every time. Keep track of your high scores;challenge your friends and family! Earn trophies and achievementsfor making longer and longer chains of monsters and don’t forgetthe bigger the monster line is, the more points are added to yourranks. 👑🏆👑 All Candy & Saga Lovers: We have a Renewed NewChallenge! Get Ready for a Monster Mayhem of Explosions &Matching 3 Action! Download NOW Monster Match | Kill'em All! FREELimited Time Offer!! 👑🏆👑Become a monsters blaster hero; kill allmonsters before they continue spreading everywhere! Create combosto burst different lines at the same time to earn extra boosters.Take the adventure to the next levels, play on timer mode; discoverhow many creatures you can destroy. As you move on the map, you’llearn different color jewels that grant you hints or extra moves.Unlock the next worlds collecting the required stars on previouslevels. Gameplay is easy; just swipe your finger to move themonster. Game over once you run out of moves! Use your magic jewelsto save your game and continue until you finish the stage. As thedifficulty increases, you’ll find traces of slime that the monstersleave, locks, or bombs; so be careful not to touch them. Thosenaughty creatures can be annoying and frustrating; is time to beginyour popping monsters mission! 🎊👹🎊 Let Your Journey Start! Play AnEndless Adventure of Sliding & Connecting Action! Try NowMonster Match | Kill'em All! for Free NOW!!! 🎊👹🎊In our new MonsterMatch | Kill'em All! Game controls are quite simple; everything isone-touch just sliding your fingers thru your device’s screen.Create amazing chains and combos to gain incredible achievementsconnected with Game Play. Buy bonuses to move through the levelswithout having to collect the amount of stars required. Unwrapbonus rewards, achievements, gifts as extra boosters or ExtraMoves. Our high-quality graphics being to your screen colorfulcreatures & backgrounds in full HD. Funny pop sound effects andmonsters match laughing sounds give an extra touch to this amazingnew monster match game! 💥👾💥 Get ready for the perfect mix of fun& strategy monsters match game moves and kill’em all! Join nowto the community of people downloading the new trend in matchpuzzles! Download NOW for FREE Monster Match | Kill'em All! LimitedTime Only!!! 💥👾💥Features of the Game:🎇 Intuitive Interface &Easy To Use 🎇 More than 200 Levels!🎇 Mini-Games & Puzzle DashChallenges🎇 Fun and Relaxing Match 3 Game, Perfect for KillingTime🎇 Play Offline Game ModeEnjoy the New Jelly Slime Monster Match3 Challenge Game absolutely for FREE!!! Download Now!!