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You got so many opportunities to create something unique in thishairstyling game. Not only that will play with some braided strandsbut you will enhance the beauty of the rainbow's colors in a newand chic headdress. Keep that in mind until you will reach thestyling step. Before that, your path of the game will begin withthe hair spa step. Here you will wash the hair with numerousspecialized shampoo, you will moisturize the hair with a properhair mask treatment and in the end, you will help this pretty girlrelax and enjoy her time at the spa. The hairstyling will come withnew ideas for a hair makeover. You will have the chance to create arainbow hairstyle that will be customized with some braidedstrands. Use the specific devices to color the hair and don'tforget to get rid of those split ends that will make her hair lookuntidy. Once the look of the hair is complete you will move intothe makeup area. Try a natural look or maybe something bold tomatch her new style. Add lipstick, use the eyeshadows and finishthings up with the mascara and the blush. She appears stunning, butyou have to take care of one more aspect, her outfit. Pick acolorful dress and make sure you attach some jewelry. Accessorizeand contour her fresh hairstyle with a fancy clothing style. Youmight want to know some of the features this game comes with: -Easy gameplay - Lovely hair makeover and even greater design - It'sfree and you can play it as many times as you wish - Taking goodcare of a pretty girl and applying hair treatments - Add makeup tomake her look more alive and cute - Use colorful accessories anditems to highlight her new headdress - Learn how a hair salon works- Use different tools and add new techniques to your skills -Perform a braided hairstyle and take good care of her hair - Becomea hairdresser and a fashion designer too You got so manyopportunities to create something unique in this hairstyling game.Not only that will play with some braided strands but you willenhance the beauty of the rainbow's colors in a new and chicheaddress. Keep that in mind until you will reach the styling step.Before that, your path of the game will begin with the hair spastep. Here you will wash the hair with numerous specializedshampoo, you will moisturize the hair with a proper hair masktreatment and in the end, you will help this pretty girl relax andenjoy her time at the spa. The hairstyling will come with new ideasfor a hair makeover. You will have the chance to create a rainbowhairstyle that will be customized with some braided strands. Usethe specific devices to color the hair and don't forget to get ridof those split ends that will make her hair look untidy. Once thelook of the hair is complete you will move into the makeup area.Try a natural look or maybe something bold to match her new style.Add lipstick, use the eyeshadows and finish things up with themascara and the blush. She appears stunning, but you have to takecare of one more aspect, her outfit. Pick a colorful dress and makesure you attach some jewelry. Accessorize and contour her freshhairstyle with a fancy clothing style. You might want to know someof the features this game comes with: - Easy gameplay - Lovely hairmakeover and even greater design - It's free and you can play it asmany times as you wish - Taking good care of a pretty girl andapplying hair treatments - Add makeup to make her look more aliveand cute - Use colorful accessories and items to highlight her newheaddress - Learn how a hair salon works - Use different tools andadd new techniques to your skills - Perform a braided hairstyle andtake good care of her hair - Become a hairdresser and a fashiondesigner too

App Information Magical Rainbow Braids Hair Salon

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    Magical Rainbow Braids Hair Salon
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    December 4, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Cluj Napoca, Aleea Herculane, nr. 6
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Legs Spa Beauty Salon APK
Try to picture how it would be to have an important moment in yourlife that is illustrated in an event you have to attend, thenincrease the necessity of a unique look you might need for thatkind of event. That is the moment when you know you want to appearin a perfect shape with everything dolled up on up. But as a womanis hard to maintain that balance and even if you do not have anyevent you will want from time to time a moment where you will giveyourself a break to relax and enjoy a refreshing spa treatment forlegs. This is exactly what this girl is going to get and you willlearn how to do it and eventually try to do that for yourself aswell. So, as the legs are in a bad shape and have some unwantedhair on, you will be getting a hair removal as is done in a pro spasalon. The beautician though still need to prepare the area beforethe process could begin. Take her into the bath and apply sometonic to wash the inferior members. The foot then is going to beready for the wax. Prepare the wax, heat the asked ingredients andput it on the area that needs epilation. Wait for it to get coldand then take it off. Right after you will add a cream that willcalm down the irritated skin so the legs will be ready for the nextphase. Now you will be doing the fashion designer job where youhave to create a stunning outfit to outstand those gorgeous legsyou have just spoiled. Choose a nice dress, add a cute detail likea jewelry, maybe even a pair of glasses. Do not forget the shoesbecause they might complete your fabulous look. This game offersmore than you would expect, check out some of the great features itpresents: - The possibility to design more outfits for a beautifulgirl - Spa treatments for legs to execute - Learn the art of takingcare of your own body - Free and cool to play - Easy control of thegame - Participate in a major transformation - Entertainingbackground sounds and nice graphics - Play with textures and mergeit with the theme - Opportunity to make a leg makeover - Add a newskill to your list - Be a beautician and a fashion designer too
Rainbow Pony Beauty Salon APK
As a pony your aspect matter more than anything, but we all knowwhen you are out playing and having fun you might forget about itfor a while. And this is what just happen in this animal game withthis little pony and now that the royal party is coming, he needsall the help he can get to make his aspect lovable again. Put allyour talent together and try to find a way to give this littlehorse a pampering day and a refreshing outfit that would make himbe more confident and cute. Clean him and make sure you useappropriate products for each part of his body. Brush him and givehis hair glow again using professional caring shampoos, masks andhair sprays. The hair salon step comes right after the spa one andyou could easily move from one to another enjoying the specialtreatment you give. The next step includes the dress code that youshould choose for him and it could be colorful or just classicbecause you are his personal designer and you have the power todecide which themes is more likely for him. This little dude neededa change and only you could help him to find his style that wouldbe the style his owner wants it too. Use your imagination and mixthe texture and color of the saddle with his headpiece. Make yourown image in the pony world and be proud of your work. Features ofthe game are highlighted in this section: - Free to play - Wet yourpony and scrub her down with the sponge ready for the soap - Brushyour pony’s hair to make it nice and straight and ready for styling- Accessorize and add the finial finishing touches to her head witha lovely headpiece - Change the hair design to make her look moreimpressive - Entertain yourself with cheerful background song andgreat graphics - Magical mystic fairy land to explore - Royal ponycaring - Perfect control of the game
Nail Art Factory APK
There are certain things in life a girl values and the nail polishis one of them. For sure everybody loves the idea of having a niceand all dolled up hands and even feets, but women can relate tothis manicure game. Though is an interesting choice for each one ofus if you might be curious about how this magical substance thatcolors our nails is made. This nail game will present you shortlythe way a nail art factory uses the needed ingredients in order toprocreate this polish. Follow the instructions and one by one getthe nail of each color so you could move further to the next step.Continue with the nail treatment and take care of the ones that aretoo grown. Clean and cut the excess, then choose a special designwith cool colors and a funky pattern. First, you will clean thehands to make sure your procedure is done right, then you will cutoff the nails that do not belong there anymore and last but notleast, you will apply a moisturizing mask to renew the skintexture. Once you have finished that you will make a step into theartistic area where you will find yourself caught by the multitudeof colors and by the diversity of accessories we have brought. Youhave the power to create an unexpected design for each nail inpart, so do your best and do not be cheap with the details becauseyou have some cool stickers and colors in there that might give youthe look you want. Do the same process for the feets as well andtry to be more resourceful and why not, you could match thepatterns. There are many appealing features this game provides andyou are able to check them below if you want to take a quick biteof this game: - Free to play - Pretty accessories and greatstickers to put on - Transform a neglected girl into a beautifullyarranged one by getting her nails done - Test your beauty caringskills - Play with textures and merge it with your colorfulmanicure - Help this girl to get a nail treatment - Nice manicureand interesting colors to use - See how the nail polish is made -Many pieces of jewelry from where to choose - Great experience toearn as a nail artist
Kitty Dental Caring APK
You should be aware of the fact that taking care of a little catimplies a lot of responsibilities and for sure a lot of troubles,but in this animal game you'll learn step by step how is the propermethod to approach this challenge and how satisfying can be at theend of the day. So to see for yourself the whole process we've madea complex and dynamic game in the name of vets all over the world.Take the position and act like a real professional doctor foranimals. As a dentist you need to know the whole procedures so youcould execute the special treatment this kitty requires. Look closeto all devices you've got in there and make sure you use the properone for each step. Clean the area and get off the dirt accumulatedamong teeth. Brush them well, kill the bacteria then replace thebad teeth with brand new ones. You've got the chance to create ahealthy smooth tooth paste from natural ingredients to make herteeth more white, strong and shiny. Now the next part requires alittle bit of imagination and for sure you need to go insane tothink about how a kitty’s look would be. Put on a fancy sun glassesor some accessories to make her look fantastic. Practice yournursing skills and try something new when it comes to create funnyaspects for animals. Get compassion and feel free to help this catwith her wounds and her fashion orientation. There are manyfeatures this game brings in order to be your favorite: - Free andeasy to play - Joyful music and cool graphics - Develop newabilities and improve the old one - Become a doctor for animals andhelp them - Alternative way to create a tooth paste from healthyingredients - Create a safe environment and a painless one - Learnthe art of dental care and try to be a designer too - Takeresponsibilities and learn how to take care of a little baby cat
Braided Hair Salon APK
You have to understand why you are so important in this game andwhy you need to be fully concentrated for it. If you are passionateabout hair or hairstyles you should love this particular girl gameand not only because you will perform nice braided haircuts, butbecause you have the chance to practice your make up skills aswell. As a starter you will have to go through 3 major phases thatwill complete your hair challenge. The first one is the hair washfollowed by the hair style and the make up step. In the hair washstage you will be make sure the hair is untangled and on the rightlength as the rest. Then you will have to wash it with some specialshampoo and wait a required time to make the hair smoother andshiny. Dry it all out and then go to the braiding part where youchoose the type of hairstyle do you like the most and then performit very carefully. You will be guided along the way so you don'thave to actually worry for it. Braid the style you choose for thehair and try to do it in the right way, put one piece of hair ontop or/ and under another so you could finish it. Now all thatremains is to have the makeup part, but is not like a normal one,you will have to add accessories and make the hairstyle look nicerand unique. Have fun and play more than once if you want to do morethan one style of braided hair. This is for sure a nice experienceto have and the multitude of features this games brings areamazing, you can even see them detailed in this section: - Easy toplay also a pretty interesting gameplay - Cool music and goodlooking girl to help - Develop new hair styling skills - Make newdesigns for her hair and try something different - You will alsohave to own some makeup abilities in order to perform the wholegame - Free to play - Many ways to see how a hair is actuallybraided - Given instructions and easy way to accomplish the giventasks
Shades of Pink APK
All color has a special way of showing off a girl's outfit, but inthis particular dress up game, you will improvise as much as youcan, given the one color that you have to use. Actually, you couldeven use a whole arsenal of shades of pink and make the look becomplete using the makeup and the power of a nice haircutassociated with a nice dressed up girl. Lara gathers her friends tothis parade and needs all the help she can get from you. The themeis obviously the main color of the show, pink, and the fashionspectacle is about to begin. Hurry up and get to work creatingpretty outfits along those beautiful girls. Take a fancy dress andtry to match a pair of shiny shoes to it, because the purse won'twork either if your general aspect is not in harmony. You couldalso choose a funky look as long you respect the base theme.Challenge your imagination to be creative and find new ways toassociate pieces of clothing. Adopt a positive attitude and createthe desired makeup in this girl game. Keep that in mind and choosethe color of the eyes, the hair style and then put on some prettyaccessories, like jewelry, to match the total view. Girls are readyto have fun as long as you are ready too but remember you are hereto be their personal guidance in the fashion area, so behave like areal pro. Check out the features this game provides and try toaccomplish each challenge presented in here: - Assemblingwell-design outfits - Free to play - Easy control of the game -Beautiful clothing and great accessories to add - Unlock newcharacters and try to find some pretty combos - Challenge yourfashion designer skills and improve them if it's possible - Trydifferent ways to create a new look - Stimulating music andinteresting graphics - Play with all the shades of pink you disposeof
Highschool Girls Uniform Tailor APK
I remember how much I hate my uniform back in the days where I wasin school, but no one ever asked me how I would like to look in it.This is why this tailor game approach some girls in order to getthe perfect look for a new uniform in their highschool. The girlsare ready to help and besides the fact that you are going through afashion challenge you will also be asked to gain or even improveyour detective abilities. The things you will be using at sewingand measuring are hidden in your shop. The only one that is able tofind them in time is you and you really need them to be able toperform in the next steps. Search the entire place and find them.Next phase is the one that include the clothing tailoring, sofollow the instructions given and make a beautiful design for theuniforms. The girls will be pleased to know that you take inaccount their opinion. Crop, sew and put together all the materialsneeded to create a modern girl uniform. Pick the elements you likethe most and then go to the accessories to tailor out the ultimatedetails. Be creative and use anything that will make this costumelook better. Find the best combination and keep testing your tailorskills so you could become a great designer and fashion consultantas well. There are a lots of great features this game is able toprovide and you could see a brief description of them below: - Freeand easy to play - Seek and find abilities - Cool procedure toexecute - New things to learn about the whole tailoring job - Cuteuniform to sew and design - Multiple accessories to use - Prettyinterface and good soundtrack - Possibility to have 2 games in one- Ensure a new refreshing look for these highschool girls - Developskills in the fashion designing area
Crazy Day with Daddy APK
This dad is about to go crazy and not only because he can nothandle his chores he have got, but because he needs your help rightaway. In this cleaning game you are about to help a daddy and hisdaughters to accomplish the given tasks. First, your mission willbe to take care of the living room that is a total mess. There area lot of things that need to be put together, but the mostimportant one are: to get rid of the garbage, to collect it andplace it in the trash can, to wash the carpet and make sure youdon’t see any footprints over there, to wash the floor and then towipe it, to erase the spider’s web and the dust, don't forget aboutthe closet too. Also we have some things that are not exactly intheir place, you have to make sure each one of them is put back.When you are done you have to take care of the dirty clothes andbecause the girls are helping her daddy with it, everything will beeasier. Put the laundry in the machine and get it on so you couldmake them smell and spotless. Once the program of the machine isdone move to the part where you are hanging them to dry. Place themback in the closet, but only after you iron and fold them. Nextcomes the hair styling part where you will choose a type you likeand try to implement it for this crazy daddy. Cut the hair, wash itand if it is necessary paint it with funky colors. Get a nice lookfor this dad and accomplish the tasks that are assigned to you inthis parental game. Take a closer look at these cool features thisgame has to offer in order to make you happy: - Free to play -Entertain yourself with quality music and graphics - Be ahairstylist as well - Help a father to find his peace and berelaxed by your special treatment - Cool tools to use and manythings to learn - See how the chores around the house are done -Make yourself useful in the cleaning and laundry phase - Easycontrol of the game