/ February 1, 2017
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Mahjong FRVR is the ultimate take on thistimeless classic.

With unlimited free levels, vibrant high quality graphics, amazingmusic and sounds, large easy to distinguish tiles, classicsolitaire play and much more Mahjong FRVR is a natural choice forboth Mahjong masters and casual players. Even better, it'sfree!

Seek, match and remove all pairs of Mahjong tiles to win thegame.

As always there is no time limit! Making for a fun and relaxingdeluxe Mahjong experience.

Mahjong FRVR features:
- Beautiful vibrant HD graphics.
- High DPI and Retina support.
- Smooth animations.
- Great sound effects and music.
- Unlimited undo.
- Easy matching game play.
- Large 3D Mahjong tiles designed to be easy to distinguish.
- Play unlimited free levels.
- Shanghai Solitaire game mode.
- Taipei Solitaire game mode.
- Level complexity from Easy to Tricky.

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Hex FRVR has been downloaded more than 1Million times. Join the fun and play now!Hex FRVR is an easy to understand yet fun to master puzzle game.The unique hexagon puzzle board is a fun challenge for even theadvanced puzzle addict.Create and destroy full lines on the screen in any of the primarythree directions by dragging and dropping blocks to the screen andget amazing combo bonuses by destroying multiple lines at the sametime.No time limit! A fun and relaxing puzzle game.
Mahjong FRVR APK
Mahjong FRVR is the ultimate take on thistimeless classic.With unlimited free levels, vibrant high quality graphics, amazingmusic and sounds, large easy to distinguish tiles, classicsolitaire play and much more Mahjong FRVR is a natural choice forboth Mahjong masters and casual players. Even better, it'sfree!Seek, match and remove all pairs of Mahjong tiles to win thegame.As always there is no time limit! Making for a fun and relaxingdeluxe Mahjong experience.Mahjong FRVR features:- Beautiful vibrant HD graphics.- High DPI and Retina support.- Smooth animations.- Great sound effects and music.- Unlimited undo.- Easy matching game play.- Large 3D Mahjong tiles designed to be easy to distinguish.- Play unlimited free levels.- Shanghai Solitaire game mode.- Taipei Solitaire game mode.- Level complexity from Easy to Tricky.
Lines FRVR 1.8.4 APK
Lines FRVR is the best, free dots and lines puzzle game for yourComputer, Tablet, Phone, iPad, iPhone, and iPod. A relaxing puzzlegame where you draw lines between dots to complete levels. Withunlimited free levels, vibrant high quality graphics, amazing musicand sounds, large and easy to see controls and a relaxing gameplay, Lines FRVR is a must have for puzzle players of all ages.Even better, it's free! Fill the board by drawing lines between alldots to win the game. As always there is no time limit! Making fora fun and relaxing puzzle experience. Lines FRVR features: -Beautiful vibrant HD graphics. - High DPI and Retina support. -Smooth animations. - Play unlimited free levels. - Great soundeffects and music. - Easy to understand game play - Bright Colors -Level complexity from Easy to Tricky. If you like dots and linesconnecting puzzle games then you will love Lines FRVR!
Basketball FRVR - Shoot the Hoop and Slam Dunk! 2.3.2 APK
Smash the rim and shoot hoops from the free throwing line. How manytriples in a row can you get? Slam dunk the hoop, get a 3-pointshooting streak and became a basketball star! Join the free throwcompetition, shoot the hoops and try to get as many points as youcan from the free throw line. Get on a roll in the best basketgame! 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀 It’s time to show off your basketball shootingskills! Feel like a real basketball star behind the free throwingline. Align your feet, find the balance, look up to the hoop andshoot the ball! See how the basketball flies and swish the rim likea PRO basket player. Your mission is simple: Slide your finger onthe screen of your smartphone or tablet to give the perfectdirection to the ball to score point after point! Don't miss or youwill have to start over. Start shooting to the hoop and try to beatyour own high score! Basketball FRVR is a truly relaxing casualexperience, designed for both players looking for a fun time andhardplayers looking for a real challenge. Simple and incrediblyaddictive gameplay, easy to play but hard to master. Warm up yourwrist, your coach is calling you to enter the pitch and you have tobe ready for the basket challenge of your life. The dunk tournamenthas begun and the best PRO players are joining to the basket jam.Race to shoot hoops in amazing shootouts and try to reach thehighest score among your friends! 🏀⛹Seems easy for you? So we havea basket PRO here! Don’t get used to it, wait until the hoop startsmoving! Don’t break your strim and dunk them all in this flick hoopgame!⛹🏀 In Basketball FRVR there are no limits, all that matters isto slam all the free throws you can. Don’t worry if you hit the rimor the glass, just make sure you finally dunk the hoop! Raise yourbest free throw percentage and become a legend of the three pointshootout. The best flick basketball game ever! Basketball FRVR isdifferent than a regular free throw contest that you can see. Onthis dunking game, there’s no score limit! Just try to slam as manyhoops as you can by swiping your finger and try to beat yourhighscore! Swish the basketball and get +3 points, or use the glassand hit the rim for getting +2 points. A true master of the hoopnever miss a shot ;) Slam 3 shots in a row and get a +3 bonus withevery swish you make. Your score will jump to the stars! Don’tbreak the streak and collect coins to unlock amazing skins for theball. Choose among +10 unlockable basketballs and play each matchwith a different skin. Who said you can’t toss a watermelon andeven though become the MVP? Slam dunk with style! Looking to becomea real basket star, and need some free shots lessons? Are youalready a pro basket player but need some practice to improve yourdunking skills? Then you’ve found your game! Take the ball andenter the area. Prepare your elbow, twice your wrist, take a deepbreath (Remember not to step the foul line) and... BAM! Dunk hoopit all! Welcome to BASKETBALL FRVR! Basketball FRVR is a lowstorage game, you don’t need more than 30 mb to play! This freethrow jam game only focuses on giving you a truly fun experience ina low mb game for free. It’s an easy to play basketball game withincredibly addictive and simple controls, so both young and adultscan have fun. Play online or offline, since you don’t need aninternet connection to shoot hoops. And relax, you can play as muchas you want, there’s no time limit! 🏀⛹Feel like a professionalbasketball player behind the foul shot, feel the pressure, feel thefun... toss the basketball and DUNK! Are you ready?⛹🏀 Do you likeit? We have a lot of free games for you! http://frvr.comhttps://basketball.frvr.com http://fb.me/frvrgameshttp://fb.me/basketball.frvr.instant
Slash FRVR 1.3.2 APK
Slash everything that moves, except for the bombs! Now you knoweverything you need to know to play and enjoy this game. Slash FRVRFeatures: - Easy to learn gameplay - One click or tap play - Greatmusic - Amazing Graphics Slash, slice and cut your way to successin this simple yet addictive and fun game. Train your ninja skillsand become a sensei when you reach 1000 points!
Balloon FRVR - Tap to Flap and Avoid the Spikes 1.2.0 APK
Balloon FRVR is a fun-addicting reaction-test game in which youcontrol a balloon held by a clumsy fly. Help this flying insect tocarry the balloon circle along the barbed wire path and avoidingthe spikes. The farther you get without popping the flappy balloon,the higher your score. Tap the screen to flap the wings in theright moment so the balloon won’t touch the barbed wire, else itwill explode in your face! Balloon FRVR is a challenging andnerve-wracking simple arcade game where you take control of aflying insect (a bee or a fly… not really sure) carrying a floppyballoon looped around a long and endless barbed wire. You must timeyour tiny wing flaps and jump by tapping the screen so that theballoon will not touch the spikes as you go. This little fly istrying to get his balloon home in one piece. Unfortunately, it’swrapped around what could be an endless string of spiked line! Tapthe screen to make the dumb bug to flap his wings. The more youclick, the more the fly jump and the more points you score! But becareful, if you don’t tap in the right moment you can lose controland blast the flabby balloon. Can you help him protect his balloonin this one button game? Balloon FRVR brings you a casualexperience that blends two game genres: the engaging experience ofan original arcade game which makes you tap and click the screen tomake the fly jumps, and to see how the floppy balloon bounce aroundthe spiky wire. And a classic casual buzz wire game where yourreflexes and skills are the keys to success. Controls are also anamazing feature of this flipping game, you only need one finger totap the screen and control the fly of this flying cute friend. Aclamsy fly is holding up a balloon circle, but there is a buzz wirerunning through it! Don't make the fly sad by popping the balloon;make the fly flap its wings to keep going. The spiked wire's lineis going to change as you progress, so you need to focus and beskilled to avoid the spikes. Collect animal balloons to unlock newcolors for your balloon. Balloon FRVR is a funny and addictivereaction test game. All you have to do is get as far as possiblewithout popping the balloon with that annoying spiked wire. Play ascute little insect trying to carry a flabby balloon looped around abarbed wire and collect balloon pieces as you go. Tap to flap thelittle wings of the fly and avoid to touch the sharp wire in thisskill game for all ages! Playable in airplane mode, without dataconnection. No 4G or Wi-Fi required. It’s the perfect arcade onetouch control game for a short period of reaction training on thebus, at school or in the office. Easy to play one-button game forall ages and all kind of tablets and phones. It runs smoothly bothon high-grade smartphones and low-performing devices. Balloon FRVRis a low storage game, you don’t need more than 33 mb to play! Thisavoiding game only focuses on giving you a truly fun experience ina low mb game for free. It’s an easy to play flapping game withincredibly addictive and simple controls, so both young and adultscan have fun. Play online or offline, since you don’t need aninternet connection to tap and flap the wings. And relax, you canplay as much as you want, there’s no time limit! Flip your wingsand keep the floppy balloon away from the spiky wire and help thisclumsy fly to jump in the right moment to save the circle from thesharp peak! Do you like it? We have a lot of free games for you!https://frvr.com https://balloon.frvr.com https://fb.me/frvrgameshttps://fb.me/balloonfrvr
Gold Train FRVR - Best Railroad Connection Game 1.5.3 APK
Solve challenging and unique puzzles, by connecting railroadsandbuilding a safe way to make the railway reach the trainstation.Improve the locomotive and add wagons (for goods orpassengers) andvaults to get as much gold as you can in your wayover the rails.Do it as fast as you can or the train will crash!This plumberstyle game mixes the western aesthetic of the oldtrainstransporting gold with the flow puzzles. The best pipeconnectinggame to keep your brain sharpen! Play Gold Train FRVR nowif you’rea jigsaw lover. Easy to play but challenging and engaging,the bestoption for both kids and adults! 🚉💰💰 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃💨 💰💰🚉 A newrailroadpuzzle game! Gold Train FRVR is your new favorite railwaylinegame! Addictive and fun gameplay that will hook you up forhours!Drag, drop and rotate track tiles to complete the lines forthetrain and try to reach the next station! Evolve and improveyourtrain and get as much gold as you can on your way to thestation toreach the higher score among your friends! Each scenariois a newchallenge, how many gold coins can you get? Gold Train FRVRis atruly relaxing railroad puzzle game where there’s NO LIVESMODE.Play as much as you want! Moves are not limited, if none ofthepieces fit on the board, just press the shuffle button andnewrailway tracks will appear. Squeeze your brain with hours ofpipeconnecting and drag the train tracks wisely! Be careful andselectthe right tile to assemble the railway road and get the traintothe station safe! Can you become the railroad tycoon of thewildwest? Try to solve the puzzles using all the railroad trackstomaximize your score, and reach the train station before thetimeruns out to get a bonus. You have two options in each stage:solvethe puzzle as fast as you can to multiply your gold earningsorrelax and play at your own pace since there is no timelimit.Sharpen your wits to solve the challenges of each puzzle withthebest brain training game. Connect the railroad tracks and savethetrains! Relaxing gameplay that mix pipeline games andclassicpuzzle with a fresh railroad-theme where all the pieces canbeswapped and shuffled to connect the railway tracks. Therailroadtracks need to be connected before you can continue,otherwise thetrain will crash and you’ll lost all the gold! Allthat you need iscorrectly connecting the pipes from one point toanother. Don’t beafraid of getting stuck, since you can alwayschange, shuffle andswitch the pieces as many times as you need tosolve the railwaypuzzle. Drive a railroad through hundreds of wildwest levels.Build the train tracks from the starting point to thedestinationtrain station, and try to fill all the blanks with therailwaypieces. Cross the rivers using wooden bridges or buildrailcrossings to go through the same site several times. Try topass bythe mine to fill the vaults with gold coins, then use themoney toimprove and upgrade the parts of the railroad: locomotiveto addmultipliers to your score, wagons for transporting both goodsandpassengers, and vaults to fill with gold coins. Gold Train FRVRisa low storage game, you don’t need more than 40 mb to play!Thisrailroad connection game only focuses on giving you a trulyfunexperience in a low mb game for free. It’s an easy to playpipeconnecting game with incredibly addictive and simple controls,soboth young and adults can have fun. Play online or offline,sinceyou don’t need an internet connection to play this railwaypuzzlegame. And relax, you can play as much as you want, there’s notimelimit! Do you like it? We have a lot of free games foryou!https://frvr.com https://goldtrain.frvr.comhttps://fb.me/frvrgameshttps://fb.me/goldtrain.frvr.instant
Trim FRVR - Pop the Blocks and Explode the Cubes 1.3.3 APK
Trim FRVR is the ultimate block collapse game with a totallynewmatching gameplay and unlimited time and moves! Tap a coloredcubeand blast the whole matching section of blocks, createpowerfulboosters and try to make combos to get more points! Enjoypoppingtoy cubes and try to empty the board before the blocks reachthetop of the screen. Are you ready for a real blockblastingchallenge? Trim FRVR players with a high score have astrategiceye, sharp wits, and great perception. Keep you brain ingood shapewith the best cube blasting game! Endless hours of fun!There’s NOLIVES MODE and there are no level limits. It’s up to youand yourlogic to reach the end of this new block puzzle. Tap thecubes ofthe same color and try to combine boosters to get the bestblockexplosion and reach the highest score! The goal is simple:removematching sections of blocks before the board fills up andreachesthe top bar. Although the game looks deceptively easy, TrimFRVRserves up fresh challenges and options as you play. Tap therightcubes to rack up points, get power-ups and increase playingtime.Remove matching cubes at your own pace before the board fillsupwith the best toy box puzzle game! Collect coins by collapsingtoyblocks, keep an eye out for point-boosting combinations toblastyour way to success. Your gameplay is accompanied by anupbeat,original soundtrack that keeps you engaged and coming backformore. Trim FRVR offers endless hours of skill-sharpening fun!Youropponent? Your own previous score! Can you beat it? Tap andmergeblocks and blast your way to your best score. Create boostersthatwill help you: match 4+ cubes of the same color in a row to getaline power-up, then collapse it with another blocks to activateitand burst a vertical or horizontal line! You can also createbombsby tapping four cubes in a square shape, and then pop it toblastall the blocks of the same color on the board! Are you thenumberone among your friends? Trim FRVR is kind of a matching game,butnot just another one, since you can collapse 2 or more toy cubesofthe same color and play all that you want because there isanendless game, without levels. Keep popping blocks andcollapsingcubes while a new line of colored boxes appears aftereach tap, andexplode all of them before they reach the upper sideof the board!Click on a group of blocks of the same color, the morecubes youpop, the more points you get! Don’t let the bubbles reachthe topof the screen! Tap on the dots at the bottom to spawn a lineofcubes when you need one. Trim FRVR is a truly relaxing puzzlegamewhere there’s no lives mode. Play as much as you want! Neithertimenor moves are limited, so squeeze your brain with hours ofblockbursting fun and cube popping! You just have to be careful nottofill up all the board! Trim FRVR is a low storage game, youdon’tneed more than 40 MB to play! This block blasting game onlyfocuseson giving you a truly fun experience in a low mb game sizeforfree. It’s an easy to play cube collapse game withincrediblysimple and addictive controls, so both young and adultscan havefun. Play online or offline, since you don’t need aninternetconnection to play this toy blocks game. And relax, you canplay asmuch as you want, there’s no time limit! Do you like it? Wehave alot of free games for you! https://frvr.comhttps://trim.frvr.comhttps://fb.me/frvrgameshttps://fb.me/trim.frvr.instant