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The hero from Pirate Ship named Kevin must now pilot hisownsailing vessel around the ocean surrounding seven islands. Hisgoalis to find the greatest treasure. He must collect the keyswhichopen the dock gates to each of the islands by invadingseveralpirate ships and defeating the captain on board in combat.OnceKevin has collect a key from a pirate ship, he must thensailaround the islands in search of the correct dock gate which thekeycorresponds to. Once there, the player embarks on an explorationofthe island to find items, defeat a boss, and collecttreasuresbefore heading off in search of another island key.[Controls] •D-Pad: Use the control pad to move Kevin or the ship inany of thefour cardinal directions. Kevin or the ship will continueto movein that direction as long as nothing is blocking their path.• Abutton: Speed up the ship while sailing. Make Kevin jumpwhilecontrolling him. • B button: Press the B button to make Kevinpickup a rock or barrel that he is standing in front of when he isnotholding anything in his hands. Press the B button again tothrowthe object in the direction that he is facing. No use whenpilotingthe ship. • Start: Start a new game, and to pause theactionmid-game. • Select: Call up the subscreen, which can only beseenwhen not piloting the ship. [Player] When Kevin piloting hisshiparound the ocean, you can navigate to any location within asquareperimeter. If you attempt to sail too far outside that limit,yourship will begin to slow, and eventually come to a stop. Theword"STOP" will appear on the screen to indicate that you maynottravel any further in that direction. Kevin will disembark fromhisship when he encounters another ship at sea, or when he visitsthedock gate of an island for which he has already collected thekey.Once he is walking around, he can jump, and he is vulnerabletoattack. Kevin has a collection of life points whose currenttotalcan be seen in the upper left hand corner of the screen.Thesepoints double as a score, and increase every timeKevinsuccessfully attacks enemies with an object. Whenever oneenemy isstruck, Kevin gains 10 points. If a second enemy is struckby thesame object, Kevin earns 20 points, and if a third enemy isstruck,he gains 40, and so on. Fruit or POW icons will alsoincreaseKevin's health. Kevin will die if his life points reach 0.[Items]Tablets~ Three tablets are required in order to readthetranscriptions present on the door to Baido's treasure.Withoutthem, you will not be able to open the door. Two of themareguarded by island bosses, but you cannot obtain the third onanyisland. You must find another means to collect it. Crystals~Thereare three crystals hidden on three of the islands. If youmanage tofind and collect all three, you will be treated to thebest endingin the game upon finding Baido's treasure. Misc~ Lamp:One of theislands is sealed by a magic spell which can only bebroken bylighting candles on another island. You'll need the lampto lightthem. Chart: The monoliths found on various islands arewritten inan old language. You'll need the chart in order totranslate what'swritten on them in order to divine their secrets.Map: The map willshow you the layout of the islands as they appearon the ocean. Youreceive it a bit late in the game, but it canstill help younavigate quite a bit. You can't use it while sailingaround.Baido's Tear: This mysterious object is also required toopenBaido's treasure. Someone on J.Knife Island may know where isit.Satan Sword: This is a weapon of unbelievable power. Itcaninstantly defeat leaders of evil. As such, it has been hiddenandsealed away. The room where it is kept can only be enteredundervery special conditions, in order to keep those who would seektouse it for the wrong purposes away.

App Information Malai Island - the adventure in seven islands

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    Malai Island - the adventure in seven islands
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    May 3, 2019
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Taisoft Inc.
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Gold Runner 1.6 APK
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[Control] -- Direction pad: move the player -- A button: Dig a holeat the right side -- B button: Dig a hole at the left side -- Startbutton: Start/Pause the game (you can review the whole level whenpause) -- Select button: press 'select', then 'start' to re-try alevel when you get stuck -- Reset button: Restart the game[Introduction] The player must collect all the gold in a levelwhile avoiding guards who try to catch the player. After collectingall the gold, the player must touch the top of the screen to reachthe next level. Levels feature a multi-story, brick platform motif,with ladders and suspended hand-to-hand bars that offer multipleways to travel throughout. The player can dig holes into floors totemporarily trap guards and may safely walk atop trapped guards.Should a guard be carrying a bar of gold when he falls into a holeit will be left behind, and can be retrieved by the player. Overtime, floors dug into will regenerate, filling in these holes. Atrapped guard who cannot escape a hole before it fills is consumed,immediately respawning in a random location at the top of thelevel. Unlike guards, the player's character may not climb up outof a hole, and will be killed if it fills before he can escape byother means. Floors may also contain trapdoors, through which theplayer and guards will fall, and bedrock, through which the playercannot dig. The player can only dig a hole to the sides, and notdirectly underneath himself. This introduces an important strategyfor when digging a hole x blocks deep, the player must first dig agap at least x wide to be able to dig through it, as the number ofspaces will shrink with each layer, and the player needs at leastone free adjacent space to be able to dig. However, exceptions tothis rule arise when the player digs from the position of standingon a ladder, or hanging from a hand-to-hand bar, which allows theplayer to repeatedly dig and descend one row. This kind of diggingis involved in solving many of the levels. The player starts withfive lives; each level completion awards an extra life. Should aguard catch the player, one life is subtracted, and the currentlevel restarts. The player's character can fall from arbitraryheights without any injury but cannot jump, and players can trapthemselves in pits from which the only escape is to abort thelevel, costing a life, and begin again. The player may come intocontact with a guard directly from above, with the stick figure'sfeet touching the guard's head. This is what enables the player towalk over guards who are temporarily stuck in a hole that has beendug. It is also possible to make this contact while both the guardand the player are in free fall, since the player not only runsfaster than the guards, but also falls faster; moreover, it ispossible to survive the feet-to-head contact while a guard isstanding on a platform and begins to move. Both forms of contactare necessary to solve some levels. Sometimes it is necessary toliberate a trapped guard by digging while standing on his head, butthen moving rapidly in the opposite direction when the guard beginsmarching to freedom. In a few levels, it is necessary to use afalling guard as a bridge to reach an otherwise unreachable area.One subtlety is that if a down movement is initiated while standingon a guard's head, or briefly touching the guard's head during freefall, the consequences are fatal. In some levels, guards can bedeliberately trapped in various ways. They can be lured intoentering a part of the level from which there is no escape. In somesituations, the player can liberate trapped guards by digging themout. In some levels, to collect some gold pieces, the player mustexploit the guards into collecting gold pieces.
Bomb Bomb 1.1 APK
Taisoft Inc.
The player has to climb the 50 floors of the undergroundlabyrinthand reach the surface in order to become human. You mustaccomplishtwo things on each floor: You must destroy every enemy,and youmust reveal the exit which can only be used once ever enemyisdefeated. Every floor contains one power-up that canincreaseabilities, as well as his chances for survival. The playerbeginsthe game with ability to produce one bomb at a time withanexplosion range of one square. Power-ups can be collectedtoincrease both the number of bombs he can drop, and the range oftheexplosions. The touch of an enemy, and being caught in anexplosionare both lethal to the player (but he can withstandexplosions ifhe collects the Flamepass power-up). The bombsdetonate on theirown a couple of seconds after being dropped, butthe Detonatorpower-up can give the player the useful ability todetonate thebombs on command whenever he chooses. The player'sbombs can alsodetonate one another in chain reactions. [Control] --Use thedirection pad to direct the player in any one of the fourcardinaldirections. -- A button: Press the A button to drop a bombon thetile that the player is currently standing on. If the playerdoesnot possess the Detonator power-up, the bomb will selfdestructafter a couple of seconds. -- B button: Only used if youhave theDetonator power-up. Press the B button to detonate theoldest bombthat you have remaining on the screen. -- Start button:Start/Pausethe game. -- Select button: Choose "Start" or"Continue". You haveto input secret code for the "Continue"feature. You will get thissecret code when game over. [Enemies]There are eight differentenemies in the underground labyrinth, eachone a little differentfrom the others. They move at a variety ofspeeds, with the fastmonsters capable of overtaking the player atfull speed. They havevarying degrees of intelligence. Some wanderaimlessly about thestage, while others hone in on you and stay onyour trail when youtry to get away. And three of the monsters arecapable of passingthrough the walls effortlessly. They are muchharder to destroy,but if you happen to blow up a wall that they areinside of, theywill be killed in the process. [Powerups] There areeight differentpowerups. Some are more rare or valuable thanothers, but it's agood idea to make sure you find the particularpower-up hidden inevery stage. To miss out on one is to putyourself at adisadvantage. Dying from an explosion or touching anenemy resultsin losing all the powerups. -- Bombs: Increases theamount of bombsdropped at a time by 1; collectible multiple times.-- Flames:Increases explosion range from the bomb in fourdirections by 1square; collectible multiple times. -- Speed:Increases movementspeed. Obtainable only in Stage 4. -- Wallpass:Gives the abilityto pass through brick walls that can be destroyed(but notindestructible walls), just like the enemies that have itsuch asKondoria, Ovapi, and Pontan. -- Detonator: Gives the abilitytodetonate the oldest bomb (use B button) -- Bombpass: Givestheability to pass through bombs. -- Flamepass: Gives immunitytoexplosions. -- Mystery: Grants temporary invincibility frombeingharmed by monsters or explosions.
Papaya - Little Pigs and the Wolves 1.1 APK
Taisoft Inc.
Mama Pig defends her home and rescues her piglets riding anelevator car moved by two pigs (controlled by the player with upand down), and uses a bow and arrow with slabs of meat against theballoon-riding wolves and their boss (the latter being pink incolor while the former are red). There are two stages. In thefirst, the wolves are riding to the bottom of the screen, and ifMama does not shoot them down, they will climb up the ladders andtry to eat her. In the second (occurring after an "intermission"sequence), the wolves are riding to the top of screen, and ifenough wolves get there, they will push a boulder on top of Mama,resulting in a life being lost. In both cases, the stage is clearedby shooting all the wolves, though in the second stage the bossmust be shot down (which will take many shots unless the meat isused), otherwise the wolves will keep coming. After the secondstage is cleared a bonus round begins. In one type, Mama must shootall the wolves only using meat, while in the other she must useregular arrows on the fruits. Afterward, the game begins anew withhigher difficulty.
Bunny Castle 1.1 APK
Taisoft Inc.
Bunny has to collect all carrots in the Castle to complete a level.He did not have the ability to jump; therefore, only by takingdifferent routes could Bunny avoid enemies in the Castle. Some ofthe levels had boxing gloves, invincibility potions, safes, crates,flower pots, or ten-pound weights that could be used against theenemies in the game. Players score 100 points for every carrot withthe last one in each floor giving the player an extra life, 100points for every enemy defeated using invincibility bottles, 500points per enemy using boxing glove and 1000 points per enemy thatgets hit with heavy objects. You will get a password when youcomplete a level, and you can use the password to start at acertain level in this game.
Prince Persii 1.0 APK
Taisoft Inc.
"It is a time of darkness. While the Sultan is off fightingaforeign war, his Grand Vizier JAFFAR has seized the reins ofpower.Throughout the land, the people groan under the yoke of acrueltyrant and dream of better days." "Only one obstacle standsbetweenJaffar and the throne. An adventurer from a foreign land,innocentof palace intrigues, you have won the heart of the Sultan'slovelyyoung daughter. And in so doing, you have unwittingly madeapowerful enemy." "On Jaffar's orders you are arrested, strippedofyour sword and your possessions and thrown into theSultan'sdungeons. As for the Princess, Jaffar gives her a choiceand anhour to decide: Marry him--or die. Whichever her choice, itcanbring only a throne for the Grand Vizier...a new reign ofterrorfor his long-suffering subjects...and death for the braveyouth whomight have been...PRINCE OF PERSII." [CONTROLS] Thecontrols tothis game are complex and take awhile to master. Thereare a lot oflittle techniques to learn. START button: Press tobegin play.Press to pause and unpause during gameplay. SELECTbutton: Press totoggle the music on or off. TO RUN: Press the leftor right arrowon the control pad. Release to stop. TO CHANGEDIRECTION: Press theleft or right arrow on the control pad in thedirection you want togo. TO TAKE CAREFUL STEPS [Note: you will usethis A LOT]: Pressthe B button and you will take a single step inthe direction youare facing. You can use careful steps to moveright up to the edgeof a pit or a suspicious-looking floor section.[Note: Also to walkthrough spikes] TO JUMP UP: Press the Up arrowon the control pad.TO JUMP FORWARD: Pressing the A button will makeyou jump in thedirection you are facing. RUNNING JUMP (to get overa chasm): Backup at least two full strides from the edge. Press theleft or rightarrow to start running, then press the A button tojump. Be carefulnot to press it too early. TO CLIMB UP ONTO ALEDGE: Stand facingthe ledge and press the Up arrow on the controlpad. If necessary,use careful steps to position yourself below theledge. TO CLIMBDOWN FROM A LEDGE: Carefully walk to the edge andturn around.Press the Down arrow on the control pad. If you pressthe Downarrow while holding either the A or B button, you will hangfromthe ledge. When you let go of the button, you let go of theledge.To pull yourself back onto the ledge, press the Up arrow. TOHANGFROM A LEDGE: Any time you jump or fall within reach of aledge,you can grab onto it by pressing the A or B button. TOCROUCH:Press the Down arrow on the control pad. Release it to standup. TOPICK SOMETHING UP: Stand in front of the object you wish topick upand crouch down by pressing the Down arrow. SWORD FIGHTING:Yoursword will automatically be drawn when you encounter a Guard.ToATTACK, use the A button. To BLOCK, use the B button or Up arrowonthe control pad. Download now and enjoy !
Ellen's Secret Castle 1.1 APK
Taisoft Inc.
The player controls Ellen by running, jumping and shooting bubbles.The player starts out at the bottom floor of a four-story castle,named Castle Garland, and he must work his way upwards, searchingthe three main stories, the well, two side towers and the very top.If the player stays too long outside of the castle, lightning boltsfall off from the sky. Each room the castle contains many enemiesand hidden items. Ellen's bubbles are both a tool and a weapon;throwing bubbles at soft blocks causes them to break apart andeither create additional routes, reveal hidden shops, or exposespecific items. The bubbles can also destroy the demons thatinhabit the given rooms, though they will come back to life afterseveral seconds. Each story can only be reached by defeating thefirst boss. Although seemingly basic, the only way the bosses caneven be reached is by discovering a host of secrets, some of whichrequire sheer luck or a helpful manual. This is because there is novisual difference between these "soft blocks" hiding the secretsand the "hard blocks" which are just walls and sometimes you haveto be extremely specific about where you have to shoot at.Sometimes after you uncover the spot where the item is, you areeven required to waste your time walking around the level before animportant item like the key appears. These bosses are much largerthan the regular demons and take many bubbles to defeat. Theyattack by leaping back and forth, spitting out fireballs that takea lot of life off. When a demon-monster dies it stays dead andreleases a crystal ball and, at times, make Ellen's bubbles largerand make them fly out farther. The demon-monster's room can then beused to get to the next story of the castle. Throughout the entiregame the player is only given one life. When one life is lost, thegame is over and the player must start over. However, if the playerholds left on the control pad while pressing the Start button atthe title screen, he or she can start where they left off. Thiscommand does not work before collecting the first crystal. Alongthe way, Ellen will come across various items found in shops; someshops are in plain sight, some are hidden in the differing rooms oroutside the castle, and some can be found after Ellen defeats acertain demon-monster boss. All of the items augment Ellen in onespecific way or another, though not all of them are found in shops.
Breakout Unlimited 1.1 APK
Taisoft Inc.
You control the "Vaus", a space vessel that acts as thegame's"paddle" which prevents a ball from falling from the playingfield,attempting to bounce it against a number of bricks. Theballstriking a brick causes the brick to disappear. When all thebricksare gone, you will go to the next level, where anotherpattern ofbricks appears. There are a number of variations (bricksthat haveto be hit multiple times, flying enemy ships, etc.) andpower-upcapsules to enhance the Vaus (expand the Vaus, multiply thenumberof balls, equip a laser cannon, break directly to the nextlevel,etc.). On the final stage 36, you will take on the game'sboss,"DOH", a head resembling moai. You will have many lives inthisspecial edition.
Wonder Boy 1.0 APK
Taisoft Inc.
The player controls Wonder Boy, a young man who venturedtoAdventure Island in the South Pacific after hearing that theEvilWitch Doctor kidnapped Princess Leilani. To rescue her, WonderBoymust survive a series of 32 stages. There are eight worldscalled'areas', which are divided four stages or 'rounds' each,which arefurther divided into four checkpoints. When the playerreaches thefourth round of each area, he must confront a boss atthe end tocontinue to the next area. The game is completed when theplayersaves the girl after defeating the eighth and final form oftheevil lord. Wonder Boy (the player character) loses a lifewheneverhe touches an enemy, an enemy's attack or a fire roast, orwhen hefalls into a pitfall or a body of water. Moreover, theplayer alsohas a health gauge that starts out with 11 points, whichgraduallydepletes over time or whenever Wonder Boy trips on a rockin hispath. When Wonder Boy’s health gauge reaches zero, he willlose alife as well. If Wonder Boy still has extra lives left, hewillrevive at the last checkpoint he passed through. The game endswhenall of Wonder Boy’s lives runs out. To replenish his health,WonderBoy can pick up numerous fruits (or a milk bottle) on hispath (hismaximum health reaches up to 13 points). When the player'sscorereaches 50,000 points, 100,000 points, and 200,000 points,WonderBoy will receive an extra life. Finding a bee-like fairyknown asHoney Girl will grant Wonder Boy invincibility for fifteensecondsand allow him to kill enemies with a single touch. WonderBoystarts off each life without the ability to attack and canonlygain the ability to attack by picking up a stone axe, which canbefound in specific spots in each stage. When Wonder Boy iswieldingthe stone axe, he can trade it for magical fireballs thathavelonger range and are capable of destroying rocks and rollingstones(which are invulnerable to the stone axe). To break an egg,theplayer must touch it or hit with a weapon twice. In additiontoweapons, there are numerous bonus items stuck inside. There isalsoa negative item, the 'eggplant', which drains Wonder Boy’slifemeter. Some of the eggs are not immediately visible in plainsight.The locations of these 'hidden eggs' are usually indicatedwhen aweapon thrown by a player disappears before falling to thegroundand are uncovered by jumping at the indicated spot. Some ofthesehidden spots don't contain hidden eggs, but instead a cloudthatwill warp the player to a bonus stage, which is insteaduncoveredby standing still for a short period of time. At the bonusstages,the player can collect a series of fruits (each worth 500pointsregardless of the type) until Wonder Boy falls into apitfall.However, instead of losing a life, he will return to theregularstage at the next checkpoint. At the fourth round of eacharea,Wonder Boy will confront a different form of the Evil WitchDoctor,the game's boss character. He has the ability to change hishead byup to eight different types. Wonder Boy must defeat him bystrikinghis head a specific amount of times with his weapon. Thenumber ofhits required to defeat him increases with each area (hisfirstform requires eight hits and every subsequent form requirestwoadditional hits until the eighth and final form, which requires22hits). When the Evil Witch Doctor is defeated, he will changehishead and escape to the next area. He uses the same attack ineachform, with the only thing that changes besides his durabilityarehis mobility speed and the speed of his fireball attacks.WhenWonder Boy defeats his final form, the Evil Witch Doctor willfallinto a pit and the girl will be rescued. Down now and enjoy!