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This is a Free Application to bring you the complete Holy QuranKarim Arabic sound by Maher Al Mueaqly Offline. This App aboutSheikh Maher Al Mueaqly doesn't need internet connection to work.Just download the app and you can listen to any Surah of yourchoice anytime without internet connection. الشيخ ماهر بن حمدالمعيقلي About the reciter ماهر المعيقلي: Sheikh Maher Al Mueaqly(Arabic: الشيخ ماهر بن حمد المعيقلي), (born in 1967) is the imam ofthe Grand mosque in the Islamic holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.His full name is Sheikh Maher Bin Hamad Al-Mueaqly. Sheikh Maher’smom and dad moved to Madinah of Nabi (SAW) and he was born there aswell. He memorized the whole quran in Madinah and he was taught inthe class of many scholars who are respected worldwide in Madinah.ماهر المعيقلي began his Sheikh career in the North of The KingdomOf Saudia. He was taught extensively in mathematics until he beganteaching it as well. At this point he stopped preaching and startedworking as a math teacher. He went back to Makkah to become ascholar and taught in the school of balaat. In Makkah he became arenowned speaker and began preaching once again. After becomingloved by the people he was chosen to become an advisor to PrinceAbdul-Majid in Makkah. The sheikh is married and has four children:two boys and two girls. He began to teach Quran in Makkah before hebegan teaching at King Abdullah Saood University. He was promisedbefore ramadan that he would lead taraweeh prayers in Madinah forthe year 1426 and 1427, so he did. After that he was moved toMakkah and began to lead taraweeh from the first day of 1428Ramadan in Masjid Al- Haram with Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais. Hehas also led prayers in grand mosque in Madinah known as Masjidan-Nabawi. He has led taraweeh prayers in the yrs h1428 (2007),h1429 (2008) and h1430 (2009). He regularly leads Fajr and Maghribprayers in Masjid Al-Haram. With this App you can: Listen to HolyQuran recitation in background Use other apps while enjoying therecitation Share the app with family and/or friends Shuffle surahsListen to a certain surah repeatedly. This Quran is a completeversion of the Holy Quran Karim without internet connection. AllSurahs work perfectly offline. All of them offline and the app sizeis only 80mb. Apart from sheikh maher al muaiqly mp3 Quran offline,if you need other complete Holy Quran kareem mp3 that work offlineplease refer to other apps in my catalog. You can find thefollowing: Sheikh Abdul Rahman alSudais Holy Quran Offline fullversion Sheikh Shuraim Quran mp3 without internet connectionAbdullah al matroud Quran mp3 offline Sheikh Mishary Rashid alafasyComplete Quran also without internet and many more to come in shaaAllahu. If you like this Application please consider leaving apositive review and/or rating for it in the store. This will helpmove the App to the top so that other muslims that are looking forsheikh maher al muaiqly Quran mp3 offline can find it easily. Ifyou've any suggestion or opinion about this app please use thedeveloper email to contact me directly anytime. I will be glad toread from you and will reply as soon as possible in shaa Allah.Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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Al Sudais Full Quran Offline 3 APK
This is a FREE Application to bring you Complete Offline Holy QuranAbdul Rahman AlSudais. Sudais mp3 quran free download القران الكريمبصوت الشيخ السديس بدون انترنت With this App, you can listen to yourSheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais Quran Full version without the needof Internet Connection. Sudais quran full audio offline ThisApplication works perfectly Offline. No need of wifi/mobile dataConnection. Just download and start listening to any Surah rightaway. Once you download it, then at anytime you can listen to theComplete Hloy Quran - Abdelrahman Sodes at anytime without data orwifi and don't worry the Audio Quality is also great for reasonablelistening. This Application is unique because it is not as huge asthe others, it is less than 80MB! App Features: Listen while inbackground Shuffle Surahs No need of Internet Connection! Fullversion complete Quran offline Share with anyone family and/orfriend via your favorite social media App is Incredibly small insize and Audio quality is Great! Repeat track as many times as youwant. Quick access to the Quran files from your systemtray/notification bar. Holy Quran - sheikh abdulrahman alsodesBrief About him: AbdurRahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais (Arabic: عبدالرحمن السديس‎ (ʻAbd ar-Rahman ibn ʻAbd al-Aziz as-Sudais Hanbali),born 1960 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) is the imam of the Grand mosquein Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a renowned qāriʾ (reciter of theQur'an),and was the Dubai International Holy Qur'an Award’s"Islamic Personality Of the Year" in 2005. His Life and Career: Hecomes from the Anza clan, and he had memorized the Quran by the ageof 12.Growing up in Riyadh, he studied at the Al Muthana Bin HarithElementary School, and afterwards the Riyadh Scientific Institutionfrom which he graduated in 1979 with a grade of excellent. Heobtained a degree in Sharia from Riyadh University in 1983, hisMaster's in Islamic fundamentals from the Sharia College of ImamMuhammad bin Saud Islamic University in 1987 and received his Ph.D.in Islamic Sharia from Umm al-Qura University in 1995 while workingthere as an assistant professor after serving at Riyadh University.He took up his imamate in 1984, at just 22-years of age, andconducted his first sermon at the Grand Mosque in Mecca in July1984, other than this Sheikh Saud Al-Shuraim - has been his partnerin Taraweeh Prayers from 1991 till 2006, and again in 2014. In2005, he was named by the Dubai International Holy Quran Award(DIHQA) Organising Committee as its 9th annual "Islamic PersonalityOf the Year" in recognition of his devotion to the Quran and Islam.When accepting his award in Dubai, he said: "The message of Islamand Muslims is modesty, fairness, security, stability, sympathy,harmony and kindness." From 2010 to 2012 he visited India,Pakistan, Malaysia and Britain. Among his activities has beenhosting a seminar at the Higher Institute for Advanced IslamicStudies in Malaysia in 2011, where he spoke about Islamiccivilization against the backdrop of modern challenges. AbdulRahman Al-Sudais was appointed head of the "Presidency for the TwoHoly Mosques at the rank of minister" by royal decree on 8 May2012. Reference (Wikipedia). Sheikh Sudais full quran mp3 offlineFor more Islamic mp3 Apps check my catalog. Thank you very much forchecking out this App.
Malam Jafar Kitab Tauhid MP3 3 APK
Assalamu alaikum, Wannan App ne domin sauraren karatun tafseer dinKitab Tauhid tare da Sheikh Ja'afar Mahmud Adam. Akwai karatuttukanmalam Jafar da yawa cikin wannan store din. Domin samunkaratuttukan a kowanne lokaci yi kamar haka: Shigo cikin play storeka rubuta kareemtkb. zaka samu tafseer masu tarin yawa na sheikhjafar mahmud adam. Wannan Tafseer na Kitab Tauhid Kashi Uku ne,wannan shine kashi na farko. Duba cikin play store domin samunsauran karatuttukan na Kitab Tauhid.__________________________________________________________ Assalamualaikum, This app brings you Hausa Islamic Tafseer of the BookKitab Tauhid by Sheikh Ja'afar Mahmud Adam. This is part 1 of theKitab Tauhed. To get the others typein kareemtkb into google searchbar and hit enter or go. For more islamic Apps check kareemtkb ongoogle or google play store. Thank you very much for checking KitabTauhed by malam jafar mahmud Adam. May the soul of malam jaafarmahmud rest in peace ameen ameen.
Ruqyah Shariah Full MP3 3.1 APK
Ruqyah Shariah MP3 App is an Islamic way to help Combat Jinn, BlackMagic (Sihr), and The Evil Eye. No streaming required. This Appworks Completely Offline. تطبيق الرقية الشرعية من الكتاب والسنةلعلاج العين و المس و السحر و الحسد Manzil is a collection of Ayatsand short Surahs from the Quran that are to be recited as a meansof protection. Ruqya from Black Magic, Jinn,Witchcraft, Sihr,Sorcery and the Evil Eye. Al Ruqyah Al Shariah Ruqyah in Islam isthe recitation of Qur'an, seeking of refuge, remembrance andsupplications that are used as a means of treating sicknesses andother problems. Conditions of doing Ruqyah Ash Shar'eeyah: 1. Itmust be with the speech of Allah, His names and attributes, or thespeech of His Messenger (saws) 2. It must be in Arabic, or what isknown to be its meaning in other languages. 3. To believe thatverily Ruqyah has no benefit by itself, but the cure is from Allah.4. Not to perform Ruqyah in a state of major impurity (junub) or ina place that is not permissible to perform ibadah i.e. graveyard,bathroom, etc This Manzil App includes Ruqyah Al Shariah by: -Sheikh Abdurrahman Al Sudais - Ruqyah Al Hashimi - Ruqyah MajidAz-zamil Below are the 33 verses of the Quran which eliminate theeffects of Magic and become a means of protection from Satan andother Jinn, thieves and harmful beasts and animals. (ShahWali-ullah (RA): AlQawlul- Jameel) Maulana Muhammad Talha son ofHazrat Shaykh Maulana Zakariyya (RA) Says: “These are verses of theQuran which are known as “Manzil” in our family and elders of ourfamily used to practise read these assiduously and ensure that allthe children learned them in their childhood. The Manzil comprisesthe following verses of the Quran arranged accordingly: SurahAl-Fatihah (chapter 1): Complete seven verses Surah Al-Bakarah(chapter 2): verses 1 to 5, 163, 255 - 257, and 284 - 286 SurahAl-Imran (chapter 3): verses 18, 26 & 27 Surah Al-A'araf(chapter 7): verses 54 - 56 Surah Al-Israa (chapter 17): verses 110and 111 Surah Al-Muminoon (chapter 23): verses 115 to 118 SurahAl-Saaffaat (chapter 37): verses 1 to 11 Surah Al-Rehman (chapter55): verses 33 to 40 Surah Al-Hashr (chapter 59): verses 21 to 24Surah Al-Jinn (chapter 72): verses 1 to 4 Surah Al-Kaafiroon(chapter 109): verses 1 to 6 Surah Al-Ikhlas (chapter 112): verses1 to 4 Surah Al-Falaq (chapter 113): verses 1 to 5 Surah Al-Naas(chapter 114): verses 1 to 6 The above entire manzil is prescribedto be read one or three times in one sitting. This may be performedonce or twice a day, in the latter case once in the morning andonce in the evening. Ruqyah for Jinn & Evil Eye ruqyah forillness evil eye magic and envy ruqyah for sleeping problem You canplay this audio ruqyah app and listen to the verses above as beingrecited by the reciters. This gives you more protection and cure aswell. It is of great benefit and importance to memorize this ManzilRuqyah verses. Please take note of the conditions before doing theRuqyah. This App is completely FREE and will always be, so sharewith friends, family and love ones. If you like the Ruqyah AlShariah Full mp3 application, please consider leaving a positivereview and/or rating for it in the store. This would be a hugecontribution from you. If you have any suggestion(s) or opinion(s)about this app, please use the developer email provided to sendyour feedback. I will be glad to hear from you. Ruqyah againstBlack Magic,Evil eye and Jinn Thank you very much!
Kundin Tarihi Part 1 3 APK
Saurari Karatun Kundin Tarihi Tare da Malam Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa.Wannan Application Kyauta ne dominku 'yanuwa Hausawa Musulmi. Dominwadansu karatuttukan na HAUSA kamar Qur'an Tafseer by Sheikh JaafarMahmud Adam duba cikin Play store. Wannan App kashi biyu ne, akwaipart 1 da kuma 2. Wannan shine na farkon. Kashi na biyu yana cikinwannan store. Idan kana/kina da shawara game da wannan App na MalamAminu Ibrahim Daurawa wato Kundin Tarishi yi amfani da email dindeveloper ka/ki turo da sakonka/ki. Wannan App baya bukatar data kowifi Connection, yana aiki ne Offline. Daga kayi downloading sa toshi kenan a yaushe zaka iya amfani dashi domin sauraron karatunKundin Tarihi. Baka bukatar tura karatun cikin wayarka/ki. Yinhakan zai ci waje mai yawa daga memory din wayarka/ki. Amma idankayi amfani da wannan App to size din zai zama dan kadan sannankuma baka bukatar dube-duben files. Gaba daya Kundin Tarishin yanacikin wannan App a shirye. Idan ka/kin ji dadin wannan App, inasonku tayani da Addu'ar samun shiriya da kuma yardar Allah subhanahuwata'alaa. Allah ya shiryemu gaba daya ya kuma sanyamu cikin masubabban rabo da kuma kyakkyawan lada wato Aljannah Ameen Ameen.Allah ya saka ma Malam Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa da AlkhairinSa Ameen.Nagode da ka/ki duba wannan App nawa! Ku huta lafiya. Sai anjima!!
Mishary Full Offline Quran MP3 3 APK
Assalamu alaikum, This application is the complete Holy Quran mp3offline recitation of sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy. This isbecause Google increased the APK size that can be uploaded to playstore up to 100MB but this Application of mishary Rashid is lessthan the 100mb. الشيخ مشاري العفاسي بدون نت قرأن كامل بصوت العفاسيبدون نت If you like this full Quran mishary rashid offline pleaseconsider leaving a positive review and/or rating for it in thestore. This will boost the App position and other muslims can findthis mishary app easily. Brief about the reciter mishari Rashid:His Full Name: Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid bin Gharib bin MuhammadAlafasy (Arabic: الشيخ مشاري بن راشد بن غريب بن محمد العفاسي‎; bornin Kuwait on September 5, 1976) is a Kuwaiti preacher, imam quranreciter and nasheed artist. He is also known as Abu Rashid (Arabic:أبو راشد‎) (The father of Rashid). Life and career of alafasy:Mishary Alafasy is recognized for his beautiful voice and uniquerecitation of the Qur'an. Many reciters have come to imitate hismode of recitation. He studied the Qur'an in the College of theHoly Qur'an at the Islamic University of Madinah ( Kingdom Of SaudiArabia). He memorized the whole Qur'an in two years from 1992 to1994 and then studied specializing in the ten-fold reading of theHoly Qur'an. He has impressed a number of great reciters of theQur'an with his recitation. Mishary Rashid - Full Offline Quran MP3Mishary Al Afasy is the Imam of Grand Mosque (Kuwait), and everyRamadan he leads the Taraweeh prayers in this Mosque. He very oftenleads the Taraweeh prayers in the UAE and other neighboringcountries in the Persian Gulf. In 2007, he visited two mosques inthe United States of America : the Islamic Center of Irvine (ICOI)in California and the Islamic Center of Detroit (ICD) in Michigan.Alafasy has 2 Space Channels specialized in the recitation of theHoly Qur'an, the first is Alafasy TV and the second is Alafasy Q.Awards and recognition: On October 25, 2008, Mishary was awardedthe first Arab Creativity Oscar by the Arab Creativity Union inEgypt. The event was sponsored by the Secretary-General of the ArabLeague, Amr Moussa as a recognition of Mishary Alafasy role inpromoting Islamic principles and teachings. Al-Afasy was voted byreaders to be the Best Qur'an Reciter in the 2012 About.comReaders' Choice Awards.
Quran Mishary Rashid Offline 3 APK
Mishary Rashid alAfasy Offline Quran. This App allows you to listento recitation of Holy Quran Offline. No need of Internet Connectionwhatsoever. Just download the App and listen to your Quran Offlineanytime. The reciter is Sheikh Mishary Rashid alAfasy. Many voicetunes are available in the App. If you need full Holy QuranRecitation by Sheikh Mishary Rashid alafasy, please check my otherApps. But the full version needs an Internet Connection to run.Looking for more Quran without Internet Connection? Please check myother Apps as well. The following Quranic Recitations are availablein my catalog: Sheikh Abdurrahman Sudais Sheikh Saud Shureim SheikhMaher alMuaiqly Sheikh Ahmad Ajmi Sheikh Mishary Rashid alafasySheikh Abdulbasit Abdussamad Sheikh Mustafa Ismail Sheikh Al-uyoonal-koshe Sheikh Adel Rayyan Sheikh Hani ar rifai Sheikh AbdullahAwad AlJuhany Sheikh Jaafar Mahmud Adam Nigeria Sheikh MahmoudKhaleel AlHusay Sheikh Ali As-Suwaisy Sheikh Abdul Basit AbdusSamad Tajweed Sheikh Salah al-Budair Sheikh Abdul aziz alAhmadSheikh al Minshawi Mujawwad Sheikh Hatem Farid Sheikh Yasseraddosari Sheikh Abdulbari at- Tubaity Sheikh Abdullah Ali JabirSheikh Sa'ad alGhamidi Quran with Hindi Translation Quran withIndonesian Translation Quran with Malayalam Transaltion SheikhAbdul Basit Abdus Samad Quran with URDU Translation and many moreto come in shaa Allah. If you like my simple and easy to use Appplease share with friends and/or family. And please considerleaving a positive review and/or rating for it in the store. If youshare this Quran, whenever the person that receive it listen to ityou get reward too! This is a great way to earn huge rewards! MayAllah accept this as act of Ibadat ameen. Thank you very much forchecking out my Mishary Rashid alAfasy Offline Quran. If you haveany suggestion please contact me via the developer email support. Iwill be glad to hear from you! Thank you very much!
Sheikh Sudais Quran Full MP3 3.1 APK
This is a Free Abdul Rahman alSudais Holy Quran. Hloy Quran -Abdelrahman Sodes Usage: Play any Surah of your choice Listen tosheikh abdulrahman alsodes while in background Share App or SurahIf you want Holy Quran by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais offline pleasecheck other Apps in my catalog. If you like this Holy Quran AbdulRahman Al-Sudais Please consider leaving a positive review and/orrating for it in the store. If you've any suggestion or opinionabout this App please contact me via the developer email provided.I will be glad to hear from you. Just contact me directly anytime.Thank you very much for checking my Sheikh Sudais Quran Full MP3App!
Effective Ruqyah Al Sudais MP3 3 APK
The word Ruqyah Shariah or Manzil refers to the recitation ofQuranic verses and some certain surahs for seeking Allah's refugeagainst the harmful effect of anything harmful like Jinn, Sihr,Scorpion bite, snake bite, Black magic, Evil eye, witch, sorcery,beast, harmful animals or anything terrifying. Abdelrahman Sodesruqyah syar'iyyah Manzil mp3 The prophet Muhammad (peace be uponhim) performed Ar Ruqyah Shariah himself and he taught hiscompanions how to do it as well. It was narrated in one hadith ofthe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that he teach it to his companions thesame way he use to teach them how to recite a surah from the HolyQuran. Please note that: The ruqyah syar'iyyah of prophet Muhammad(pbuh) is entirely different with the one we do today although heis the one who taught us to it this way. He the Prophet does notneed to recite verses after verses for a jinn to go out of thehuman body or the evil eye or black magic or so. The prophet justcommand the Jinn to leave and he again remember the Jinn that he(the prophet) is a prophet and a messenger of Allah. The prophetwas narrated to told the jinn this: Khuruj aduwa Allah, ana RasulAllah. Meaning: Go out (of this body) the enemy of Allah(the Jinnin question), I am the messenger of Allah. Above is how the prophetdid, and the Jinn does not even have the chance to reply theprophet with anything but just silently leave and go out of theaffected person's body as he is commanded. Muslims we reciteQuranic verses and short surahs as the prophet taught us and withALLAH's will the Jinn also go out. This is the wisdom and mercy ofAllah, see how Powerful Jinns are and how big and able they are butyet Allah in his ultimate mercy make us to control them even thoughwe can't even see them? We must say Alhamdulellah ( All praise andThanks are Allah's). This Application brings you Audio Ruqyahshariah recitation by the Imam of The Masjid al Haram Kaabah SheikhAbdul Rahman alSudais for you to listen and seek maximum protectionand to help recover from the harmful effects of the worldly harmfulthings and creatures. sheikh abdulrahman alsodes Abdul RahmanalSudais Start listening to the first one and then the other two inorder. For your own reference, below are the short surahs andverses that form the Ruqyah syar'iyyah: These are the verses andsurahs acoordingly: Surah Al-Fatihah (chapter 1): Complete sevenverses Surah Al-Bakarah (chapter 2): verses 1 to 5, 163, 255 - 257,and 284 - 286 Surah Al-Imran (chapter 3): verses 18, 26 & 27Surah Al-A'araf (chapter 7): verses 54 - 56 Surah Al-Israa (chapter17): verses 110 and 111 Surah Al-Muminoon (chapter 23): verses 115to 118 Surah Al-Saaffaat (chapter 37): verses 1 to 11 SurahAl-Rehman (chapter 55): verses 33 to 40 Surah Al-Hashr (chapter59): verses 21 to 24 Surah Al-Jinn (chapter 72): verses 1 to 4Surah Al-Kaafiroon (chapter 109): verses 1 to 6 Surah Al-Ikhlas(chapter 112): verses 1 to 4 Surah Al-Falaq (chapter 113): verses 1to 5 Surah Al-Naas (chapter 114): verses 1 to 6 You may listen orrecite it anytime but please take note of the following conditions:Conditions of doing Ruqyah Ash Shar'eeyah: 1. It must be with thespeech of Allah, His names and attributes, or the speech of HisMessenger (saws) 2. It must be in Arabic, or what is known to beits meaning in other languages. 3. To believe that verily Ruqyahhas no benefit by itself, but the cure is from Allah. 4. Not toperform Ruqyah in a state of major impurity (junub) or in a placethat is not permissible to perform ibadah i.e. graveyard, bathroom,etc This App is Completely FREE so Share with friends, family andlove ones. If you like the Ruqyah Al Shariah Full mp3 App, pleaseconsider leaving a positive review and/or rating for it in thestore. If you have any suggestion(s) or opinion(s) about this App,please use the developer email provided to send your feedback. Iwill be glad to hear from you. Thank you very much!