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This unique app is the only app on Android Play that offers fans ofthe current World Champion in chess, Magnus Carlsen, a lot of gamesand info. In this app you will find almost all of Carlsen's gamesthat he has played throughout this career. More than 1600 games areincluded, sorted in chronological order and organized bytournaments (almost 200 tournaments in total). So download this appnow to get the chance to study the brilliant play of MagnusCarlsen! Furthermore, there is some key biographical info onCarlsen, showing highlights of his career. Last, but not leastthere is also a list of his rating progress through the years - canyou keep up with that:-) You can export your favorite games ofMagnus Carlsen to pgn files and continue your analysis in otherapps or programs. This app will be regularly updated with new gamesplayed by Carlsen - it will automatically check if any new gamesare available. You don't need to do anything! Start to study thehighest rated player ever in chess history now!! Note: This is notan official app endorsed by Carlsen (such an app does not exist forAndroid!), but an unofficial fan app. Please note this is the firstrelease version - if you experience any bugs please use the "sendreport" button and they will be fixed as fast as possible.

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    September 22, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Chess Cast Do you want to see your chess games or the games ofother on the big screen? Then this unique app is made for you! Thisis THE ONLY app that can show chess games on a TV by using thechromecast dongle. Simply load a chess game (pgn files) and cast itto the TV and play through the game on your phone or tablet. Thereis also an analysis engine running on the TV at the same time. Youcan also simply play a chess game against the chromecast using yourphone - the game will be shown both on the TV and on the phone. Youcan adjust playing strength by giving the Chromecast more secondsper move to think (default for the chromecast is 2 seconds permove) Ideal for teaching others or just enjoying chess games on thebig screen. Besides being able to go through PGN games you can alsosimply move the pieces around on the board or setup a position tostudy or show others. Everything you do on the board will be castto the TV! (You can see a screenshot from the TV also here) Or youcan relax in the couch playing against your chromecast - can youbeat it? Besides the board and moves you can also see any commentsyou made to the moves on the TV or any side variations are alsoshown on the TV. Also included is a chess engine that runs directlyon the chromecast and gives you computer evalutions of the currentposition on the TV!! Get ready to cast your chess games to the bigscreen now or beat your TV in chess! Further features are plannedif enough people support this project by buying the app.
Chess Openings 1.85 APK
This app is a virtual chess opening book. It contains more than2000 opening variations all easily browserable from the openinglist. Besides being an chess opening encyclopedia you can alsostore your own personal notes concerning any of the more than 2000variations. All notation is in algebraic figurine notation. You canalso bookmark the variations you are most interested in for fasteraccess later on. Finally you can share variations and positiondiagrams by email, sms or social networks with your friends fordiscussion! Opening lines can also be exported to pgn files. Theopening book can be expanded by adding your own moves as well tothe database and as the ONLY chess opening app on Google Play youcan backup or transfer your custom moves, notes and bookmarks toother devices (built-in cloud support in the app). Start to improveyour chess opening knowledge today! IMPORTANT NOTE: This bookcontains most of the opening variations as defined by ECO codes(which covers more than 2000). It's NOT a comprenhensive list ofALL chess opening theory and ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings)contains both "good" and "bad" opening variations. ECO is theglobal standard for classification of chess opening variations - itdoes *NOT* judge quality of openings. Just like the ISBN system ofbooks does not judge quality of normal books. You need tounderstand standard chess notation for chess moves to be able touse this app. If you like this app you might be interested in thesister app called "Chess Endings" - search for that on Androidmarket. Permissions of SD-card read/write is used for storage oftemporary position diagrams and pgn files. Note: the export to pgnfile and export to png image feature are only available withandroid version 2.2 or higher.
Chess Rating Pro 3.7 APK
This handy chess rating calculator app can calculate the expectedscore, rating change and performance rating of your chess games. Ituses FIDEs official rating rules and includes the new 400 ratingdifference rule used in the ELO rating system (most apps do notcalculate correctly with this rule) You can enter game data and therating calculations are automatically saved, so you do not need tore-enter them if you add further games later on. You can save arating list as a tournament to keep track of your results andimprovements from chess tournament to chess tournament. There isalso a graphical overview of your rating improvements fromtournament to tournament. The app can also keep trak of yourperformance in the various openings. Finally, you can backup yourrating info to the cloud and sync it across different devices.Useful if you own both a phone and a tablet and want to have accessto the same info. Furthermore, various k-factors are supported -also non-FIDE k-factors used by many national chess federations, soyou can use this app for local tournaments as well. This is simplyput the best chess rating app out there!
Chess Endings 1.70 APK
Chess Endings is a virtual reference on the most common chessendings.All the endings presented here are annotated with comments(in English) and they will teach you the techniques in a widevariety of common chess endings and what the theoretical resultsare (can it be won or is it just a draw).The app works both as atutorial to learning endings for new chess players and as areference for advanced players (do you remember how to play theknight+bishop vs king for example or the Lucena method/position forrook endings?)Included are also useful statistics on the occurencesof the endgames in practical play. This will help you focus on themost often occuring endgames in practical play. Statistics are fromthe "Fundamental Chess Ending" book.All endings have been verifiedby various endgame reference books, and strong engineanalysis.Included examples are:King+Rook vs KingKing+Bishop+Bishopvs KingKing+Queen vs King+Pawn (4 different endings)King+Queen vsKing+Rook King+Bishop+Knight vs KingKing+Knight+Knight vsKingKing+Knight+Knight vs King+Pawn.King+Rook vs King+ BishopKing+2pawns vs KingKing+pawn vs KingKing + 3 pawns vs King + 3 pawnsKing+ Rook + Pawn vs King + Rook (some different endings)King + Bishop+ pawns vs King+Bishop (opposite and same color)and more......intotal more than 30 endings.You can also customize board colors andshare positions with friends by sms, email or social network!Startimproving you endgame knowledge today!Note: Knowing chess movenotation will help you get the most out of this app. All notationis in standard figurine notation.If you like this app you might beinterested in the sister app called "Chess Openings" - search forthat on Android market.Note: the export to pgn file and export topng image feature are only available with android version 2.2 orhigher.If you want to help make a localized translation goto:http://www.getlocalization.com/ChessEndings/
Chess Master Games Pro 1.5 APK
This app is the Pro version of the free Chess Master Games app,which contains almost all games by the legends of chess! Includesalmost all games by: * Kasparov * Karpov * Fischer * Spassky *Petrossian * Botvinnik * Smyslov * Tal * Aljechin * Euwe *Capablanca * Lasker * Steinitz More than 25000 games covering themodern history of chess. All games are easy to play throughdirectly in the app and you can also search for specific gamesusing the search facilities. It is also possible to do computeranalysis on the games via the analyze this (free) third party app,there is an easy interface from this app, so you can send any ofthe master games to analysis and see if the old master hold up tothe scrutiny of the modern chess engines. Carry Chess History inyour pocket today! If enough people show support for this app bybuying it, more legendary players will be added.
Chess Rating FREE 1.15 APK
This handy chess rating calculator app can calculate the expectedscore, rating change and performance rating of your chess games.Ituses FIDEs official rating rules and includes the new 400 ratingdifference rule used in the ELO rating system. You can enter gamedata and the rating calculations are automatically saved, so you donot need to re-enter them if you add further games later on. Youcan save a rating list as a tournament to keep track of yourresults and improvements from tournament to tournament (this lastfeature is only available in the full version)Furthermore, variousk-factors are supported - also non-FIDE k-factors used by manynational chess federations, so you can use this app for localtournaments as well.
Chess Middlegames 1.21 APK
This premium app features examples and explanations of key themesin chess middlegames. All premium content is created exclusivelyfor this app by Grandmaster Julen Arizmendi, who is aprofessionalchess trainer and also published author of "Mastering the Najdorf"(Gambit Books, 2004).In this app Grandmaster Arizmendi has selected20 game examples and clearly explains (in English) various themesand key ideas in the chess middlegame.In chess the middlegame isoften the most complex part of the game and it is often here thatgames are won or lost, not in the opening phase. Improve yourmiddlegame skills and find new inspiration - get this app now!Thereare 7 key themes included:1. Dynamic advantages2. Staticadvantages3. Kings on the same same4. Kings on opposite sides5.Prophilaxis6. Exchanging queens7. None of the above?Each key themecontains subtopics which are explained through game examples withcommentary by Grandmaster Arizmendi. Besides containing highquality analysis and annotations the app features many settingsthat allows you to customize how you want to use it. You can alsoshare any games position with friends by sms, email or socialnetwork. Start improving your chess knowledge today!The middlegamepart of chess is the most complex and no reference can of coursecontain all concepts, but this app covers key themes that oftenoccur in practical games.You might be intereted in the two sisterapps as well : "Chess Openings" and "Chess Endings" - search forthem on Google Play.
Math Quiz High School Free 1.3 APK
This free math quiz app (English language only) aimed at seniorhigh school (can also be used at first year in college) is a funway to practice your math skills and check how much you know. It'smade as quiz with 7 different categories where you can try yourskills.There is also a high score list so you can keep track ofwhich categories where you might need to work on the material andwhich you are doing great! Many of the questions also have smallexplanations to help you out if you answer wrongly.The questionsare chosen randomly each time so you can try out the same categorya few times and still get new questions in mathematics.Thecategories included in this free version are:DifferentialcalculusIntegralsVector functionsVectors in 2D and3DGeometryFunctionsDifferential equations.To use the mathsearchable reference in the app, please upgrade to the fullversion.Network permissions are used for accessing the highscoreserver and for the ads (very low traffic)Have Fun and learn! (note:this app is only in English)