1.0.10 / October 21, 2013
(3.8/5) (189)


This app is a mah-jong of a Japaneserule.
The feature of this game is drawing by 3D.
Supported language is Japanese and English.
The game progresses to the tempo well though the computer is not sostrong by an speedy idea.

Support Android2.1+ (Recommended is Android2.2)

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Mahjong Nagomi 1.0.10 APK
Zoo Corporation
This app is a mah-jong of a Japaneserule.The feature of this game is drawing by 3D.Supported language is Japanese and English.The game progresses to the tempo well though the computer is not sostrong by an speedy idea.Support Android2.1+ (Recommended is Android2.2)
Mahjong Nagomi LITE 1.0.8 APK
Appearance of 3D mah-jong.The lite version once a day, the game can be new.The paid version can enjoy unlimited game higher qualityscreen.This app is a mah-jong of a Japanese rule.Supported language is Japanese and English.The game progresses to the tempo well though the computer is not sostrong by an speedy idea.Support Android2.1+ (Recommended is Android2.2)
GATE 1.0.4 APK
Zoo Corporation
Touch Action Game "GATE"You must open the oncoming doors to proceed."GATE" is a touch action game which has players open oncomingdoors ("gates") by making full use of touch, tap, flick and dragtechniques.Using both tap and touch techniques and, in some cases, usingmulti-touch techniques will be the key.Support : Android 2.1
Nyango 1.0.0 APK
Stuffed toys duel in the WildWestworld!?NYANGO is an addictive quick-shoot dueling game.Don't fall for me, you'll get hurt!STORYA man (stuffed cat) standing with a gun in the wilderness.His name is "NYANGO".He used to live peacefully as a 'teddy bear' in a vastfarmland.However he was suddenly caught by monstrous villains (teddybears)and patched and re-created into horrible appearance.In despair and dismay, he found a shining golden gunbychance.When he picked it up, something special in his heart cheeredhimup!Is the gunshot an agonized shrieks or a shout of delight?NYANGO's revenge is now started!HOW TO PLAYNYANGO is an easy to play, addictive quick-shoot duelinggame.You just need to tap the targets on the screen!GAME MODESThere are two game modes "GUN FIGHT" and "DUEL".Both modes support SCORE RANKING and you can compete scoreswithplayers in the world."GUN FIGHT" modeShoot enemies with in a limited time.You can make "combo" by tapping targets repeatedly.Shoot them up!More enemies you knock down, time limits and gimmicksareincreasing.Something appears when reach a specific levels.."DUEL" modeYou can play 1 on 1 duel.Tap a correct target within a limited time.Good judgment is required!How many villains can you knock down?Be quick!===================================MORE INFORMATIONENTER ZOO: http://ent.zoo.jp/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoocorpTwitter: https://twitter.com/zoo_corp===================================
Touch Action Game "GATE".In "LITE" version, "EASY" mode of "TIME ATTACK" is only playable.You must open the oncoming doors to proceed."GATE" is a touch action game which has players openoncomingdoors ("gates") by making full use of touch, tap, flick anddragtechniques.Using both tap and touch techniques and, in some cases,usingmulti-touch techniques will be the key.Support : Android 2.1
四家麻雀 和 パーティプレイ用コントローラアプリ 1.0.3 APK
和コントローラアプリ(なごみコントローラ)を使って、クラウドゲーム版和のパーティプレイをみんなで楽しもう!クラウドゲーム版「四家麻雀『和』」では、テレビと人数分のコントローラアプリが入ったスマートフォン/タブレットがあれば、その場のみんなと麻雀を楽しむパーティプレイが行えます。ご家族とお友達とリアルな麻雀さながらの対局をお楽しみください。※本アプリはG-clusterで配信中のクラウドゲーム版「四家麻雀『和』」のパーティプレイ専用コントローラアプリです。アプリ単体で遊ぶことはできませんのでご注意ください。Use the(controller softens) sum controller application,Let's enjoytogether the party play the cloud game version sum!"Yonie Mahjong"Harmony "," provides a few minutes and people TV cloud gameversionIf there is a smartphone / tablet controller app is on,I canperform party play enjoy mahjong with everyone of the place.Pleaseenjoy the Taikyoku just like Mahjong and realistic friends and yourfamily.※ This application cloud game version of the distribution inthe G-clusterIt is a play party dedicated controller app "YonieMahjong" sum "" of.Please keep in mind that it does not allow youto play in the app itself.
対戦麻雀 和 ONLINE 1.2.3 APK
これからはみんなで遊べる「和」へ…麻雀ゲームの決定版「和」のオンライン対戦版がついに登場!=========================================○●新モードのご紹介●○様々な条件で他プレイヤーとの熱戦が楽しめる「イベントマッチ」をネットワーク対局に追加しました!従来のお手軽通信対戦は「クイックマッチ」に名称を変え、新たに追加された「イベントマッチ」と併せて多様なネットワーク対局をお楽しみいただけます。また、イベントマッチ内の「ランクマッチ」はランキング対応しており、他のプレイヤーと順位を競うことができます。ランクマッチに参加して、目指せ上位ランク!=========================================「対戦麻雀 和ONLINE」はオンライン対戦に対応した日本ルールの四人打ち麻雀です。テンポの良いゲーム進行、雰囲気を盛り上げるボイスや臨場感のあるBGMなど各種要素を丁寧に仕上げました。ちょっとした暇つぶしに最適な「シングルプレイ」、全国のプレイヤーと白熱した対局を楽しめる「ネットワーク対局」、その場のみんなと対局を楽しむ「プレイコード対局」、プレイヤーのプレイスタイルにあった麻雀をお楽しみいただけます。(ネットワーク対局、プレイコード対局を行うには和メダルが必要ですが、和メダルはシングルプレイを行うことで増やすことができます)和の情報が盛りだくさんの公式サイトはコチラから!■和オフィシャルサイトhttp://nagomi.zoo.jp/Now I can play witheveryone to "sum" ...Competitive online version definitive edition of mahjong game of"sum" comes up at last!=========================================○ ● introduction of the new mode ● ○Enjoy the exciting game with other players in a variety ofconditions "Event match"I've added to the network opposite station!To change the name to "quick match", Easy communication play aconventional newly addedYou can enjoy a variety of network opposite station in conjunctionwith the "Event Match."In addition, the events within the match "ranked matches" isranked correspondence, otherYou can compete and ranking player.Join in ranked matches, the top rank Aim!========================================="Taisen Mahjong sum ONLINE" is the four people beating theJapanese Mahjong rules corresponding to the online matches.Game progress a good tempo, and BGM with a sense of reality andvoice enliven the atmosphereI finished carefully the various elements.The opposite station that was incandescent optimal "single play",players across the country to pass the time a littleto be able to enjoy "opposite station network", enjoy the oppositestation with everyone situ "play opposite station code",You can enjoy mahjong that was in the play style of theplayer.Sum medal is required to do (opposite station network, play codeopposite station, but the sum medalsYou can increase by performing a single play)Official site of lots from here is information of the sum!■ sum Official Sitehttp://nagomi.zoo.jp/
日本ミックスジュース開発機構 1.0.0 APK
------------------------------------[コーヒー]×[オレンジジュース]=???[お茶]×[トマトジュース]=???[D-Channel]×[ZOO-LAB]=???あの人気YouTubeチャンネル「D-Channel」がまさかのアプリ化?!新感覚アプリ『日本ミックスジュース開発機構』 ここに設立!------------------------------------ようこそ、日本ミックスジュース開発機構へ。私は開発者の「でべそ」改め「Dr.戸川」だ。君たちは、子供の頃、ファミレスなどで暇を持て余した時、ドリンクバーのお茶やジュースを一緒に組み合わせて飲んだら「意外とおいしかった!」という不思議な発見をしたことはないかね?「日本ミックスジュース開発機構」は、既存の飲み物同士を組み合わせて新たな美味しい飲み物を開発する研究所だ。現在、わが研究所で組み合わせ候補にあがっている飲み物は8種類。君たちには、この8種類の中から2つの飲み物を選んでもらう。例えば、「サイダー」と「コーンスープ」といった具合だ。そして、組み合わせたらこんな味になった、という研究結果レポートを私が君に報告しよう。自信を持っておすすめできる非常に美味しい組み合わせもあれば、とても飲めたものではなかった、という組み合わせもある。新たな発見を、是非とも君の手で見つけ出してほしい。見事、美味しい組み合わせを見つけた時には、素晴らしい特典が授けられることだろう。それでは、健闘を祈っているよ。------------------------------------■最新情報・アップデート情報D-Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKjcM7FVTgltng6oAH8VoAAD-Channel Twitter:https://twitter.com/kissdebesoZOO Twitter:https://twitter.com/zoo_corpZOO Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/zoocorpENTER ZOO:http://ent.zoo.jp/mixjuice/------------------------------------------------------------------------[Coffee] × [orange juice] =? ? ?[Tea] × [tomato juice] =? ? ?[D-Channel] × [ZOO-LAB] =? ? ?That popular YouTube channel "D-Channel" is rainy dayapplicationof?!New sense app "Japan mix juice Development Organization"foundedhere!------------------------------------Welcome to Japan mix juice development mechanism.I'm "Debeso" revised "Dr. Togawa" of developers.You guys, I was a child,When you have embarrassed the spare time in such afamilyrestaurant,Drink bar of the tea and juiceAnd drank in combination togetherReferred to as "surprisingly delicious!"I guess is not that it has a strange discovery?"Japan mix juice development mechanism",In combination with each other existing drinkIt's Institute to develop a new delicious drink.Currently, in our laboratory8 types of drinks that are up to the combination candidate.The guys, from among the eightYou get to choose two of the drinks.For example, a "cider", "corn soup"It's so on.And, it became like taste when combined,I research results report that while trying to report to you.You can recommend with confidenceSome are very tasty combination,It was not what was drink so, thatCombination also.A new discovery,By all means I want you to find in your hand.Impressive, when you find a delicious combination,It would be great benefits are bestowed.So, you are praying the good fight.------------------------------------■ latest information and updates informationD-Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKjcM7FVTgltng6oAH8VoAAD-Channel Twitter:https://twitter.com/kissdebesoZOO Twitter:https://twitter.com/zoo_corpZOO Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/zoocorpENTER ZOO:http://ent.zoo.jp/mixjuice/------------------------------------