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Go ahead and beautify your images with free photo makeup editor wedesigned for all the girls and women who love makeup! InstallMakeup Photo Stickers montage creator and have a virtual facemakeover! Select the eyeshadow stickers , lipstick and eyebrows youlike and add them over your selfie! Once you start using this photoediting software you will love it forever!*** Makeup Photo Stickersfeatures: ***Collection of different makeup stickers!Add more thanone sticker to your pics!Center and put your stamps where you wantthem!Move rotate and zoom in or zoom out!Save and share your makeupphotomontages! Add eye makeup stickers , lipstick , brows andlashes on your selfies and create a perfect makeup makeover ! Nomore blemishes, pimples and imperfections on your pics! Everythingwill look perfect with a little bit of photo fix makeup ! Have abeauty makeover that will make you look like all those celebritieson magazine covers! Try this camera booth right away and see theresults on pics! *** Look flawless with a little bit of photoediting! ***Get this photo booth camera with fancy picture stickersand use all the special effects to completely transform yourself!You want to know how these makeup stickers look on your face? Trythem on and let this virtual makeup artist make you look like acover girl! Our brand new face editor for Android™ with the bestphoto stamp collection will make you feel like you just left abeauty salon! *** Change your style with this great app! ***Creategreat makeover makeup photo from your plain selfies and enjoy usingthis image editing software ! Try a sticker eyeshadow you like andlet this beauty photo editor make you look stunning! DownloadMakeup Photo Stickers app and change the way you look in just acouple of seconds! Get a makeover you always wanted and try newstyles and new colors on your face! Android™ is a trademark ofGoogle Inc.

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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Fun Studio Photo Apps
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Look seductive and wear lace eyemask on yourselfies! Add beautiful picture stickers and other special effectsto make a perfect photo face makeover! Download Lace Eye MaskSticker Camera and decorate your images with wonderful accessories!Put text on image of your choice and wear black masquerade masks ifyou want to look stylish and elegant! Try it now and look like youare going to a ball!*** Lace Eye Mask Sticker Camera features: **** Collection of seductive lace mask picture stickers!* Masquerade camera pro app with text on photo effects!* Rotate, move and resize each photo stamp!* Add more than one face lace mask to your picture!* Save and share a pic of you wearing face mask!Put on your lace eye mask Halloween edition and be the hottest oneon your holiday pics ! If you like masquerade dress up games youwill love this photo editing software ! Accessorize your selfieswith lace cat mask and your msqrd images are ready to be posted onFacebook or Instagram! Get one of the best photo manipulation toolswith the coolest features and tons of fun picture stamps !*** Add text to photo with this fantastic picture editor !***Try our newest masquerade mask app and enjoy making beautiful photomontages ! Find all sorts of facemasks right here in our picturegallery and use them on your selfies ! Use this face mask photoeditor to send irresistible images to your boyfriend and make himfall in love with you again! Look stunning and flawless with blacklace masquerade mask picture stickers from our Android™ app !*** New collection of lace face mask stickers ! ***Find the best mask for face here and create your own masqueradecarnival photo montages ! Experiment with masquerade masks for menand women to see how they look on you! Start creating amazingmakeover pictures with this creative camera photo booth ! With thiscaptivating appearance a a little veil of mystery on your head youwill gather many many likes on all social networks!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
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Have fun and change voice with this audio recorder and a free phoneapp that will make you sound scary! Download Scream Voice Changerand make cool ringtones for your mobile devices! Let this voicedisguiser help you make personalized text message sounds which areunique and cool! You will have so much fun recording and modifyingyour own voice with this app!*** Scream Voice Changer features:***✓ Scream audio editor and voice filter!✓ Start recording andediting yourself!✓ Save these recordings to your devices!✓ Customvoice changer with scary effects! ✓ Send via messages or share onsocial media!Download free app that and a free voice changersoftware to use special effects or voice filter and soundcompletely different! If you want a voice manipulator that willmake you laugh and entertain you this is just the perfect one foryou! Pick any filter from this sound recorder and modifier andcreate sms tones and free ringtones only for you!*** Have funediting sounds! ***If you want to laugh and do something fundownload free voice changer and change the way you sound! Thisvoice manipulation software is all you need to get tons of specialeffects and voice filters you can use for FREE! Make amazing audiomaterial with this sound simulator and a professional audio editorfor Android™ ! Get it and enjoy making hilarious and scaryscreaming recordings! *** Add filters and effects to your audioclips! ***Voice morphing has never been easier than with this freephone app! Download Scream Voice Changer and a sound transformer tosound like you just stepped out of a horror movie! Make free phoneringtones and custom sms tones with this voice changer application!Set your own email notification sound effects and personalize yourrecordings with this free voice changer app!Android™ is a trademarkof Google Inc.
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Change the way you look on your selfies with Killer Clown StickerMontage app! Are you ready for the attack of the killer clownspicture stickers that will scare everyone? Find a perfect stickerdesign from this collection and put it over your head! With anyevil clown mask from this photo editor your images will lookcreepy! Download this image editing software on your mobile devicesand send your friends these prank photos ! *** Killer Clown StickerMontage features: ***Select the photo stickers you like and addthem to pics!Move them, add more and resize them to make a perfectfit!Add text on photo of your choice and customize pictures!Uploador take a new selfie and start editing it!Save and share all thephotomontages on social networks!Pick a killer clown mask you likeand create horror clown pictures you can post on social networksand prank all your friends and family! Our brand new photo boothapp for Android™ with picture stickers and stamps is all you needto make really scary selfies! Go on and make an evil clown facewith this camera app ! Find the best psycho clown makeup mask foryou and put it on your selfies easily! *** Make evil clown images& post them on social networks! ***Make some scary clown facesfor Halloween and decorate your images with killer clown photostickers ! You will love this scary photo manipulation tool thatwill help you transform into a clown murderer in just a couple ofseconds! Install it on your devices and make scary clown pictureseasily! Go ahead and make chilling images with snap photo filtersand stickers from this fun collection!*** Add killer clown mask toyour selfies!***Create wicked clown pics using this camera app! GetKiller Clown Sticker Montage and put clown killer head sticker overyour face and your photo montage is done! Choose a perfect evilclown makeup for your virtual makeover and enjoy making cool picsthat will make your blood freeze! Hurry up and get this fun photoeditor to make the scariest images of you as a killer clown!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
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Sound the way you always wanted with the new Best Voice Changer Appfree voice modulator app. Try it out, change your voice, and saywhat you always wanted. With the easy to use interface, record yourvoice and experiment with many sound effects. Use the audio filterto hear your voice in high pitch or disguise the way you sound.Forget about the boring old music ringtones. With this voicemodification app you can even make your ringtone. This multipurposephone application allows you to edit sound and make cool ringtones!Experiment and have fun with one of the newest entertainment appson the market. Best Voice Changer App features:✓ Cool voice editorand ringtone maker!✓ Record, easily edit and name your recordingfile!✓ Save the new edited sound to your device or delete it!✓Custom voice changer at a touch of a finger! ✓ Make funny sounds orscary sound effects!✓ Send via messages or share on socialmedia!*** High quality voice changer ***Tell everyone you have aphone with voice changer! Invite your friends and family, changevoice on phone and have the time of your life! Record your childtalking and use this new app as a kid voice changer. Manipulateyour audio material with ease and become a professional audioeditor. Tune your voice and match it with your emotions. Soundserious by changing your speech to low pitch or make funny soundswith high pitch. Test this new sound mixer and make high qualitysounds. This audio editing software is a voice changer that soundsreal. Try out these free audio effects and be entertained forhours!*** A lot of fun and happy moments ***Are you a prankster?Then use this ''sound transformer'' and prank your friends. Thisnew app for Android™ lets you become a creative genius. Makeoriginal cool effects and be the funniest person among yourfriends. Scare your friends with voice distortion or make themlaugh with this voice mixer. Use this app to change your voice andcustomize the way you sound. One of the latest cool apps will makeyou original and creative. Make phone ringtones for your friendswith this voice recorder app and amaze them with cool ringtonemaker. Have a sound simulator and a sound transformer in yourpocket. Never again wonder where to buy a voice changer becausewith this voice effects software you will have it all completelyfree of charge.*** Make your own sounds ***If you don't know whichringtone song to set, use this audio editor as a ''ringtonemaker''. Just tap the button to ''record your voice'', name it theway you want to, edit recording, save it to your smartphone and setit as one of your notification sounds and smile any time you get atext message. Record your special someone, adjust the sound and lettheir sweet voice wake you up every morning. You can use these''funny sounds'' for email notification or set scary ringtones whenyour bosses are calling you. Check out the Best Voice Changer Appand you will never look for another voice modulator!Android™ is atrademark of Google Inc.
Mehndi Designs Photo Stickers 1.1 APK
Install our newest instant sticker camera withhenna Mehndi patterns and be the most beautiful bride ever! MehndiDesigns Photo Stickers offers the best tattoo gallery withtraditional Indian designs and image effects you will love! If youlike henna art and picture editing this is the perfect virtualmakeover photo stamp app for you! Check out all the finest hennadesigns for hands and put some ink on them!*** Mehndi Designs Photo Stickers features: **** Many henna Mehndi photo stamps for girls!* Move, rotate, zoom in and zoom out stickers!* Make your hands beautiful with different weddingaccessories!* Pick a perfect photo of your hands from your Android™device!* Capture new one and apply these picture stickers !* Save and share photo montages to Facebook, Instagram, etc!Pick the best Arabic, Pakistani or Indian Mehndi designs todecorate your feet and hands! Feel like all the celebrities whohennaed themselves and relax on your bridal henna nights ! Use ourphoto editing software that brings Vedic customs to you! Make yourown temporary tattoo with cute Mehndi designs for wedding with thebest sticker camera ! Put a decorative stamp on photo and makegreat montages !*** Collection of best Mehndi designs for girls and women!***Celebrate Diwali or Deepavali and put the latest Mehndi designs onyour images! With our new picture stickers app you can find thebest henna hand tattoos for traditional ceremonies and feel likeyou are preparing for your wedding! Check out all the weddingcolors and beautify your photos with special effects and popularfilters ! Have the most beautiful bridal henna fake tattoos on youin just a couple of seconds!*** Use black henna designs and decorate your body! ***Decorate your hands and feet with henna Mehndi tattoo designs andedit sticker to fit your picture! Download Mehndi Designs PhotoStickers and add different tattoos pictures to your own hands!Capture a pic of your palms and awaken the inner light in you byadding adorable skin decor design patterns from our photo stamp app! Try them all and enjoy using ancient art forms for bodydecoration !*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
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Do you want to look like a blood suckingcreature this 2016 Halloween? Download Vampire Fangs Photo Stickersand add that vamp up dead effect to your selfies! You can look sogoth, bloodthirsty and creepy if you put our fang teeth photostickers on your images! Create your makeover pictures andtransform into a monster with sharp teeth! Enter this fun photobooth software and add tons of scary picture effects to yourimages!**** Vampire Fangs Photo Stickers features: ****30 photo stamps and free Halloween stickers!Move, rotate, zoom in and zoom out pic stamps!Decorate your photos with the best face accessories!Upload selfies or capture pics with your Android™ device!Save and share these montages to Facebook, Instagram, etc!Our brand new vampire camera and photo stickers editor is all youneed this Halloween! Make scary Halloween images that will make youlook like you are a vampire for real! Be one of the damnedcreatures from the underworld and leave this monster salon lookingevil! Make everyone super jealous of your cool motion stickersphoto montage and stay away from that twilight and daylight!**** Add sticker to pictures and look spooky! ****If you like Halloween dress up games and makeover games and spagames free you must have this dead yourself app with super coolHalloween filters! Be a vampire queen or king and add those fanggrillz bottom and top! Have your own vampire masquerade photomakeover and look like Count Dracula on your selfies! Go on andachieve that super dark Gothic look in just a couple of secondswith this sticker camera app!**** The best Halloween face changer app! ****You don't have to wear fang implants and harm your teeth when youcan add super cool free Halloween stickers and create your ownvampire bite photo montage! Suck everyone's blood with the bestvampire costumes and have fun using fangs fx on pics! Not only thatyou can get tons of sharp teeth photo stamps but you will also getthe best gold teeth editor camera pro app! Go on and try thisvampire me photo manipulation tool and have so much fun!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.