1.0.0 / December 21, 2017
(3.7/5) (7)


It's Mahjong... in a flash! Mahjong Blitz challenges you to clearsmall Mahjong layouts in a short amount of time. Fifty-four MahjongBlitz challenges await you. How fast can you match? It's theperfect game to play while you're waiting on the bus, or in adoctor's office, or anything else where you only have a few minutesto kill!

App Information Mahjong Blitz

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    Mahjong Blitz
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    December 21, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    PO BOX 1142 202 S. Union ST Traverse City, MI 49685
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It's Mahjong... in a flash! Mahjong Blitz challenges you to clearsmall Mahjong layouts in a short amount of time. Fifty-four MahjongBlitz challenges await you. How fast can you match? It's theperfect game to play while you're waiting on the bus, or in adoctor's office, or anything else where you only have a few minutesto kill!