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Angel Wings photo editor app makes you angel and fairy through addangel wings to photo. Wings increase beauty of pictures, add wingsto photos of children and make them fairy. Angel wings are mostsuited on girly pictures. Fairy wings photo editor makes picturemarvelous in looks through its angel wings photo effects. Wingsstickers behind your picture seem realistic angel wings. Further,add wings to photos to make scary photos, some wings stickers onfree photo editor angel effect seem weird. You can give scary looksto your photos as well as scary looks through wings photo editor.Kids seem more beautiful with bird stickers, butterfly wingsstickers and with angel wings on picture. Young beautiful girls addangel wings to photo and depict through picture exact fairylook.You can represent yourself like real beast by applying fairywings, butterfly wings and angel wings to photos. Meanwhile you mayrepresent yourself as a dragon type look through scared wingsstickers from wings photo frame. Birds’ stickers, butterflystickers on photos make very beautiful representation of youroriginal picture. Similarly, make pictures of your friends in devillook through applying scary wings stickers on photos. Fairy wingsphoto editor has huge collection of angel wings for pictures.Angelwing photo editor app has variety of collection of dragon wings forphotos as well as angel wings for pictures. Adjust any wings photoframe, angel wing sticker on picture and have a fantastic look.Further add devil wings photos frame on your photo and make peoplescared through sharing certain scary photos. All angel wingsstickers on your photos would seem the part of your dress, soselect angel wings stickers according to your dress. It woulddepict more realistic angel wings. Wings photo editor asks userjust to select picture from gallery, then select whatever angelwings stickers you want on your picture. You can zoom in and zoomout wings stickers according to choice. Then save your picturehaving butterfly stickers with angel wings photo effects. Shareyour angel wings pictures and scary photo with friends and getamazing remarks for your realistic butterfly wings stickers.

App Information Magic Angel Wings Photo Editor – Real Angel Wings

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    Magic Angel Wings Photo Editor – Real Angel Wings
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    March 1, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    2193 Hiddenview Drive Tullytown, PA 19007
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