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He is a Mafia Crime Lord, a hitman, a real don. This grand killerlegend has been a gang boss for years in the streets of DowntownChicago and New York. His dangerous attack, shooting, spy assassinand criminal escape skills used to spread terror among secretagents and police cops that is why he is most wanted. An extremesecret security operation against crime in the city has made thesurvival impossible for him. Flying to Russia is the only survivaloption left for this Mafia Godfather. Russian underworld crimenetwork is controlled by his cousin brother, who is an elite masterhitman. There has been an extreme clash in the Russian city betweencops vs thugs. Live to Fight, Fight to Live! its the daily life forMafia Boss. In Russia he met a girl who was harrassed & hesaved her like a boss. He has been stuck in real danger because ofher. Now he is the most wanted criminal in Russia and USA. Play newaction packed missions to save her and escape. It’s his turn tobecome the Grand gang Godfather now. Shoot to kill security squad,carry out theft missions, assassinate spy agent, survive criminalescape police chase mission and win the gangwar by rescuing thegirl. Sneak away from an attack, a police chase gun shot, escapelike a hero and rule the underworld Russian and USA downtownstreets. Enjoy this fun addictive game with a mafia underworldboss!Be prepared to fight & attack your rival Russian spy copsand police officers squad. Transform the peaceful city into agangster sin city to take revenge from the Russia empire officialsand USA security squad. Plan extreme escape missions. Meet othernotorious grand criminals, fight the brutal targeted missions,escape from the inescapable security police chase and use yourdriving simulator, first person shooting and third person shooterskills to rescue the girl. Escape, Run, Fight & shoot to carryout different criminal activities including robbery, clash,assassin, agent killing, theft, war and much more in stealth mode.Play Brave new blood criminal thrilling adventure against policechase for a greater cause to plan a great crime threat for the citybefore the police squad cars arrive. Play an ultimate action packedgangwar in a stealth mode like a hero. Sneak, shot and kill tobecome a killer legend gang boss. Go back to New York and Chicagoto bring back the terror.Mafia Gods Criminal Escape features:√ Easyand fun to play√ Interesting Game Play√ Dangerous Combating Tools√Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics√ Assault Rifle shooting andbaton fighting √ Smooth and intuitive controls of a real donhitman√ Thrilling and challenging Car Driving simulator Missions√Amazing 3D City, subway and downtown street Environment√ Run,Shoot, Criminal escape, driving and master stealth mode

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    Mafia Most Wanted Criminal
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    June 8, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Splinter Entertainment
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Play as Ghost Killer in this Evil Survival Escape Game! Enjoy thisadventure filled Scary Horror Game & Share your ghost busterexperiences. What happens in the past stays in the past. But don'tbe surprised if it comes back haunting you in Scary Night. The evilwithin this scary game is a crack attack of surprises and hauntedmysteries. Be a part of the survival escape adventure on amysterious asylum with an evil neighborhood mansion. This hauntedmansion is a home to some evil souls. There have been no residentliving here in haunted house for so long. Be a part of a survivalescape adventure in a mysterious haunted house neighbor asylum.Your mission involves lifting up the curse from the scary evilneighborhood and getting rid of the evil ghosts to find Sarah. Anall new haunted house survival escape simulator game for thesurvival game lovers filled with horror and paranormal activities.Breakout free from this mysterious evil town of horror residenceand neighbors with spider net and Scary dark night. This heroescape battle adventure is very challenging and engaging. There arejinn roaming around everywhere, use your camera flashlight to getrid of them. There are evil houses and evil mansions haunted houseby a resident devil. These frightful paranormal activities areinescapable. Only you can escape this ghost town to become a superhero. Keep collecting clues and battery for flashlight to survive.Surviving here is not a simple task. Survive the dangers of darkevil ghost and escape the creepy streets of haunted town withspider webs and scary neighbor graveyards. This haunted mansion isdark and deserted with no resident to be seen anywhere. Thesurvival escape mission involves finding the clues to escape andsurvive. Your survival is only possible if you win the battle withthe haunted evil creatures and find Sarah. There are no policeofficers or army commandos or professional ghost hunter to fightyour battle. Make them run away before they attack you. Severalyears after the events of previous Evil Killer Game, Shawn mainprotagonist is back to his home town. He got married & isliving a happy life with his daughter Sarah. Her mother died duringSarah’s birth & doctors were unable to save her. Since thenboth the father & daughter have moved on living happily &never looked back at the past. Things started to change when Sarahstarted to have strange nightmares & often woke up at nightscreaming a name of Asylum. She told Shawn that she has seen hermother in the dreams calling her name. Shawn got worried as thescariest nightmares kept coming back. Finally he decided to takeSarah with him to the Asylum location far to the countryside onHalloween night. While driving to the Asylum during Foggy nightShawn suddenly saw the reflection of someone in front of the car.He lost control of the car & crashed it into the side railingas he passed out. When Shawn woke up, his daughter Sarah was not inthe car & the door was open. After getting out of the car Shawnrealized that they had already reached the Asylum when the crashhappened. Now Sarah is missing & Shawn has to find her in thebig Asylum by uncovering the past secrets & finding the cluesin this horror night. Enjoy the horror mystery in a scariestmansion, which is a home to some evil ghosts in this part of scaryaction games. Its the best survival simulator game for you if youlove to play haunted house games & scary survival escapeadventure games. It’s a battle between Scary Evil and Evil Killerat Old Haunted House.Evil Ghost Killer : Scary Haunted House GamesFeatures: √ Interesting Game Play√ Amazing 3D Haunted Town√ Collectbatteries to stay alive√ Smooth and intuitive controls√ Thrillingand challenging Missions√ Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics√Hide and seek game with the evil ghostsYou can play this gamewithout wifi & its 100% offline game. This Scary Survival Gameis FREE & FUN, So Download NOW!
Shadow Gangster War : Stickman Killer Game 1.5 APK
Shadow Gangster War is all about a crime city with stickmangangsters and thugs. It’s a super hero challenge to work on anassignment in a new city undercover without letting other shadowmafia members know about your identity. Look for the gangstermurdered of the mafia gang in crime city. Be brave enough to takevigorous action against your stickman rivals. Help Mafia people,thieves and rivals in their criminal activities and stealing togain their trust. An ultimate stickman action game! Your secretmission involves using different combos of fighting with variousweapons, undercover attacks and sneaking inside the territory in astealth mode. Ruin your enemies’ missions before they even try toshoot you or kill you. This battle is between you and your shadowgangster rivals. Enter the most realistic world of battle and winthe war. Fight like a daredevil commando to survive and kill themurderer. The death can’t even stop you from fulfilling yourmission. Become bold and courageous city hero. Only you can takethe risk as an undercover mafia agent to kill the shadow gangstermurderer as a combat hero. Enjoy this fun addictive game like atrue fighter, legend & mafia underworld boss! Play ShadowGangster War for an extreme crime city simulator actionadventure.Storyline of Shadow Gangster War is about a man, Michael,who used to be a very rich person & a famous businessman. Butunfortunately his wife got kidnapped & murdered by anunderground shadow gangster mafia group who were after his money& business for a very long time. To take the revenge from thestickman gangster leader, Michael leaves his luxurious life, money& past behind to join that stickman gangster group anonymously.In order to gain their trust, he starts doing the dirty work forthem such as smuggling the drugs, taking over the rival group areas& fighting the other mobs. Once he earns their trust, he comesface to face with the man who murdered his wife. His missioninvolves all the criminal activities to find the killer andassassinate him. The crime city is too big to look for the stickmangangster lord. You need to help Michael join the shadow mafia groupto get the insight. Play the role of Michael in Shadow Gangster Warto fight the battle for the right. An ultimate crime game withsneaking, stealing, police chase, criminal escape, killing andmafia war. Shadow Gangster War Includes :√ Smuggle the drugs√ Drivecars & trucks√ Shoot, run and escape√ Rob the people inSupermarket√ Hand to Hand Combat & firearms√ Fight the Police& other rival gangs√ Dangerous combating tools & weapons inan ultimate 3D environment
Amazon Jungle Sniper : Survival Game 1.2 APK
Survival is going to be tough in a Jungle environment where wildunfriendly beasts are roaming around free. Hunt them before youbecome prey to them. These cold blooded killer can hide in theshadows of palm leaves and attack in a stealth mode. Use yoursniper shooting simulator skills to kill the cunning monsters andsave yourself. Join the hunters squad to get rid of thesepredators. Get hold of your sniper gun to hunt the beasts. There isno shelter to hide away from the wild animals. Survive and kill tolive. Inhabited by the dangerous wild carnivores, this forest isnearly inescapable. Experience the most challenging situations inthis first person shooting game using your sniper shooting skills.Grab the weapons now and strike shoot the killer beasts. There areno rules to survive. Strike with your sniper gun to fight for yoursurvival. Engage the enemy, strike and kill to save your life.Target the wild beasts in a deserted amazon jungleenvironment.Getting air dropped in a vast deserted Amazon jungleunarmed sounds terrifying yet thrilling. Micheal Drake, a US AirForce Lieutenant Colonel, was posted to a war zone in a remoteregion of the Amazon Jungle. He was traveling on a regular flightof a USAF C-17 Aircraft, which was flying over the South AtlanticOcean. The aircraft was suddenly engulfed by a severe thunderstormand the aircraft's engine was struck by lightning. Micheal wasalone in the cargo-hold of the plane and the pilots wereunresponsive behind the closed doors of the cockpit. With no otherchoice, Micheal put on a parachute and jumped out of the aircraft.After parachuting off the plane, he landed on a vast stretch ofland of the Amazon Jungle. There he must use his army training tosurvive in the wild unknown and fight off tribesmen that live inthe Amazon Jungle. He must travel great distance and discover newplaces, find resources and craft items to aid him in his survival.Let’s see how you survive the odds. Use your wisdom to plan thestrategies, arm yourself with self-made weapons and fight withtactics. This is all about life & death game. Play the mostinteresting survival shooter game against wild animals. Use yoursniper gun to strike the wild beasts. Make their survival difficultfor them. Immerse in an ultimate super soldier rapid fire combatmission. Amazon Jungle Sniper Survival game features: √ Excellentsound effects√ Fight Wild Animal Beasts√ First Person Shooting& Hunting√ Thrill of Playing the Role of a huntsman√ Actionpacked challenging escape missions√ Exciting game play challengingescape missions√ Amazing 3D Amazon Jungle Island Environment√ RealThrill of Escaping the Jungle island and chase game
Russian Army Survival Training 1.5 APK
Join the Russian Army Military training boot camp for basic combattraining to the advanced army survival training under special opsforces in one of the best military games Russian Army SurvivalTraining. The recruits will become part of an elite Russian ArmyCommando Force. The initial training involves obstacle clearing,survival missions, assault courses and safety drills on sergeant’sinstructions. Only your will power can make you the best nationalguard in soldier squad at this army training survival simulatorgame. The courses has been devised keeping in view other bestforces like Pakistan army, Indian army game and British army games.Be prepared to become a trained army force officer in the Russianmilitary Academy boot camp after successfully clearing the survivalmissions. The strenuous physical training as well as mental drillswith multiple combat training routines makes it the best army gamesever. Even in extreme weather conditions, the scorching heat orfreezing cold winters or heavy rain falls can’t shatter your willpower. Survive the russian armed forces soldiers and commandotraining mission in a stranded deep forest. An ultimate survivalIsland adventure! Train to escape animal attacks, enemy gun shots,swimming, running and breaking through hurdles. Fight like a ninja,search for weapons to kill the enemy. Kick, punch, shoot and kill!The joint military training games are fun to play. You get to knowmore about other forces as well like US army from Unites States,French army from France, Pakistan Army, British Army from UK andIndian Army from India. Best Army Training Simulation Game! Youwill be trained to cross layers of security with difficultpasscode, strong lockers and patrolling enemy security officialsfor your survival. Be careful about the security CCTV camerasmonitoring the sensitive areas. Once you enter Russian Army WarTraining Academy, your physical and mental strength is checked atevery level. This newest army battle training action game is allthat you need. Enter the tough battlefield training sessions withcombat sniper rifles, realistic ammunition and special tacticalcamouflage gears to become a trained professional commando officerjust like a national guard army squad. Use easy controls to swipe,jump, run, attack and kill. Enjoy one of the best army traininggames to train your troops and prepare for a battle. This specialSquad training school brings you highly intense specialised assaultops courses. The courses has been compiled from other countries aswell, like Pakistan, India, US etc. SWAT games and Army games arenothing without jumping, crouching, rope climbing and crawling.Clear military camp by passing the commando battalion test in thisaction filled mission game. You’ll have to maintain a strictphysical training schedule at the training school. Survive everystep of Russian war training course coldest nights at Deep Jungle,rough terrains, hot desserts, muddy pathways, steep mountains andlife threatening situations to become a skillful soldier. RussianArmy Survival Training features:√ Addictive Game Play√ Intuitive& Smooth Controls√ Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics√Thrilling & Challenging Training Missions√ Real Thrill ofEscaping the Survival Island √ Real military Academy TrainingEnvironment√ Multiple Gameplay challenging Survival Missions√ AComplete Survive & Survival Island Training Story√ Amazing 3DIsland Environment & Excellent Training Sounds√ RealisticTraining of attacking, climbing, fighting, jumping & shooting
Mafia Legends 1.4 APK
Welcome to the world of modern crime games. Play the role of acriminal on a crime mission. The high security makes crimes nearlyimpossible for the mafia. This breakout adventure is going to befun. You are going to play the role of a gangster who is on anescape mission. Mafia Legends is all about a crime city withgangsters and thugs. It’s a super hero challenge to work on anassignment in a new city. Be brave enough to take vigorous actionagainst your rivals. Help Mafia people, thieves and rivals in theircriminal activities and stealing to gain their trust. An ultimateaction game and crime game! Become a classic shooter. Your secretmission involves using different combos of fighting with variousweapons, undercover attacks and sneaking inside the territory in astealth mode. Ruin your enemies’ missions before they even try toshoot you or kill you. This battle is between you and your gangsterrivals. Enter the most realistic world of battle and win the war.Fight like a daredevil commando to survive and kill the murderer.The death can’t even stop you from fulfilling your mission. Becomebold and courageous city hero. Only you can take the risk as anundercover mafia agent to kill the enemies as a combat hero. Enjoythis fun addictive crime game like a true fighter legend mafiaunderworld boss! Play Mafia Legends for an extreme crime simulatoraction adventure.Storyline: Crossford City - Late 1980s. BenjaminCastellazzo, a man born and raised in a wealthy & high classgrand family was cast aside by the betrayal of his family. Afterlosing his only brother in a terrible accident, he finds himselfspiraling into a chasm of self blame and punishment. Confrontedwith betrayal and tragedy, Ben went on to join the Mafia as a lowranked member doing their bidding. Ben has an unparalleled skill tofight against all odds and attain power. The rivals are scared ofeven the shadow of Ben. He is taking over the real crime world likea super hero boss. You need to help Ben join the mafia group andcomplete the missions. Play the role of Ben in Mafia Legends tofight the battle for the right. An ultimate crime game withsneaking, stealing, police chase, criminal escape, killing andmafia war. Be prepared while fighting your war for any counterattack shooting. Fight like an epic commando. Seek help from prisonescape gangsters for your secret hunt missions. Escape in a stealthmode from the police officers. Mafia Legends features:√ Smuggle thedrugs√ Drive cars & trucks√ Shoot, run and escape √ Rob thepeople in Supermarket√ Hand to Hand Combat & firearms√ Fightthe Police & other rival gangs like a ninja warrior√ Dangerouscombating tools & weapons in an ultimate 3D environment
Evil Killer 1.6 APK
Evil Killer is a survival escape adventure in a mysterious hauntedneighbor. Your mission involves lifting up the curse from theneighbourhood and getting rid of the evil ghosts. An all newsurvival escape simulator game for the survival game lovers filledwith horror and paranormal activities. Breakout from thismysterious evil town of horror residence and neighbors with spidernet. This hero escape battle adventure is very challenging andengaging. There are jinn roaming around everywhere, use your cameraflashlight to get rid of them. There are evil houses and evilmansions haunted by a resident devil. These frightful paranormalactivities are inescapable. Only you can escape this town to becomea super hero. Keep collecting clues and battery for flashlight tosurvive. Surviving here is not a simple task. Survive the dangersof dark evil and escape the creepy streets with spider webs andneighbor graveyards. This haunted mansion is dark and deserted withno resident to be seen anywhere. The survival mission involvesfinding the clues to escape and survive. Your survival is onlypossible if you win the battle with the haunted evil creatures.There are no police officers or army commandos or professionalghost hunter to fight your battle. Make them run away before theyattack you. Hunt the ghosts in the mysterious streets of Vegas inan ultimate spooky game “Evil Killer”. The story is about 3 collegefriends Allen, Ben & Shawn traveling to countryside to spendthe summer holidays. They had never been to this part of the statebefore. They ended up in an old abandoned mysterious town nearhills, which was heavily covered in fog. After deciding to waituntil morning they setup a camp nearby a gas station to spend thenight. During night Allen had to go to the bathroom, he grabs aflashlight & heads towards the town. After half an hour Allenstill doesn’t comeback. Getting suspicious, Ben goes after him intothe fog & vanishes too. Shawn thinking it as a prank takes acamcorder & goes after them to investigate and record the funon the tape. That night Shawn recorded something that was not thefun but the fate of his friends & himself. The town was cursedby an evil entity, they were trapped there & the holidays theyhad planned turns into a nightmare. Help them escape this evilsafely and stay alive. You will face unexpected creepy situationsin this haunted evil town. The supernatural powers are not so easyto destroy. Collect as many batteries as you can to stay alive. Thesupernatural evil ghosts can only run away with a bright flash ofyour camera. An ultimate survival escape game is about to begin.Play, fight and win the war against evil killer ghosts as a superhero. Fighting like a ninja warrior with these evil creatures foryour survival is even more difficult than fighting with theterrorists. Its even better than a prison escape simulator game.Evil Killer Features:√ Interesting Game Play√ Amazing 3D HauntedTown√ Collect batteries to stay alive√ Smooth and intuitivecontrols√ Thrilling and challenging Missions√ Stunning & HighQuality 3D Graphics√ Hide and seek game with the evil ghosts
Amazon Jungle Survival Escape 1.6 APK
Survive in a deserted Island of mysterious Jungle & be the EpicAmazon Survivor. Two Hero Helicopter pilots Edward Brown &Robert Flynn from Naval Air squad of the Royal Navy are on amission to deliver supplies to the Royal Navy’s personnel on atraining mission. Their helicopter got struck by a severethunderstorm while flying over the Epic Amazonian jungle. The rotorof the helicopter got damaged which caused them to crash in thedeepest part of Epic Amazon jungle. Jungle Survival is going to bevery difficult here since the villagers are completely cut off fromthe real modern world. Villagers think of helicopters as a giftfrom god. Villagers salvaged the helicopter and are now using itsparts as worship idol. To survive, Edward must build a shelter in asafe area away from wild animals & gather food by Hunt WildAnimals and other resources. The Island survival mission involvesstealing back the radio from those villagers to contact theirbasecamp for a rescue team. An extreme jungle survival Islandadventure. As a brave military hero officer you have been trainedto survive the toughest of conditions and fight like a hero. Fightlike a hero survivor, search for weapons to kill the enemyvillagers. Get ready to explore this mysterious Amazon jungle withhungry wild animals and weird people. Look for the radio and escapethis jungle. An ultimate survival Island adventure! Your armycommando men along with the military raft survivor has establisheda base camp but the enemy has attacked it. Fight for your lifeKick, punch, shoot and kill your Enemies!. Enter the world ofultimate survival Island games. Survive the Jungle escape missionin a Amazon jungle among stranded deep forest. An ultimate Junglesurvival Island adventure! Plan a strategy to steal the radio,escape from the local villagers and survive the extreme survivalmissions. It’s going to be a hard time to escape this Jungle. Nowits time to start your stealth operations to get free from thisjungle and the enemy. Move as invisible as a ghost Fight like aninja, search for weapons to kill the enemy. Kick, punch, shoot andkill! Escape like a real commando. Go for your freedom. AmazonJungle Survival Island adventure begins with a hard time to escapefrom a jungle along with your companion, Play survival missions ina dangerous jungle with wild animals and use your driving skills tofly a helicopter to escape jungle. Run for your life, fight thebrutal targeted missions in a forest and use your flying simulatorskills to fly a helicopter, first person shooting and third personshooter skills. Escape, Run & Shoot! As a mastermind attackyour rivals to get back your belongings. Use all the possible toolsto defend yourself from villagers. The hard time will pass awayonce you breakout free from this hell. Try escaping from even thenarrowest ways. Running fast can make you farther from beingcaught. Give them a hard time. Bang the rivals and thrash intoenemy. Have a safe escape!Amazon Jungle Survival Escape features:√Excellent shooting sounds√ Amazing 3D Jungle Environment√ Thrill ofPlaying the Role of a prisoner√ Real Thrill of Escaping the Jungleand chase game√ Action packed challenging escape missions withhelicopter flying√ Multiple gameplay challenging escape missionsincluding gun shots