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Masque Montage Photo* Give yourself the look of a princess withbeautiful carnival masks.Masque Montage Photo yourself on chooseyour own photos with best style photo .* Masque Montage Photo * isa Face Changer application where you can edit your selfies orphotos and add flower crown and some great masks for them.Thisapplication contains exceptional and stylish cool colorful mask togive various funny look. It provides face masks photo editor.Selectour Flower Crown catalogue and mask face and make your choice amongvarious Masque Montage Photo patterns designs.*Applicationfunction:- You can easily resize, rotate, zoom in and zoom out forany face mask with simple touch gestures.- Edited photos can bedisplayed in the application with appropriate functionality andalso to Mobile Phone Gallery.- Look like a fashion diva ofwonderful face masks add design and mystery to your face.- You canselect the picture from the gallery and also u can take pictures ofur phone camera.- You can also use your beautiful image as thebackground of mobile telephony.- Share these photos on social mediawith your friend, family and friends.it's a user friendly app ,notcomplicated, lovely, just take or choose a picture from yourgallery , and do the magic .you can also try many effects on yourimage .it's an amazing , try it now !

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    Masque Montage Photo
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    December 9, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Boite drawing
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Flower Crown Photos 1.0 APK
Boite drawing
* war of Crown Photos 2017 * app allows to you to make your selfiemore beautiful with war of crown , and many stickers .♥♠→↨◘♫$Flowerwar of Crown yourself on choose your own photos with best stylephoto .Select our Flower war of Crown catalogue and make yourchoice among various Flower war of Crown patterns designs.it's auser friendly app ,not complicated, lovely, just take or choose apicture from your gallery , and do the magic .you can also try manyeffects on your image .it's an amazing , try it now!☺▬♫$↓↑→♠♦↨↓∟▬ßÓ▀♣•◘○♥♠♥ Here You can having more variety of FlowerCrown stickers for your best face photos.♥ You can also select anyone Flower Crown which you like to add in your face photo and dragand you can also change the size of that Flower Crown with fingertouch.♥ You can pick a best Flower war of Crown sticker from theFlower Crown list, and Flower Crown of all shapes, sizes and colors.♥ You can having option such as Crazy Flower Crown, Stylish Flowerwar of Crown, Small Flower war of Crown.♥ You can save the photo inyour "Flower Crown Photo Editor" in your sd card.$♠$ You can shareyour Flower war of Crown pictures with your friends on Facebook orTwitter.♦Flower Crown Photos♦ is make fantastic Flower war of Crownmaker enables you to convert your beauty selfies into extraordinarypics with war of Flower Crown picture effect in a matter ofseconds.
Effets Spéciaux Saiyan god 1.0 APK
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Découvrez de la photo Effets Spéciaux Saiyan god Caméraapp * EffetsSpéciaux god Caméra saiya HD *Superpower is a popular culture termfor a superhuman fictional ability.The Super Effect gives each fana chance to edit their photos by adding effects.Many forms offiction feature characters attributed with superhuman, supernaturalor paranormal abilities, often referred to as "superpowers" (alsospelled "super powers" and "super powers") or "powers."it's a userfriendly app ,not complicated, lovely, just take or choose apicture from your gallery , and do the magic .When a character hasseveral such abilities, the terms of super powers or just powersare used. It is most commonly used in pulp magazines, comics,science fiction, television shows and movies as the key attributeof a superhero.This tradition is particularly rich in thefictitious universes of various comic stories of books, movies andvideo games.Here is a list of several of these powers.Cameraeffects:● Taking a picture with the camera● Apply impressivespecial effects● Load a photo from the phone● stand Share photos ofthe camera by e-mail, Fcbook, Twtr, etc.● Save the edited image●Anime / manga filters: hairstyles, ki auras, Ki explosions and muchmore● Add effects of guns, manga / anime (Dragon Ball, ىضقعفخ,سغضىهغضى), powers of nature, cartoon filtersWith our specialeffects application photos you can actually add some of ourfantastic superpower effect we have camera for you.From gunfilters, manga / anime (Dragon, Ball, سغضىهغضى, ....), the powersof nature to cartoon and SFX effect (manga / anime)you can also trymany effects on your image .it's an amazing , try it now !☺▬♫$● guneffects: flamethrower, laser beam, smoke guns, missiles,● JapaneseSound Effects Stand (SFX)● Nature weapons: thunderbolt, energybalneo, supernova, fireball, meteor● Anime / Manga Related Attacks:Dragon Ball (Kamehameha and Final Flash, Death Ball, DiskDestruction, Ki Aura), ىضقعف) ىضقعفخ Ransagen, سضسعنؤ ؤاهيخقه)● BDspecial effects: BOMB, BOOM, BOOTH, POW,
Crown princesse 2.0 APK
Boite drawing
*♥☺ Collage Flower Photo ☺♥* app allows to you to make your selfiemore beautiful with many stickers .♥♠♥♣♥♠→☺♫$user friendly app ,notcomplicated, lovely, just take or choose a picture from yourgallery , and do the magic .you can also try many effects on yourimage .it's an amazing , try it now !☺▬♫$↓↑♠♣•◘○♥♠♥ Here You canhaving more variety of Flower Crown stickers for your best facephotos.♥ You can also select any one Flower Crown which you like toadd in your face photo and drag and you can also change the size ofthat Flower Crown with finger touch.♥ You can pick a best FlowerCrown sticker from the Flower Crown list, and Flower Crown of allshapes, sizes and colors .♥ You can having option such as CrazyFlower Crown, Stylish Flower Crown, Small Flower Crown.♥ You cansave the photo in your "Flower Crown Photo Editor" in your sdcard.$♠$ You can share your Flower Crown pictures with your friendson Facebook or Twitter.♦Flower Crown Photos♦ is make fantasticFlower Crown maker enables you to convert your beauty selfies intoextraordinary pics with Flower Crown picture Most Usable Features:1. More than 80+ Flower Crown available for your Flower CrownPhoto Editor.2. Change the size according to your face shape.3. Youcan set opacity Flower Crown with scaling option in your FlowerCrown Photo.4. All the Save Flower Crown Photo in one particulararea on the start screen of Flower Crown Photo Editor.5. All theuser can easily used and simple steps follows with one by one tomake more easy.6. To share your friends with your best photo FlowerCrown design.♣Easy to add text and stickers! A full-featured photoeditor! Easy to use fluid design. Amazing photo effects &filters. ♣Flower Crown Photo Editor download it and make it simpleto used for all the users.
Equalizer Volume Music Booster 1.0 APK
Boite drawing
Equalizer Volume Music Booster : each filter allows you to adjustto give you the best of your Volume Music Booster, and even everysound from your phone. Comes with pre-set profiles based on thetype of music, or simply created by yourself, Equalizer, 5-bandequalizer or bass equalizer , you can also access the followingfilters: Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Reverb.Use with headphonesfor best results.Characteristics:* Five band equalizer* Effect BassEqualizer Volume Music Booster* Virtualizer effect Music Booster*10 equalizer presets Volume Booster* Media Volume Control* Stereoled VU meterWorks with most music and video players.Easyinstallation and use:1. Effect of Music or Audio* Turn on the musicplayer and play your music* Turn on the Bass Equalizer & BassBooster or equalizer sound booster e equalizer girl application andadjust sound level and frequency.Helmet could better* To close theapplication and revmove of the status bar to applying long pressthe Close button.Bass Equalizer + is the most complete player ofthe music there is. It allows you to customize your sound with a5-band equalizer and powerful volume amplifier (max volume) andlow. Access your entire music library. To amplify even more yourbass, use the Bass Booster option (literally bass amplifier).Adjust audio filters (low, medium, high) of your songs as you wantand save your settings. A selection of musical genres profiles(presets) is also available. The application Equalizer Bass Booster+ will enable you to mix and customize your sound for optimal musiclistening.
Make Me Bald 1.0 APK
Boite drawing
★ Make Me Bald ★ Top App Photo Fun Use Make Me Bald app to makeanyone Bald in photo. This is very addictive app and funny also.This app has many bald head and mustache objects. You can applythese objects to your photo or to your friend’s photo and make funof them. - Replace parts of faces Funny eyes, nose, make headsbald.- Funny face effects such as fat, fat, big smile and more-Import photos easily from your photo gallery, camera ou gallery-You turn any photo into a fun photoAvec cette application, il esttrès facile de photos truquées.Caractéristiques:✔ Un grand nombrede photos prédéfinies✔ Créer des photomontages, des illusions, deseffets d'image fraîches, art photo et images amusantes✔Modification de photos / éditeur✔ etcThis app has most funnyobjects. Apply bald face objects to your photo and see how you willlook when you get bald. This thing is very crazy and funny. This islike a virtual saloon in which you can shave your head and growyour mustache. This is a very famous app in market. This is thebest photo editor with bald feature inbuilt. This is a very cooland funny bald head photo maker. This is a totally free app toenjoy. Prenez une photo d'un ami et laisser l'outil plaisir de laphoto générer des images drôles.C'est facile:1. Choisissez unephoto2. Le positionner dans le cadre. Redimensionner l'image .3.Voir les résultats drôles-Piégez vos amis avec cette applicationcool et drôle.-Fun pour les adolescents, les jeunes et les adultes(filles, garçons, hommes, femmes)!-Simple to use, easy to learn.
How to Draw Shopkins christmas 1.0 APK
Boite drawing
Let's Learn How to Draw christmas Kawaii cute Party Desserts Cute!Preschool Party Desserts Coloring Book, The coloring book ofKawaii painting for kids pro is free and funky coloring book PartyDesserts animated. Lot of color comic book for children Dodddle youcan choose as many colors as you want for the color up. It isprintable cartoon Party Desserts coloring pages ready and painttoo!Free coloring for kids Kawaii 2017 cute and the Best for childto play with Kawaii coloring games. This kids coloring game forshopkin made for entertain all ages with a passive brain to thinkempirically. If your child loves it, this simple game will giveinspiration for hours of creativity, play and learning.By thiscoloring children toon shopkin Party Desserts games. Thisapplication is one of the best cartoon coloring books for free kidsin the store for all ages, boys, girls. Paint book book coloringbook for children free games is very entertaining show yourpainting skills and enjoy this cartoon coloring book child.Coloringpages coloring page book for children made for good interfacedesign compatible with Phone and Tablet. Enjoy with cartoons ofcharacter painting.Best for children to play with Kawaii coloringgames. This kids coloring game for Kawaii made to entertain allages with a passive brain to think empirically.Comment dessinerShopkins La'Lotion et Margarina Cute et facile étape par étape.•Comment dessiner la barre de chocolat "Chocolate Cheeky ChocolateShop" pas à pas facile.• Comment dessiner christmas Shopkins LippyLips et Polly Polish étape par étape Cute.• Comment dessiner +Color Shopkins Apple Blossom étape par étape Cute.• Commentdessiner christmas une mariée de dessin animé - Shopkins Bridie.•Comment dessiner christmas Shopkins Cute and Easy étape par ste.This app is one of the best cartoon coloring books for kids free inthe store for all ages, boys, girls. Paint book app coloring bookfor kids free games is very fun show your painting skills and enjoythis cartoon kid coloring book.Cartoons coloring pages shopkinscoloring book for Kids made for good interface of design compatiblewith Phone and Tablet. Enjoy with painting cartoons character.Wehope that you will enjoy using this How to Draw Shopki Cuteapp.Don't forget to rate and review us.Hope you have so much funwith this awesome and super cute Kawaii application.Please notethat this application does not created by original creator ofShopkins.It is an unofficial fan made app for fans to learn how todraw their favorite toys cartoon characters.
Flower Crown Photo Editor 1.1 APK
Boite drawing
♥Flower Crown Photos Editor app allows to you to make your selfieis beautiful♥with flowers crown , and many stickers .Flower Crownyourself on choose your own photos with best style photo .Selectour Flower Crown catalogue and make your choice among variousFlower Crown patterns designs.it's a user friendly app Flower CrownPhotos Editor ,not complicated, lovely, and do the magic .- HereYou can having more variety of Flower Crown stickers for your bestface photos.- You can having option such as Crazy Flower Crown,Stylish Flower Crown, Small Flower Crown.- You can save the photoin your "Flower Crown Photo Editor" in your sd card.$♠$ You canshare your Flower Crown pictures with your friends.- You can alsoselect any one Flower Crown which you like to add in your facephoto and drag and you can also change the size of that FlowerCrown with finger touch.- You can pick a best Flower Crown stickerfrom the Flower Crown list, and Flower Crown of all shapes, sizesand colors .♦Flower Crown Photos Editor♦ is make fantastic FlowerCrown maker enables you to convert your beauty selfies with FlowerCrown picture effect in a matter of seconds.
Face Changer anime 1.0 APK
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This app is made for all the people The best and completely FREEanimal face changer photo app.Morph your Face Changer free into ananimal. Transform your photos with many different morph effects andanimal faces free to choose from; or upload your own pet .Includedare a hanbpicked selection of real animal stickers to place overyour photos, custom hand drawn frames in various different styles,and finally a nice selection of filters Features:• Over 50different animal faces: Tigers, Lions, Cats, Dogs and many moreanimals.• Add your own pet or animal.• Open your photos from yourgallery or take a new one from your camera.• Save your photos toyour gallery.• Share your photo on and other social networks.• NOpurchases. Everything is FREE."Free"• Similar to Animal Face andAnimal Face App.• The best and completely FREE animal face morphingphoto app.We even included an Eraser and Draw tool to either blendyour face into the animal's, or have objects in front of thestickersWhats your Spirit Animal?!