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Most Popular Mahjongg Game on App Store, and now available onGoogle Market!This is a Mahjongg(Universal app) between one playerand one computer, using Taiwan mahjongg's rule, with GBMahjong 13tiles.It has a girl's sounds, and the musics are very attractiveand you will be lost in it:-)On iPad, it is just good enough toplay, on iphone, the tiles are a little smaller, you should becareful to choose the right tile.Some Notices:1) When EAT, pleaselook at the tips(green dots) if there is multiple choices, choosethe best one!2) Mahjongg Girl is a Chinese game, so there is noEnglish for this app yet.If any problem, just mail us or comment itin app store.Enjoy it!

App Information Mahjong Girl

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    Mahjong Girl
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    July 12, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    CronlyGames Inc.
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    中国上海市杨浦区国顺路399弄4号201室 200433
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最经典的天天拖拉机-双扣升级80分上线Google PlayStore!完美的单机游戏,多个AI陪你一起来升级;网络大厅也可以进入,欢迎呼朋唤友一起拖拉机!1.1.1版更新内容:1)修复在线大厅中打A时的界面错乱问题;2)修复偶尔出现的亮主按钮出错问题;祝大家玩得开心!免费升级/80分/拖拉机游戏!升级是一种流行于中国和海外华人社区的纸牌游戏,一般是四人参加,非常考验玩家的团队合作观念,如果有良好的团队合作将让你更好的获得好的成绩。其目的是赢取分数、升级以获得胜利。升级游戏可以使用一副牌、两副甚至三到四副扑克牌。在不同的情况下,它有不同的名称:一副牌时也叫打百分、打40,两副牌时也叫八十分、拖拉机、打80、双抠、双升、升级。打法升级采用含大小王的整副扑克牌进行游戏,可以使用1-4副牌不等,其中以2副牌的打法最为流行。下面介绍两副牌的打法,其它打法与其有差异的地方在下面列出。游戏者四人,相对的两人为一方。游戏的目的就是做庄,然后“升级”,一般以先升到A的一方为赢家。升级中的“主牌”包括常主、当局级数和当局主花色,这些牌大于其它牌。常主包括大小王,有时包括2,两副牌打法中一般不包括[1]。当局级数是在升级过程中逐渐升上来的,它在上一局末尾时确定。当局主花色是在一局开始时确定的,也可以没有主花色,叫做“无主”。升级中的“分牌”包括5、10和K,其中5代表5分,10和K代表10分,每副牌100分,两副牌就是200分。双方都尽量获取分数,因为一局的胜负是由分数决定的。闲家得到一定的分数就可以上台,而庄家尽量不让闲家得分。这个分数线通常是80分[2]。在2不是常主的情况下,级数从2开始升(是常主时从3开始),根据每局最后得分情况确定本局升级情况。通常情况下,是以80分为基础上台分数,每40分为一级[3]。0分:庄家升三级5-35分:庄家升两级40-75分:庄家升一级80-115分:闲家上台120-155分:闲家上台升一级160-195分:闲家上台升两级200-235分:闲家上台升三级(以后每40分,闲家再升一级)两副牌最大的得分值为120+(2^24)*80=1342177400(闲家上台升33554433级)每一局之前要确定该局的主花色。模式是亮出手里有的该局级数牌,如该局打9,牌手甲亮了黑桃9,而没有人再反应,那么这一局的主花色就是黑桃。在亮主之后,可以进行反主,即某方再亮出更强的牌型以改变该局的主花色。反主的模式有(假设牌手甲亮了黑桃9):一般反主:亮出两张相同的级数牌。牌手乙可以亮两张红桃9,把主花色改为红桃;自保:亮过一张牌的牌手再亮出一张同样的牌。牌手甲再亮出一张黑桃9,又改回黑桃;[4]反无主:亮出两张相同的王牌。牌手丙亮出2张大王,确定无主。用两张王牌反无主之后,就不可以再反主了。一般反主不改变庄家,庄家在上一局末尾根据分数确定。但是第一局例外,第一局要通过抢庄的方式确定庄家。抢庄就是抢亮2(或3),谁最后确定下主花色谁就是第一局的庄家。每人抓25张牌,留8张底牌供庄家换牌用。[5]庄家可以通过换牌加强自己的牌力。第一张牌也是庄家先出。游戏中按轮出牌,从第一个人开始,四人以逆时针顺序依次出牌。牌型最强的一位赢下这一轮,下一轮由他出先出牌。赢方还可以获取这一轮中出现的分牌(闲家叫“得分”,庄家叫“跑分”)。每一轮出牌中,由第一个出牌者确定该轮出牌的牌型。其他三家出的牌都要和第一家出牌的牌型一致,如第一家出草花,另外三家就要跟出草花。如果无法做到,则可另出一张副牌,叫做“随”,或者出主牌压过,叫做“毙”(主牌无法毙主牌)。在“毙”之后,可以再用更大的主牌“盖毙”。也可以出多张牌。常见的多张牌型有对子、甩牌和拖拉机。甩牌,即多个单张同时出,出这种牌时要保证其他人没有更大的。Themost classic tractor every day - 80 minutes on the line Shuangkouupgrade Google Play Store!Perfect single game, multiple AI upgradetogether with you;You can also enter Network hall, welcomeHupenghuanyou tractor together!1.1.1 version update:1) repair lineinterface Mansian hall when playing A;2) fix the occasional brightmain button error problem;I wish you all have fun!Free upgrades /80 min / Tractor game!Upgrading is a popular Chinese and overseasChinese community card game, usually four to attend, is the test ofthe concept of team players, if there is a good team will make youbetter get good results. Its purpose is to win points, upgrades towin. Upgrade game can use a deck of cards, two or even three tofour cards. Under different circumstances, it has a different name:When a card is also called play percentage, hit 40, when the twodecks also called eight very, tractors, hit 80, double pull, doubleL, upgrade.PlayUpgrade packs of cards using the entire gameincluding king size, you can use the cards ranging from 1-4, inwhich the two most popular brand of play. Here are two play cards,play with their differences other places listed below.Four players,two of whom opposed the party. The purpose of the game is to PLAY,then "upgrade", generally one of the first to rise to Awinner.Upgrade "main brand" includes regular primary, primarycolors authorities progression and authorities, these cards morethan other cards. Often main include king size, sometimes including2 play two cards generally do not include [1]. Authorities duringthe upgrade progression is gradual rise up, and it is determined atthe end of the inning. Main color is determined by the authoritiesat the beginning of a game, you can not have a primary color,called "ownerless."Upgrading the "scoreboard" includes 5,10 and K,where 5 represents 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 10 K on behalf of eachof the cards 100 points, two cards is 200 points. Both sides try toget the score, because the outcome of a game is determined by thescore. Player can get a certain score on the stage, but try not tolet the dealer Player to score. The score line is usually 80minutes [2].In the main case is not normally 2, series startingfrom 2 liters (main time is normally from 3 starts), determined inaccordance with the Council upgrades final scores per game. Undernormal circumstances, it is divided into 80 basis points on stage,each divided into a 40 [3].0: Makers liter three5-35 points: twoliters Makers40-75 points: making up a level80-115 points: Playerstage120-155 points: Player came up a level160-195 points: Playerliter two stage200-235 points: Player came liter three(After every40 minutes, free home another level) two cards maximum score is 120+ (2 ^ 24) * 80 = 1342177400 (Player came to 33,554,433 liters)Todetermine the master suit before the council each game. Mode is thecouncil showed the hands of some series cards, such as the councilplay nine, player A bright spades 9, but no one reacted, then themain color of this bureau is spades. After the bright primary, itcan be counter-master, that a party again showed a stronger hand tochange the primary color type the Authority. Anti main modes are(assuming that player A bright spades 9):General Anti Owner:flashed two cards the same series. Player B can light two hearts 9,the primary color change hearts;Protect themselves: too bright cardpoker hand and then showed a similar card. A player then showed a 9of spades, spades changed back; [4]Anti nullius: ace showed thesame two. Players prop showed two king, determined without theLord.After two trump cards with anti ownerless can no longer beanti-Lord.Lord does not change the general anti-dealer, the dealerat the end of the inning determined according to scores. But firstinning exception, the first game to determine the dealer by way oflooting village. Liang grab grab village is 2 (or 3), who finallydetermine who is making the main color of the first inning.25 cardsper catch, leaving eight cards for the dealer for a license to use.[5] making for a license can strengthen their brand power. Thedealer is the first card out.Game press rounds out the card,started from the first, four in a counterclockwise order of thecards. A card type under the strongest win this round, the nextround by him out of the first cards. Winning party can also obtainthis round appeared scoreboard (Player called "scoring", the dealercalled "running points").Each round of the cards, it is determinedthat the wheel of cards of the type by the first dealer. The otherthree out of the cards and have the cards of the first card typeagreement, such as the first home of the flower, the flower withthe other three going. If you can not do it, you can separate outone of the cards, called "over", or the pressure off the main card,called the "death" (main card can not shoot the main card). Afterthe "death", can be reused more master card "cover shoot."Also themore cards. Common type there are multiple cards pair, thrown cardsand tractors. Rejection card, ie, multiple leaflets at the sametime out, out of this card when you want to ensure that otherpeople do not even greater.
宽立天天斗地主 1.2.4 APK
天天斗地主正式升级, UI界面整体更新,AI水平全面增强。风靡全国的斗地主游戏,登陆Appstore.带有单机AI和多人联网支持,智能出牌提示,让你随时随地可以尽享斗地主的欢乐。我们的拖拉机,升级80分也可以下载啦Landlords day official upgrade, UI interface overallupdate, AI level fully enhanced.Landlords game swept the country,landing App store.With stand-alone AI and multiplayer networkingsupport, smart cards tips,So that you can enjoy anytime, anywhereLandlords joy.Our tractors, upgrade 80 points can also download it
Mahjong Girl 2.2.0 APK
Most Popular Mahjongg Game on App Store, and now available onGoogle Market!This is a Mahjongg(Universal app) between one playerand one computer, using Taiwan mahjongg's rule, with GBMahjong 13tiles.It has a girl's sounds, and the musics are very attractiveand you will be lost in it:-)On iPad, it is just good enough toplay, on iphone, the tiles are a little smaller, you should becareful to choose the right tile.Some Notices:1) When EAT, pleaselook at the tips(green dots) if there is multiple choices, choosethe best one!2) Mahjongg Girl is a Chinese game, so there is noEnglish for this app yet.If any problem, just mail us or comment itin app store.Enjoy it!
Gomoku - Online Game Hall 2.2.0 APK
The only Game Hall for Gomoku on Google Play! Also the mostpowerful gomoku on Google Play! Support Online challenge viatables.$$$ Online battle vs. Mode- Seamless integration with yourGame Center account, nickname.- Support as many as three differentmodes,no restriction for black;black restriction - black will loseif he fill in the restricted points.RIF Rules, support exchange andforbid;- Center Point at the first, the stars can crowd around it.-Five rooms, 16 tables for each room, support 80 tables at most tochoose.- Download our Same Stars HD to get more tables, as many as250!$$$ Offline Practice Mode- Play with computer, or other players- friends, family, lovers on the same iPad;- Choose White or Blackat your ease.- Set up the restriction on Black or not;
BlackJack - Daily 21 Points 1.2.1 APK
Black Jack - Daily 21 points, supports Insurance, "Straight Flush"and "Five Dragon" inside.Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, isthe most widely played casino banking game in the world. Blackjackis a comparing card game between a player and dealer and playedwith one or more decks of 52 cards.The player or players are dealtan initial two card hand and add the total of their cards. Facecards (Kings, Queens, and Jacks) are counted as ten points. Theplayer and dealer can count their own Ace as 1-point or 11 points.All other cards are counted as the numeric value shown on the card.After receiving their initial two cards, players have the option ofgetting a "hit" (taking additional cards) to bring their totalvalue of cards to 21 points, or as close as possible withoutexceeding 21 (called "busting"). If a player holds an ace valued as11, the hand is called "soft", meaning that the player cannot gobust by taking an additional card; otherwise, the hand is"hard".The dealer has to take hits until his cards total 17 or morepoints. (In some casinos, the dealer also hits on a "soft" 17, e.g.initial ace and six.) Players who do not bust and have a totalhigher than the dealer, win. The dealer will lose if he or shebusts, or has a lesser hand than the player who has not busted. Ifthe player and dealer have the same point total, this is called a"push" and the player typically doesn't win or lose money on thathand.Many rule variations of blackjack exist. Since the 1960's,blackjack has been a high profile target of advantage players,particularly card counters, who track the profile of cards thathave been dealt and adapt their wager and playing strategiesaccordingly.Other casino games inspired by blackjack includeSpanish 21 and pontoon. The recreational British card game of blackjack is a shedding-type game and unrelated to the subject of thisarticle.
宽立麻将十三张 1.3.2 APK
麻将十三张 --* 单机版四人麻将,使用国标麻将13张的规则,配有美女真人声效和出牌提示,软语酥音醉人迷~~*网络版四人麻将,请呼朋唤友,避免三缺一的等待iPad上牌比较大,打起来比较爽快。iPhone上牌比较小,要仔细选才行,注意哦.有问题请发信或评论:-)欢迎尝试!Mahjongthirteen -* Standalone Edition four mahjong, use 13 GB mahjongrules, with live sound and beauty tips cards, soft words crispsound intoxicating fans ~* Network Edition four mahjong, pleaseHupenghuanyou avoid waiting San QueyiiPad on the card is relativelylarge, fight more readily.iPhone on the card is relatively small,carefully selected for the job, pay attention to Oh.Have questionsor comments letter :-)Welcome to try!