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Mark of the devil – 7 Signs You’re under Attack by DemonsBack intheancient times and until recently, it was believed that Spiritsdidinteract with our Realm. Moreover, these invisible agentsplayed avery important role in shaping this World’s destiny. TheDevil’sMark is a term used to identify a material impact of EvilEntitieson humans, animals, plants, trees or non-living things.The Searchfor the Devil’s Mark, is tricky because it actuallycollides withthe Witch Marks, which are ENTIRELY different.Although this, wasnot always clear…Inside this guide we reveal whogets the devil’smark… What is the Devil’s Mark? The Devil’s Markand What it Lookslike! What happens if you have the Devil’s Mark?

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The Magic of the Morrigan: Who Is She Really?Who isMorrigan?As‘newbie’ witches, we think we can light a candle, pickan altarcloth based on a correspondence list in the back of some“Intro toWitchcraft” book, say the right words ,and poof! All ofour majorlife problems are solved. Sorry, but it doesn’t work likethat.Real change, such as manifesting a new car after you totalyours(like in my case), takes real power. I mean a lot of power,likethat of the Morrigan.Many books that introduce Wicca orwitchcraftwill include a section about common Pagan pantheons, andwhichdeities to call upon for various magical goals - i.e. callonBrigit for creativity, Aphrodite for love, Cerridwen forherbmagic; you get the idea.You must develop a relationship withadeity before you can expect them to help you. This isparticularlytrue for the Morrigan. And keep in mind, the gods havetheir ownwants and needs, so be prepared to have them ask you forsomethingin return. The Morrigan is a mighty goddess, and eventhough, attimes, working with her can be frightening, she shouldnot befeared. This misunderstood Celtic goddess will makeincrediblechanges to your life—changes that you thought would neveroccuroutside your fantasies. She does not do anything for freethough!She will make you work for what you want. In order totransform,you must crawl out of the quicksand that is keeping yourlifestagnant. This Dark Goddess will make you look at the partsofyourself you have buried deep from shame; will teach youbattlestrategies then thrust you into the ring to fight yourdemons, shewill make you face and conquer all of your fears. Shedoes what shehas to so change can manifest in your life. I knowfirsthand of hertransformational powers.She is not an easy Goddessto follow, Iwon’t lie. But it is worth the effort! Thismulti-faceted goddesshas many faces, and there are multiple aspectsto understandingher. Learning about the Morrigan is a process, butI will outlinesimple steps you can take to establish a relationshipwith her. Thesteps involved can help you forge a relationship withany of thegods, but I will be providing specific tips andinformationrelevant to meeting the Morrigan.It is important youunderstand themeaning and uses of her name, as there is a lot ofconfusion andconflicting information regarding that area. Beforeyou begin yourdevotional practice you should know the history andmythology ofthe deity you want to bring into your life. TheMorrigan appearsseveral times throughout history, and I willsummarize thebest-known myths about her, which will give you astarting pointfor conducting your own research if you decide tomeet and workwith her. The last step of the process is actually thebeginning ofthe relationship, and I will provide a few ideas on howyouinitiate your devotional practice. Please enjoy this guidehoweveruse it wisely!!
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Looking for new moon rituals? Engage in new moon spells to bringnewintentions and changes to your life including such things aslove oreven more money. The magic of the moon will aid ineliminating thedark things from your life that bring you down.Thenew moonsymbolizes a new beginning. It represents and welcomeschanges,promises, and new intentions. The magic that comes fromthe new mooncan be used to help these changes and intentions growwithin you.Just as the moon itself grows and becomes whole, sowill the changesyou are initiating.The magic and energy of the newmoon will make iteasier to begin the changes you want to make inyour life. You willfeel more focused and able to complete thesetasks and wants as stepforward into the light of the new moon andthe spells that it canhelp you cast. The energy of a new moon isavailable as a supportand an aide to help you reach for what youwant out of life. Onlythrough the respect and seriousness of yourspells, however, willthis support and energy be gained. Maybe itis a new career thatwill bring you more money or maybe it is thestart of a newrelationship that will bring you a more fantasticlove. It couldalso be the fact that you are looking to eliminatedark toxins fromyour body and life and these are things that canbe initiated withthe new moon and the spells that you engage in.These spells canalso be done with ease when the new moon is thereto assist you.Inside this amazing free guide you’ll learn new moonrituals toenhance your life and the people around you. Enjoy!
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Looking for full moon ritual? Many appreciate the power of theMoonbecause it boosts rituals which are performed while the orb isinthe phase known as the full moon.It's known that people fromallover the world have worshiped the Moon for several millennia.Theycarefully observed phases of the moon in order to gain abetterunderstanding of how the orb affects their lives. Dependingon thelunar phase, they decide whether they'll do something or notandthey base all their decisions on the moon - is it new or fullmoon?Is it the first quarter? Or the last quarter?For centuries,magichas been connected to the full moon. This celestial body isone ofthe central symbols of magic, and most of the rituals areperformedat the time when the energy of Moon is at its' zenith. Theenergyof the full moon can be transferred to us during rituals butweneed to search for it, it won't just magically appear out oftheblue. Visualization plays a huge role in these rituals and whenweimagine something will happen, it will. We need to invokethepositive energy of the full moon, and then we'll be readytoreceive it.Inside this amazing app you will learn moon ritualsforbeginners, just because they are for beginners doesn’t meanthey’renot effective because they are very powerful. We hope youenjoythem!!
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Ten Effective Rituals for Cleansing and Clearing YourEnergyFieldThe physical world is a great metaphor for themetaphysicalworld, especially if you keep in mind the principleofcorrespondence: as above, so below. We can look at any numberofphysical entities—a garden, a closet, a whole house, abusiness,the body—to understand the concepts of clearing,containing, andcultivating. Because energy (both physical andmetaphysical) ismeant to flow, it is, unless inhibited, alwaysmoving. The physicalworld has structure and if we want thestructures to remain healthyand intact, we have to take care ofthem.Clearing your energy bodyis just like that. You consciouslyexamine what is residing withinyou. Then you can decide what youwant to keep and cultivate andwhat you want to release based onyour free will. Most of us have alifetime of energy built up likeplaque on teeth or in arteries.Our energy bodies could look like ahoarder’s house, so full thatit is hard to move around and wherestagnation is the order of theday. This is why clearing takes alittle more effort and time whenyou first begin this work. There isan accumulation of stuck,negative energy that needs to beremoved.Inside you’ll learn TenEffective Rituals (Best Practices )to cleaning and cleaning yourenergy field!