1.0 / June 1, 2015
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The ball is placed into one of thethreecups.
You must keep your eye when the three cups get shuffled.
Choose the cup which contain the ball.
The game starts easy and in each level will be moredifficult.
The game will determine the level of your brain.

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magic cup 1.0 APK
The ball is placed into one of thethreecups.You must keep your eye when the three cups get shuffled.Choose the cup which contain the ball.The game starts easy and in each level will be moredifficult.The game will determine the level of your brain.
Aquarium - Screensaver 1.0 APK
The aquarium is a great screensaverapplicationwith stunning graphics for fish, the beautifulreflective water andthe 3D environment.The menu contains the setup menu that allows you to customizethevisual application and indicates the time, the day and theframerate.This application contains many interactive features to be thebestrealistic environment, and it needs a highconfigurationmachine.This application can be displayed on the new high-resolutionTVgenerations.
flappy boy 9 APK
Enter the flappy boy adventure through aworldfilled with obstacles!The player controlling the boy must avoid all obstacles byjumpingover empty areas to earn the highest score.HOW TO PLAY- Stay away holes- Collect the money to increase your score,- Jump on the tube twice to gain more score and get outofdanger- If you are in front of à dragon, you must jump on his head sothatit fallsStart playing now, have fun and make the best score!
rami-score 1.0 APK
Rami score est une application qui permetdecalculer le score d'une partie qui se passe on réalité.Le rami se joue avec quatre joueurs, chaque joueur joué àsoncompte ou en équipe de deux.L'application s'arrête en général quand une équipe a atteint700points ou trois joueurs ont atteint limite points (voire uneautrelimite de points dans le deuxième menu)Le joueur ayant le moins de points remporte alors la partie.L'application est facile à manipuler, elle est àvotredisposition pour faciliter la tâche de calcul.Rami score isanapplication that can calculate the score of a game is goingonreality.Rummy is played with four players, every player played totheiraccount or in teams of two.The application stops in general when a team reaches 700pointsor three players reached endpoints (or other boundary pointsin thesecond menu)The player with the fewest points wins the game then.The application is easy to handle, it is available tofacilitatethe calculation task.