1.2 / July 2, 2014
(4.2/5) (5)


Oyun Mania: if you like god of war, you must have (9/10) MobilOyuncum: I found myself in a world of mythological (75/100) MobilTürkiye: You need to play this game (7/10)--------------------------------------A mysterious story Fight indifferent missions in different times and places Various mythbeasts and boss Gradually growing harder missions and immersivechapters Only you can solve different puzzles Fight and gather thetrophies Increase your character’s physcial and mystical power Seethe story with cinematic cutscenes Complete the extra missionsThisgame also available on the IOS and Windows Phone 8 MarketsIOSLink:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/martyrx/id863031117?mt=8WindowsPhone 8Link:http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/martyr-ld/ac60c591-f35b-42df-9585-212c6b634d90Pleaselook my other games;http://www.idriscelik.com.tr

App Information MartyrX

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  • Updated
    July 2, 2014
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    idris Celik
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  • Price
    AED 12.60
  • Category
  • Developer
    Sanayi Mahallesi, Sultanselim Caddesi, Kagithane - Istanbul
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Flight 787 - Advanced - Lite 1.9.6 APK
idris Celik
Our new Truck Simulator Released:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idriscelik.itslite2 gb ram memory (NOT DISK SPACE, RAM MEMORY) QUAD Core CPU WARNING:if you have a problem about this game, please write to supportemail, we are usually not read comments. Also many propertiesincluded only full version, lite version for Try the game. THE MOSTREALISTIC FLIGHT SIMULATOR You can flight with B737, B787, B747,A400M, A380, MD-11, CRJ-1000, F16 and UH-1Y Helicopter simulatorsas realistic! * 26 unique missions * 3D Passengers * 3D RealisticCockpits * Air Traffic * 8 Different camera angles * Radio TalkingSystem (Takeoff Permission, Fuel and Pushback, Landing Permissionetc.) * Autopilot, Flight Notes * Map Informations(Distance,Altitude etc.) * Detailed Informations (Fuel, Oil and EngineStatus) * Smart Computer Systems * Lights, Engines, Landing Gear,Flaps, Spoiler, Cabin Pressure, Automatic Runway Stabilizercontrols) * Air brakes and Tire brakes * 4 Different Speed Level *Attitude and Status Monitors * Collect Waypoints * Random FlightProblems (Landing gear problems, Engine failure etc..) * StallSystem (Perdövites) * Change your airplane theme your favoriteairways * 24 Different time and weathers (Rain, Night, Snow, Dusk,Rain etc...) * High Definition Airport and Vehicles * RealisticSound Effects * High Quality Animations * 108 Airplane themes *Take Photo * Record gameplay video and share Facebook, youtube,twitter, g+ etc. * Online Score boards and Trophies. Official Web:www.idriscelik.com.tr Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/flight787anadolu/ Official YoutubeChannel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiiq1kRXap_NudH8lcriCaw
Flight 787 - Advanced 1.9.5 APK
idris Celik
*** Easy and Professional Flight Simulator for Everyone *** You canflight with B737, B787, B747, A400M, A380, MD-11, F16, CRJ-1000 andUH-1Y Helicopter simulators as realistic! * 26 unique missions * 3DPassengers * 3D Realistic Cockpits * Air Traffic * 8 Differentcamera angles * Radio Talking System (Takeoff Permission, Fuel andPushback, Landing Permission etc.) * Autopilot, Flight Notes * MapInformations(Distance, Altitude etc.) * Detailed Informations(Fuel, Oil and Engine Status) * Smart Computer Systems * Lights,Engines, Landing Gear, Flaps, Spoiler, Cabin Pressure, AutomaticRunway Stabilizer controls) * Air brakes and Tire brakes * 4Different Speed Level * Attitude and Status Monitors * CollectWaypoints * Random Flight Problems (Landing gear problems, Enginefailure etc..) * Stall System (Perdövites) * Change your airplanetheme your favorite airways * 24 Different time and weathers (Rain,Night, Snow, Dusk, Rain etc...) * High Definition Airport andVehicles * Realistic Sound Effects * High Quality Animations * 108Airplane themes Official Web: www.idriscelik.com.tr
Anadolu Bus Simulator 1.6 APK
idris Celik
GAME FEATURES: * Full MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION system. *30+ City * Fuel Station (For Fuel request), Super Market (ForPassenger Catering Food service), Car Park, Repair Service (For BusRepair), Bus Terminal (For Take Passengers) * Traffic rules and thetraffic penalty system * Passenger transport and monetizationsystem * Different weather conditions, different distances and joboffers * 12 different bus company themes * Receiving moneyaccording to the service payment system (not real money) *Announcement system (for information and catering) * Door handles,lights, horns, wipers, handbrake, realistic speed indicator, enginespeed indicator, fuel indicator, engine temperature indicator, doorcontrols, luggage controls, air conditioning, radio and televisioncontrols, safety belt * In case of an accident, the bus will bedamaged, if you have a lot of accidents, you may get a enginemalfunction. * English & Turkish language support (with speechvoices)
Anadolu Bus Simulator - Lite 1.6 APK
idris Celik
** WARNING: LITE VERSION REQUIRED INTERNET CONNECTION** GAMEFEATURES: * Full MANUAL & AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION system. * 30+City * Fuel Station (For Fuel request), Super Market (For PassengerCatering Food service), Car Park, Repair Service (For Bus Repair),Bus Terminal (For Take Passengers) * Traffic rules and the trafficpenalty system * Passenger transport and monetization system *Different weather conditions, different distances and job offers *12 different bus company themes * Receiving money according to theservice payment system (not real money) * Announcement system (forinformation and catering) * Door handles, lights, horns, wipers,handbrake, realistic speed indicator, engine speed indicator, fuelindicator, engine temperature indicator, door controls, luggagecontrols, air conditioning, radio and television controls, safetybelt * In case of an accident, the bus will be damaged, if you havea lot of accidents, you may get a engine malfunction. * English& Turkish language support (with speech voices) FORPERFORMANCE: if your device not powerful, you can goto gamesettings and select "Low Quality" save and Try again.
Excavator Simulator PRO-ADV 1.6 APK
idris Celik
Also you can try my other gamer:https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=idris+CelikFLIGHT 787 - ANADOLULITE version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idriscelik.f787lite
Excavator Simulator PRO - S 1.3 APK
idris Celik
You can use excavator with this game. Digging, Breaking, Cutting.Destroy builds, load to dump truck. You can use 3 differentattachment; Bucket, Rock Breaker and scissors. Also you can playwith game center friends and share your scores. * Different Levels* 3 different attachments (Bucket, Breaker, Scissors) * 3 differentengine power (snail, turtle, rabbit) * Realistic fuel system *Realistic driving pleasure * SAE and ISO control systems *Motion-sensitive camera system * Change excavator colors * NightMissions,Headlight and Horn controls * More easy control systemthan lite version----------------also you can try;RETRO TOROSRACINGhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idriscelik.rtrORFLIGHT787 - ANADOLULITEversion:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idriscelik.f787lite
Retro Toros Racing 1.3 APK
idris Celik
Are you bored of the classic car race?, So parking games are tooalike?, Really exciting, challenging and fun game you lookingfor?Yes, you are right now looking at a game, all this and more inthis game ...Major Features:+ Want your own, or a thrilling race toescape from the cops+ Do you like parking games? But this is notthe game you know. Have you ever done so excited park+ Do you wantto use the never-ending road without stopping the car? Then use butthe roads are not very safe+ Have you ever played football withyour car? I give you the opportunity to try and enjoy theexperience of scoring your car, but it will not be so easy+ Playwith Kim Kime - Dum Duma bot mode+ Fight against pretty smart carand take them down. These cars are very intelligent and can trickyou+ Join the game Facebook page and Take photo in game and shareyour score.+ You can follow in world score board your bestrecords.Warning: This game not compatible with GalaxyS5 devices.formore information please join us facebook game page and if you havea question please send to mailTHANK YOU
Loader Simulator PRO - ADV 1.1 APK
idris Celik
GET YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT*Loader Simulator PRO now FREE*Get your chrismas giftYou can drive a loader with best realistic driving system* Realistic Gear and Engine System* Fuel System* Load rocks to the trucks, Move containers to the ship or destroyold houses.* You can play in or out camera* Hard Missions----------------also you can try;RETRO TOROS RACINGhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idriscelik.rtrORFLIGHT 787 - ANADOLUhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idriscelik.f787lite