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If you want to work in a beauty salon and make your own creationsdon't hesitate, click and enter now in our fabulous pedicure gamewhere you will enjoy the most innovative designs of the screens anda really simple interface to use that will make you believe thatyou are playing in the very reality, do you dare?In this funpastime you will spend hours debating non-stop, cause withoutleaving home and without charge we give you the opportunity to ownyour own beauty establishing in the city center. Your store will bethe most visited in town thanks to your good taste, style and thedifferent types of nails that you will offer: from gel, porcelainand acrylic to fake, plastic and natural. To begin choose the modelthat you like most and start to take care with her, first washcarefully the hands with the right soap and remove the old polishwith cotton and the nail polish remover until there are no tracesof paint. Then remove cuticles, cut to the desired shape andremember grinding and polishing well the whole area. Show all kindsof colors for the most daring, black, blue, pink, red and gray andmakes the french manicure for simple girls.Don't forget to applysome moisturizer and make an excellent massage for them to stayrelaxed. If they wish, they can also choose designs and shapes tomake the funniest feet, show your gift and be the best, Luck!

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    Make Nails and Manicure
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    September 10, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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