/ February 11, 2016
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Impressed with the mafia theme, the free Mafia Bubble Shooterdownload is developed to meet your crime style gaming taste.Uncover the underworld of mafia life by playing this awesome bubbleshooter game. The bubble popping experience with mafia mob bosswill simply turn your boredom into something exciting andthrilling. Join the trending crew of mafia and become the boss byditching all security organizations. The multi color bubblesfeaturing interface of the game actually hides down the secretweapons and money that mafia uses to influence its territory. Gameplay:Become a capo mob leader by solving the Mafia Bubbles Bashpuzzle! As a tough mafia big boss you must be in charge of secretwarehouses filled with your crew merchandise hidden in cratesshipped to you from other Mafia's branch in Italy ( Without beingpinched of course! ). For the naked eye it seems the cratescontains beautiful expansive set of shiny bubbles collection art,but only you know that hidden inside these bubbles are the actualwealthy valuables, weapons and tools of your gang. The only way toextract the goods from the bubbles, share them with the crew andgain popularity is by popping all bubbles by grouping 3 or more ofthe same color ones. Use the special, old school mafia bubbleshooter caliber cannon to shoot and match 3 or more bubblestogether for them to completely pop, retrieving your hiddenmerchandise inside the bubbles, far from the eye of the law!As atough and strict mafia boss, your goal in the game is to discoverthe hidden weapons and money in the multi color balls by matchingthree similar color balls. Control of the mafia running machine gunwill be in your hand. Your job in the game is to control supply ofthe weapons and other equipment to your mafia group by blastingdifferent colored bubbles. The more bubbles you blast togethermeans the more supply routes you clear for your mob. The gamecreates a mysterious story by taking you into a mafia themed worldwhere each level is accompanied with a mafia background andthrilling sounds. The difficulty level of each game level changeswith time and as you reach some significant levels, the game getsmore challenging and difficult with time. The cool mafia themeanimation gaming experience loaded with some high quality 3Dgraphics make this game a must download for every arcade stylegamer out there. The interface of the game is simple and loadedwith lots of easy to navigate menu options. Players can selectbetween Arcade and regular mode to twist between easy and toughgame play. The perfect animation handling and awesome gamemechanics of this mafia themed free Mafia Bubble Shooter game makeit worth downloading and playing for hours. Unique features:• Morethan 2600 exciting mafia themed game levels• Arcade Vs Regular modeto enhance game play• Perfect mafia themed animated game play•Arcade mode comes with extra tough game handling features• Swiftgame physics require quick action from the players• Quick movesguarantee your access to next levels• Each level loaded with newscenes and artistic graphics• Become the mob mafia leader byreaching maximum number of levels• A never ending gaming experiencefor everyone• Perfect game for adults and youngsters• A perfectboredom killer for all busy people • Available to download at anyandroid device• Free Mafia Bubble Shooter game comes with a digitalera of mafia world• Explore the dark world of Mafia in each newlevelTired of simple and plain bubble shooter games? Download thisfree Mafia Bubble Shooter game now on your android device and startbecoming boss of your mafia crew. Maintain supply chains of weaponsor spread your influence in the area; the gun is in your hand Boss!

App Information Mafia Bubble Shooter

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    Mafia Bubble Shooter
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    February 11, 2016
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    Android 3.2 and up
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    Casual Mango Games
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