1.3 / May 23, 2016
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Marshmallow Union, a mind twisting puzzlegame!

Merge colourful tiles with the same number vertically orhorizontally and if you can finish it with only one left, you win!Simple!

- hundreds of levels
- intuitive control
- simple game rule
- competitive game play

App Information Marshmallow Union

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Muck Pole 1.2 APK
Racing to the ground by beating the Muck Pole.Powerful tool can be bought by earning coins. Looking for "time"rocks to extend the timer. You will also find a handful of mysteryitems to be collected throughout your journey.Features:- Intuitive game play- Pixelated arcade style graphics- Powerful tools for your disposal- Dozens of items to be collected- No brainer relaxing game play
Marshmallow Union 1.3 APK
Marshmallow Union, a mind twisting puzzlegame!Merge colourful tiles with the same number vertically orhorizontally and if you can finish it with only one left, you win!Simple!- hundreds of levels- intuitive control- simple game rule- competitive game play
Silly 1.1 APK
The #1 silly game for silly people in thissilly world!Play instructions: Just tap!
Coin Trick 1.1 APK
Time to challenge your eyes and fingerscoordination by pushing the gold coin through a bunch of slidingpencils. Your goal is to push the coin forward until it reaches thecoffee mug stain on top of the screen. If the coin hits the tip ofany pencils, you will need to start again. All you need is a steadyhand and a little bit of brain power!Coin Trick is one of the incredible time killing games fromKitty Gala. It is totally Free Of Charge with simple concept toplay.Feature:Hundreds of levelsCute graphicsUnlimited retriesNo in-app purchase required
Pachinko Farm 1.1 APK
Pachinko Farm is full of fun and animals withdelightful sound effects.Tap on the screen anywhere to drop eggs to score, no skillsrequired. Random farm animals will be marching out when the middleslot is being hit. Hit animal with eggs to get extra scores.- Auto play mode, toggled by the button on upper left of thescreen.- Mute/Unmute, toggled by the button on upper right of thescreen.- Check leaderboard, tap of the score wood plate.- Absolutely free, no purchase required.Loads of fun, easy to play, just tapping. Excellent game to keepsomeone busy (and smile too!)
Exciting Pogo Stick 1.1 APK
Exciting Pogo Stick — another Exciting seriesfrom Kitty Gala! Pogo Stick lovers will like it and for those whohas never tried it, you better try it here first!Simple way to play: Tilt the device to keep balance and moveforward, the further you go, the better score you will get! Thetrick is to tilt a little bit at a time!Requirement: Steady hands.
Pop Ginger 1.3 APK
Pop Ginger is an extremely addictive game thatevery puzzle game player should have in their collection. Mostimportantly, it’s totally FREE! No in-app purchase is required.This is not a normal bubble shooting game but also need yourstrategy in order to win. Burst matching candies to clear the leveland work your way through all 9 challenging worlds. Find it toohard at the higher levels? You can always use your earned coins tobuy boosters to make it easier!- 9 challenging worlds to explore- Tricky boss levels at later stages- Powerful and fun boosters- Initiative control- Fancy graphics and animations- NO time limit- NO move limit- NO credit limit, play as long as you like- NO coins to buy, earn coins with your skills
Jump Rope Kitty 1.3 APK
Let’s try this FREE jump rope game and helpthese kitties to do exercise together! There will be more catsjoining the jump during the game with different sizes and your goalis to successfully finish each jump!All you need to do is swipe the cat for each jump and that isit! So easy and simple to play! Concentration is required!• intuitive control• cute graphics• challenges come in later levels