/ May 14, 2015
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Help the mad scientist hide his recently discovered, secret lovepotion to different tubes spread in different rooms of the mainlab. The most unique formula had just been discovered – the firstof its kind love potion that can make any 2 people drinking it fallin love in a matter of seconds. How ironic it was found by someonethat spends most of his life doing experiments in the basement,alone trying to find his mate for life – Dr. Crane. Rotate link andconnect hidden pipes from the main jar, containing the secretformula, to the other tubes spread in other rooms. Let your innermadness come out in this this time thrilling, puzzle where you willneed to solve as fast as you can - the clock is ticking. Never sayimpossible! You can set the pace and challenge level your mind isset on, whether you are in your own lab now eating lunch or justbored and need a fun way to pass time, excitement was never thisexciting! Hours of fun, hundreds of puzzling variations awaits youin another addicting game brought to you by Creative Glitch LTD

App Information Mad Scientist

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    Mad Scientist
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    May 14, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Creative Glitch Games
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