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Mafia War: Crime City Gangster Action Simulator 3D is anamazinggame where user will be playing the role of the maincharacter whojoins the mafia as one of the free agent. Thiscriminal city targetescape experience is adventurous concept forshooting lovers. Theuser will perform multiple missions in thisgame for mafia bossesbut later will find out that these people arethe cruelest peopleof the town and they are taking the whole nationto disastersplace. Become a real gangster hero in grand city andexperience acrime race for gangster revenge in this crime citysimulator. Theuser decides to turns against them and now the useris supposed toplay the role of the hero who will destroy the mafiaempire. Inthis crisis hostile game fighting, you need to be excitedfor viralchallenges & critical mission against wicked lords. Intheinitial missions the user will perform various missions forthemafia, like robbery, car thievery and multiple gang fightsagainstrival gangs like cartels, yakuza, Brotherhood and multipleothergangs. Prove that you are true sniper combat survival hero inautoarena & brave man to win all the levels of this finalracingcombat. Settle turf disputes and regain the control of thecity,perform various missions, on boats, cars, tanks, motorbikesandother vehicles. This gangster town is full of public traffic,wheredriving is real tough job, but you are a crime car driver in acitysimulator. Take part in various races all over the town andstealthe best car available. User can buy weapons fromammunitionstores, collect health items to restore health. Among thevariouscity games and city simulators you will love this Citycrimes cardriving. User can buy various places and start his/hervery ownbusiness. Police will chase you and you have to surviveyourselfand dodge the cops with multiple automobiles. When userwill turnagainst mafia, things would become difficult for them tohandle asmafias may try to kill the user but it’s the useresponsibility tostay alive and destroy them. Become a mafia king,ruling thestreets and shooting your way to the top in thecriminalworld.Following are the features of the game:🔫 HighDefinition (HD)display.🔫 Realistic open world environmentgraphics.🔫 Completeurban environment.🔫 Crime City Sound effects(SFX).🔫 MultipleVisual effects (VFX).🔫 Dangerous Mob fights andGang battles.🔫Attractive home screen and menu screen.🔫 World famousLow rider andHot wheels.🔫 Police car chase and cop smash mode.🔫Three controlsschemes.🔫 Sensitive tilt controls with integratedtilt sensor.🔫Physics engine for realistic simulation.🔫 Free for allgame.🔫 Nointernet or Wi-Fi required.

App Information Mafia War: Crime City Gangster Action Simulator 3D

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    Mafia War: Crime City Gangster Action Simulator 3D
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    June 14, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Do Lash Games
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Bubble Shooter : Panda Pop Rescue Puzzle Game 2018 is the newlydeveloped arcade sensation as the gameplay is fun filled withsimple but exciting mission. The user will rescuer panda who willhit the bubble to save the panda been stuk in these bubble. TheBalls in a way and every bubbles pops out. User will have limitedamount of bubbles and target in hand would be to pop every bubbleput and hit the bubbles in more precise way that bubbles explode inmaxmum numbers. Collect various items from these bubbles. The gamehas fun filled and color scheme and beautiful panda. It is moreoften called as a fun game but the truth is that is a puzzle gamethat will enhance your snalytical skills as the user will alwayshave the quest to qualify for next level and face more intense.Whether yoyu are a kide or an adult this is a must play game.Proceed to next levels quickly to keep your interest alive till theend of game.Your quest is shoot bubble to matching them,and be likea dynamite,blast bubbles will beat him to save baby Panda in Pop.You must pass thousand challenging levels. When you pop a bubble tothe bubbles of the same color, they will blast. It's really is aFun and addictive bubble shoot game. Plan your every pop to rescuecute baby pandas! An evil baboon has kidnapped & trappedprecious panda pups in the jungle. Blast, match, and pop bubbles.You should shoot bubbles carefully because you have limited bubblein your hand. If you like, you can change the bubble on canon withthe next bubble. Use power-ups like color ball and fire ball to popbubbles.Use power-ups like color ball and fire ball to pop bubbles.You can exchange the coins for special balls to use in difficultsituations (or just for fun). The background with bamboos is verycharming. An endless adventure waits you thorough the puzzlelevels.
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Mountain Truck : Cargo Transport Simulator Game 3D is an extremetruck driving challenge. The user will provided with huge HeavyDuty American Truck. The game features the most realistic graphicsand specially designed uphill narrow tracks. The game is basicallya survival game as the road are narrow and user has the largetrawler and heavy American truck to drive and when it comes totaking sharp turns on these tracks. The game features multipletrucks form world famous brands which really test the user skill.The user will have to take the truck uphill using powerful 4x4, 6x6and 8x8 transmission whenever it is needed. Challenge the userskill to the extreme as the user tries to explore valleys uphill.The user will get a chance to drive the truck on Asian HillyMountains and Russian Tracks. Later Stages also features the snowcovered tracks. The user can also explore offroad tracks as theuser tries to control the heavy duty truck on treacherous roads,rugged terrains, Bump and Muddy roads where full loaded truck isvery difficult to drive. Challenge the transporter in you and neverlook back and take the cargo to the desired location.Prove yourselflike a mad trucker by driving your own real truck in different hardtracks. Cargo delivery material contains wood log, barracks,trailer and containers etc. Be aware of traffic on the roads likecars and other 4x4 truck. Drive American trucks at high speeds bothon highway and off road to help companies who want to deliver goodsat the appropriate time. Drive heavy duty truck and transport cargoto the destination on mountain area in the big truck game. Everylevel has a different truck with a different feature you need tochange the cargo truck transport. Drive this off-road cargo truckto explore natural hill environment and test your mountain truckdriving skills. Drive a timber truck and offroad truck in sharpturns is a difficult task. Get in your truck and deliver cargo toyour destination.Following are some amazing features of thegame:Endless Track to drive huge American Truck.Experience In TruckDriving Experience.Realistic Sound Effects (SFX)Multiple VisualEffects (VFX).Dynamic Camera Angles with various CameraViews.Highly Simulated Trucks to be driven on Euro Tracks.CarryMultiple Items and Goods Uphill.Become a Car and AnimalTransporter.Highly Simulated Physics Engine to Make the Drive EvenMore Realistic.High Rate for Frames per Second for smooth andEfficient Gameplay.Rewards at Every Achievement.Narrow Tracks withCurvy and Sharp Turns makes this game a Thriller.Enjoy beautifulLandscapes with Top of Mountain.
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Beach Coast Guard : Helicopter Ambulance Rescue 3D is the newlydeveloped coast guard duty game. The game has multiple features andvarious duties as a coast guard. The user has to rescue people onthe beach or in water. The user will become both ambulance driverand helicopter rescue flight pilot whose responsibility is to flythe helicopter over the beach. The game features vatious missionwhich involves both ambulance driving and helicopter. In firstmission the user will drive the ambulance and rescue people thatsuffering from the injury, mishap and accident. The game isdesigned according to an open world coastal city where people loveto go on beach. In case of any trouble the user has to drive fastand make sure that citizens are rescued in time and get the propertreatment. The game not only features the mission where user willfly the helicopter in the city and perform multiple rescue missionby flying the helicopter. The user will watch in the sea if anyoneis drowning then user has to to fly and rescue those people fromtrouble. The flight operation needs precision as the user will flythis helicopter in a huge metropolis city which means that userneeds to avoid skyscrapers and other obstacles and take thehelicopter to the marked location. The user will have the besthelicopter controls in this flight simulator game, the user willalso be involved in fire extinguishing & similar mission. Theuser will also be responsible of rescuing people in flooded area.As a member of the coastguard, you need to protect the peoplearound ocean and beach. Be prepared for all situations. Prepare fordangers and use your coastguard helicopter to save them. Skill upyour driving games skills and flight simulator games skills in onecoast guard game. In our challenging coast guard: city & beachrescue simulator you will be challenged with the most adventuroustasksFollowing are some amazing features of the game:HighDefinition (HD) Display.Realistic Gameplay with amazing flightcontrols.Beach environment along with amazing seas.Multipleambulances and helicopter to fly.Have yourself the multiplecontrols in this game.The game has efficient processing.The gamehas amazing display without any lagging.The game has high rate ofFrames per Second.Constant communication with air traffic controlroom.Maeday message passing and amazing procedure for emergencylanding.The game amazing physics written for helicopterflight.Challenging levels in the game tests user skill ofhelicopter flight.Impressive and intuitive on screen controls forthe fans of army helicopter flying games.Drive the fastestambulance and turn on the siren.Pass through traffic and reach thedestination safely.
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Train Driver 2018 : Rail Track Racing Simulator 3D is the best andmost popular train driving game of this year. User will drive themetro train across famous tracks and cities all over the globe.User needs to redy for any challenge that he/she may face in thistrain mania game. The user needs to pick passengers from variousstations in the map and drop them to their destination. The trainracing is a unique concept in this game where user will competeagaisnt other locomotive engines and bullet trains. Take yourmodern train and out run every train like a professional rider.Drive smartly and harm noone, keep the passenger save and alive andbecome an express train driver. Drive the european tracks andexplore hill and mountain, take the train offroad and uphill, takesharp truns and sprint through curvy paths. The game has the mostrealistic in train controls with cockpit environment, drive thereal simulation train and become a pro. Unlock new trains andassests by passing these challenges, complete one level and jumpinto next level.Complete all the routes on time, by driving freightor people trains! You will be able to drive steam, diesel orelectric locomotives. Pick up and drop the passengers as per theinstructions given before the start of the Gameplay. Transported byrail structure from station to station, do not forget to signaloncoming passenger trains and freight trains. Complete excitinglevels by driving your train across the real train routes but besure to keep your speed in check. This is not a usual train whichyou have seen in your cities. With technological revolution, trainshave also been revolutionized and this new concept of fasttrack.This train driving game conductor requires perfect parkingskills to avoid collisions with other city metro trains and enjoythe chance to experience the organized train racing.Explore thevast collection from the old steam locomotive simulator to today’shigh speed rails with tons of exciting engine driver adventures.The game has various advanced features:🚂 Realistic Game Graphics.🚂Train close and open door effects.🚂 High Definition (HD) display.🚂Best display with maximum rate for frames per second.🚂 Visual Traindamage effects.🚂 Optimized game with efficient processing.🚂Automatic transmission for easy and smooth drive.🚂 MultiplePassenger and Tourist Trains.🚂 Specialized camera views.🚂Innovative 3D camera angles.🚂 Distinct weather situations.🚂 Bestever drive controls.🚂 Specially Integrated physics engine.🚂Realistic interior for amazing drive experience.🚂 Specialized soundeffects (SFX).🚂 Urban city visual effects (VFX).
Euro Train 2018: Tourist Driving Simulator Game 3D 6.0 APK
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Euro Train 2018: Tourist Driving Simulator Game 3D is the new gamewhich is exclusively designed if you are really looking to explorethe beauty of Europe. Control the train through differentterminals, picking and dropping passengers at the stationcarefully. The user will drive the euro train all over the Europeas the user will have to travel and pick and drop passenger fromvarious stations. In this passenger train simulator, featuredepends upon the control, speed and no. of passenger boxesattached. Gently rotate the electric composition directly on yourphone! Control the train driver from the cab driver The user willhave to drive the train in both city and mountain tracksenvironment. Pick up the passengers waiting for trains and dropsafely to their destination with accurate parking slot at railwaystations. This is a high speed train so user must learn to controlthis high speed train and drive the like a bullet train and reachthe destination first. Pick up the passengers waiting for trainsand drop safely to their destination with accurate parking slot atrailway stations. The game is designed with modern transportstandards with amazing train controls, In train Cockpitenvironment. Drive local train as a train driver and become trainengineer after installing this super train racing simulator andthen control the variety of euro trains. The user will have to lookover the track as user might have to stop at any point if there isan intersecting point. Let’s drive and be a best train driver inthis realistic euro train simulator game. The challenge may alsoarise when user will have to face the situation when track isblocked due to any emergency. Accelerate the train, apply hydraulicbrakes, steer across junctions and drive Indian train acrossnatural and realistic sceneries as you go for picking up tourists.Drive safely on hilly tracks, curvy and sharp turns may cause thetrain to lose its balance. Become the best transporter in Europeand unlock new trains and explore new tracks by buying newtrains.Let us explore some amazing features of the game:RealisticGameplay with amazing train controls.Amazing sound effects withmultiple visual effects.Realistic European Cities Environment andinfrastructure.Underground and Sky high Tracks.Various Camera Viewsfor the user to have amazing experience.Dynamic Camera Angles withcinematic camera mode.Specially designed and integrated physicsengine.Tourist and Cargo Transport Missions.Realistic VisualEffects (VFX) and multiple Sound Effects (SFX) for true to lifetrain driving experience.Be careful at curvy and sharp turns andstay on track.
Skate Board : Street Stunts Endless Run Game 3D 1.1 APK
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Skate Board : Street Stunts Endless Run Game 3D is the newlydesigned endless street skating game as the user will become askater and ride on endless city environment. There are multiplehurdles on the road and user needs to avoid these hurdles and keepon skating to the next level. The user has multiple options as theuser can collect coins and power ups and other items on the tracks.If the user has certain amount of coins the user can have variousitems and unlock various tracks. The is an endless game withaddictive gameplay which makes it a treat for user. The game issimple and easy but needs lot of accuracy and presence of the mind.The enables the user to play this game anywhere, while traveling,sitting idly waiting for someone. The fun filled graphics andamazing display makes it a pleasant experience for the user. Theuser will have best options in this skating challenge. Performamazing stunts and risk taking maneuvers. The game also providesreal time experience of skating racing.Avoid obstacles and cars.Try to set a highscore every single time you play. Get as manycoins as you can and purchase different skaters or upgrades foryour power-ups. Practice & improve your skateboard skillswithout any time constraints & avoid hurdles. Skate spot onroad like a pro & accomplish your crazy drifts or amazingstunts missions. Test your driving skills with this Skateboardsimulator games and become best skateboard stunt hero. It is newkind of skating game where you can perform some seriouslychallenging Stunts. In these games there are full on freestylestunts where the player is free to do anything with their playerand action-based sports item. It's easy and fun to Play. You needto perform the tricks and avoid crashing against cars orroadblocks. Grab your skateboard and skate through the harbor. Butbeware: Barrels, boxes and drunken sailors might get in your way.Jump, run super fast and do tricks to dodge them.Following are someamazing features of the game:High Definition HD Display.RealisticAnimations and Multiple Visual Effects (VFX).Various Sound Effects(SFX) with fun filled soundtrack.Innovative Camera Angles withdifferent camera views.High Rate of Frames per Second (FPS) withoptimized gameplay.Efficient Processing with any lag.Highlysimulated tilt controls with touch controls.Multiple Items Unlockedand other items needs to be unlocked.The game provides realisticurban environment.Enjoy various types of skateboard ride in thisamazing game.Collect coins and unlock items.