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This package removes advertizing from Marble Pop.Installing thevalidator preserves settings and high scores. There is no need tostay connected while running a licensed copy.

App Information Marble Pop Validator

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    Marble Pop Validator
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    September 3, 2015
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    PO Box 253 Ormond 3204 VIC AUSTRALIA
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King Solo (Preferans-style) 3.16.3 APK
The card game, commonly referred as Préférence-style King, RecordedKing or even Ladies' Préférence, is an amalgamation of two mostpopular games in Russia: Préférence (also spelled as Preferans) andKing. As opposed to traditional King game with predefined order ofgame types, this is a soloist game (along with Préférence, SoloWhist and Skat) where one player (declarer, contractor, soloist)selects the game specifics and has certain advantage in play, whilethe others try to prevent the soloist from realizing the advantageand improve their own standings at the same time. Unlike Bridge,Préférence, Belote or Euchre, this game is void of bidding. Inexchange, it offers a variety of game types, each requiring its ownapproach and tactics. Being one of the most versatile card games,it demands deep thinking and ingenuity, representing a greatchallenge for an intelligent card player. The game has a simple andconsistent scoring system. The application implements three-playerversion of the game with one human and two computer players. Threeskills of computer player are supported. As different flavors ofthe game exist, the rules can be modified to suit the style of gameyou are used to. Few cheat options are also supported. King Solocan be played between several devices (2 devices + computer, or 3devices), using IP (WiFi) or Bluetooth network, or over Internetusing Google Play Services. Additional features: - Saving gamesession at any stage. In particular, a network game can be saved atany participating device and resumed from either of those. -Support of both portrait and landscape orientations, acceptingchanged orientation "on fly" - Global leaderboards and achievements(with Google Play Services) - Animation and sound effects, custombackground music. - Choice of background (texture and color) andstyle of court cards (English, French, German, Dutch, Russian). -Adaptable to different screen resolutions and aspect ratios. Theapplication is designed to suit any Android version. 'Vintage'release, available for Android pre 4.0, is free of advertising, butdoesn't support global tables.
King Solo Net 2.6 APK
The package adds network support to King Solo game. It allows toplay the game between two or three devices (without an externalserver) using an IP (WiFi) or a Bluetooth network. Your device musthave access to Google Play in order to confirm purchase. A freerelease King Solo Net Light is available.
com.palmcrust.kingsolo.netlight APK
The package adds network support to King Solo game. It allows toplay the game between two or three devices (without an externalserver) using an IP (WiFi) or a Bluetooth network. This is a freerelease of King Solo Net. As a limitation, a network game savedtwice can continue only after replacing all remote players withcomputers.
King Solo Validator 1.8.1 APK
This package removes advertising from King Solo, while preservingsaved games, settings, statistics, scoreboards and achievements.King Solo Validator is not a launchable application and not listedas an application to run. However it appears among installedapplications in Android Settings. After the validator is installed,you may need to restart King Solo (main application) online inorder to confirm your purchase. Once the license is confirmed, youwill see LICENSED text, instead of REMOVE ADS button. Applicableonly for devices having access to Google Play Store.
Marble Pop 3.2.1 APK
Marble Pop is a game of matching falling tiles. Unlike the majorityof similar games, in this case the board is round, the source ofgravity is located in the centre of the board, while the fallingballs (marbles) may appear from any direction, and several marblesmay move simultaneously. The game is controlled by rotating theboard and accelerating or dropping marbles.The game was influencedby, created in the early 2000s for Nokia mobile phones.Theadvantages of the modern hardware and Android environment allowedto implement the true geometry of the circular board and introducesome new features.Marble Pop can be played both in vertical andhorizontal screen orientations. It includes a variety of customizedfeatures. In particular, it allows to assign custom backgroundmusic.The application keeps local high score tables. It alsosupports submitting a top score to the global score table (requiresAndroid 2.3+) and provides a front end for viewing global results.Afree copy, when running with Android 2.2 and above, involves banneradvertising and requires the device to stay online.
500+ Validator 1.2 APK
Removes advertising from 500+. Applicable only for devices havingaccess to Google Play Store. Validator is not a runnableapplication therefore it is not listed as an application to start,however it appears in the list of installable applications providedby Android Settings. Just restart 500+ (the main application) tovalidate your purchase. That makes the application ad-freetherefore henceforth you will need to be online only for accessingglobal tables. Installation of Validator preserves saved games,settings, statistics, scoreboards and achievements.
DoDo - Game "24" with extras 3.1.3 APK
DoDo (the abbreviation of DOuble DOzen) is an implementation ofcard game "Twenty Four" (24), popular in China and other countrieswith significant Chinese population, including Australia. Theobjective is very simple: to compose 24 out of four numbers, eachin the range 1-10, using four arithmetic operations. A player whodoes it more often wins the game. As opposed to majority of otherintelligent card games, game "24" does not involve any hiddeninformation therefore there is practically no need to remembercards or apply any long-term strategy, while fast counting is theonly prerequisite to succeed. That makes "24" an ideal family gamewhich helps to development arithmetic skills for primary schoolchildren and provides entertainment for adults at the same time.Incidentally Dodo is a name of the bird species unique to tinyisland Mauritius to the East of Africa. Dodo birds peacefullylived, eating fruits and nuts falling from trees. They didn't haveany predators apart from human settlers who eventually led them toextinction in the late 17th century. Fortunately, someillustrations, descriptions as well as remains of the birds havecome to us. Dodo was the nickname of prominent Englishmathematician and writer Charles L. Dodgson, better known by hispen name Lewis Carroll, who invented a number of brain-teasinggames, like a sort of "Scrabble" and still popular "Doublets"a.k.a. "World Links" or "World Ladder"). In his most famous novel"Alice in Wonderland" ,Dodo bird represents the author himself and,just like the author, invents a game. —————————————— This versionof game "24" encourages fast thinking. The score depends not onlyon the number of solved puzzles but also on the time spent onsolving. If a combination has no solution, a player who figuredthat out is rewarded as if the puzzle is solved. DoDo currentlysupports playing against the computer or another human player withone or two packs of cards. The application also provides trainingmode which can be made void of time limit and allows to enter yourown combination for the computer to solve it. Different extensionsto the game rules are available. For example, you may allow Ace(One) to stand for either one or eleven in order to enlarge thevariety of solvable combinations, so, for inastance, "A A 2 3" getsa solution: 11×2+3-1. Other available options are common fractions,exponentiation (raising to power), "merge" operation (writing onenumber after another) and presence of Zero card (Joker). Even"magic number" 24 can be changed to a different value! DoDoprovides a variety of customized features. In particular, acomputer solution can be presented either as sequence of operations(e.g. 6×3=18; 3×2=6; 18+6=24) or as an expression (6×3+3×2). Othercustomized features include choice of background texture and color,replacing standard playing card images by numbers, different typesof animation. The application supports sound effects and also canplay custom background music, specified as an album or a playlist.Both portrait and landscape screen orientations are supported andthe orientation can be changed "on fly". DoDo allows to saveunlimited number of games. Normally a game can be saved at anytime, however a quick game (with 30 second solving time limit) hasrestrictions to prevent possible cheating. The application keepslocal tables of scores and achievements. In addition theachievements, as well as results of a quick game can be publishedat global tables provided by Google Play Services. The applicationis designed to adapt to any version of Android. 'Vintage' release,available for Android pre 4.0, is free of advertising, but alsodoes not support global tables.
500+ (Five Hundred), 3 players, customized 1.5.2 APK
Card game Five Hundred was invented in US in the early 1900s. Asits predecessor Euchre, it modifies trump suit by using specialcards (Joker, Right and Left Bowers), while at the same timeinvolves a bidding system similar to the one used in Bridge andprovides a kitty for the contractor to exchange unwanted cards. Thegame is especially popular in Australia, where it is has become thenational card game. Though 500 is often viewed as a partnershipgame for 4 or 6 players, it was originally designed as anindividual 3-player game, and, according to card game experts, thegame is most exciting in this form, where each player candemonstrate their analytical skills to the full. This applicationimplements a three-player version of game 500 with one human andtwo computer players. Since, to our best knowledge, the game has noofficial rules, while various sources provide different, oftencontroversial descriptions of the game, the application allows tomodify game rules to suit your expectations. These modificationsaffect scoring system, presence of Joker, conditions of ownoverbid, limitations on bidding Misère (Nullo) and leading withJoker in a non-trump game, style (or absence) of All-Pass gamesetc. In addition to rule modifications 500+ allows to set upappearance of the game (e.g. background image, style of face cards,picture of card back), customize sound effects, and specify playlist for custom background music. Three skills of computer playersare provided. The development is strictly based on the principle ofcomputer honesty: a computer player never has access to disallowedinformation, like seeing other players' cards (apart fromcontractor's cards in Open Misère), content of the kitty ordiscarded cards. At the same time the application provides some"cheat" options, making it unnecessary for the human player tomemorize cards that went out of play, or remember which suit aparticular player failed to follow. 500+ keeps local score tablesfor each computer skill, and features a variety of achievements. Italso allows to publish scores and achievements online using GooglePlay Services v 8.4.87+. For those who are new to the game, theapplication offers a detailed description of game rules. Otherinformation pages are included, like rule modifications (tweaks)and settings, control, logic of computer players, etc Theapplication is designed to adapt to any version of Android.'Vintage' release, available for Android pre 4.0, is free ofadvertising, but also does not support global tables.